-- Start: Wednesday, June 25, 1997 12:14:29 pm ATHEMOO time (HST)

6 hours before

MonikaW turns unrelenting presence on.

Monika forgets about her coffee and hurries out.

Slowly fading in, you hear the prelude to Wagners Parsifal. The notes build to the first crescendo right when GeorgL arrives. He has a very calming effect on you which you like a lot.

GeorgL has disconnected.

The usher arrives to escort GeorgL out of ATHEMOO.

MonikaW has arrived.

MonikaW glances at the clock...


Slowly fading in, you hear the prelude to Wagners Parsifal. The notes build to the first crescendo right when GeorgL arrives. He has a very calming effect on you which you like a lot.

GeorgL says, "Dear friends and fellow participants in ATHEMOO, welcome to AMONG IMMORTALS, the very first oudeis related performance."

GeorgL says, "As the proceedings unfold, I will serve as your messenger and will keep you informed while events transpire."

GeorgL says, "In this way, I will be acting very much like the god Hermes who provided Odysseus with many timely messages."

BorisK teleports in

BorisK asks, "Hallo Ihr beiden .. na, aufgeregt?"

GeorgL says, "Harhar"

GeorgL laechelt.

BorisK says, "Das war jetzt werj, er, wirklich mitfuehlend gemeint ..."

GeorgL says, "Mon laeuft herum wie ein Hunhhn"

GeorgL says, "er Huhn"

GeorgL says, "Hihi"

GeorgL asks, "Bist Du heut am Abend da?"

BorisK asks, "Das kann ich mir vorstellen ... seid Ihr gerdade schon im MMK?"

BorisK says, "Oh ja, natrlich bin ich heute abend da ..."

GeorgL says, "Ja, sind wir... umgeben von Technikern und wichtigen Leuten"

GeorgL says, "Gut 8-) Dann nehm ich Dich in die Begruessungsliste auf"

BorisK asks, "Oh, oh, ich mach's ganz kurz - dad ich gleich fort mu wollte ich einfach nur mal fragen, ob fr mich zur Teilnahme die Infos ausreichen, die ich auf Eurer Web-Page finde?"

BorisK asks, "D.h. ich gehe ueber debn MMK-Link und bin drin?"

GeorgL says, "Okay..."

GeorgL says, "Ja, am besten ins Moo"

GeorgL says, "UNd aufs MMKlink"

GeorgL says, "http://www.oudeis.org/MMK"

BorisK says, "Gur@abort"

GeorgL says, "Ich hoffe das klappt alles"

BorisK exclaims, "Alles klar, dann komme ich nachher ins MOO!"

GeorgL says, "Gut! NBBis dann"

BorisK exclaims, "Ich druecke Euch sowas von die Daumen ... wenn alles gut laeuft (und das wird's), dann wird es anch heute abend richtig fuer Euch losgehen ... Alles Gute bis nachher und Gruesse an Monika!"

BorisK has disconnected.


GeorgL says, "Of course, your participation in this textbased mirror of AMONG IMMORTALS designed by Jim Terral is welcome. So feel free to express your thoughts and reactions."

GeorgL says, "Friends and honoured guests,"

GeorgL says, "over 2700 years ago the great poet Homer stood before gatherings very much like the one assembled here this evening."

GeorgL says, "On those occassions his words would fill the room and mesmerize the audience with stories of Odysseus, the man of many turns, as he read from his epic poem THE ODYSSEY."

GeorgL says, "Tonight Homers words will once again fill a room, but they will not be stopped by the boundaries of four walls. No, instead they will travel across the globe "and come back to us in other languages, all within a matter of seconds."

GeorgL says, "Tonight Homers words will once again fill a room, but they will not be stopped by the boundaries of four walls. No, instead they will travel across the globe "and come back to us in other languages, all within a matter of seconds."

MonikaW says, "Hallo"

GeorgL says, "Dear friends and fellow participants in ATHEMOO, welcome to AMONG IMMORTALS, the very first oudeis related performance."

GeorgL says, "Dear friends and fellow participants in ATHEMOO, welcome to AMONG IMMORTALS, the very first oudeis related performance."

GeorgL says, "Dear friends and fellow participants in ATHEMOO, welcome to AMONG IMMORTALS, the very first oudeis related performance."

GeorgL says, "In this way, I will be acting very much like the god Hermes who provided Odysseus with many timely messages."

GeorgL says, "Of course, your participation in this textbased mirror of AMONG IMMORTALS designed by Jim Terral is welcome. So feel free to express your thoughts and reactions."

The usher arrives to escort BorisK out of ATHEMOO.

GeorgL says, "My name is Georg Leyrer and I am in Vienna's Museum of Modern Art at the Palais Liechtenstein where this evening's performance will take place."

GeorgL says, "As the proceedings unfold, I will serve as your messenger and will keep you informed while events transpire."

LeeG teleports in

LeeG says, "Hi Georg"

LeeG says, "Hi mon"

MonikaW says, "Hi Iam georg just setting up the other cmop"

LeeG asks, "HI, did you get the files from santiago?"

LeeG says, "I talked with him a few hours ago"

GeorgL says, "Oh and what did he asay"

LeeG says, "Hi Georg..."

GeorgL says, "Hi"

GeorgL grins tiredly.

LeeG says, "Santiago said at about 3 and a half hours ago he was going to upload the files to you in about an hour"

GeorgL says, "Mhm I see Havent got a miaiol from him"

LeeG says, "SO, you should have them by now. Right"

GeorgL says, "M;"

GeorgL says, "Rainer is sitting mbeside me hie is checking"

LeeG says, "He said he checked the oudeis ftp connection and that it was working"

LeeG says, "FOr him to upload"

GeorgL says, "Im gonna tkae a looke"

LeeG says, "He is coming to the rehearsal.."

LeeG says, "And will do the spanish with you and me in the MOO"

GeorgL exclaims, "Oh thats good!"

LeeG says, "brbgetting some coffee....also tired"

LeeG says, "Are checking for santiago's files....he should have sent everything"

GeorgL says, "I cant find them though"

LeeG says, "Arrrgh"

GeorgL says, "Wait Ill be right back comp going crazy"

LeeG says, "DId he have the right informan"

GeorgL has disconnected.

MonikaW has disconnected.

GeorgL has connected.

GeorgL says, "Hi"

GeorgL says, "again"

GeorgL exhqlaels

LeeG says, "hi, whats happening"

GeorgL says, "Rainer is just getting to things"

LeeG asks, "Is it possible he sent the files and you can't find them?"

GeorgL says, "Dont thiunk so"

LeeG says, "Did you gyuys in Vienna get some sleep...I got a couple of hours"

GeorgL says, "6 hours"

LeeG says, "Maybe santiago decided to do some more work before the rehearsal...shrugs shoulders...it sounded to me as if he was all set to upload everything"

LeeG asks, "COuld he have the wrong address?"

GeorgL says, "Wrong path if anything but even then we souhlfd have found it"

The usher arrives to escort MonikaW out of ATHEMOO.

GeorgL says, "Rainer says noone er found some external log in a couple hours ago ...tracing"

LeeG exclaims, "Well, hopefully he will be here shortly and can explain it but we need that stuff now!!!"

LeeG nods

GeorgL says, "but only for 5 mins all in all"

LeeG says, "Go rainer go"

GeorgL says, "Rainer laughs."

LeeG says, "A couple of hours ago would be Santiago"

LeeG smiles at rainer

GeorgL says, "Yeag nobody else would log in from another place than Vienna"

GeorgL says, "just checking what he did"

LeeG says, "I'm going to get a quick shower...I will be back in ten minutes...just got up a short while ago"

GeorgL says, "Okay"

LeeG asks, "Do you see the files yet?"

GeorgL hands you some shower gel.

GeorgL says, "No"

LeeG laughs...thanks

LeeG asks, "wouldn't santiago have known if something went wrong during uploading?"

GeorgL says, "Yes he should have"

LeeG shakes head...will return shortly


GeorgL says, "Dear friends and fellow participants in ATHEMOO, welcome to AMONG IMMORTALS, the very first oudeis related performance."

GeorgL says, "Dear friends and fellow participants in ATHEMOO, welcome to AMONG IMMORTALS, the very first oudeis related performance."

GeorgL says, "My name is Georg Leyrer and I am in Vienna's Museum of Modern Art at the Palais Liechtenstein where this evening's performance will take place."

GeorgL says, "As the proceedings unfold, I will serve as your messenger and will keep you informed while events transpire."

GeorgL says, "In this way, I will be acting very much like the god Hermes who provided Odysseus with many timely messages."

Jim teleports in

Jim exclaims, "Hi, you guys. Are you all ready? It's a great, beautiful day here!"

GeorgL says, "Hi I am ready MMK is not really"

Jim asks, "How is the weather there?"

GeorgL says, "Gotta log off"

Jim says, "Seeya"

GeorgL says, "computer will be moved"

GeorgL says, "ten mins"

Jim asks, "To where?"

Jim says, "Bye"

GeorgL says, "just two yrds to the north 8-)"

GeorgL has disconnected.

The usher arrives to escort GeorgL out of ATHEMOO.

Jim steps into the Editing Room and will not hear what you say unless you send a page.

Jim steps out of the Editing room and can now hear all that is said.

Jim teleports out

Jim teleports in

LeeG says, "ah, much easier than paging"

Jim says, "Ah you are here. Yes, much easier. I am looking for a note called umlaut"

LeeG says, "Santiago will be joining us to do the spanish"

Jim says, "That's great."

LeeG nods

Jim says, "I wonder if there are any Spanish MOOs"

LeeG says, "the MOO is looking great"

Jim asks, "Did you check the Credits?"

LeeG says, "I bet there are spanish MOOs. I know that there are french and italian ones"

LeeG says, "Haven't had a chance yet and you are right. We have to concentrate on the performance :-)"

LeeG says, "You speak with wisdom, oh wise one"

Jim says, "I don't know how we could concentrate on anything else at this point. But the credits should be right."

Jim says, "laughs out loud"

LeeG also laughs but it is the truth

Jim drops umlaut.

LeeG hopes it didn't land on you feet

LeeG says, "The unlaut that is"

LeeG says, "I think they are still waiting for the files from santiago at MMK"

Jim laughs

LeeG smiles

Jim says, "Oh really"

LeeG says, "I talked to santiago a few hours ago and he sounded great and everything was just about done"

Jim says, "I am a little worried about the MOO site. The server went down several times."

LeeG says, "So, things should be cool"

LeeG says, "The MOO server went down today or yesterday"

Jim says, "Yesterday that I know of"

LeeG exclaims, "I hope Juli is able to be here for most of the time!"

Jim says, "She had a really frustrating day. The sets aren't working"

LeeG says, "Like you said, this is live theatre. That's what makes it incredibly exciting"

LeeG asks, "They still aren't working?"

LeeG says, "I logged on late yesterday..."

Jim says, "Yeah. Amazing isn't it. All this typewriter crud but it's filled with juice"

LeeG says, "and juli was still there working on it with another wiz called jeanne"

Jim says, "No. I'm worried now that if they do start working it will throw you and George off"

LeeG nods..oh

LeeG agrees with the typewriter stuff

Jim says, "I'm going to try putting the recorder right onstage. brb"

LeeG says, "cool"

LeeG says, "brb"

Jim teleports out

Jim teleports in

Jim teleports out

Slowly fading in, you hear the prelude to Wagners Parsifal. The notes build to the first crescendo right when GeorgL arrives. He has a very calming effect on you which you like a lot.


LeeG asks, "what is happening????"

GeorgL says, "couldnt get the fucking line for an hour"

LeeG says, "SHit"

GeorgL says, "nobody knows why its working now"

GeorgL says, "SHIT"

LeeG exclaims, "It is working now!"

LeeG asks, "And santiago?"

GeorgL says, "jsut dont touch anathing"

GeorgL says, "Santi is just downloading the ifled"

GeorgL says, "er file"

LeeG exclaims, "YESSSSSSS!"

GeorgL says, "we have calle d him"

LeeG asks, "What is the deal with the line?"

