Welcome to 'Among Immortals'

Oudeis--a world wide Odyssey--is a global theater production- in-the-works. The entire project uses the Internet as a tool for collaborative development, as a 'stage' for performance in real- time, and as a 'social space' for discussion and other verbal .pleasures. 'Among Immortals' previews the project as a whole.

At 9 PM Vienna time, in the Sala Terrena of Palais Liechtenstein, Museum of Modern Art (Vienna), words from Homer's Odyssey will transform mundane reality as they have for millenia. This time the magick of their old wine intoxicates the new medium of Internet communication. For more information about 'Among Immortals' read Some URLs here in the lobby. Type 'r some urls' without the quotation marks.

From here (the lobby) you can go to seating on the Main Floor where silence and good behavior are the rule. If you like audience participation with your theater experience, go up to the Rowdies' Balcony. Plenty of participation up there.

Please join us at the oudeis ship after the show. Type @go oudeis and hold onto your hat. You will be teleported directly onto the ship. No tickets, no waiting in line at customs. Tips and Hints are available when you get there. TonyP's Telnetter's Guide to ATHEMOO is also good. Type 'read #190' without the quotation marks.

created by Jim Terral