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-- Start: Tuesday, April 8, 1997 6:28:25 am ATHEMOO time (HST)

MonikaW turns Oudeis Recorder on.

LeeG teleports in

MonikaW hugs Lee

LeeG says, "Hi Mon"

LeeG hugs Mon

MonikaW smiles at Lee "glad to have you here

LeeG smiles back at Mon

MonikaW asks, "how did your day start?"

LeeG asks, "NOt much about you?"

MonikaW didnt sleep much either - but is relaxed from holiday

MonikaW hugs lee again

MonikaW says, "i am so sorry we where talking so critically about your work"

LeeG sometimes wonders what's actually going on in Mon's mind

MonikaW asks, "why - what do you think I am thinking?"

LeeG says, "The critical part doesn't bother me..."

LeeG says, "If your reasons had more merit..."

LeeG says, "And if there was more consistency to your words and the words

of others"

LeeG says, "I think there is room for improvement on my playscript"

You hear the distant sound of trumpets blaring. As the fanfare grows

louder, you feel the air around you begin to grow warmer. Finally, in

grand style TwylaM-S appears beside you.

LeeG says, "That's why it is a first draft"

TwylaM-S hugs Monika and Lee

LeeG says, "Besides it has to measured compared to what we have"

Slowly fading in, you hear the prelude to Wagners Parsifal. The notes build

to the first crescendo right when GeorgL arrives. He has a very calming

effect on you which you like a lot.

LeeG hugs Mon

GeorgL asks, "Oops are we disturbing you?"

LeeG hugs Twyla

TwylaM-S asks, "Should we come back later?"

GeorgL [to LeeG]: And I ? and I?

MonikaW is back , sorry chef of igw was here

RainerF teleports in

MonikaW says, "no lee - i got it"

RainerF exclaims, "Hi !"

MonikaW scrolls around on the screen

MonikaW waves at Rainer

LeeG waves to Rainer

GeorgL waves at Rainer, too.

GeorgL exclaims, "Hi!"

MonikaW says, "so I have heard this / read this in your last mail that you

think my words and minds often change"

GeorgL says, "Hi everybody, btw."

MonikaW says, "it is right that I often write mails with what the others in

RL and I were speaking"

LeeG [to MonikaW]: No offense meant...

MonikaW says, "so it might get confusing from time to time - because I have

not that much chance to express what MY intention is"

MonikaW asks, "am I making sense?"

LeeG nods...thinks that is the reason for misunderstanding

MonikaW [to LeeG]: and I think this will not change in the nearer future

TwylaM-S exclaims, "Hi Rainer!"

LeeG [to MonikaW]: It is difficult to know sometimes who is speaking for

who and when

MonikaW [to LeeG]: one thing we are now doing is to write emails in common

so the words you got REALLY where from Georg + gernot + me

LeeG says, "But I understand your point"

MonikaW nods at lee

MonikaW [to LeeG]: and I understand yours

MonikaW hugs lee

GeorgL says, "Thats true."

LeeG hugs Mon...glad that's cleared up

MonikaW [to LeeG]: but please keep on telling us that this is not a very

easy way for you to follow our ideas

LeeG nods

LeeG says, "And you do the same"

MonikaW grins at lee

LeeG really appreciates a friendly grin at this point

MonikaW says, "so I flew through your email - mean that I read it quickly"

GeorgL grins too at Lee.

MonikaW [to TwylaM-S]: have you seen the playscript lee made?

TwylaM-S says, "Unfortunately no -- I've been up to my optic nerve in this


LeeG says, "Brb"

MonikaW [to TwylaM-S]: this is on 12th already? with matts play?

TwylaM-S [to MonikaW]: Yes.

MonikaW hugs Twyla

TwylaM-S says, "Actually, the conference starts on Thursday."

TwylaM-S hugs Monika

TwylaM-S gives Lee several grins for when he gets back, so he has a supply


GeorgL says, "Ouch."

MonikaW [to TwylaM-S]: where is this conference

LeeG is very happy to get Twyla's warm grins and returns them

TwylaM-S says, "Atlanta"

LeeG [to RainerF]: What did you think of the heartbeat idea?

MonikaW claps at Twyla being famous

LeeG also claps for Twyla, always

GeorgL is impressed.

MonikaW asks, "rainer?"

TwylaM-S smiles at Monika and Lee and blushes.

RainerF says, "sorry, I'm still cathching up with my email, don't know yet

what you are talking about ..."

MonikaW [to RainerF]: "we sent lee a reply to his text yesterday night

MonikaW says, "and I think this will be the main issue today (lees work,

his solutions for some points, his script)"

LeeG [to RainerF]: Using a miniture wireless microphone to get the

heartbeat of the actors playing Odysseus

RainerF says, "I'll read it in the other telnet window now, tell you what I

think about it after that."

LeeG says, "To enhance or replace the sensors"

LeeG says, "Very easy and effective to do"

MonikaW says, "I am only waiting for gernot to get connect"

TwylaM-S says, "He's connected -- should be here momentarily."