GeorgL says, "Heaven knows"

GeorgL says, "reeally"

LeeG shakes head and is careful not to touch anything

LeeG says, "how long will a file this big take to download"

GeorgL says, "shouldnt take too long"

GeorgL says, "few mins"

LeeG says, "great"

LeeG asks, "Then we should have everything we need?"

GeorgL says, "Yes"

LeeG asks, "How do Ulli's cones look?"

GeorgL says, "MMk is just testing mics and lights 8.)"

GeorgL says, "cones look good"

LeeG smiles broadly

GeorgL says, "high and er English faisl me"

LeeG says, "give ulli a kiss for me"

GeorgL says, "she is sleeping now"

GeorgL says, "didnt sleep all night"

LeeG says, "Yes, I know the feeling...but I got enough sleep"

LeeG says, "do the lights look good on the cones or haven't they tested that yet"

GeorgL says, "should look good cant tell now too light aoutside"

LeeG nods

GeorgL says, "penelope is rather dark, but others bright and goiod"

GeorgL exclaims, "rainers got the fieles!"

GeorgL says, "one is just downloading"

LeeG exclaims, "once you get the files, if the line goes down during the performance you can cover for the MOO until the line come back up....YEAH!!!, Rainer has the file!!!!"

GeorgL says, "er if Vienna is off again you might have 5to cover"

GeorgL says, "in the MOO"

LeeG says, "right, I will try and cover for the moo and you can cover in Vienna"

GeorgL asks, "should I mail you the text (?"

LeeG says, "do you have all the lines broken up the way you did them yesterday? Maybe you should email them to me just in case"

LeeG asks, "So, if the line goes down, you continue in Vienna and I continue in MOO, right?"

SantiagoP teleports in

LeeG says, "Hi Santiago"

SantiagoP says, "hi, lee... hi, georg."

SantiagoP says, "uploading the intro... net is sllloooowwwwwwwwwww... :("

LeeG says, "For some reason I couldn't get the audio on Parodus and I only got the beginning animation...what I saw looked great"

GeorgL says, "Yeah we are following the progress"

SantiagoP exclaims, "it's gone down to 260 bps!"

LeeG says, "Yikes"

GeorgL says, "just hope it will be here before the perf 8-((((("

SantiagoP [to GeorgL]: where are you?

GeorgL says, "MMK"

SantiagoP says, "so you finally got the connection."

GeorgL says, "Yeah"

SantiagoP asks, "as soon as it finishes loading, could you test it?"

GeorgL says, "rainer will"

LeeG says, "Yes, please test everything! Timing as well"

SantiagoP says, "it's the intro (after the parodos). it starts playing as soon as it has finished downloading."

GeorgL says, "er""

SantiagoP [to LeeG]: i'll send a storyboard soon (within the next 20 minutes).

GeorgL says, ":for just a second loses his nerves."

LeeG [to SantiagoP]: thanks

GeorgL rolls on the floor.

SantiagoP asks, "Georg?"

LeeG gives Georg a glass of his favorite liquor and helps him up

SantiagoP lends a hand too.

LeeG says, "You ok, georg"

GeorgL says, "Now Im better."

SantiagoP asks, "w'happend?"

GeorgL says, "Just getting a real good energy low and too muchto think of"

SantiagoP says, "i'll try uploading to geocities... maybe it's better."

LeeG says, "brb"

SantiagoP asks, "so how are things there in the MMK?"

GeorgL says, "to Rainer says to you Santoii Do NOT stop uploading"

GeorgL says, "Cant get worse and wont get better"

SantiagoP says, "no way... i'll try with another file."

SantiagoP says, "with another program, without stopping this one."

GeorgL says, "OKay"

SantiagoP says, "think ituch better, but can't check speed. file being uploaded is http://www.geocities.com/~yaco/mmk/ep1.ra"

SantiagoP . o O ( ituch = it's much )

GeorgL says, "OKay"

SantiagoP asks, "georg?"

SantiagoP says, "tell you when it's finished."

GeorgL says, "Good"

SantiagoP says, "it's there! (600k). try to get it now."

GeorgL says, "Yes"

SantiagoP exclaims, "the other one is just over 330k/900k done!"

SantiagoP says, "always thought connection was much better with the USA. now i experience it."

SantiagoP asks, "do you have a good speed?"

GeorgL says, "rainer says again dont stop uploading"

SantiagoP says, "i won't."

SantiagoP asks, "did you check speed geocities-mmk?"

GeorgL says, "just doing"

GeorgL says, "1k/sec"

GeorgL says, "8-("

GeorgL says, "Whicvhh file will that be? drc? swa"

SantiagoP says, "fine. will keep uploading to geocities."

SantiagoP says, "and to iguwnext."

GeorgL says, "rainer says its fats via geocities"

SantiagoP says, "it's '.dcr'"

GeorgL asks, "ep1.dcr?"

SantiagoP says, "ok."

GeorgL says, "how many files wiill there be"

SantiagoP says, "i'll put '.swa' into /~yaco/mmk/swa/."

GeorgL says, "didnt understand last"

GeorgL says, "we git the first file now"

SantiagoP says, "i'm uploading ShockWave Audio (swa) files to http://www.geocities.com/~yaco/mmk/swa"

GeorgL says, "good which names"

SantiagoP says, "and Shove Movies to http://www.geocities.com/~yaco/mmk/"

SantiagoP . o O ( Shove = ShockWave )

GeorgL says, "okay"

SantiagoP says, "so files within /mmk/swa/ will have extension '.swa',..."

GeorgL says, "yes"

GeorgL says, "do you need that subdir on the oudeis.org"

SantiagoP says, "and files within /mmk/ will have extension '.dcr'"

SantiagoP asks, "which one?"

GeorgL says, "mmk/syaw er mmk/swa"

SantiagoP says, "... '/swa/? nope. files should all be within the same directory on oudeis."

GeorgL says, "okay"

GeorgL says, "how many all in all"

GeorgL says, "files that is"

SantiagoP says, "the problem is some files have the same name but different extension (ie: parodos.dcr, which you don't yet, and 'parodos.swa' which you can get now)."

SantiagoP says, "wait i'll count."

GeorgL exclaims, "ep1 works!"

SantiagoP says, "it's ten '.dcr' files (about 800k each) and 5 '.swa' files (about 1Mb each)."

SantiagoP . o O ( i should have gotten ISDN and a 32-hour-day... )

GeorgL asks, "rainer here. which files can be d/L from geaocities now ?"

SantiagoP says, "change: i'll put .dcr files within ~yaco/mmk/dcr/ so you don't get confused."

GeorgL asks, "so .../mmk/swa/paorodos.ra is the next one?"

SantiagoP says, "for now we have:"

SantiagoP says, "ep1.dcr (you already have it), intro.dcr (uploading to igw, 520K done), parodos.swa (waiting for you at geocities.../swa/parodos.ra)."

GeorgL says, "we are downloading prodos .ra now"

GeorgL says, "four mins to go"

SantiagoP says, "ok."

SantiagoP [to GeorgL]: st1.ra is ready in '~yaco/mmk/swa/'. should be st1.swa.

SantiagoP asks, "georg?"

GeorgL says, "okay"

SantiagoP says, "dcr subdirectory eated. uploading 'st1.ra', which will be 'st1.dcr'"

SantiagoP feels dizzy.

GeorgL says, "starting to download st1.ra"

SantiagoP feels in fact dra.izz.swa.y

GeorgL smiles tiredly.

SantiagoP says, "geocities should support ShockWave..."

SantiagoP says, "brb. will check Jim's credits."

SantiagoP teleports out

LeeG says, "Georg, how long will this downloading take"

LeeG asks, "We won't have any time for rehearal at MMK?"

GeorgL says, "hours"

LeeG says, "shit"

GeorgL says, "no dont think so"

GeorgL says, "SHIT"

GeorgL says, "gotta improvise"

LeeG asks, "People are going to start arriving in two hours, right?"

GeorgL is getting a headache and starting to get really hungry.

GeorgL says, "Right"

GeorgL says, "I am standing right beside a loudspeaker where a band is having soundcheck"

LeeG says, "How is mon and mischa...you should try and get something to eat"

LeeG says, "Ouch"

LeeG exclaims, "Oh man, I wish this stuff were downloaded yesterday!!"

GeorgL says, "Hah that would be boring"

LeeG says, "I...laughing....what else is going on at MMK"

GeorgL says, "Its ten 800k dcr tings and 5 1 meg swa thingfs"

LeeG asks, "How many do you have now?"

GeorgL grinds a little wickedly

GeorgL says, "2 and 1"

LeeG says, "So, it could take another two hours"

LeeG asks, "How is mischa? Is she ok with this?"

GeorgL says, "yes"

GeorgL says, "mischa left"

LeeG asks, "and mon, how is she?"

GeorgL says, "she is waiting for a fax in some office auptstairs"

GeorgL says, "getting really nervous"

GeorgL says, "I think"

GeorgL says, "a there she is with big boss reitbauer"

GeorgL says, "she si still standoing at least"

LeeG asks, "This leaves us no time for much of anything...is mon smiling?"

GeorgL has disconnected.

SantiagoP teleports in

SantiagoP says, "back."

LeeG says, "Georg just disconnected suddenly. I hope there isn't a problem"

GeorgL has connected.

SantiagoP says, "hi again."

GeorgL says, "hi"

LeeG says, "what happened to you"

LeeG says, "Georg"

GeorgL says, "hit the wrong key"

SantiagoP laughsssssss

GeorgL says, "what did I i want to say"

GeorgL asks, "santi which file next?"

SantiagoP says, "can happen to anybody."

LeeG says, "It's even happened to me"

GeorgL [to LeeG]: If it has happened to then its all right I guess that it happens to me

SantiagoP says, "uploading 'st1.ra', which will be 'st1.dcr'. will tell yo's ready."

LeeG laughs

SantiagoP says, "when it's ready."

LeeG teleports out

GeorgL says, "8 mins"

GeorgL says, "three mins"

GeorgL says, "brb"

LeeG teleports in

GeorgL says, "a wont leave"

GeorgL says, "strill heere"

GeorgL exclaims, "I CANNOT TYPE WHEN STANDING!!!!!"

LeeG asks, "georg, are they moving you again?"

GeorgL says, "no I have talken my final position"

LeeG [to SantiagoP]: the man (georg) cannot be budged

GeorgL says, "I will stay right here (until I run away 2 mins before perf"

LeeG says, "Mon is going to chain you to the computer"

GeorgL says, "Mons gonaa be away before me I think"

SantiagoP [to GeorgL]: st1.ra is ready in '~yaco/mmk/dcr/'. change the name to 'st1.dcr'

GeorgL says, "okay"

GeorgL says, "wait, will take a while"

GeorgL says, "We have up tunil now: ep1.dcr parodos.swa st1.swa st1.dcr"

SantiagoP says, "you can also download 'ep2.ra' from /dcr/ (and change the name to 'ep2.dcr'."

GeorgL says, "okay"

GeorgL says, "donwlaoding Ieeh stay at 12 mins"

GeorgL says, "slow"

LeeG [to GeorgL]: is rainer to busy downloading them or is he able to test them once he gets them

GeorgL says, "we tested first one which worked Rainer is busy"

LeeG nods and totally understands

GeorgL says, "Mons getting foord now 8-)"

LeeG grins at Georg

SantiagoP says, "you can also get 'st2.ra' from /dcr/, which will be 'st2.dcr'."

LeeG asks, "How will work rehearsal...wait until everything downloads and then see how much time there is?"

GeorgL says, "okay"

GeorgL says, "Lee: wait until everything downloads and then just start per4f because it will be late"

LeeG takes a deep breath...ok

GeorgL asks, "we in the MOo will manage without rehears?"

SantiagoP asks, "how much time do we have till rehearsal?"

SantiagoP asks, "er... till performance?"

LeeG [to SantiagoP]: georg and I will try to fill you in on the MOO part

SantiagoP [to LeeG]: TNX!

LeeG [to SantiagoP]: Most welcome

GeorgL says, "3:30"

SantiagoP [to is]: mon going to operate the machine?

