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-- Start: Wednesday, August 20, 1997 5:16:41 am ATHEMOO time (HST)

MonikaW turns unrelenting presence on.

MonikaW has disconnected.

The usher arrives to escort MonikaW out of ATHEMOO.

MonikaW has arrived.

MonikaW glances at the clock...

MonikaW erases some stuff from oudeis board.

MonikaW erases some stuff from oudeis board.

MonikaW writes "Working group / vienna" on oudeis board.

MonikaW writes "workshop: 3pm - 6 pm , seminar room AEC" on oudeis board.

MonikaW writes " 6.30 / 7 pm? AI 2.0" on oudeis board.

MonikaW says, "shakespeare hi andrew wonna join"

MonikaW writes " 7 pm : AI 2.0 Cyber cafe, ATHEMOO, Cafe Stein" on oudeis board.

MonikaW erases some stuff from oudeis board.

Monika forgets about her coffee and hurries out.

You suddenly smell something that reminds you of a fresh brewed coffee. Monika is coming in slowly, trying not to spill her coffee.

MonikaW erases some stuff from oudeis board.

Shakespeare's_Guest teleports in

MonikaW erases some stuff from oudeis board.

MonikaW erases some stuff from oudeis board.

MonikaW waves

Shakespeare's_Guest tries to read the dustr from the board

MonikaW says, "ooh k no! I eraste the wron thigns"

Shakespeare's_Guest says, "i can read chalk dust fortunes"

MonikaW erases some stuff from oudeis board.

Shakespeare's_Guest says, "your future is filled with sound and the sound futrure of sound is space"

MonikaW writes "3pm - 6 pm workshop, seminar room " on oudeis board.

MonikaW writes "7 pm : AI 2.0 Cyber cafe, ATHEMOO, Cafe Stei" on oudeis board.

Shakespeare's_Guest says, "i'm back in school"

MonikaW grins

MonikaW says, "the future is here"

MonikaW erases some stuff from oudeis board.

Shakespeare's_Guest says, "there future is now is now is now is now is nosw..."

MonikaW writes " Working group / vienna" on oudeis board.

Shakespeare's_Guest says, "there ie future doesn't exciist. it's a construct to keep is from living in the present"

MonikaW erases some stuff from oudeis board.

MonikaW asks, "so when are you gonna be in vienna?"

Shakespeare's_Guest says, "the future was designed to pull us from the present into an unreal reality of dreams and wnat aanna beses"

Shakespeare's_Guest says, "after ars electronica..."

MonikaW grins , looks at andrew thinking about if he knows that this is gonna be recorded

Shakespeare's_Guest says, "i'm going straight to lins"

MonikaW says, "oh good - gives possibility to shift people in my app"

Shakespeare's_Guest asks, "recorded?"

MonikaW smiles

Shakespeare's_Guest looks around the room for cameras

MonikaW says, "look at unrelenting presence"

Shakespeare's_Guest says, "unrelenting presence... sounds quirete curious mon"

Shakespeare's_Guest says, "ack! mon, as much as i hate to say it, i have to go and get some sleep"

MonikaW nods can beleive that

Shakespeare's_Guest says, "i"

MonikaW asks, "yes?"

Shakespeare's_Guest says, "isay o"

MonikaW laughs

Shakespeare's_Guest says, "i..."

MonikaW hugs andrew

MonikaW exclaims, "hey we will meet again!!!"

Shakespeare's_Guest says, "gowd, i'm stuttering"

Shakespeare's_Guest says, "indeed, and face to face even..."

MonikaW watches andrew blushing

Shakespeare's_Guest asks, "have u met jagdish?"

MonikaW shakes head

Shakespeare's_Guest shakes head too

MonikaW asks, "no not yet - do you know if he is busy"?"

Shakespeare's_Guest says, "always :) like me..."

MonikaW smiles

MonikaW says, "i think I onece called him, but my days have been so full :)))"

Shakespeare's_Guest says, "as much as i'd love to be here with you and your chalk board and chalk dust..."

MonikaW exclaims, "i LOVE to meet so many new peopl!!"

MonikaW asks, "yep CU on 11th then?"

Shakespeare's_Guest says, "that's NY for you :) you'll fall in lioove any day now :)"

MonikaW says, "i will arrive in the evening"

MonikaW says, "love ..."

Shakespeare's_Guest says, "i weill be ther e for you in the evening"

MonikaW says, "and be in linz till 13th I guess"

Shakespeare's_Guest says, "not a long time"

MonikaW says, "nope"

Shakespeare's_Guest says, "will you go to vienna after"

MonikaW asks, "where are you staying?"