MonikaW says, "speaking for me i think heartbeat is agood idea"

RainerF asks, "[to lee] what does gernot think about replacing the sensors

with a microphone ?"

MonikaW nods at twyla smiling

LeeG [to MonikaW]: I think we should also talk about the assembled text so

we have some comparison as well

MonikaW [to TwylaM-S]: you know men and computer

TwylaM-S grins at Monika -- oh boy do I!

GeorgL [to MonikaW]: Whaddayamean?

LeeG [to RainerF]: It would be an enshancement to the sensors...

MonikaW nods "think you are VERY right in some points of your answer mail

GernotL teleports in

MonikaW grins at georg - taps on his shoulder

LeeG [to RainerF]: and would only replace them if they proved impractical

MonikaW waves at Gernot "JUHU

GeorgL brushes the dust of his hshoulder.

TwylaM-S exclaims, "Hi Gernot!"

TwylaM-S hands Georg a lint brush.

RainerF says, "[to lee] I don't think that a microphone for the actors

heartbeat would be"

LeeG says, "Hi Gernot"

GeorgL says, "brb"

GernotL says, "Hi everybody"

RainerF asks, "[to leeg] a problem. You'd like to transfer his heartbeat to

the other stages, I guess ?"

MonikaW [to RainerF]: would be what?

LeeG [to RainerF]: I've seen them used in other applications

MonikaW nods at rainer

RainerF exclaims, "Hi gernot !"

GernotL says, "Hi Lee, thank you for your work"

RainerF asks, "to lee: do you know any manufacturers or brands or something

like this ?"

LeeG [to GernotL]: Thanks, I guess

LeeG [to RainerF]: I know that they are available...I'll have to check on

the brands

RainerF says, "[to LeeG]: tnx, would be nice. I try to figure this out, too."

LeeG [to RainerF]: As I said, easy to do and I think very effective in

getting across what we want

MonikaW [to LeeG]: you only usedmicrophone in some instances right?

GernotL [to LeeG]: your work is yeryhelpfull for the developepment for the

Oudeis projejct

LeeG nods at Gernot

LeeG [to MonikaW]: Right...

MonikaW grins at double communication

LeeG says, "Only for the actors playing Odysseus and only at critical times

in the play"

RainerF says, "[to LeeG] yes, I too think so. I have to discuss this with

santiago, how it might interfere with the sound system as we planned it."

LeeG says, "The reasons are outlined in my description of Ist draft"

MonikaW [to RainerF]: I think this is only during the dialogues/episodia

and the choros is planned to be in between

LeeG [to RainerF]: Dont think it would be a problem...basically just

another wireless microphone

MonikaW [to LeeG]: which you have written in another way I think

LeeG [to MonikaW]: there are a few ocassions where there is both the

heartbeat and the choros...

LeeG says, "The storm in scene two for example"

LeeG says, "If is is a problem that could be changed but I dont' think it


RainerF says, "I guess we could connect this mic to the computer system by

means of a sound mixing system, therefore there would be no need to modify

the software."

LeeG says, "create a problem"

LeeG nods to Rainer

MonikaW nods

LeeG says, "Think the pounding of Odysseus' heart at certain moments would

be very dramatic"

MonikaW says, "I was just thinking that we were talking to have the choros

only in between the episodia - like stasima in ancient greek, but this we

can talk about when santaigo will join us again (what I hope he will do soon)"

LeeG says, "Yes, I think that actually there are more subscenes and need

for choros than originally thought"

GeorgL says, "A minor pronblem might be the timing of the choros in

relation to the play when it is at the same time."

LeeG says, "Yes and that is where the ocean images/sound comes in..."

TwylaM-S says, "I'm confused, and I admit it's because of not having read

it, but why can't the heartbeat be recorded and not on a mic. You could

even record the actors heatbeat, although I don't know if it's necessary."

LeeG says, "To give us leeway"

GeorgL [to LeeG]: Got a street named after you ? Lee Way?

LeeG [to TwylaM-S]: we want to know how the actor is feeling at the moment

of performance

LeeG [to GeorgL]: I'm honored

LeeG smiles at Twyla

TwylaM-S asks, "Why is it important how the actor's feeling? Isn't it more

important how the character's feeling?"

LeeG [to TwylaM-S]: you should address that to Gernot

MonikaW [to LeeG]: in my opinion (hope I am now speaking my words :) ocean

images / sounds were thougt of only used turing lags !!! not during the

actual play

TwylaM-S asks, "Gernot?"

GernotL says, "I thought we use the chorus as a connection between the

scences and as a fraim for the whole performance"

TwylaM-S [to GernotL]: Why is it important how the actor's feeling? Isn't

it more important how the character's feeling?

LeeG [to MonikaW]: I always saw the ocean images/sounds as a

trr....transition between very well

MonikaW . o O ( old discussion )

MonikaW grins and think that gernot now HAS to formulate this

LeeG [to MonikaW]: as well as netlags

LeeG [to GernotL]: Exactly, that what I was thinking as well

GernotL [to TwylaM-S]: for me is the interesting thing that normaly in the

theater you never know whats happen in the actor realy

MonikaW [to LeeG]: transitions between the scenes are mainly the choros and

the visualisation of the choros - as I see it - but what I meant while

talking about using the ocean as well was probably that I also had the

other screens in mind which should show the journey of odysseus while the

chane o f the episodia

GeorgL is impressed at Mons grammar abilities.