SantiagoP [to GeorgL]: you can get 'ep3.ra' from /dcr/, which will be 'ep3.dcr'.

GeorgL asks, "i guess so will she manage?"

LeeG [to GeorgL]: Will MMK be able to do this without some kind of run through or rehearsal

SantiagoP says, "i'll talk with her as soon as we finish the uploading thing."

GeorgL says, "hang on st12 er st2 is ready waiting still for ep2"

LeeG [to GeorgL]: Let's have MMK do a rehearsal with Mischa and the lighting at leas6t

GeorgL [to LeeG]: Yeas that has areaydy happened no problem with that

LeeG nods...good

SantiagoP [to GeorgL]: you can get it from /dcr/ep2.ra

GeorgL [to SantiagoP]: We are getting it its just so slow

SantiagoP says, "ok. now i'll download some music."

GeorgL says, "Uh shit they are starting the soundcheck now"


GeorgL exclaims, "AHHHHHH!"

LeeG wishes he could give you some ear plugs

SantiagoP looks at his friend in agony, not being able to help...

LeeG [to GeorgL]: so audia and lighting are cool?

LeeG says, "audio"

GeorgL [to LeeG]: Yes

GeorgL says, "computer sound not though"

GeorgL says, "nozt testted"

LeeG asks, "so, the only thing we won't be able to check is the timing of the screen with mischa?"

GeorgL [to LeeG]: Yes, the operatoing of the screen

SantiagoP says, "if you want to check the computer you can open 'st1.dcr'. just make shure it's in the same folder as 'st1.swa'."

GeorgL [to Snati]: Does Mon know what do do?

GeorgL [to SantiagoP]: Yes cool

SantiagoP says, "but the timing should be operated by mon... if she has some time we'll talk it... and i'll send her some kind of 'storyboard'."

DanZ teleports in

LeeG [to SantiagoP]: so mon will trigger the screens according to cues from mischa's dialogue?

LeeG says, "as written on your storyboard"

LeeG says, "hi dan"

SantiagoP [to LeeG]: yup.

DanZ says, "Hi""

LeeG [to SantiagoP]: Cool!

SantiagoP [to DanZ]: hi.

GeorgL says, ""p ep2 is reayd starting eop3"

DanZ says, "Hi Santiago!""

LeeG [to SantiagoP]: So, synching Mischa and screens should be relatively easy

SantiagoP [to GeorgL]: you have 'intro.dcr' and 'parodos.dcr' in iguwnext server.

SantiagoP [to DanZ]: hi... how are you?

GeorgL [to SantiagoP]: intro dcr is finished uploading?

DanZ says, "No complaints. How's everything with you?""

SantiagoP [to GeorgL]: yup.

SantiagoP says, "busy busy busy busy busy busy... not much sleep lately."

GeorgL asks, "parodos is just starting to upload?"

SantiagoP says, "nope. it's done (it's 1200 bytes :)"

GeorgL says, "we goit parodos at 1572 bytes"

GeorgL says, "okay"

GeorgL asks, "ep3 is ready next?"

GeorgL says, "no its not sorry"

SantiagoP says, "now uploading exodus.swa (978k) to iguwnext at 819 bps..."

SantiagoP says, "and st2.ra to geocities.../swa/ (should be st2.swa)."

SantiagoP says, "brb."

LeeG asks, "Georg, how many files do we have downloaded now?"

GeorgL says, "sven and a half"

GeorgL says, "sven - swedish for seven"


GeorgL says, "no wrong nine and a half!""

LeeG says, "even better"

SantiagoP [to GeorgL]: nine?

LeeG asks, "Did mon bring you the food yet?"

GeorgL says, "with the iguwnext things"

SantiagoP says, "i'd like some too :)"

LeeG exclaims, "Me too!"

GeorgL says, "no food yet Mons gone 8-)"

GeorgL says, "oka y at least the band sseems to be good"

SantiagoP [to GeorgL]: can you check mail from there?

GeorgL says, "rainers goine to"

GeorgL [to SantiagoP]: Yes wgy

GeorgL asks, "if mon mails form greece?"

SantiagoP says, "will send full file list... moo's not fit for that."

GeorgL [to SantiagoP]: Good

GeorgL says, "Mons back"

SantiagoP asks, "er... do you know how to create a 'note' here?"

GeorgL says, "hunms a C"

GeorgL says, "no"

SantiagoP says, "st2.ra in /swa/ is ready. should be 'st2.swa'."

GeorgL says, "okay"

GeorgL says, "tsrated downloading"

GeorgL says, "mon is cleaning a table to load (donwload8-) the food onto"

GeorgL says, "brb badn started playiong cant stand it"

DanZ [to GeorgL]: "food? Are you referring to Spanferkel-Grill? I received the postcard for the event from Karin"

MonikaW has arrived.

MonikaW waves

MonikaW says, "seems I just quitted georgs window"

MonikaW smiles

MonikaW says, "man they are doing asoundcheck beside my ear"

LeeG says, "hi mon"

SantiagoP hugs mon.

MonikaW says, "i think I can tnot stay rofor long"

LeeG hugs mon

MonikaW hugs stantiago

MonikaW asks, "so whats the current status quo?"

MonikaW . o O ( georg and rainer cant speak any more )

SantiagoP [to MonikaW]: but we should speak a bit about operation...

MonikaW nods

MonikaW asks, "so whats oup?"

SantiagoP says, "i'll send you (don't know yet how) some kind of script where you can check where you should click on the screen"

SantiagoP exclaims, "at the moment i'm uploading files... they're 15!"

MonikaW says, "yep that would be cool"

MonikaW says, "but maybe if we can bgo through them once we can sjsut rehearse so youdont have to write it ndown"

MonikaW says, "i dtake the notes in my script"

SantiagoP says, "that's better... but you'll have to wait till everything's uploaded."

MonikaW nofd

MonikaW nods

MonikaW grins

MonikaW says, "i can wait for that"

LeeG [to MonikaW]: how did the rehearsal with mischa go?

SantiagoP asks, "time is T - 3 hours, isn't it?"

MonikaW [to SantiagoP]: what is the next thing to oupload

MonikaW says, "wat has already been uploaded"

MonikaW says, "here it is 6"

SantiagoP says, "i was writing a file list so you can check it... brb."

MonikaW [to LeeG]: well it was more a light rehearsal

MonikaW says, "prob is that it is to bright in this room"

LeeG nods and understands

MonikaW says, "so we couldnt test the light"

MonikaW says, "i think the light wont be very prescise this eve :("

DanZ teleports out

LeeG says, "Yes, we are not having much of a rehearsal and there are other things to be done..."

MonikaW [to SantiagoP]: is ep4.fa finished?

MonikaW [to LeeG]: yes?

LeeG [to MonikaW]: I meant finishing the downloading

MonikaW nods

SantiagoP [to MonikaW]: yup. ep3.ra finished also, in case you don' have it. both extensions should be changed to .dcr

GeorgL says, "back"

MonikaW says, "ginrone"

MonikaW says, "er gone"

GeorgL says, "so how are thinmg"

SantiagoP has disconnected.

GeorgL says, "rainer is worriesd and asks how many files"

LeeG says, "Uh oh"

GeorgL says, "o good."

LeeG [to georg,]: how many do we have?

GeorgL says, "rainer counts and says too few"

SantiagoP has connected.

LeeG groans

SantiagoP asks, "did we all vanish?"

GeorgL says, "= Heaven knows"

LeeG says, "nope"

GeorgL says, "no just you"

GeorgL says, "tghought you went dfor dgood"

SantiagoP [to GeorgL]: i need to know what files have you already downloaded so i can erase them from geocities... no more space left!

GeorgL [to SantiagoP]: "st1.* st2:dcr ep2.dcr ep3.dcr st2.swa

SantiagoP asks, "er... st1.* ?"

SantiagoP asks, "size?"

SantiagoP says, "(in bytes)"

GeorgL says, "0=st1.dcr and st1.swa"

SantiagoP says, "so you have them both."

GeorgL says, "yes"

SantiagoP asks, "and you have parodos.dcr & intro.dcr in iguwnext, ok?"

GeorgL says, "rainer says you got mail fomr him"

GeorgL says, "yes"

GeorgL says, "rinaer says Santiago got mail"

SantiagoP says, "you can start downloading ep4.ra from /dcr/."

SantiagoP says, "i'll check mail."

GeorgL asks, "next?"

SantiagoP says, "brb."

GeorgL asks, "we got ep4 at 393736 bytes finished that next?"

SantiagoP says, "i'm uploading st3.ra to /dcr/ (should be st3.dcr)."

GeorgL [to Sanit]: OKay

SantiagoP says, "and exodus.swa is 843/978k done on iguwnext."

GeorgL [to SantiagoP]: Yes we are following exodus.swa

SantiagoP says, "i think you are only missing exodus.dcr, st3.swa and st3.dcr."

SantiagoP says, "brb."

SantiagoP says, "st3.ra is ready on /dcr/. should be st3.dcr"

SantiagoP . o O ( maybe i'm getting a little boring? )

GeorgL [to SantiagoP]: No just thought you were gone

GeorgL [to SantiagoP]: Three files only is good news

SantiagoP says, "was referring to my last 20 comments, all like 'brbrbrb is ready. get it from dhfudhfudh. call it hdfhdifh'."

GeorgL laughs.

GeorgL says, "We will get more poetical when perf is over"

LeeG laughs

GeorgL asks, "is st3.ra uploaded to geocities yet?"

SantiagoP says, "yup."

GeorgL says, "dcr or swa"

SantiagoP says, "told you ten lines ago :)"

SantiagoP says, "dcr."

GeorgL says, "sorry missed that hard to follow"

SantiagoP nods.

SantiagoP exclaims, "exodus.swa is 921600 on iguwnext... 50k to go!"

GeorgL [to SantiagoP]: Good!

MonikaW waves while going by

LeeG [to SantiagoP]: is this the last one

SantiagoP [to LeeG]: only one more

GeorgL says, "lines gettinh worse and worse as America awaakeds"

LeeG sighs

LeeG says, "the coffee is starting to kick in all across America"

GeorgL says, "at 0.7 k"

GeorgL says, "/s"

SantiagoP says, "@#%#@%& Netscape died... i think exodus.ra is ready on /dcr/... name should be exodus.dcr... size should be 680795 bytes."

SantiagoP asks, "er... you're downloading at 0.7 from an ISDN connection???"

GeorgL says, "okay"

GeorgL [to SantiagoP]: Yes now 1.6

SantiagoP asks, "what's the best speed at ISDN?"

GeorgL [to SantiagoP]: What about exodus swa on next finished?

SantiagoP says, "i mean the best speed you've seen..."

GeorgL [to SantiagoP]: 7k/s

SantiagoP says, "yup. exodus.swa finished."

GeorgL [to SantiagoP]: 2.4k/s

SantiagoP says, "but i get 2.5 k/s on 28800 modem."

SantiagoP . o O ( if stars are in the right position... )

LeeG [to SantiagoP]: will you be able to go over the screens, cues and timing with ...mon...she won't have much time at all?

SantiagoP says, "exodus finished NOW."

GeorgL says, "okay"

SantiagoP [to LeeG]: in a moment. we're missing one file.

LeeG nods

SantiagoP says, "i'll try to re-launch netscape... this will probably freeze my computer, so i'll be back in 2' if it does..."

SantiagoP crosses his fingers.

GeorgL crosses his fingers and towes.

GeorgL asks, "has lost count Santi what is missinbg?"

SantiagoP says, "uploading 'st3.ra' to /swa/... will be 'st3.swa'"

LeeG exclaims, "looks like Santiago may have crashed...no...good!"

GeorgL [to SantiagoP]: Okay tell me when its up

SantiagoP . o O ( he he... nice piece o' soft. )

GeorgL says, "poeople start cmoing"

LeeG asks, "The screen works but hasn't been test with these files, right?"

GeorgL says, "HAH! I have just been given the Ars electronica timetable and program"

GeorgL exclaims, "with us in !"

GeorgL exclaims, "Hurray!"

SantiagoP [to GeorgL]: st3.ra uploaded to /swa/. name should be st3.swa.

