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-- Start: Tuesday, April 22, 1997 6:28:25 am ATHEMOO time (HST)

MonikaW turns Oudeis Recorder on.

MonikaW asks, "i am tired - difficulties to think. How are you?"

MonikaW looks if she can find some coffee for lee

LeeG laughs...feels the same...thanks for the coffee

MonikaW . o O ( there is only wine in this ancient greek environment )

MonikaW [to LeeG]: so we are alone (beside the recorder :)

LeeG says, "How was the performance yesterday..."

LeeG says, "Alone for a while anyway"

LeeG smiles

MonikaW [to LeeG]: how much did you sleep?

MonikaW asks, "everything finished?"

MonikaW says, "performance, was, well, didnt happen for me, but this is a

long discussion"

LeeG says, "almost two hours finished what I had to do for last night

only...worked out very well though"

MonikaW asks, "2 hours of sleep?"

MonikaW says, "poor lee"

LeeG says, "S...almost two hours...going on adrenelin now"

LeeG asks, "How much sleep did you get?"

MonikaW says, "well must have been 3"

MonikaW smiles , glad we are in the same mood

LeeG nods...agrees and smiles

MonikaW asks, "so what was it you wanted to talk about with me only?"

MonikaW asks, "gernot should come soon, should we wait for him?"

RainerF teleports in

MonikaW waves at Rainer

RainerF exclaims, "Hi there !"

LeeG says, "Actually, I was hoping to be able to look over your letter more

closely and then go over a few details with you and possibly Gernot..."

LeeG waves to Rainer

LeeG says, "and then we could work on a letter to oudeis idea"

MonikaW says, "hm lets see, I dont have the letter with me ... but"

MonikaW [to LeeG]: that is a cool idea!

LeeG says, "I've been totally swamped and haven't had a chance to go over

hardly anything...glad you like the idea"

LeeG asks, "Hi Rainer, how are you doing?"

MonikaW [to RainerF]: heard this morning was a success?

RainerF says, "I'm doing somehow fine, although I'm not really cured out

from this [censored] flu and got a big pile of work to be done."

MonikaW [to LeeG]: but Rainer really did a lot these days, I have seen he

has some energy left

LeeG [to RainerF]: think we had the same flu in America...everyone said it

was the worst in years

MonikaW grins is proud of and stuff

RainerF says, "[To MonikaW] yes, from my point of view the meeting was

quite promising. Karin needs to send some docs to ericsson, but the guy

there was quite nice."

LeeG says, "brb"

MonikaW says, "cool, when do you think he will give us computers for the

office (if he does?)"

RainerF says, "the most interesting news regarding me and my position is

that I resigned from the position of the technical manager and this

position is still vacant at the moment. The whole thing got to big for me

to handle."

RainerF says, "[to mw] He will be out of office for a week (lucky guy goes

to stockholm), after coming back he will present our project to his chiefs;

he excepts the decision finding process to be rather fast."

LeeG says, "back"

MonikaW asks, "sorry of these mails yesterday, something is not right with

the st1hobel ... rainer, will we get an pop account on"

LeeG [to RainerF]: Well done!

MonikaW [to LeeG]: did you get that? ericsson is interested!

MonikaW [to LeeG]: ok , should we start?

RainerF asks, "[to mw] I think I can manage this. how many accounts would

you need ? wunderer and leyrer ?"

LeeG says, "Yes, sounds great"

MonikaW nods at rainer

LeeG [to MonikaW]: Is anyone else coming today?

MonikaW asks, "so regarding the last mail - was there something we didnt

yet discuss?"

LeeG [to MonikaW]: Are you talking to me or Rainer?

MonikaW [to LeeG]: dan said he would, and gernot should be here (with

felippe) and karin is in the next room talking to prof fleissner

LeeG nods

MonikaW [to LeeG]: i was talking to you, could you forward me the mail I

sent you

LeeG asks, "Did you want to discuss it now? I was hoping to be able to

look it over more closely and then talk to you?"

LeeG says, "I'm pretty tired and have only glanced at it:)"

MonikaW says, "sorry I was distracted"

MonikaW [to LeeG]: well it depends on you, but it would be a good possibility

DanZ teleports in

DanZ says, "Hi All""

LeeG [to MonikaW]: Just a minute, I'll forward it to you....and then ...