GernotL says, "the actor pays everyday the same emotion, but he feel maybe

at one evening good and the other realy bad"

LeeG [to MonikaW]: and that is exactly what I did in my playscript...

GernotL says, "so you never know what is the real feeling of the actor"

TwylaM-S [to GernotL]: But that's not true, I don't think. I mean, good

actors *do* feel what their characters are feeling. That's what honesty on

stage *is*. On the other hand, bad actors are trying to remember their

next lines. And do you really want to know that Odysseus' main thought

right now is "I need to pee."

LeeG [to MonikaW]: used the maps and the visualization of stasimas and

ocean and choros to effect the transition

TwylaM-S [to GernotL]: Or emotion I guess.

GeorgL [to GernotL]: and Twyla Has anybody ever thought about interpreting

the date we get from the sensors? What does it mean an actor feels if his

heart hgoes faster? Fear? Stress?

GernotL says, "ion our case we will see what is the real heartbeat, what is

the real feeling"

TwylaM-S says, "I'm not sure that a clinical reading of his heartbeat

counts as a *real* display of emotion."

MonikaW says, "thats why I think the sound of the heartbeat is even more

interesting - so the audience can interpret themselves"

GeorgL [to TwylaM-S]: Yes, and if it did, what would it mean? There are som

many emotions possible...

GernotL [to GeorgL]: Ithink we will find parameters for the different

emotions in our lightconcept

LeeG nods at Monika and agrees heavily of course

TwylaM-S says, "okay,"

GernotL [to TwylaM-S]: yes I agree, but we will to a interesting experiment

RainerF asks, "but the mic would reduce the "avatars" shown on the web

pages (the site for the cyber audience) to liveless, moving things without

changing their colors ?"

GeorgL [to gernbot]: Yes.

GernotL says, "maybe we never know the real emotion from a actor"

GeorgL [to GernotL]: Er Gernot!

GeorgL grins.

RainerF asks, "Just to get it right: there's only one heartbeat

audiable(?), the one of odysseus ?"

MonikaW [to TwylaM-S]: as far as I see it - and I also had my doubts with

that idea because of the different theories of stagin - anyway as far as I

see it it IS a good idea to breathe life into the actors and to experience

with what will come out

TwylaM-S says, "Well, I can see that,"

LeeG [to RainerF]: rights, only the hearbeat of Odysseus...

LeeG [to RainerF]: and there will only be one Odysseus at a time

MonikaW says, "well I think this is a good idea - because odysseus is teh

leading actor and perhaps his heartbeat is the most interesting ---- not

the other emotions of the other actors which HAVE to be expressed somehow

in the light cones (am I making sense)"

GeorgL [to MonikaW]: Yes.

LeeG [to MonikaW]: Yes, if we overuse the heartbeat it will be diluted and

lose effectiveness

GeorgL [to LeeG]: Yes.

GernotL says, "Ithink wehave to discuss the heartbeat also with Santiago

for the musicconcept"

GeorgL is very agreeable today.

MonikaW nods "exactly and getting confusing

MonikaW nods at Gernot

MonikaW asks, "so how continue with the playscript?"

LeeG says, "That is the same reason I do not think we should have anything

on the screen for the entire duration of the performance or even for an

extended time"

GeorgL [to LeeG]: What do you mean?

LeeG [to GernotL]: Like the idea of mixing heartbeat with santiago

LeeG says, "But it is not necessary"

LeeG [to GernotL]: You mean about the screens?

LeeG asks, "I think that having any one image on the screens for too long

would be boring and lose effectiveness whether it be maps, net data,

etc....just my opinion...what do others think?"

GernotL [to LeeG]: the screens are the optical help for the chorus

GeorgL [to LeeG]: Ah, now I see.

LeeG [to GernotL]: Exactly!

LeeG says, "sorry that exactly was meant for Georg"

GernotL says, "the screens are the possibilitiy for the public to

understand the text"

GeorgL catches Lees exactly.

LeeG [to GernotL]: right and we only need one screen for that...

GernotL [to ]: lee

MonikaW is sorry to ask so general questions"yes what about the other screens?

LeeG says, "And in my playscript I placed in the center and elevated"

LeeG says, "For the reasons I outlined"

LeeG [to MonikaW]: is that question for me or Gernot?

MonikaW hears gernot struggeling with his keyboard

LeeG says, "Brb"

GernotL says, "maybe only one for the text in the motherlanguage"

MonikaW [to LeeG]: it is for gernot

MonikaW grins

GernotL says, "or a second one for the text in english"

GernotL says, "the english screen is for the Oudeisteam"

GernotL says, "for to know in our performance for every second where we are

in the performance"

LeeG grins at Mon

MonikaW does not understand exactly

MonikaW [to GernotL]: what about the maps?