GeorgL [to SantiagoP]: Okay started downloadiung

LeeG [to SantiagoP]: this is the last file?

GeorgL [to SantiagoP]: you can delete st1 and st2 if you need to

SantiagoP says, "yup. finished."

SantiagoP asks, "is the audience getting in?"

LeeG [to SantiagoP]: will mon be able to operate the screen without a rehearsal?

SantiagoP smiles.

SantiagoP [to LeeG]: i don't think so =-|

SantiagoP asks, "georg?"

LeeG [to SantiagoP]: I don't think so either but I don't know if there is time now

SantiagoP says, "anyway i think we can rehearse with the big screen turned off."

MonikaW waves

SantiagoP says, "hi mon."

LeeG waves to mon

SantiagoP asks, "ready to check the thing?"

SantiagoP says, "brb..."

You hear the distant sound of trumpets blaring. As the fanfare grows louder, you feel the air around you begin to grow warmer. Finally, in grand style TwylaM-S appears beside you.

TwylaM-S exclaims, "Hi Cats and Kittens!"

LeeG hugs twyla

TwylaM-S hugs Lee tightly!

TwylaM-S [to LeeG]: I've missed you!

LeeG [to TwylaM-S]: same here!

SantiagoP hugs twyla... long time no see!

GeorgL says, "All"

SantiagoP asks, "do you have everything there?"

GeorgL says, "I might have to leave moo for people to come to you and chat with you"

GeorgL says, "Hi twyla"

TwylaM-S hugs Santiago -- I know, too long!

SantiagoP [to GeorgL]: so do you have everything there?

TwylaM-S [to GeorgL]: Hi Georg!

TwylaM-S says, "I'm going to sit quietly and work now."

TwylaM-S sits on the floor in the corner, out of the way.

SantiagoP [to GeorgL]: georg?

GeorgL says, "so ill be off rainer will stay under my name"

GeorgL says, "no "so ill be off"

LeeG says, "come back soon"

SantiagoP [to GeorgL]: but do you have the things?

Shakespeare's_Guest teleports in

LeeG says, "brb"

TwylaM-S waves to Shakes

Shakespeare's_Guest says, "Hi, I'm Lisa, i'v heared tyou are aOCOCOCOCOCOCOCOC"

SantiagoP asks, "are you ok?"

TwylaM-S says, "Hi Lisa""

GeorgL says, "lisa s gone agin"

GeorgL says, "will have to do PR a little"

SantiagoP asks, "georg... do you have the files????????"

GeorgL says, "is st3.ra the last one"

SantiagoP's getting a bit --and ony a bit-- nervous.

SantiagoP [to GeorgL]: yup.

GeorgL says, "Tell us about it, Santi 8-)"

SantiagoP looks relieved.

GeorgL says, "okay so in 1:30 we have the last file"

SantiagoP asks, "what time is it there now?"

GeorgL says, "thats 1min 30 sec not 1 hour 30 mins 8-)"

SantiagoP smiles.

GeorgL says, "big boss keep shouting at mon"

SantiagoP asks, "really?"

SantiagoP asks, "why?"

GeorgL says, "cos we are not finished#"

SantiagoP says, "rrrrrrrrrrr...."

SantiagoP says, "so people are already there."

GeorgL says, "Yes not too few even"

LeeG [to SantiagoP]: this really didn't leave us much time

SantiagoP asks, "will mon have access to one of the computers during this two hours?"

GeorgL [to SantiagoP]: One final list of files, please

SantiagoP says, "but we finally did it just in time :)"

GeorgL says, "final chck with sizes"

SantiagoP says, "the one i handed to you... type 'read list' and you'll see it."

LeeG [to SantiagoP]: I don't know. We weren't able to rehearse and in this case that is very important

SantiagoP [to LeeG]: if i can get mon for 15' we're done... it's not at all dificult.

GeorgL [to SantiagoP]: Okay thnaks

SantiagoP [to LeeG]: she just has to click when each translation should come, and when stasimas begin.

GeorgL says, "Ill let mon to the keys now"

SantiagoP says, "tnx."

LeeG [to SantiagoP]: good, I hope so. It's just that this last minute stuff has frayed a lot of nerves. I guess every one will just have to take a deep breath and relax...I know you were up late working

SantiagoP says, "i haven't slept..."

LeeG [to SantiagoP]: I know and you've have had a lot of work :-)

SantiagoP says, "in fact i have a cup of coffee waiting for me for two hours now in the microwave..."

SantiagoP says, "anyway i love this..."

SantiagoP says, "and i do like to let some adrenaline within from time to time."

MonikaW hugs santiago

MonikaW asks, "i think I should try this oudt somehow?"

SantiagoP hugs mon.

LeeG [to SantiagoP]: I just hope mon and georg have adrenelin left and I'm sure they do

SantiagoP asks, "can you use your computer freeley?"

MonikaW [to LeeG]: RR gives me from time to time an andrneraline push

SantiagoP . o O ( freeley = freely. )

MonikaW says, "i think it is rainer now ywho suffers most"

SantiagoP nods.

LeeG nods and hugs mon

SantiagoP asks, "he's been working a lot too, hastn't he?"

SantiagoP remembers his 4th grade english teacher... ugh!

SantiagoP says, "mon"

SantiagoP asks, "mon?"

TwylaM-S vanishes with a bright flash and puff of smoke! After her departure you feel a strange void where her warm presence used to be.

MonikaW is just jecking the file lists with rainer

MonikaW [to SantiagoP]: what else is missing?

You hear the distant sound of trumpets blaring. As the fanfare grows louder, you feel the air around you begin to grow warmer. Finally, in grand style TwylaM-S appears beside you.

TwylaM-S sticks her tongue out at Santiago

SantiagoP [to TwylaM-S]: hi again!

MonikaW [to SantiagoP]: are any filse missing?

MonikaW waves at twyla

TwylaM-S Waves at Monika.

MonikaW says, "so it seems we avhave all files local and on iguwnext"

SantiagoP [to MonikaW]: you should change the html file. 'parodos-intro.html' should be 'parodos.html

SantiagoP asks, "i think you have all the files... can you tell me what you have?"

MonikaW asks, "we have no .html file?"

MonikaW says, "parodos.dcr"

MonikaW says, "intor.dcr"

MonikaW says, "ep1.dcr"

MonikaW says, "st1.dcr"

MonikaW says, "ep2.dcr"

MonikaW says, "st2.dcr"

MonikaW says, "ep3.dcr"

MonikaW says, "st3.dcr"

MonikaW says, "ep4.dcr"

MonikaW says, "sound files:"

MonikaW says, "parodos.swa"

MonikaW says, "st1.swa"

MonikaW says, "st2.swa"

MonikaW says, "st3.swa"

MonikaW says, "exodus.swa"

MonikaW uffs

SantiagoP says, "you're missing 'exodus.dcr'... it should be somewhere aroud there... it was dowloaded i think."

SantiagoP just realized the whole thing is 12Mb heavy...

MonikaW says, "no i have exodus.dcr"

MonikaW says, ""rainer sais you should have a look of your own"

MonikaW asks, "can you do this?"

SantiagoP says, "ok. the html file was in www.oudeis.org/MMK/mmkhtm.html"

MonikaW says, "i think I only told you the todo list"

MonikaW blushes

SantiagoP says, "it's ok."

MonikaW [to SantiagoP]: that was the file we got already?

MonikaW says, "which is now www.oudeis.org/MMK"

MonikaW [to SantiagoP]: can you logg into iguwnext?

TwylaM-S vanishes with a bright flash and puff of smoke! After her departure you feel a strange void where her warm presence used to be.

SantiagoP says, "i'm doing it."

SantiagoP says, "i'm in."

SantiagoP says, "brb."

SantiagoP goes to take his long lost cup of cofee from the microwave.

MonikaW asks, "rainer here. what has to be changed in the MMK subridir ?"

MonikaW asks, "HEY ! someone out dir there ?"

SantiagoP says, "hi, rainer... the html file should be edited to have 'parodos.html' instead of 'parodos-intro.html'."

MonikaW says, "you mean: parados"

MonikaW asks, "yo mean *.dcr instead of .html ?"

SantiagoP says, "i'll do it. wait a bit."

SantiagoP says, "yup... mixed the thing up. i'll do it here and upload it."

You hear the distant sound of trumpets blaring. As the fanfare grows louder, you feel the air around you begin to grow warmer. Finally, in grand style TwylaM-S appears beside you.

MonikaW exclaims, "+but please be aware !!! last time I saw the file there where wuite a lot of special chairs in it !"

SantiagoP says, "ok. i'll take care."

MonikaW asks, "which file do you update now ?"

SantiagoP says, "i'm searching for it..."

SantiagoP says, "welcome.html"

MonikaW asks, "ok, how are things going ?"

SantiagoP says, "o oh... the dcr files were not intended to be put in the web..."

SantiagoP says, "anybody without at least ISDN won't be able to see a thing..."

MonikaW says, "do you think we should start the whole maess locally or over the net (we have ISDBN)"

SantiagoP says, "i think you should put 'among.html' back as the default page."

SantiagoP says, "well... that's for the web."

SantiagoP says, "brb... finishing html page for you at the MMK."

MonikaW asks, "among.html as default page after the performance ?"

SantiagoP says, "nope... now."

MonikaW says, "zhi"

MonikaW says, "this is monika again"

MonikaW [to SantiagoP]: what shall i do??

MonikaW asks, "which file to choose?"

MonikaW says, "i want to do a test"

MonikaW exclaims, "i statrted www.,oudeis.org/MMK iand it seems to run!"

MonikaW says, "i have now a greetk statue.."

MonikaW asks, "santioag?"

SantiagoP says, "wait. you should go to /MMK/mmkScreens.html"

SantiagoP says, "a black screen will appear."

MonikaW asks, "ok I will start with that?"

SantiagoP says, "yup."

SantiagoP asks, "you're in it?"

MonikaW exclaims, "are you sure this is the right nam? ok!!"

GeorgL says, "Am"

SantiagoP exclaims, "hi, georg!"

SantiagoP says, "now wait a second... i'll open the thing here at my computer."

GeorgL says, "mmkscreens.html is not nec I copi4ed it into welcome"

SantiagoP [to GeorgL]: but it was not intende for the web audience... it was for your use.

GeorgL [to SantiagoP]: what should the web people get when logging into

GeorgL says, "I will now translate for Mon and Sanit for rehears"

GeorgL says, "mon has started the thing now"

GeorgL asks, "so?"

SantiagoP says, "i don't know... i told you i didn't have time to do oth things, so i focused on the screens for the sala terrens..."

GeorgL says, "does she have to click once now for it to start"

SantiagoP says, "my opinion is that, for now, they should get the page that is now at 'www.oudeis.org/among.html'"

SantiagoP says, "yes."

SantiagoP says, "music should begin."

GeorgL says, "santi: we dont have audio now"

GeorgL asks, "now oudies logo blinks where are we?"

SantiagoP says, "ok. then she should click again, but pressing the 'alt' key."

SantiagoP says, "STOP."

GeorgL stops.

GeorgL says, "oud logo still blinking"

GeorgL asks, "so parodos music is before that?"

SantiagoP says, "ok. this is the first sync point. you should wait until Mischa's on the stage and ready, ad then click for the intro to go on."

SantiagoP says, "yes. parodos music is before that, on the black screen."

GeorgL exclaims, "okay!"

GeorgL says, "hang opn one sec"

Juli arrives looking preoccupied but happy to see you

Juli waves aloha

SantiagoP [to Juli]: why worry?

Juli isn't worrying is happy and excited

Monika forgets about her coffee and hurries out.

You suddenly smell something that reminds you of a fresh brewed coffee. Monika is coming in slowly, trying not to spill her coffee.

Juli places a fragrant plumeria lei around Nothing's neck.

TwylaM-S embraces Juli with warmth and enthusiasm!!

Juli places a fragrant plumeria lei around GeorgL's neck.

Juli places a fragrant plumeria lei around SantiagoP's neck.

Juli places a fragrant plumeria lei around TwylaM-S's neck.

Juli places a fragrant plumeria lei around LeeG's neck.