DanZ huffing and puffing catching his breath

MonikaW says, "hi dan, just sent you a mail :)"

LeeG says, "Hi Dan"

RainerF says, "Hi dan ..."

DanZ says, "Hi there""

MonikaW asks, "Dan is it stressy?"

MonikaW hugs dan glad to see him again

MonikaW [to DanZ]: had a funny video conferencing with steve yesterday night

DanZ [to MonikaW]: Yeah a little's Steve doing?

MonikaW [to DanZ]: it was funny with steve - as always, he seems to never

loose his humor

DanZ [to MonikaW]: How about you? Hanging in there?

KarinM teleports in

KarinM says, "welcome to everybody"

MonikaW exclaims, "i am fine , since today I am a student at Columbia

University New york!!!!"

LeeG exclaims, "Congratulations MOnika!"

RainerF exclaims, "Wow ! Congrats !"

MonikaW grins

MonikaW says, "only problem is that i will not be at ars electronica in

autumn :("

KarinM says, "also for me for oudeis it was a good day, i ha Ihad a meeting

with ericsson and they are very very interested11"

LeeG says, "Hi Karin"

KarinM says, "nice to see you Lee"

MonikaW . o O ( yes the ericsson IS good news )

DanZ says, "Way to go Monika!""

MonikaW says, "so karin also made first draft of a contract"

LeeG says, "phone...brb"

KarinM exclaims, "we all will visit mon in new york!"

DanZ [to MonikaW]: so you start school in the autumn?

MonikaW [to DanZ]: had you had a chance to find out if you could come in


MonikaW nods at dans question

DanZ [to MonikaW]: Not yet. I'm fininshing a website and then I'll see if

there are any travel grants available that I could apply for. No dough no go

KarinM says, "we should do one pint after the other. First, who can come in

august to linz, because i have to say it on 9,5,97 in Linz"

MonikaW asks, "i think santiago is planning?"

MonikaW [to DanZ]: so your schedule would allow it?

KarinM says, "we can organize the accomodation and i try to get cheaper

tickets for the fligts or sponsored one"

DanZ [to MonikaW]: I probably could do's a money issue

MonikaW [to DanZ]: so that is good to know . that you have time

MonikaW . o O ( money is a problem as always )

DanZ [to MonikaW]: It's a week right?

MonikaW says, "we also plan to organize a workshop"

MonikaW [to DanZ]: that depends

MonikaW says, "the ars is from 8 - 13 september"

MonikaW says, "we thought that worldwide partners should join the

rehearsals before (since 1/9/97)"

DanZ [to MonikaW]: I can do a week but any more than that would be difficult

MonikaW nods at dan

DanZ nods at Monika

KarinM exclaims, "to Dan that would be great!"

MonikaW says, "ok, so we have to discuss with aec WHEN to have this workshop"

MonikaW [to LeeG]: you can come as well?

LeeG smiles

KarinM says, "Santiago will also come"

LeeG will look over his schedule closely and try to make it

MonikaW [to DanZ]: I also understand that we should find one or two days

for the oudeis team, so that not everybody has to stay during the whole


MonikaW [to DanZ]: btw, could you mail me bryans email address? I would

like to contact him

RainerF says, "I'd like to mention that I'll have to leave this club in

about an hour ..."

DanZ [to MonikaW]: I would suggest putting together a plan. What you'd like

to do, proposed schedule etc. nothing complicated. I could use that and see

if it fits any grants out there

DanZ [to MonikaW]: will get Bryan's e-mail address for you.

DanZ [to Oudeis Recorder]: TEAM How goes plans for Ars Electronica?

MonikaW [to DanZ]: I made a rough shedule (an excel sheet) I could mail

you, we also have to redefine and state what this september event will be

all about

MonikaW [to DanZ]: i dont know if I did understand you

DanZ [to MonikaW]: yeah it's the same old stuff...lots of paper!

DanZ [to MonikaW]: is it going to be Linz/Linz or Linz/Vienna?

DanZ wonders if that's been decided yet

MonikaW says, "we plan will have stages in linz (2)"

MonikaW says, "so it will be linz/linz"

DanZ nods

DanZ says, "that will make things easier"^"

KarinM says, "cndPlease enter your statement and hit return."

MonikaW says, "gernot is just arriving - and karin struggling with her


KarinM says, "I have to tell youthat the date with ericsson was great."