LeeG [to GernotL]: I think you will find when you look closer at this that

only one screen is needed for text...

GernotL says, "say"

LeeG says, "All that is needed is the mother tongue"

GernotL says, "could be"

GernotL says, "I think we need a timing in the performance"

LeeG nods...thinks it will become clearer

GernotL says, "we have one hour"

GeorgL says, "Timing should be provided in the translation."

LeeG [to GernotL]: I agree and I timed my prologue and first three scenes

at 25 minutes which works out perfect

GernotL says, "everybody in the world wide team have to know in whitch

second is the performance"

GernotL says, "it could be on a screen"

MonikaW [to GernotL]: so you think the scrolling of the english text will

"show" the timing?

MonikaW asks, "does this have to be seen by the audience as well????"

LeeG says, "to gernot There will be plenty of cues for the actors both

visually and audibly...don't see that as a major problem"

GernotL [to MonikaW]: yes

GeorgL [to LeeG]: Yes.

GernotL [to MonikaW]: Ithink not for the public

LeeG [to GernotL]: I really think that the actors and oudeis team will not

need a designated english languge screen for their cues...would be happy to

explain further in email

LeeG agree with MOn

MonikaW [to LeeG]: "and I agree with you

LeeG thinks that it would confuse the public otherwise

MonikaW asks, "we might need a screen scrolling the mother tongue???"

LeeG smiles at Mon

LeeG [to MonikaW]: Exactly!

GernotL [to LeeG]: maybe your arew right

MonikaW grins at lee fraternizingly

LeeG is suddenly so much happier

MonikaW h

GeorgL [to MonikaW]: Out of breath?P

MonikaW says, "well"

MonikaW says, "so that was about the screen"

MonikaW says, "s"

MonikaW says, "but that"

TwylaM-S giggles.

MonikaW says, "doesnt clear the ongoing"

MonikaW grins

GeorgL grins.

MonikaW says, "i think gernot has to formulate more precisely what he needs

from the screens"

GeorgL misses someone who laughsssss.

TwylaM-S misses him too, and wonders if he'll be around soon...

MonikaW says, "which depends on what is going on in front of the screens of


GernotL [to MonikaW]: thankyou for the work

TwylaM-S or sssssssssssoon.

MonikaW tries to find some more work for gernot

LeeG thought he made Gernot's work so much easier!

GernotL [to MonikaW]: you are so good to me

LeeG at least was hoping so

MonikaW exclaims, "I think screens should only be used additional (!) to

the ongoing on the stage, as a help!"

LeeG nods...thinks that is what he did

MonikaW [to LeeG]: precisely , you did! but we have to lift his a.. ahem

TwylaM-S raises her eyebrows...

LeeG smiles again at Mon

MonikaW says, "so dont getlost into the screens (which make our theatrical

play a film ) and concentrate on the va and ra"

GernotL says, "one screen is for the text"

LeeG [to GernotL]: right, the elevated screen

GernotL says, "one screen is for the musicdesign"

MonikaW is not sure if this is elevated

MonikaW nods at gernot

MonikaW [to GernotL]: go on

LeeG [to MonikaW]: to bring life to ..our poor cones is also important..

LeeG [to GernotL]: I have that in my script but...

GernotL says, "one screen is for Odysseus location"

GeorgL [to LeeG]: Hint! Hint!

LeeG [to GernotL]: Are you actually thinking that is should be on the

screen for the entire performance

RainerF says, "If I remember correctly, I posted a message in oudeis-idea

long ago, asking what has to be displayed when on which screen. I think we

didn't work out a solution, then."

MonikaW [to GernotL]: his real location or the location of homers odysseus??

LeeG [to GeorgL]: did I miss something?

GernotL says, "the location of our odysseus"

MonikaW [to GernotL]: "so chicago or rome or rio? a picture of it?

LeeG [to GernotL]: this is all in my playscript but I did not think it was

effective to have them on the screen for too long a duration...becomes

boring and stale

MonikaW [to LeeG]: well this is what finally brought us to speak about it!

LeeG [to MonikaW]: hope we can also talk about the assembled text and its

major problems

GernotL says, "not a foto, I think it comes like tel"

LeeG [to GernotL]: Yes, video if available

GernotL says, "like television"

LeeG [to GernotL]: all in the script

MonikaW asks, "moving pictues???"

MonikaW laughs at lee

GernotL says, "no"

GeorgL smiles, too, a little silently.

LeeG [to MonikaW]: you can make a still picture move very easily

RainerF disagrees with the idea of having to transfer moving pictures

across the world

GernotL says, "it remembers me on football in the television"

MonikaW nods at rainer

LeeG [to RainerF]: Not necessary!!!!!

MonikaW asks, "so what???"

MonikaW [to GernotL]: what happened to your map ideas showing odysseus


LeeG [to RainerF]: the video will be preselected and edited and outfitted

ahead of time for each location...

RainerF asks, "[to LeeG] you mean that we could trigger movies stored

locally on the stage computers ?"