MonikaW exclaims, "ok I now logged into the screen computer as monika!"

Juli places a fragrant plumeria lei around Shakespeare's_Guest's neck.

MonikaW exclaims, "maybe I need a certain guest log in for the screen!"

Juli places a fragrant plumeria lei around Nothing's neck.

TwylaM-S beathes in deeply the smell of the flowers ...

MonikaW [to SantiagoP]: go on with explanaitons

MonikaW asks, "should we go somwhere quiet?"

Juli [to MonikaW]: would you like me to make a char for you?

MonikaW says, "lets go to monstrudel"

Juli [to MonikaW]: another one i mean?

SantiagoP [to MonikaW]: OK.

MonikaW [to Juli]: would be perfect

Juli [to MonikaW]: what name would you like it to show?

MonikaW [to Juli]: maybe MMK Vienna or something

MonikaW goes west.

SantiagoP [to Juli]: i don't think i'll participate in the MOO thing :( didn't have time to study the lines!

SantiagoP goes west.

TwylaM-S asks, "How are you Juli?"

The air next to you begins to glow, and SteveS beams in.

Juli says, "wasted :-) finishing the article for Steve plus trying to get the gdmf sets to work has added to mega car troubles to make the last couple weeks quite a fiasco"

Juli places a fragrant plumeria lei around SteveS's neck.

TwylaM-S exclaims, "Steve!!!"

SteveS exclaims, "Hi all!"

SteveS says as he continues to edit in the background...

LeeG says, "hi steve"

Juli grins at Steve, thanks for coming

TwylaM-S hugs Juli comfortingly and Steve, er, greetingly.

GeorgL says, "Hi all"

SteveS says, "Well, I hear theatre artists like to multi-task."

SteveS shoots a glance at Twyla.

Juli [to TwylaM-S]: how're you sweet pie?

TwylaM-S uses her power bracelets to reflect Steve's glance.

LeeG teleports out

TwylaM-S [to Juli]: Even on vacation I can't seem to stop working.

Juli places a fragrant plumeria lei around Nothing's neck.

Juli nods at Twyla, does the same

BorisK teleports in

Juli wonders what a vacation might feel like

TwylaM-S grins, figures we all do.

BorisK waves to all

TwylaM-S exclaims, "Hi Boris!"

GeorgL says, "Hi Boris"

Juli waves aloha to Boris, admires his lei

BorisK says, "Hello and good evening to you"

SteveS says, "Vacation? Your words are strange...the Universal Translator does not handle it..."

Juli giggles

TwylaM-S laughs

GeorgL exclaims, "People have started to look at the screens more closely now!"

BorisK waves to Twyla, wondering what she's been doing soince the last time he saw her at ATHEMOO ... exams going well?

Juli [to GeorgL]: are there people in the MMK now?

TwylaM-S asks, "How are you Steve? An why are you looking at me like that?"

Juli [to TwylaM-S]: steve is editing the anthology like crazy

GeorgL says, "Yes, there are about 250 people already"

Juli claps

SteveS [to TwylaM-S]: I was quoting your essay...

BorisK smiles at Juki, thanful for his plumeria ...

TwylaM-S [to BorisK]: They went great! I now have a Master's degree. Which means I'm unemployed but with a more impressive degree.

Juli says, "this is so exciting, i've never been at an event like this, save Crosswaves, which i'd rather forget"

TwylaM-S [to SteveS]: You were quoting me????

SteveS asks, "Should we also be connected to the web address listed as this occurs?"

BorisK exclaims, "Twyla - in any case: congar, er, congratulations!"

Juli [to TwylaM-S]: no one can ever take it away from you, repossess it or ruin it, the MA is yours for ever and ever

TwylaM-S 's chest swells with pride!

SteveS [to TwylaM-S]: Uh, yeah....you want the page number in the (almost) finished manuscript?

TwylaM-S [to BorisK]: Thank you!

Juli wants to know which day steve will reveal the press of choice

SteveS exclaims, "My MA allowed me to get that seasonal Toys R US job!"

TwylaM-S [to Juli]: I know -- and I'm really thrilled to have it ...

SteveS will reveal Monday, when ms has arrived in NY office safely...

Juli [to SteveS]: yes connecting to web address is good, cuz there will be parts where you are directed to click on things there to see animations and hear audio

Juli claps, can't wait, a reason to come to work Monday mornink

TwylaM-S [to SteveS]: No, that's okay. just knowing I'm being quoted is enough for me for now. I feel Important.

TwylaM-S . o O ( Toys 'r' Us! That's IT! )


| |

Juli holds up a BIG sign: | Tywla is IMPORTANT |


GeorgL exclaims, "Yes! MAster Twyla!"

TwylaM-S giggles...

TwylaM-S ... and blushes ...

Juli promises twyla to reply to that email about coming here...hey all, twyla might come to Hawaii for PhD!!!!!

SteveS says, "I think you should adopt Monika's title: Magister....Sounds more Herman Hesse..."

TwylaM-S hopes so ... She REALLY wants to ...

GeorgL says, "Ill be Magister in Sept"

Juli is going to teach a thea/moo class this coming spring, is so excited

SteveS selects Juli's essay title and makes it a TOC entry...

Juli claps for Georg

Juli claps for making it into the table of contents

TwylaM-S [to SteveS]: I've actually been going by Magistra -- the Latin Feminine for Master (inother words, I'm a Roman Mistress.

SteveS asks, "Does Caligula know?"

TwylaM-S eyes Juli enviously.

SteveS looks around, wondering...

SteveS [to Juli]: The map of ATHEMOO scanned great by the way...

TwylaM-S [to SteveS]: Believe me, he *knows* when it's me ...

Juli [to SteveS]: which version do you have? does it have all the stuff on it?

Juli says, "I see that Kristian Fuglevik is logged in, that's great, will try to rouse him when the perf starts"

TwylaM-S asks, "Anyone know where they want the acknowledgements?"

Juli nopes

SteveS says, "No, it was not as personal as some others' personal statements, that concern me...."

Juli grins at Steve

TwylaM-S asks, "Huh?"

SteveS exclaims, "just editor talk....(oops)!"

TwylaM-S says, "Oh shoot, I forgot to update my bio for you ..."

TwylaM-S giggles

Juli needs to update hers as well, in fact, has a window open to do that, maybe can do before perf starts

SteveS [to TwylaM-S]: Do it right now!

Juli will do hers too

SteveS is on page 158, and won't reach the About the Authors page for a awhile.

SteveS says, "Anyone seen Jake lately? I have NO bio from him."

TwylaM-S says, "Okay -- although I have no idea where the old one is."

Shakespeare's_Guest says, ""hi"

Juli waves aloha at the guest

Juli greets Shakespeare's_Guest, asking for the guest's real name.

TwylaM-S says, "I heard from him a couple of weeks ago, he's now in Houston."

Juli says, "oh, really, that's new"

SteveS says, "the old one is: Twyla Mitchell-Shiner has been working in theatre in a wide variety of capacities. Currently she is working toward her Ph.D. in Dramatic Art at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and is creating two online performances for 1997."

TwylaM-S says, "He's working on starting some sort of computer consulting company now."

TwylaM-S says, "Wow! Thanks Steve! Saved me about an hour of searching through old disks."

Juli knew that part, the Houston is the surprise, hope it works out for him, he was pretty excited about it

Shakespeare's_Guest says, "i am lurking"

Shakespeare's_Guest grins

Juli [to Shakespeare's_Guest]: lurk away, but how about letting us know who you are? Or, letting me know if you'd like a character here?

BorisK has disconnected.

Shakespeare's_Guest says, "hi, i'm pauli vfrom vienna"

TwylaM-S smiles at Shakespeare's Guest -- welcome Pauli!

Juli welcomes Pauli

Shakespeare's_Guest asks, "hi juli, hi ... what's your location ??"

Juli is in hawaii trying to redo her bio for steve :-)

TwylaM-S [to SteveS]: It's revised, but Juno is it's own system so I can't send it to you until this is all done. ... Well, I guess I have time to disconnect. Back in a few ...

TwylaM-S asks, "Or do you just want it here?"

Shakespeare's_Guest asks, "juli m/f ??"

TwylaM-S says, "Brb"

TwylaM-S has disconnected.

Shakespeare's_Guest exclaims, "things are slow here.... i'm out !!!!"

Shakespeare's_Guest says, "*POOF*"

Shakespeare's_Guest says, "*GONe*E* OCOC"

The usher arrives to escort BorisK out of ATHEMOO.

AndresE teleports in

Juli places a fragrant plumeria lei around AndresE's neck.

SteveS is madly editing: shout if you want him.

Juli has just sent steve the new bio

Juli places a fragrant plumeria lei around Nothing's neck.

NinaLN teleports in

GeorgL says, "Back"

NinaLN waves hi to all.

Juli waves aloha to Nina

AndresE says, "Hi everyone...and greetings from Chile"

The usher arrives to escort TwylaM-S out of ATHEMOO.

GeorgL says, "Hi Andres"

GeorgL says, "Hi Nina"

Juli brbs

NinaLN waves hi to GeorgL

SteveS exclaims, "Hi, Nina!"

SteveS is madly editing...

NinaLN is madly trying to download the plugins.

AndresE asks, "plugnis???"

SteveS exclaims, "Ack! Which plug-ins!"

NinaLN grins, shockwave and real audio

SteveS [to Jukli]: What does MacMOOSE do, by the way?

GeorgL says, "Shockwave and as far as I nkow real audio"

GeorgL [to Stve]: www.macromedia.com

SteveS exclaims, "Phew! Got em!"

GeorgL [to Stve]: Good

NinaLN frowns,

NinaLN says, "I thought I had them, but they don't seem to be working."

You hear the distant sound of trumpets blaring. As the fanfare grows louder, you feel the air around you begin to grow warmer. Finally, in grand style TwylaM-S appears beside you.

SteveS [to NinaLN]: did you quit netscape before installing and then restart Netscape? (or IE?)

TwylaM-S waves enthusiastically upon her return ...

TwylaM-S asks, "Did I miss anything?"

NinaLN [to SteveS]: I'm still downloading

GeorgL [to TwylaM-S]: Not yet

GeorgL grins

SteveS exclaims, "Twyla! Plug-ins!"

SteveS is just trying to see if he can panic her.

NinaLN laughs

AndresE says, "My computer has gone crazy....none of those is working :<"

TwylaM-S [to SteveS]: You did.

TwylaM-S says, "I'm listening to Rent. Peppy musical. Way different from Larson's previous work."

TwylaM-S muses, "actually that was pretty peppy too ...

GeorgL [to TwylaM-S]: Yeah, he was a comic strip painter earlier 8-)

TwylaM-S [to GeorgL]: Better -- he was the Sesame Street MAN.

SteveS asks, "Hey, anyone know how to do a sewcond reference for an author in a biblio? Is it still ---------?"

Juli [to TwylaM-S]: ah ah ah, that guy is a genius

TwylaM-S [to SteveS]: "Just three hyphens ---.

Juli [to SteveS]: that's what i always do, but notes are not my forte

SteveS says, "Now it's three., Used to 10. Everything's getting smaller."

TwylaM-S [to Juli]: He *was* ...

GeorgL [to TwylaM-S]: I think I have mentioned that I have always been afraid of Sesame Street

TwylaM-S [to SteveS]: space is at a premium these days.

Juli feel deeply in love with it as the kids watched more and more often

Juli places a fragrant plumeria lei around Nothing's neck.

TwylaM-S remembers, Georg, and is sorry she mentioned it.

TwylaM-S comforts Georg/

SteveS thinks Sesame Street. and not MTV, is to blame for reduced attention spans.

GeorgL [to SteveS]: Yews, and angst

DanZ teleports in

GeorgL says, "Yews = Yes"

DanZ says, "The gang's all here""

GeorgL exclaims, "HI DAnZ!"

SteveS asks, "Angst? Because of Oscar the grouch hiding in the garbage can? Ready to pounce?"

GeorgL exclaims, "Er Hi Dan!"

TwylaM-S doesn't agree -- SS used to do some pretty longish segments, *before* MTV.