KarinM says, "Ericsson will be our main sponsor"

DanZ [to KarinM]: That's Great! Tell me more

KarinM says, "they have they acn support you on your local places"

KarinM says, "they have lines, connections to bid firms which we will need,


KarinM says, "I work on a new plane for the best sponsoring ideas for them"

MonikaW [to him]: like you suggested. tnx for that!

KarinM says, "they will speak intern next week"

LeeG applauds Karin...well done

KarinM says, "thanks it was very urgent such a good news"

MonikaW [to DanZ]: so we have to write a schedule of linz right?

MonikaW asks, "and with that everybody can try to get local grants?"

DanZ [to MonikaW]: nothing big but just a little plan. You'll be able to

use this plan for a number of things...local grants...make your sponsors

happy (they see that plans are going forward, etc) you'll be surprised

DanZ says, "it can also be used for publicity and announcements""

MonikaW nods "ok that should be easy

MonikaW asks, "could be something like I already posted on the lists?"

DanZ [to MonikaW]: one page not more...a picture or some nice graphic would

be nice

DanZ says, "Yeah kinda except with a few dates and a schedule...this would

justify the journey so to speak""

MonikaW nods "putting facts in

DanZ says, "you got it""

MonikaW grins at dan - we are learning

DanZ says, "You know it already""

KarinM says, "to Dan"

KarinM says, "to dan thank"

KarinM says, "to DAn, i will specially thank you for your helpfully tips"

MonikaW says, "so what we would need is an email of everybodies schedule I


KarinM says, "to dan"

DanZ says, "No problem...these days it seems I spend more time promoting

and planning than actually creating :-("

KarinM says, "to dan i learned many"

MonikaW [to DanZ]: I find it fascinating that you always do both!

MonikaW says, "actu"

MonikaW grins

DanZ [to MonikaW]: unfortunately there's not much money here so you have to

do it

MonikaW nods knowing that

MonikaW [to DanZ]: how is studio Z going?

DanZ says, "I have a meeting on Thursday with the Support organization Arts

Bridge...they may give us office space and management training we'll see

what happens then there's season planning, budgeting and two new staff

members that I have to get started"

MonikaW says, "gernot will arrive in a second"

DanZ says, "I have to write basic contracts for them"

MonikaW [to DanZ]: that sounds like an organisational work that will find

its successful end soon

DanZ [to MonikaW]: I hope so. We seem to get a little money here and there.

It's hard as I'm sure you know

GernotL teleports in

LeeG says, "Hi Gernot"

GernotL says, "Hi Lee"

RainerF says, "Hi gernot"

DanZ [to KarinM]: I'm really glad to hear that you have a sponsor. Now this

will make getting other help easier. Did they give you a letter of

endorsement or support?

MonikaW [to DanZ]: and you think of including this oudeis performance (98)

into acount?

KarinM says, "to gernot"

KarinM says, "to dan"

GernotL says, "hi Rainer"

DanZ [to MonikaW]: that will be scheduled in around December when I have

more info about budget needs etc.

DanZ [to MonikaW]: right now just figuring out Sept 97 thru August 98

KarinM [to DanZ]: they will speak intern next week and i have to write some

special ideas for them

KarinM [to DanZ]: and then we will have our contract

MonikaW says, "we also plan to have some "bigger" webstages in Vienna and

rio perhaps in september, to "prepublish" the event"

KarinM [to dato]: dan

LeeG says, "Brb"

DanZ [to KarinM]: Cool...once things are set get a letter of support from

them or something like that. You'll get a lot of use from it. I got one

once from the Australian Embassy and it really helped us out.

GernotL says, "im back from the university, theaterlesson for young people"

KarinM [to ]: dan

DanZ [to GernotL]: what was the lesson STAY AWAY FROM THEATRE?

DanZ laugs

GernotL says, "I did a lot of public relation for our project"

KarinM [to DanZ]: it was very helpfull the connection with the ars

DanZ nods

MonikaW is happy that she already finished all her courses at this university

KarinM [to DanZ]: and its like a big familiy if you know opne you are in

GernotL [to DanZ]: Oh nooo!!, whats happen in the years 70 - 80 -94 -97

DanZ [to KarinM]: you got it. You'll have an easier time now with other

companies and support. You're in.

MonikaW says, "ok so what is the next issue today"

MonikaW grins "WE are in

GernotL [to DanZ]: now, you stay silent??? ha??

DanZ [to GernotL]: I don't know what will we do? Help!