LeeG [to RainerF]: It

GernotL says, "maybe"

LeeG [to RainerF]: It's in the description of 1st draft...maybe Georg will

get around to placing it on the web

GernotL says, "maybe what is vienna for us"

LeeG grins at Georg

LeeG [to GernotL]: say again

GernotL says, "maybe what is vienna in our Oudeisproject"

GeorgL [to LeeG]: Okay okay.... 8-)

LeeG [to GernotL]: Everything that you set out to accomplish and tranfer

over the net will still be done with my script...

LeeG [to GernotL]: I can't state that strongly enough...

LeeG [to GernotL]: And maybe that is one of the problems in communication...

MonikaW [to LeeG]: so what again to you think of going back to a

translation of homers words?

LeeG [to GernotL]: These things further our goals. They do not detract

from them...

LeeG [to MonikaW]: Do you have the copyright approval for all languages?

MonikaW [to LeeG]: "exactly thats why I meant we only should use the

screens ADDITIONAL to the play and the play script

MonikaW shakes head

LeeG [to ]:

GernotL [to MonikaW]: do you like a foto from vienna on the screen?

LeeG [to MonikaW]: I agree with you and that is what I have done...I hope...

LeeG asks, "(To Georg, Mon, and Gernot) Did you read what I sent you on

"Homer's words"?"

MonikaW [to GernotL]: well I think it would be one simple form to show

where "we" = the real odysseus are, after showing the map during the choros

for example, so one should see odysseus travelling and than a picture of

the down

MonikaW says, "in the forground we will see - as a contrast - the staging

of the ancient story"

GeorgL [to LeeG]: Yes I did.

GeorgL ducks.

MonikaW [to LeeG]: "yes - did you read my last sentence?

LeeG says, "THen I think you understand I t of what I feel about using text

lifted from a translation"

MonikaW says, "I agree with you but"

GeorgL [to LeeG]: I got a notion of what you mean.. but still I think there

is Homer in each of them.

MonikaW says, "it is differnent - speaing of the language and speaking of

the themes"

GernotL says, "say sorry I feel that a picture of a down is not a great

artistic action in a performance"

MonikaW nods at gernot"right

MonikaW [to GernotL]: "i am not very iventive at that

LeeG says, "Translations change with the times...there is also Homer in

mine but I do agree my script needs further work"

LeeG says, "does down = town"

MonikaW grins at lee

GeorgL [to LeeG]: Hmhm.

LeeG says, "Let's talk about the assembled text for a moment"

LeeG nods at Mon

GernotL says, "we will to the story of odyseus on the theater and in the net"

LeeG [to GernotL]: Of course, that's why I thought we were here

GeorgL [to LeeG]: Do you know Marlowes Dr. Faustus and Goehthes Faust?

LeeG [to GeorgL]: read them a very long time ago

GernotL says, "the solution of a picture like you see in every television"

LeeG says, "Point of clarification"

LeeG asks, "Didn't we all agree some weeks ago that the assembled text did

not work as a playscript?"

GeorgL [to LeeG]: Both of them are works of art dealing with the same topic.

GernotL says, "for mee the television, like a docomentation from a city is

more interesting that a picture from a town in a internetperformance"

GeorgL [to LeeG]: Difference = how it is being dealt with.

LeeG [to GeorgL]: Duh!

MonikaW [to GernotL]: so what is your way to show the location of the actor

of odysseus?

LeeG [to GeorgL]: meant it most affectionately

GernotL says, "maybe we have to find a abstract solution"

GernotL says, "the question is, what it means Vienna for our storry"

GernotL says, "maybe we can find the anser in our question"

GeorgL [to LeeG]: So a staging of Marlowes Faustus can not be made using

Goethes text.

LeeG [to GernotL]: I believe I establish the locations in my script...maybe

another look is in order

MonikaW [to LeeG]: but you do not understand!

MonikaW [to LeeG]: you actualisized the text

LeeG [to MonikaW]: please explain

MonikaW says, "sorry, it seems felippe needs my help"

MonikaW says, "brb"

MonikaW [to LeeG]: sorry brb

Monika forgets about her coffee and hurries out.

GernotL [to LeeG]: we have to think in a way of metapher for the location

LeeG [to GeorgL]: your point is not really relevant to the situation except

in the way it can be used to show the weakness of using sections from a book

You suddenly smell something that reminds you of a fresh brewed coffee.

Monika is coming in slowly, trying not to spill her coffee.

LeeG [to GernotL]: I see what you are saying

Chikamatsu_Guest teleports in

GernotL [to LeeG]: I like the idea to show a mape, but is a easy way

MonikaW says, "sorry I dont know who paged me"

TwylaM-S says, "Hi Felippe"

MonikaW waves at chikamtsu

Chikamatsu_Guest goes west.

LeeG [to GernotL]: I could be done much better

MonikaW welcomes - or not chikamatus

LeeG [to GernotL]: have to work on it

Chikamatsu_Guest has arrived.