DanZ exclaims, "Hi GEORg!"

SteveS exclaims, "The dark side of sesame street!"

TwylaM-S exclaims, "Hi Dan!"

SteveS exclaims, "Hi, Dan!"

GeorgL says, "I dont even like sesame"

Kristian teleports in

Juli waves aloha to Kristian

Kristian smiles, hello all.

TwylaM-S exclaims, "Hi Kristian!"

AndresE says, "Gotta leave now...Hope to be back...."

AndresE has disconnected.

TwylaM-S hides the bagel she was about to eat until Georg isn't looking.

TwylaM-S exclaims, "brb everyone!"

TwylaM-S vanishes with a bright flash and puff of smoke! After her departure you feel a strange void where her warm presence used to be.

NinaLN waves hi to Dan as she checks to see if Shockwave now works.

DanZ says, "Hi Nina!:"

Juli has given up on the web stuff, can't get the plugins going

The usher arrives to escort AndresE out of ATHEMOO.

DanZ teleports out

NinaLN has disconnected.

GeorgL says, "So performabnce is postponed to 21:15 ."

Juli nods

GeorgL says, "That is 15 minutes later than scheduled."

GeorgL says, "We are sorry for that, but more and more people are coming."

GeorgL says, "Counts are at 1300 now."

SteveS says, "Gives usall a chance to check plug-ins..."

GeorgL says, "And therefore wie will have to wait..."

SteveS [to GeorgL]: Big audience--great!

GeorgL exclaims, "Yes!"

NinaLN has connected.

DanZ teleports in

Juli brbs

NinaLN shakes herself, recovering from her nasty system crash.

Juli hugs Nina, hang in there

SteveS says, "I think it'll take that long for Netscape to load that first Shockwave movie..."

NinaLN [to SteveS]: You mean the introductory screen I just loaded which took 12 minutes?

Juli leaves in a flash!

SteveS exclaims, "Oh, look I need a new version! Argh!"

NinaLN [to SteveS]: Actually it said 12 min, it loaded in about 5.

BorisK teleports in

SteveS wonders who else is quickly downloading the plug-in!

DanZ has disconnected.

NinaLN [to SteveS]: Which one? Real Audio or Shockwave?

SteveS says, "Shockwave"

SteveS says, "though I might as well update realaudio while I'm at it..."

NinaLN wonders if anyone knows what she should be seeing/hearing on the oudeis web page at the moment?

NinaLN says, "I heard some cool music as it was downloading, but now I just see a flashing oudeis logo."

SteveS [to NinaLN]: At least we're not doing videoconferencing with Matt Saunders....

SteveS says, "with all different software apps."

NinaLN nods with a smile.

The usher arrives to escort DanZ out of ATHEMOO.

NinaLN glances at the clock...

NinaLN brb

SteveS says, "me too..."

SteveS has disconnected.

Kristian teleports out

Kristian teleports in

SteveS has connected.

Kristian smiles hello again, just investigating :)

SteveS glances at the clock...

JanetC teleports in

Kristian smiles at JanetC.

NinaLN glances at the clock...

JanetC checks her watch and the coffee pot

Shakespeare's_Guest says, "hi"

Kristian smiles at Shakespeare's_Guest.

DanZ teleports in

SteveS exclaims, "Cool! Glad I have stereo speakers!"

Shakespeare's_Guest exclaims, "greetings from vienna !!"

Kristian yays!

NinaLN wonders why she isn't getting sound?

DanZ knows why he isn't getting sound. No speakers :-(

JanetC smiles at Kristian.

NinaLN has speakers, and got sound before as it downloaded...... :-<

GeorgL says, "OKay OKay performance will start in approximately in 15 minutes"

Jeanne teleports in

Kristian smiles at Jeanne.

Jeanne waves

JanetC waves to Jeanne.

GeorgL says, "Hi Jeanne"

Mishima's_Guest teleports in

Mishima's_Guest says, "hello to all""

Jeanne says, "hello"

DanZ says, "Hi""

Cil teleports in

Jeanne misses her theatre days (amateur)

GeorgL says, "Dear friends and fellow participants in ATHEMOO, welcom"


GeorgL says, "to AMONG IMMORTALS, the very first oudeis related performance."

Mishima's_Guest says, "thans"

GeorgL exclaims, "(this is getting official)!"

GeorgL laughs.

GeorgL says, "Yeah, acutally I was just trying my good intoduction words because performance will commenc3 in 5 mins"

GeorgL says, "My name is Georg Leyrer and I am in Vienna's Museum of Modern Art at the Palais Liechtenstein where this evening's performance will take place."

GeorgL says, "As the proceedings unfold, I will serve as your messenger and will keep you informed while events transpire."

GeorgL says, "In this way, I will be acting very much like the god Hermes who provided Odysseus with many timely messages."

GeorgL says, "Of course, your participation in this textbased mirror of AMONG IMMORTALS designed by Jim Terral is welcome. So feel free to express your thoughts and reactions."

GeorgL says, "I would now ask you to go to Schwellers Theatre and find a seat there."

Jeanne asks, "do we do west for that?"

GeorgL says, "Just type @go theatre to find the lobby."

NinaLN teleports out

Cil teleports out

Jeanne teleports out

DanZ teleports out

SteveS taps a communication device on his chest and immediately begins to dissolve. SteveS beams out.

GeorgL says, "THere you will fdind the mains floor to sit and watch"

Kristian teleports out

GeorgL says, "Or the rowdies baclony to comment and shout and eat popcorn."

GeorgL says, "We will see there in just a few mins."

GeorgL asks, "OKay?"

Mishima's_Guest says, "i can arrive htere"

GeorgL turns away. He feels his presence is no longer of any value and decides to leave. After he has gone, his calming effect you enjoyed so much quickly wears off.

Mishima's_Guest teleports out

JanetC teleports out

BorisK teleports out

Jeanne teleports in

Slowly fading in, you hear the prelude to Wagners Parsifal. The notes build to the first crescendo right when GeorgL arrives. He has a very calming effect on you which you like a lot.

The air next to you begins to glow, and SteveS beams in.

GeorgL relaxes.

LeeG teleports in

Mishima's_Guest teleports in

Juli arrives looking preoccupied but happy to see you

LeeG asks, "georg, what was on the screen?"

GeorgL says, "Hi all Thanks for coming"

Juli claps wildly for oudeis team

Cil teleports in

GeorgL laughs and bows.

LeeG says, "Thanks everyone"

LeeG also laughs

GeorgL says, "Tnaks again."

Juli says, "a wonderful beginning of an incredible journey"

GeorgL says, "I will be able to stay here for 5 mins before comps will be town away."

Kristian teleports in

Juli hugs GeorgL.

Cil claps

Jeanne [to GeorgL]: before what??

Juli [to Jeanne]: the computers in the theatre where Georg was connected from

Jeanne asks, "is there more?"

Jeanne says, "oh"

You hear the distant sound of trumpets blaring. As the fanfare grows louder, you feel the air around you begin to grow warmer. Finally, in grand style TwylaM-S appears beside you.

LeeG asks, "well, Georg and I would be happy to hear your opinions?"

Jeanne says, "I would have liked even more"

Juli thanks all the athemoo members and guests who came to today's performance, hopes you will return this September and then again in 98 for the biggie

Cil wishes the web page would have worked!!

TwylaM-S vanishes with a bright flash and puff of smoke! After her departure you feel a strange void where her warm presence used to be.

Jeanne wishes she had the right shockwave

Kristian exclaims, "This was cool!"

NinaLN teleports in

SteveS exclaims, "The web page worked--I guess? with the logo...but the music IN STEREO was GREAT!"

Cil would like to see this again after the web stuff is working well

GeorgL says, "Would you like to a short recap for teh Vienna Performance"

Cil didn't even get the music

Juli [to Kristian]: did you have the web page going simultaneously, I don't think many of us did

LeeG says, "How did th esockwave look> I wasn't able to see it from where I was"

Jeanne [to SteveS]: you're among the lucky few then

Kristian [to Juli]: Unfortunatly no.

Jim teleports in

Cil asks, "Will this be done again?"

Juli says, "well, I would like a recap of the events in Vienna please"

Cil would also

Jeanne says, "my whole netscape is now frozen. I will have to reboot. can't bring it down"

LeeG says, "Yes, Georg, please"

Juli says, "many here have not had the chance to hear about that"

NinaLN Shockwave worked beautifully on this end.

SteveS [to LeeG]: The graphic covered over with a series of brushstrokes or nets (depending on your point of view) going to black, then the oudeis logo.

GeorgL says, "Okay."

LeeG [to SteveS]: thanks

GeorgL says, "You can look at the screens even after the performance."

Juli suggests we all listen to Georg for a moment

Jeanne says, "what is the name of the theatre again? I forgot, ulf gave me a book about vienna"

GeorgL says, "They will stay in, and I hope we"

GeorgL says, "will solve the problems so that all of you can see the,,m."

GeorgL says, "The name of where I am is MMKSTLW."

GeorgL says, "Thats the Museum of Modern Art i Vienna."

Jeanne looks at the book

GeorgL says, "The performance actually worked quite well in the beginning."

Juli [to gerog]: please describe it and the space the audience was in

GeorgL says, "The intro music came over really nicely in high volume."

Cil says, "And how many were there"

JanetC teleports in

GeorgL says, "The MMk is quite lartge, an old building (approx 1880)"

GeorgL says, "There were ca. 1300 people, 250 of which came to the perf placve."

GeorgL says, "and stayed."

GeorgL says, "The rest went by and looked."

MMK_Vienna teleports in

Cil says, "Impressive"

GeorgL says, "So the first scene (introduction) was really nice to look at and listen too"

SantiagoP teleports in

GeorgL says, "Screens were visible on a 3x3 metres screen"

Jeanne asks, "which bank of the Danube is the MMk on?"

You hear the distant sound of trumpets blaring. As the fanfare grows louder, you feel the air around you begin to grow warmer. Finally, in grand style TwylaM-S appears beside you.

SantiagoP [to Jim]: hey!congrats!

JanetC . o O ( kewl )

GeorgL [to Jeanne]: Its Cisdanubia, the southern bank.

SantiagoP blushes.

Juli welcomes oudeis team members, Georg is recapping the live performance for us online

Jeanne says, "thanks. this book has the pics divided by banks"

GeorgL says, "In the beginning the TAHMOO perf"

GeorgL says, "was lagging behind a lot."

BorisK teleports in

JanetC is dying to hear more about the offline LIVE performance.

GeorgL says, "Thanks, Twyla."

GeorgL grins.

Juli strangles the lag demon

JanetC figures the online performance was pretty LIVE as well.

TwylaM-S applauds the three fine actos of Athemoo ... and *also* wants to hear how the live perf went ...

GeorgL says, "We overtook vIenna when the second music part failed to load fast enough."

Juli asks Georg to continue and then we can talk...let's keep quiet a bit so he can get it all out

Jim [to SantiagoP]: Sounds like it went well in Vienna with the music

JanetC . o O ( we have some lives ones here then? )

GeorgL says, "There was a long pause weher our ATHEMOO perf was visible but"

GeorgL says, "nothing much elese happened"

GeorgL says, "When the music foimally came, things went on well."

GeorgL exclaims, "Music sounded extremly cool in thihjs old place!"

SantiagoP says, "so the music worked after all."

GeorgL says, "Then - yes, santi!-"

GeorgL says, "Then the MC in Vienna went on"

GeorgL says, "Witnh the Polyphemus scene"

GeorgL says, "When we were at the end of Poseidon"

GeorgL says, "pronblems started to get big then"

GeorgL exclaims, "because the big screen failed us!!!!!"

GeorgL says, "so it was okay when the MC on stage spoke, but when music"

GeorgL says, "should have come, it agin took a ewhli er while to load"

DanZ teleports in

GeorgL says, "And in this moment - nothing happend which was not cool at all."

GeorgL exclaims, "this took quite a while!"

GeorgL says, "We athemoo people tried to slow down as you may have noticed"

JanetC nods at GeorgL.

GeorgL says, "for vienna to get up to us"

GeorgL says, "trying to stayx synhced"

JanetC somehow loves that idea.