MonikaW [to GernotL]: very impressive you as a teacher

GernotL [to DanZ]: Karin will help us

DanZ [to GernotL]: sounds good

KarinM says, "i tried today a an issue for an contract, but i will put it

this week on the list"

MonikaW [to KarinM]: you should send this contract to oudeis team vienna

and to dan and to felippe maybe

DanZ says, "Ugh I'm out of time. Have to go. Congratulations and I look

forward to hearing more news. Feel free to send me the contract""

KarinM says, "end of juin we can do something"

MonikaW [to KarinM]: oh sorry you will send it to the list - even better

GernotL says, "you know, Felippe from Rio is in Vienna"

LeeG says, "Sorry, I'm on the phone...will return as soon as possible"

DanZ waves

GernotL says, "I met him in the afternoon"

DanZ has disconnected.

MonikaW says, "so I would suggest when lee is back we should write the mail

for oudeis idea"

You hear the distant sound of trumpets blaring. As the fanfare grows

louder, you feel the air around you begin to grow warmer. Finally, in

grand style TwylaM-S appears beside you.

TwylaM-S exclaims, "Hi!"

KarinM says, "next plan is an event"

MonikaW [to GernotL]: lee an I suggested to write a mail together

MonikaW hugs Twyla

MonikaW [to TwylaM-S]: Hi honey , are you ok?

TwylaM-S hugs MonikaW.

GernotL [to TwylaM-S]: Hi

RainerF says, "hi twyla ..."

TwylaM-S [to MonikaW]: No, I feel rotten.

TwylaM-S says, "Hi Gernot, Rainer."

KarinM [to TwylaM-S]: good evening, morning

GernotL says, "its fullmoon"

TwylaM-S grins.

TwylaM-S says, "Hi Karin."

MonikaW [to GernotL]: so what do you think of the suggestion?

GernotL [to ]: mon

GernotL says, "ok"

The usher arrives to escort DanZ out of ATHEMOO.

MonikaW asks, "lee?"

MonikaW says, "brb"

GernotL asks, "Lee???"

GernotL asks, "Rainer??"

RainerF says, "still here, but about to leave ..."

TwylaM-S wonders what's happened to Lee ...

GernotL says, "Felippe glaubt da wir nichts technisch im Griff"

GernotL says, "haben"

GernotL says, "Er meint was ist mit der softwareinstallierung"

LeeG says, "Sorry, s...was working all night on another project and sent

them my material this morning...they wanted to discuss si it with me...have

to call them back in a few minutes"

LeeG says, "Hi Twyla"

LeeG Hugs twyla

TwylaM-S exclaims, "Hi Lee!"

TwylaM-S hugs LeeG.

RainerF says, "the installation of the software is ni prob, but first we

need to have the software."

GernotL [to RainerF]: yes also the software

MonikaW asks, "so are we all fit to write a mail for oudeis-idea concerning

the new development of the text?"

GernotL [to ]: rainer:

KarinM [to ]: Rainer

RainerF asks, "yes ?"

MonikaW [to LeeG]: when should we do that?

KarinM asks, "could you come tomorow to the meeting with felippe?"

MonikaW says, "i think it would be cool if gernot you and me would do that


GernotL [to RainerF]: who make the software, thats the question.

RainerF says, "to karin: no, sorry, at the moment I feel like a big pile of

[censored], I need to have a break, I can't show up that early."

MonikaW [to LeeG]: so there is nothing really new in this mail i sent i think

LeeG [to GernotL]: Maybe it would be helpful if you could describe how you

see my role in oudeis?

RainerF says, "And I'd like to leave in a few minutes, need to go home and

have a nap."

LeeG [to RainerF]: You are talking to a lot of people who need naps

MonikaW waves at rainer "sleep well

RainerF asks, "to leeG: people with flu's, sweat erruptions and the need to

vomit ?"

KarinM [to Rainer,]: sleep , jhave a nice dream, today is fullmoon

LeeG [to GernotL]: think it would be helpful to me at least to hear your

view of my role

TwylaM-S [to RainerF]: Well, in my case ... yes ...

RainerF says, "Ok, sorry that I'm leaving now, see ya all soon."

GernotL [to LeeG]: I think you are very important as our leeding humanbeen,

he has a feeling for the lanuage, specaliy for the theaterlanguage

RainerF has disconnected.

LeeG smiles

TwylaM-S says, "I need to go to -- need to rest before work."