MonikaW [to LeeG]: sorry was distracted

LeeG says, "Hi Felippe"

LeeG says, "Again a point of clarification"

LeeG says, "I thought we had all agreed that the assembled text did not

work as a playscript"

MonikaW [to LeeG]: so what I meant was that you included the ideas of

actualisation in your playscript which I think you did wonderful .

MonikaW says, "but it doesnt seem to fit into our "confrontation""

GernotL [to LeeG]: the interesting point is that we find the meaning from

our cities for our interpretation of the odyssee

LeeG [to MonikaW]: show me where the "confrontation exists in the assembled


MonikaW [to LeeG]: am I making sense? it became more clear to me now what

we are trying to do, what power this confronattion can have and why in the

end we need screens to explain some things?

GernotL says, "polyphem could be "coca cola""

LeeG nods at Mon

GernotL exclaims, "the headquarter from coca cola?!"

TwylaM-S says, "Guys, I have to get ready for work."

TwylaM-S hugs MonikaW.

TwylaM-S hugs LeeG.

MonikaW [to LeeG]: the assembled text was made in 4 nights by me - after

gernot and me reading the odyssey together - so what do you want of that????

TwylaM-S hugs GeorgL.

GeorgL grins and huigs twyla.

LeeG says, "A while ago I asked oudeis Vienna if this text was going to be

more of a metaphor and I was told it would be a reinactment of the Odyssey"

GernotL [to TwylaM-S]: sorry, and byby

MonikaW [to LeeG]: "it was a start!!! a very very first draft

LeeG [to MonikaW]: and what do you want of me...

LeeG [to MonikaW]: if we are comparing scripts...lets compare them!

GernotL says, "I take a rest for few minutes"

MonikaW [to LeeG]: nobody is comparing!!!

LeeG [to MonikaW]: you had over a year to get to your script. I had three

weeks...but this is all besides the point

MonikaW exclaims, "I asked for help when I published this text!!!"

LeeG says, "The question is what works and what doesn't"

RainerF exclaims, "Bye, twyla !"

LeeG hugs tys

MonikaW [to LeeG]: and you are a playwright!

LeeG hugs twy

TwylaM-S says, "Bye"

TwylaM-S goes home.

Chikamatsu_Guest says, "YesSay MSay msay mesay msay m"

MonikaW [to LeeG]: the very first idea was a collaborative writing of the text

LeeG [to MonikaW]: I am not critici...criticising you (I thought Georg said

you could all take it) I am merely trying to show what we have

MonikaW [to LeeG]: this didnt work out

MonikaW [to LeeG]: I think it is and was a good idea that you offered your


MonikaW [to LeeG]: but we simple didnt talk about the how

Chikamatsu_Guest says, "my lines always are interrupted by some m@whois


LeeG [to MonikaW]: I thought we could discuss this but it takes analysis of

everything we have...

MonikaW [to Mark]: I will help you later - after the meeting, ok?

LeeG [to MonikaW]: I think you did a very good job but we have

Chikamatsu_Guest says, "OK"

LeeG says, "Let's start again, of"

LeeG says, "ok"

MonikaW nods at lee

MonikaW hugs lee

LeeG hugs Mon warmly and is sorry for any hurt feelings

MonikaW says, "we have 2 or 3 texts"

MonikaW says, "and homers epos"

GeorgL hugs himself.

LeeG says, "Whichever way we go I'm sure we all want the result to be the

best possible"

MonikaW hugs and comforts forgotten georg

MonikaW nods at lee "long live oudeis

LeeG [to MonikaW]: Long Live Oudeis!

GernotL exclaims, "yeeeeeeeeessssssss!!!"

MonikaW waits for gernot

GernotL says, "long live Oudeis"

MonikaW [to GernotL]: thought you would say something productive

GeorgL [to MonikaW]: Oh no not GODOT again.

GeorgL asks, "Santiago?"

GernotL says, "He plays Godot"

LeeG smiles


GernotL says, "Felippe is pozzo"

MonikaW laugsssss

MonikaW tries to get serious again

GernotL says, "I cannot ater the whole day"

LeeG [to MonikaW]: Sometimes it is difficult to say everything you want in

the environment of the MOO

MonikaW [to LeeG]: that is right

GernotL says, "you know we were in Linz"

MonikaW [to GernotL]: I know you simply dont WANT to!

MonikaW [to GernotL]: would you write a mail to


MonikaW has found more work for gernot

GernotL [to MonikaW]: yes I see it.s very nessesary

LeeG asks, "why do I have feelings of foreboding over this mail from Gernot?"

MonikaW grins at lee

GernotL [to LeeG]: your feeling is wrong

LeeG says, "I think I may already have received Gernot's message...Oh, glad

to hear that Gernot :)"

LeeG grins at Gernot

MonikaW asks, "so what is planed is that gernot and me should sit togehter

and talk about all this - from the artifical side - which we hadnt the

opportunity for a long time! after that maybe I will write the mail again????"

GernotL [to LeeG]: i feel thankfool at your work

LeeG [to GernotL]: Thanks, I appreciate that

MonikaW says, "what a fool"

GeorgL laughs.

MonikaW laugsssssss

GernotL exclaims, "sorry for my english!!!!!!!!"