GeorgL says, "v"

Juli does too

GeorgL says, "but still the screen was black and no music"

JanetC looks over to Juli and grins.

GeorgL says, "poeople gettin restles then"

GeorgL says, "mon waved to MC to skip music and go on"

GeorgL says, "Yes, Santi, sorry..."

SantiagoP says, "ok. show must go onnnnn."

GeorgL says, "so MC t0ook it over agin without screen nor music"

GeorgL exclaims, "Which was D SAD!"

GeorgL says, "ATHEMOO actors decided to get our perf"

GeorgL says, "to a close andnot wait for Vienna"

GeorgL says, "so we just carried on two scenes in front"

GeorgL says, "next pause same th9ing happend"

SantiagoP says, "but then Mon paged me about the exodus..."

GeorgL exclaims, "no screen no music!!!!!"

SantiagoP . o O ( sorry... )

GeorgL says, "Yeag, ewe were trying to get something to work at least"

GeorgL says, "What also failed were the translations over the net"

JanetC . o O ( upstaged by the flailing technology? )

GeorgL [to JanetC]: Yeah seems so!

JanetC looks over to GeorgL and grins.

GeorgL says, "Worst thing: two really good looking girls"

GeorgL says, "came to me and asked what had happened"

GeorgL says, "8-)"

Jim [to GeorgL]: that's bad?

TwylaM-S raises her eyebrows at Georg ... naughty boy.

Jeanne [to Jim]: it is if they lef

BorisK pities georg

Jeanne says, "er, left"

JanetC laffs at Georg

GeorgL says, "so ATHEMOO was in last scene"

GeorgL says, "when mon and MC"

GeorgL says, "decided to skip and do hthe end"

GeorgL says, "MC covered iwith some improvisaiton"

Jim [to GeorgL]: does that mean the screen came back?

Cil asks, "What were the translations supposed to be like?"

MMK_Vienna says, "so I am Georg now"

MMK_Vienna says, "The coines and the light look well as far as I saw it"

MMK_Vienna [to Cil]: Just like in the MOO

Jeanne has disconnected.

MMK_Vienna says, "Homer in English"

MMK_Vienna says, "And other klangs"

JanetC loved the twingling of the different languages.

LeeG asks, "why didn't it work?"

MMK_Vienna asks, "No sound!?"

BorisK heard a bit of Snatiago's words ...

LeeG nods..of course

SantiagoP asks, "but was the house sound dead?"

MMK_Vienna says, "so we did the last scene wuite at the same tijme as Vienna"

MMK_Vienna [to SantiagoP]: Yes

MMK_Vienna says, "who skipped the two scenes before that"

Juli says, "well, it was the first time, and there are always technical problems"

MMK_Vienna says, "SAhit."

LeeG says, "so the translations went dead with the sound and screens"

MMK_Vienna says, "Yeah, what was really hard was keeping itin synch"

MMK_Vienna says, "with the actual perf"

MMK_Vienna says, "because sometimes they were moving like hell"

LeeG says, "that's why there are rehearsals"

MMK_Vienna says, "and others just stopper"

SantiagoP asks, "so when did the tech stuff (screen & sound) die?"

LeeG says, "If there is time"

Shakespeare's_Guest says, "love"

MMK_Vienna says, "thats the biggest problem I see even if the technics work"

MMK_Vienna [to SantiagoP]: Dunno rreally... After Poseidon, IU guess

Jim [to MMK_Vienna]: Poseidon doesn't speak. When do you mean?

GeorgL says, "But we had music after that"

SantiagoP asks, "where?"

Shakespeare's_Guest says, "say"

SantiagoP asks, "er... when?"

MMK_Vienna says, "its hard to remember exactly#"

Cil asks, "Will the music work also if we go to the web page?"

MMK_Vienna says, "somewhere in the end"

MMK_Vienna [to ]: C

Jeanne has connected.

Shakespeare's_Guest asks, "who are qyou?"

MMK_Vienna says, "But there was applause"

SantiagoP [to Cil]: yes, but you need a fast (ISDN or better) connection.

Jeanne glances at the clock...

MMK_Vienna says, "all in all I would say it went at about half its potential"

MMK_Vienna says, "Which is a shame"

Shakespeare's_Guest asks, "is there anyone??"

Juli says, "which is a great place to start when so much technology is involved"

Jeanne says, "I agree with Juli"

MMK_Vienna says, "Especially the music went really well when it worked"

JanetC nods at what Juli says

Shakespeare's_Guest asks, "santiago de compostela?"

SantiagoP says, "tnx."

MMK_Vienna [to Juli]: Yeah!

TwylaM-S also agrees with Juli

JanetC says, "especially for a first run."

Juli nodsnodsnods

SantiagoP [to Shakespeare's_Guest]: well... that's a bit far from here.

Shakespeare's_Guest says, "my name is doctor toktok"

Jeanne says, "when bill gates does a demo at THE science conferenced in the US and his technolgoy fails, 50% is great"


| |

Juli holds up a BIG sign: | HURRAY for the OUDEIS TEAM! |


MMK_Vienna exclaims, "I would have loved it to work perfectly, thoguh!"

JanetC laughs at Jeanne.

MMK_Vienna laughs!

BorisK thros, er throws up his hat

Juli nods at Mon, knows the feeling

Juli claps wildly!

TwylaM-S applauds the whole team.

Juli claps wildly!

MMK_Vienna exclaims, "I will tell them... they seem to be gone!"

LeeG agrees with Georg

Shakespeare's_Guest asks, "janet where are you from?"

DanZ claps wildly

Kristian applauds!

JanetC applauds ya all . Great suff you are doing here.

BorisK yeyeyells

JanetC says, "Stuff even."

SantiagoP says, "tnx."

MMK_Vienna says, "To some place where noone will find them..."

Jeanne says, "I think so too."

Jeanne says, "it's history in the making, from the beginning"

TwylaM-S grins at MMK

MMK_Vienna says, "Thanks all for the interest."

Juli applauds the MOO audience and thanks all the wizards from other moos that attended

SteveS [to MMK_Vienna]: Keep up the great work!

MMK_Vienna [to Jeanne]: Yeah, like learning to fly!

Jeanne says, "some day w'll all look back and say "I was there!""

MMK_Vienna exclaims, "and laugh!"

LeeG would like to thank Juli and the ATHEMOO for all their great help and talent

Juli smiles at Jeanne, and were you ever here!

Jeanne says, "no, and be amazed and awed"

BorisK says, "I'm quite sure that a lot of people got curiois tonight - things will explode for you, I hope ..."

JanetC grins at Jeanne and nod

MMK_Vienna [to Juli]: Yes, thank you for all the work.

Cil grins

Juli smiles, feels just as excited about the next step as the rest of you and just as disappointed that athemoo couldn't have been set up better for this time

SantiagoP asks, "what was the reaction of the audience?"

Jeanne says, "I love the theatre."

MMK_Vienna [to SantiagoP]: Mixed I ould say..

Jeanne says, "juli has this stage stuff licked now"

MMK_Vienna says, "Interested but confused by the lags"

SantiagoP [to Juli]: yeah... nice place.

Shakespeare's_Guest says, "let's talk about heatre"

Juli grins, with lots of help from my friends

TwylaM-S wonders when Juli has time to lick the stage ...

Juli says, "yes, it might be a good time to think about the theatrical angle of the moo performance"

Jeanne pokes TwylaM-S.

MMK_Vienna [to Juli]: Yes!

Juli would like to remind everyone that this, too, was just a first step

TwylaM-S giggles..

MMK_Vienna says, "I think there is a lot to be said abouzt that."

Juli would also like to encourage ideas for the next step rather than necessarily critiquing this one, if you know what I mean

Cil [to Juli]: But what a step! 250 people!

Juli asks, "in other words, what possibilities do you see?"

Jeanne says, "the way to look at what went wrong here is to find ways around it the next time"

SteveS brb...

Cil [to Juli]: It's hard to say without seeing the web, Juli

Juli nods at Jeanne, right

MMK_Vienna says, "No, take your critique. Is alwas intereesting"

Jeanne says, "I see ppl picking the language they want to hear it in and only hearing that speaker"

Juli says, "yes, one thing that will help, is that our web interface is coming along nicely"

Jeanne says, "if they want to"

LeeG agree with vienna. Let's hear what you thought

Juli says, "and we may be able to offer connections that way"

JanetC says, "Juli, like I said, the intertwingling of the language was a tremendous effect."

Jeanne says, "MOO's allow total customizability so we should take advantage of it"

Juli nods at Jeanne

You suddenly smell something that reminds you of a fresh brewed coffee. Monika is coming in slowly, trying not to spill her coffee.

Juli places a fragrant plumeria lei around Nothing's neck in congratulations.

MMK_Vienna [to Juli]: I am georg

MonikaW collapses

Jeanne says, "and allow for ppl who want to see all the languages"

Juli grins at MMK

JanetC nods at Jeanne.

LeeG hugs mon

SantiagoP catches Mon

MMK_Vienna grina back andogynously.

BorisK pats on Mon's shoulder

MonikaW says, "ok I think we are on our end now"

SantiagoP [to MonikaW]: Bravo!!!!!

Jeanne is gonna have to bug ken for an updated theatre now

Jim applauds

Juli says, "we have begun to discuss ways that the MOO performance would be more than a mirror of the one on the physical stage...anyone interested in that track"

NinaLN pats Mon on the back.

Juli smiles at Jeanne

Juli places a fragrant plumeria lei around Nothing's neck in congratulations.

Cil smiles

Jim [to Juli]: Yes

Juli places a fragrant plumeria lei around MonikaW's neck in congratulations.

Jeanne says, "I really wanted to see some acting. I was into it"

GeorgL says, "Hey switched"

Jeanne says, "more than jut narration."

SantiagoP [to MonikaW]: quite well for a T minus 20 minutes rehearsal...

Juli says, "we hope to be able to make it so the audience does interact with the performance"

MMK_Vienna says, "ok I am mon now"

NinaLN wonders, "Were the Web sound/graphics supposed to complement the MOO text?"

JanetC found some words in one language to be more evocative than another. We usually can't get that effect on an offline stage...at least in ways that the audience makes its own visual threads.

GeorgL says, "because my comp is higher up than hers"

MMK_Vienna [to SantiagoP]: there where ALOG oT of people

SantiagoP [to MMK_Vienna]: so how did you see things there?

MMK_Vienna says, "and actually it DID work"

Jeanne says, "have a vision of doing a play on MOO where you're given the idea of the play and what happens but make up your own dialogue to achieve that end"

GeorgL [to NinaLN]: Yeha I think this would have to wokr

MMK_Vienna says, "there was just not the patience here"

JanetC wnders if she is making sense.

LeeG [to NinaLN]: everything was supposed to complement each other

Juli [to Jeanne]: which works perfectly with this project

GeorgL says, "I was not sure about the cues at all because Vienna failed me qwith the music"

Juli says, "Monika et all have talked about having the MOO performance be the Gods watching the action"

SteveS [to Juli]: How brechtian...

SantiagoP [to MMK_Vienna]: but you know they're not there to look at an InterNet screen...

Jeanne says, "that is an interesting idea"

Juli says, "so the moo aud would actually be characters in the performance, seen onstage if the aud irl wants to look"

GeorgL says, "Yeah I tink the mirror WAS a good Idea."

JanetC says, "Yes what a neat idea."

Cil says, "That is a neat idea"

Jeanne found bullfinch's mythology serach engine last night

SantiagoP says, "agree."

TwylaM-S nods, too...

GeorgL says, "It was like a broafdcast"

MMK_Vienna asks, "hawe anybody tried the internet screens?"

LeeG applauds jim for his great work

Jeanne asks, "what internet screens?"

GeorgL says, "Both were good ideas but I pers think the mirro is a better idea"

Jim [to LeeG]: Thanks, Lee

SantiagoP says, "and it's a way almost anybody anywhere with any connection can be there (here)."