TwylaM-S hugs MonikaW.

TwylaM-S hugs LeeG.

TwylaM-S waves to everyone.

LeeG hugs twyla closey

GernotL [to TwylaM-S]: ciao

TwylaM-S exclaims, "Bye!"

TwylaM-S goes home.

LeeG [to GernotL]: could you maybe be a little more specific?

GernotL [to LeeG]: you know, that we have a long storry to write textes in

the theater

GernotL [to LeeG]: but we did a lot of work with old textes

LeeG listening

GernotL [to lle]: but we had allways some responsible person for the whole


LeeG [to GernotL]: And do you see me as that person?

The usher arrives to escort RainerF out of ATHEMOO.

GernotL [to lle]: so that means that we worked together for a long time but

finaly there was some responsible people he decide the last version

GernotL [to LeeG]: I can imagine

LeeG [to GernotL]: I appreciate what you are saying. I just want to be

clear on how youj see my participation

GernotL [to LeeG]: for the moment we need only 2 or 3 scenes for september

LeeG nods

LeeG [to GernotL]: So, are you saying that you want me to have overall

responsibility for the script in conjunction with you, monika and ulli

rewriting it and then having me go over it again?

GernotL [to LeeG]: so we can say we have a lot of time to try experiments

and cooperations

MonikaW asks, "so these scenes will be developed by you and me?, gernot?"

GernotL [to LeeG]: yes, its a good idea

MonikaW nods her statement was too late

LeeG smiles at Mon

LeeG [to GernotL]: So, the prologue and several scenes would be developed

by you, mon and me?

LeeG asks, "In time for Linz?"

GernotL [to LeeG]: sure

GernotL [to LeeG]: i wood like to do like this

LeeG asks, "and this would be using many of the ideas and concepts from my

first draft, correct?"

LeeG asks, "But not my approach to the text?"

GernotL [to LeeG]: we can do for Linz 2 or 3 scences and when we met us in

Linz we will find maybe a new methode for developpe the whole theatertxt

LeeG nods

LeeG smiles...wonders what his title would be?

LeeG says, "leading human being:)"

GernotL [to LeeG]: let me more time with your text

MonikaW says, "leading star guiding oudeis"

GernotL [to LeeG]: i think you did a lot of directing work

LeeG laughs...likes the sound of that

LeeG [to GernotL]: thank you. That does mean a lot to me!

MonikaW asks, "so are we cool?"

LeeG asks, "OK, let's give this a try then, shall we?"

MonikaW asks, "who will write the information mail for idea?"

LeeG [to MonikaW]: So coool

MonikaW hugs lee

LeeG hugs Mon

GernotL [to LeeG]: yes we will do

LeeG hugs F..gernot too

LeeG says, "How about if we prepare a letter together"

MonikaW asks, "so maybe every of us should write something?"

MonikaW [to LeeG]: oh cool!

LeeG says, "Think that would be best"

MonikaW says, "problem is that my mail account is damaged currently"

GernotL says, "my talent to write together a letter is nnot realy big"

LeeG [to MonikaW]: I took forever to get your last mail

LeeG [to GernotL]: How about if Mon and I write the letter and then show it

to you before we send it?

MonikaW asks, "so maybe we should write this eiter from oudeis account or

from yours?"

MonikaW [to LeeG]: right now?

GernotL [to LeeG]: yes, its the better way

LeeG [to GernotL]: OK, is that cool with you Mon. We write the letter and

then show it to Gernot?

MonikaW nodsnods "when?

LeeG gulps some coffee...

LeeG asks, "When would be best for you?"

MonikaW asks, "right now?"

MonikaW says, "but I know you are tired"

MonikaW says, "i wold have to access from home on friday"

MonikaW asks, "or we could mail suggestions?"

LeeG says, " about friday then"

LeeG says, "ANd we could mail some suggestions in between if we needed to"

MonikaW [to GernotL]: do you pay my telephone bill

MonikaW is only joking

MonikaW says, "ok friday 9am my time"

MonikaW says, "i have time till 10 am I think"

GernotL [to MonikaW]: you mean me or

MonikaW grins at gernot - maybe I should say oudeis?

GernotL [to MonikaW]: yeah, Oudeis, maybe ulysses himself

MonikaW asks, "are we set?"

MonikaW asks, "maybe lee got another call?"

-- End: Tuesday, April 22, 1997 8:28:43 am ATHEMOO time (HST)