LeeG knows what Gernot meant...hopefully

MonikaW [to LeeG]: but anyhow we now know WHAT is to clear up!

LeeG says, "I have to admit I am still very confused"

MonikaW says, "there is the question of what do we want from the script"

RainerF says, "[to GernotL] but its better than my spanish ;-)"

GernotL says, "the project is full of fools"

LeeG nods at Mon

MonikaW says, "and how can we get this from a translation of homers words"

MonikaW says, "in combination with your knowledge and skill, lee , in


MonikaW [to LeeG]: I know that confusion exists

LeeG Nods...needs to think this over

LeeG sees possibilities

MonikaW has be blamed from gernot because of being a woman-!!-

GeorgL [to MonikaW]: Sue him!

GernotL [to MonikaW]: I fell so ""thankFOOL"" to you

MonikaW [to LeeG]: "what do you think about us saing that parts of your

script are too "american" for our european understanding? how can we clear

that up

MonikaW [to LeeG]: and I also think that we still should concentrate on the

theatrical work and script not on the media effect

Chikamatsu_Guest goes west.

LeeG says, "I agree..I think that it does need work...also agree that

concentration should be on script"

MonikaW asks, "so should we try to work one scene out again?"

MonikaW says, "for a begining to get things clear"

LeeG [to MonikaW]: let me see if I understand you, ok...

LeeG [to MonikaW]: Are you asking for another draft of one of my scenes?

LeeG [to MonikaW]: or using the translation to incorporate into another scene?

MonikaW hears gernot mumbling doubts about my suggestion

GernotL [to LeeG]: I feel so with you as a artist

LeeG [to GernotL]: I feel better hearing that...thanks

GernotL [to LeeG]: it.s so hard to whrigt a text in collectivitie

LeeG nods

GernotL [to LeeG]: i realy d,ont khnow how we can do

LeeG [to MonikaW]: what do you mean...would like to see if we can work

something out

GernotL [to LeeG]: I like your idea

GernotL says, "but I like also the words of Homer"

LeeG [to GernotL]: ano

MonikaW asks, "ano?"

LeeG says, "wel, typo, sorry"

LeeG says, "was going to say ano another draft..."

GernotL [to LeeG]: to lee maybe we can find a solution

LeeG [to GernotL]: Think that a solution has to be found if there is to be

a successful performance

GernotL [to LeeG]: we can try to do a first draft

GernotL [to LeeG]: but we need you as a supervisor

GernotL [to LeeG]: I.m not a whriter

LeeG [to GernotL]: And how would this draft be written?

GernotL [to LeeG]: I think we can use Homers words how ever??

LeeG says, "Strictly from the translation"

GernotL [to LeeG]: you know, we did a lot of works in this directions.

LeeG is listening

GernotL [to LeeG]: but we hat alwaysa person he was responsible for this work

GernotL says, "I,m a director not a dramaturg"

LeeG [to GernotL]: do you mean you have done works before that were taken

directly from a text...understand you are a very good director and not


GernotL says, "Mon and I we can"

GernotL [to LeeG]: yes

LeeG [to GernotL]: I would like to continue working onthis project and make

it as great as it can be....

GernotL says, "mon and I we can direct the performance"

LeeG [to GernotL]: but it is important to know what you have in mind...

LeeG nods..has faith in the directing abilities of both Gernot and Mon

GernotL says, "we can ddevelope the sences"

LeeG says, "OK, I think I am starting to understand..."

GernotL says, "maybe we can work on the text"

LeeG asks, "what you have in mind is that I write further drafts and get

comments from you and Mon to make them better fit the that


GernotL [to LeeG]: but we somebody for the text

Chikamatsu_Guest teleports in

LeeG apologizes for not speaking German. It would make things so much easier

MonikaW [to LeeG]: I think that what would help you more that we would make

something like either another draft or another formulation of our needs of

a particular scene ...

GernotL [to LeeG]: sorry its my bad english

MonikaW says, "so that we make sure that we really all talking about the

same and no energies are wasted"

MonikaW says, "i am not familiar with the way gernot used to write texts"

LeeG [to GernotL]: please don't apologize. If i could speak German as well

as you speak english things would definitely be easier

MonikaW says, "i can only speak for me that I never did, but ..."

Chikamatsu_Guest decides to work with the ATHEMOO tutorial and can no

longer hear what is said except via page.

MonikaW says, "so what I know is that your facilites in writing are the

best from us three ..."

GernotL says, "you know the way is hard, but succesfully"

LeeG smiles appreciatively

MonikaW says, "but gernot (and me) know what we really want to show - but

didnt succed in communicating this"

MonikaW [to GernotL]: which was seen in your last 10 years work

MonikaW claps for gernot

LeeG asks, "OK, so you and Gernot would formulate what you want from a

scene and I would then write it?"

MonikaW [to LeeG]: that seems to fit best with you, right?

MonikaW [to LeeG]: I see that you wouldnt want us to wrte another scene?