Juli says, "right and it's potential is to exceed broadcast into a performance of its own that connects thematically to what happens onstage in the physical theatres"

MMK_Vienna says, "to acces via WWW"

Jeanne says, "well, i am only on 14.4 modem"

Jeanne sobs

SteveS [to MMK_Vienna]: I did

GeorgL [to Juli]: Yeah.

BorisK says, "The Internet screens were too slow to load down in a satisfying soan of time ... connection too slow"

Jeanne says, "my whole netcape foze. had to reboot"

SantiagoP [to SteveS]: did it work?

GeorgL comgforts KJeanne.

Juli says, "we do need to make up an instruction sheet so folks can find and do the plugin in advance and then have test pages folks can practice on in"

Jim [to Jeanne]: I am only 14.4 too

JanetC pats jeanne. I couldn't access the web either. No sound. Bummer

SantiagoP [to Jeanne]: sorry, jeanne. my fault.

MMK_Vienna says, "brb"

BorisK nods at Juli's reamrk

Jeanne says, "yes. I didn't ahve the right plugin either"

NinaLN says, "I had a pretty fast connection, and the screens/visually/were stunning."

Juli says, "but the potential is incredible and i think we all realized that"

DanZ brb

SteveS [to SantiagoP]: I assume I saw all there was? The opening screen/animation, the singing, and then the logo? or was there more?

DanZ has disconnected.

Jeanne [to SantiagoP]: not your fault I only ahve a 14.4 modem (grin)

JanetC [to Juli]: Absolutely.

Juli says, "these aspects, the modem speed, etc need to be laid out in a pre-show handout"

Jeanne says, "what is the url again? I want to try with rebooted machine"

Jeanne nods at Juli.



------ Juli stops pasting ----------

Jeanne says, "thanks"

NinaLN says, "The music played along with part of the screen, but not all the time. It also was wonderful."

Juli says, "the other pages there are stunning..i'd recommend a visit"

SantiagoP [to SteveS]: whenever it stops you should click on it.

Jeanne says, "I can't find the theatre in my book so I want to see a pic of it"

Juli says, "we would have loved to have the music playing thru athemoo, but the only way i know to do that is thru a pueblo interface and that is only available for ibm"

Juli [to Jeanne]: it isn't a theatre, its an art museum :-)

Jeanne asks, "oh, it wasn't on real audio?"

SteveS [to SantiagoP]: Ack! Didn't know that--thought it would take me somewhere, or show me buttons...

Jeanne [to Juli]: Oh right. duh. he did say that. sorry.

SantiagoP [to SteveS]: and you're missing the MC...

Juli smiles at Jeanne, your points are so numerous that it'll take you years before you have to say sorry again here :-)

Jeanne laughs

SantiagoP [to SteveS]: what we put on the web was the same thing Mon was operating there in Vienna.

Chorpenning's_Guest teleports in

Cil asks, "which shockwave are we supposed to have? Streaming shockwave?"

SteveS says, "That is so cool! *Seeing it now*"

Jeanne says, "I love this cool icon that runs from your curser"

GeorgL says, "Chorpenn ist jsut me again"

Juli welcomes the guest to the post-show discussion of the oudeis teams _among Immortals_ sorry you missed the show

Juli grins at gerog

Juli . o O ( i can never seem to type that right )

Juli brbs

GeorgL laughs.

SantiagoP tries to sits but doesnts finds a place.

Cil asks, "Which shockwave should we download?"

GeorgL [to LeeG]: I think the prompts in aTHEMOO worked well.

JanetC pulls up a curb and offers some to Santiago

LeeG [to GeorgL]: That's cool

SantiagoP [to Cil]: you should go to www.macromedia.com and download the standard one

Shakespeare's_Guest says, "say"

The usher arrives to escort DanZ out of ATHEMOO.

SantiagoP [to JanetC]: tnx.

Chorpenning's_Guest says, "Yeah..."

Chorpenning's_Guest is getting really tired now.

JanetC looks over to SantiagoP and grins.

LeeG [to GeorgL]: are you stillMMK

Cil [to SantiagoP]: Thanks :0

Jim has disconnected.

JanetC . o O ( curbs can't be beat )

Chorpenning's_Guest [to LeeG]: I am Georg now

Shakespeare's_Guest says, "calling perth"

Chorpenning's_Guest have to switch comps for guestes chatting.

SantiagoP [to GeorgL]: do you know who spoke with me after the thing... in spanish?

Cil says, "Well...this was great :)"

Cil waaves to everyone

Chorpenning's_Guest [to SantiagoP]: Just some girl of the audience

Cil has disconnected.

Chorpenning's_Guest [to Cil]: Bye Thanks fpor coming

Juli waves to Cil, thanks for comming

SantiagoP waves

Shakespeare's_Guest says, "whats your name"

Chorpenning's_Guest grins at Juli.

SantiagoP says, "well... time to go now... bed's shouting at me."

Chorpenning's_Guest exclaims, "Okay Vienna has got to leave too!"

Juli hugs SantiagoP.

Juli hugs Chorpenning's_Guest.

Chorpenning's_Guest says, "Goodbye to all of you and thanks for coming."

Chorpenning's_Guest hgug Juli.

Juli thanks the oudeis team for making athemoo part of their incredible project

LeeG teleports out

Juli thanks the audience for participating in history here today

SantiagoP exclaims, "bye everybody... tnx juli a lot!"

Kristian applauds!

Jeanne cheers juli

Chorpenning's_Guest [to KLee]: to

Chorpenning's_Guest [to Lee]: I am georg now

SantiagoP goes home.

Chorpenning's_Guest [to everybody]: Goodbye from all of VCienna

Chorpenning's_Guest says, "Esp frpom Mon and Georg"

JanetC claps wildly!

The usher arrives to remove Chorpenning's_Guest.

Juli claps for the audience

Juli claps for the team

Juli claps for all those who helped

The usher arrives to escort Jim out of ATHEMOO.

The usher arrives to remove Shakespeare's_Guest.

Jeanne envies georg being over there in the middle of the physical part

MMK_Vienna has disconnected.

Jeanne bets he didn't take one single photo either

Juli grins

Juli . o O ( who had time )

Jeanne says, "that's what reherals are for1"

Jeanne grins

MonikaW has disconnected.

GeorgL has disconnected.

Juli smiles, they sure are

Jeanne says, "well, I gotta go to library to pick up book on nonprofits that has com ein"

The usher arrives to escort Cil out of ATHEMOO.

Kristian smiles at Jeanne.

Jeanne says, "I think the MOO part went great"

SteveS [to Juli]: what did I miss as I dashed to the window to check for lightning?

Juli has an introduction to an anthology of plays to write, should get to that

BorisK has disconnected.

Jeanne waves

Juli [to SteveS]: oh, just some incredibly interesting discussion :-)

Jeanne has disconnected.

TwylaM-S waves

SteveS says, "Oh, well..."

JanetC chuckles at juli

Juli leaps from project to project these days

SteveS hopes one of those will be a letter of rec, and winks!

NinaLN wonders how far away was steve's window?

TwylaM-S grins ... and that's different, how?

SteveS [to NinaLN]: Down the hall...I am in awindowless ex-darkroom...

TwylaM-S [to SteveS]: unruhe

SteveS [to TwylaM-S]: Anasazi.

TwylaM-S [to SteveS]: Bless you.

SteveS [to TwylaM-S]: I want to believ! Deny everything!

JanetC hasta go and thanks again

JanetC waves.

The usher arrives to escort MMK_Vienna out of ATHEMOO.

JanetC goes home.

TwylaM-S [to SteveS]: Believe the lie!! [would type more but I don't have Navajo characters]

TwylaM-S . o O ( Boy ar ewe geeks. )

SteveS exclaims, "Not geeks! X-Philes!"

The usher arrives to escort MonikaW out of ATHEMOO.

The usher arrives to escort GeorgL out of ATHEMOO.

TwylaM-S . o O ( That's "are we" ... Yo're right! That's better than geeks. )

The usher arrives to escort BorisK out of ATHEMOO.

The usher arrives to escort Jeanne out of ATHEMOO.

TwylaM-S asks, "So have you heard the Enquirer's "description" of the movie?"

NinaLN waves farewell to all. Back to work.

SteveS exclaims, "Bye Nina!"

TwylaM-S waves to Nina!

SteveS never really stopped editing...

SteveS [to TwylaM-S]: Which--XFiles movie?

TwylaM-S shhhhhhhh

TwylaM-S says, "Yes."

NinaLN has disconnected.

SteveS [to TwylaM-S]: No--tell.

TwylaM-S says, "Take every REALLY bad sci-fi action movie *ever*, chop 'em up and scramble them together."

SteveS [to TwylaM-S]: Doesn't sound good...

TwylaM-S says, "It's a MOTW thing, with Lizard Aliens, one of which attacks Scully. Who doesn't protect herself."

SteveS [to TwylaM-S]: As Scully fights the glass ceiling of low pay...

TwylaM-S says, "It's the Enquirer. Probab;y a lie. An unbelievable one..."

SteveS asks, "Did Nostradamus predict the plot?"

TwylaM-S exclaims, "She did fight it, at least for the movie!"

TwylaM-S says, "No, but there are prison guards and dogs surrounding the set."

SteveS asks, "where are the psychic gossip columnists when you need them?"

Juli brbs

Juli has disconnected.

Juli has connected.

TwylaM-S says, "Well, the movie won't come out for a year, so Yappi is sure to have his moment."

TwylaM-S exclaims, "Juli! It's so good to see you again!"

SteveS raises his eyebrows just like Yappi, one at atime...

TwylaM-S laughs

Juli says, "well, i had to do some adjusting of my tinyfugue worlds"

Juli says, "and i really must head out..."

Juli says, "this was so incredible"

TwylaM-S ooooooooohhh ....

SteveS says, "Yes, off to writing projects..."

SteveS glances at Twyla, wondering about diss...?

Juli hugs Kristian, thanks for last minute help with the sets :-)

SteveS asks, "or thesis?"

Kristian smiles and hugs Juli back, no problem

TwylaM-S says, "It really was. And actually I should go too -- this is someone else's account. No point in abusing the priviledge ..."

The usher arrives to escort NinaLN out of ATHEMOO.

TwylaM-S says, "Finished my thesis. No where that I need a diss yet."

Juli waves to all, making a stop at DaMOO before heading out for next adventure in this day

SteveS says, "Right--I got confused about that..."

SteveS exclaims, "Later, Juli!"

Juli [to SteveS]: good luck getting ms put together!

TwylaM-S waves to Juli.

TwylaM-S hugs Juli.

Juli hugs TwylaM-S.

Juli hugs SteveS.

Juli waves and @quits

Juli has disconnected.

SteveS exclaims, "Back to the final grammar check!"

TwylaM-S exclaims, "Me too ... i have email to catch up on, and then when the Spouse and Cub wake up we're going to Wash the Car!!!"

TwylaM-S . o O ( Do I kow how to have a good time or what? )

SteveS exclaims, "Ohhh yeah!"

TwylaM-S laughs.

TwylaM-S waves to SteveS.

TwylaM-S hugs SteveS.

SteveS exclaims, "Later!"

TwylaM-S exclaims, "Later!"

TwylaM-S has disconnected.

SteveS goes home.

The usher arrives to escort Juli out of ATHEMOO.

The usher arrives to escort TwylaM-S out of ATHEMOO.

Kristian has disconnected.

The usher arrives to escort Kristian out of ATHEMOO.

The usher arrives to remove Mishima's_Guest.

Jim teleports in

Jim glances at the clock...

LeeG teleports in

LeeG says, "hi jim"

LeeG asks, "Jim, how goes it?"

LeeG says, "If you're saying anything, I can't hear it. Guess you vant to be alone"

LeeG teleports out

Jim says, "Hi Lee"

LeeG teleports in

LeeG asks, "HI, how are you?"

Jim says, "Good"

LeeG asks, "Strange day, huh?"

LeeG asks, "Are we being recorded now?"

Jim says, "A day where everything counts"

Jim says, "No I turned it off"

LeeG says, "good"

Jim says, "O actually we are. By unrelenting presence"

-- End: Thursday, June 26, 1997 7:36:33 pm ATHEMOO time (HST)