GernotL [to LeeG]: I fell very strong to the wordds of Homer and our crazy

conception of a internetperformance

LeeG says, "We need to get one thing very clear. If the translation is to

be used, copyright clearance must be given...that could be a problem"

GernotL says, "the relation between Homer and the Net"

MonikaW nods, looks at gernot "right

MonikaW was thinking of copyright

GernotL says, "between the journey of odysseus and the routing in the net"

LeeG says, "and you should look closer at my letter concerning "Homer's

words". they do come with a whole ather set of problems that should be


LeeG [to GernotL]: I think I have a much better understanding of what you


LeeG [to MonikaW]: and you too

LeeG says, "SO..."

GernotL [to LeeG]: thanks

MonikaW [to LeeG]: considering the translation question you are right, but

I choosed an english translation and the other countries will choose theirs

- there is no other way

MonikaW [to LeeG]: else than doing another translation of the greek words,

do I understand you right?

LeeG [to MonikaW]: But Mon, the translations do not match. That is a

problem that will not go away

MonikaW nods at lee

Chikamatsu_Guest suddenly returns from the tutorial.

LeeG says, "I'm not trying to be negative, only point out difficulties

before they arrive"

MonikaW grins at lee knows that

GernotL [to LeeG]: sorry that we cannot go together for a beer and do the

things more clear

MonikaW hugs lee (again at this day)

LeeG hugs Mon happily and wishes he could go out for a beer with everyone

in Vienna

LeeG exclaims, "I think we can arrive a solution!"

MonikaW thinks that this early beer wouldnt do any good to lee

MonikaW hugs lee again

GernotL [to LeeG]: I feel it

MonikaW [to mark]: any beer for you?

Chikamatsu_Guest says, "This would maybe a good help for me"

GernotL [to MonikaW]: are you crazy or in love?????

MonikaW [to GernotL]: more crazy in love

GernotL [to MonikaW]: we work in the MOO

MonikaW grins at gernot does not want to ask him the same question

MonikaW [to GernotL]: what do we do in the moo

GernotL [to MonikaW]: in theater is no time for love

Chikamatsu_Guest says, "I'm sorry for having interrupted your discussion"

GernotL says, "I hope so"

MonikaW laugssssss

MonikaW [to LeeG]: never seen gernot like this in MOO before - see what you

can do to him

GernotL asks, "youknow we pay here for working???"

MonikaW asks, "haeeehhh????"

Chikamatsu_Guest greets friendly and leaves.

Chikamatsu_Guest goes west.

GernotL asks, "you believed???"

MonikaW . o O ( gernot has to go for a beer before getting crazy )

MonikaW asks, "so have we found a decision , antother deadline / goal?"

GernotL [to LeeG]: so thank xyou again for your work and I will send you a


GernotL [to LeeG]: I think its very important that we do a lot of

communication in the artistic way

MonikaW asks, "lee?"

GernotL [to LeeG]: one is the text

GernotL says, "one is the music"

GernotL says, "the stage"

LeeG has disconnected.

Chikamatsu_Guest has arrived.

Chikamatsu_Guest says, "Hi. I'm going my way round"

Chikamatsu_Guest goes west.

RainerF asks, "gone mute ?"

GeorgL [to RainerF]: Gione asleep..

GeorgL asks, "Hast meine mail schon?"

RainerF says, "yep. auch schon beantwortet."

Chikamatsu_Guest teleports in

GeorgL exclaims, "Ah ja da ist es schon 8-) Hightech!"

MonikaW brb

GeorgL [to RainerF]: Am Donnerstag kann ich leider nicht kommen.

Chikamatsu_Guest says, "Hightech? I'm flesh and blood"

The usher arrives to escort LeeG out of ATHEMOO.

GeorgL [to RainerF]: Das mit den Seitn get er geht klar... mach ma das

zusammen mal?

RainerF says, "ok, vielleicht kommen wir zusammen auf etwas drauf."

GeorgL [to RainerF]: Ich meine das mit dem umlegen...

GeorgL [to RainerF]: OKay.

MonikaW [to RainerF]: kispro ist groessenwahnsinnig geworden :-) wir denen

daran ein eigenes oudeis bueor einzurichte

MonikaW [to RainerF]: in der holochergasse

RainerF says, "yuck . wir haben noch nicht mal rechner ..."

MonikaW nickt

GeorgL says, "Icvh hab einen rechner ... mach ich gleich ein buero draus..."

MonikaW says, "ja wir sollten bei der ars diesbezueglich druck machen (ist

heute nur durch ein nicken von gerfried kommentiert worden)"

GeorgL grinst bloed.

MonikaW [to RainerF]: koenntest du dir vorstellen das das sinn macht? ich

meine fuer dich? due brauechtest eine stadnleitung oder?

GeorgL [to MonikaW]: Standleitung? Wo?

GeorgL sabbert.

MonikaW says, "na im neuen buero wenns so was wirklich gibt"

MonikaW wischt den nassen tisch ab

RainerF says, "wart kurz"

MonikaW fuehlt sich so deutsch

-- End: Tuesday, April 8, 1997 8:59:12 am ATHEMOO time (HST)