Shakespeare's_Guest says, "in a hotel with the KunstRadio crew"

MonikaW says, "i will leave vienna at 14th - so I will have one night in my appartment I guess"

MonikaW sigh

MonikaW says, "oh thats great"

Shakespeare's_Guest says, "i'd like to spend a week in vienna. then i go to london for a week before returning home"

Shakespeare's_Guest asks, "prhaps we can return to vienna toghether. how will you be travelling?"

MonikaW exclaims, "super!"

MonikaW says, "travelling - i dont know yet"

Shakespeare's_Guest exclaims, "super! i haven't heard that since march!"

MonikaW says, "my parents gonna take me to linz - but back home, i dont know"

MonikaW says, "so oudeis will be at Hotel Muehlviertler Hof"

MonikaW says, "Graben 24, Tel.:0732/772268, Fax DW 34"

MonikaW says, "but I think we will ahve a chance to meet there :)"

Shakespeare's_Guest says, "Kunst people haven't sent me the address yet, but i beleive it is very close to AE"

MonikaW says, "so kunstradio worked that out for you - thats great"

MonikaW says, "i hope we will have some time to chat! maybe that is what we should use a common travel for! :)"

Shakespeare's_Guest says, "yes... i ave had to find half the funding locally which is still coming together"

MonikaW says, "thats actually the reason why my parents will take me there - they want to see me at least 3 hours :)"

Shakespeare's_Guest says, "i guess we'll both be quite busy..."

MonikaW nods

Shakespeare's_Guest says, "pity you will miss the opening night. i'm working with stelarc for setup"

MonikaW says, "hm, but as i said, I will try to find a new way of sheduling online meetings more convenient for you"

MonikaW says, "now, try to catch some sleep my riend"

Shakespeare's_Guest says, "not a problem... thatnksnk"

MonikaW exclaims, "oh no!!! really!!!"

MonikaW asks, "when is it - the opening night?"

MonikaW asks, "is it online as well?"

Shakespeare's_Guest says, "yeh... wethe 8th"

Shakespeare's_Guest says, "it will be broadcast on austrian tlevision but not on the net"

MonikaW says, "austrain television ..."

Shakespeare's_Guest says, "i'm only helping with his setup, although we performed together in melbuourne about three weeks ago"

Shakespeare's_Guest says, "austrian television... don't know the station"

MonikaW wonders if she will ever come to melbourne

Jim teleports in

MonikaW says, "hi jim"

Shakespeare's_Guest says, "hello jim"

MonikaW asks, "jim - andrew, you ahave met before?"

Jim says, "Hi"

Shakespeare's_Guest says, ":bows to jim"

Shakespeare's_Guest says, "greetings from melbourne"

Jim says, "Hi Andrew"

Shakespeare's_Guest bows to jim

Shakespeare's_Guest says, "tired fingers"

Jim says, "I got your message yesterday about how tired your whole self was :-)"

Shakespeare's_Guest says, "ok, take care and see you soon, mon :) good lucj with the meeting..."

MonikaW claps on andrews shoulders

MonikaW try to find energy drink

Shakespeare's_Guest asks, "yes?"

MonikaW picks up Lotus.

Jim asks, "You're leaving?"

Shakespeare's_Guest andrew pci

MonikaW says, "geuss andrew has to dget his 3 hours sleep"

Shakespeare's_Guest glares art a clock...

Jim laughs

Shakespeare's_Guest loves lotus'

Jim asks, "And you are using lotus wine for energy?"

MonikaW grins

Shakespeare's_Guest exclaims, "no, vodka!!!"

MonikaW says, "thsts wr=right , some vodka for andrew"

Jim asks, "Is vodka the Australian drink of choice?"

Shakespeare's_Guest exclaims, "i'm a russian soul in a auslander und staatelnlose body!"

Shakespeare's_Guest says, "no, beer is, but it's mine :)"

MonikaW says, "beer , vodka ... you might not mix it :)"

Jim says, "I see."

Jim hunkers down with his arms around his beer

Shakespeare's_Guest says, "it's one or the other... i prefer the other..."

MonikaW glances at the clock...

Shakespeare's_Guest glares thirstly at jim's beer

Jim drinks

Shakespeare's_Guest says, "... but then again..."

MonikaW tries to find out if this is the appropriate time for jim to drink beer

Shakespeare's_Guest glances at the clock too

Shakespeare's_Guest says, "ciao"

MonikaW says, "oif theres no vodka .. go to sleep andrew"

MonikaW waves at andrew

MonikaW says, "CU"

Jim waves

Shakespeare's_Guest hugs mon and kisses her lightly on the top of her head

The usher arrives to remove Shakespeare's_Guest.

Jim asks, "Where are you now? Are you back in Austria?"

MonikaW says, "hi jim! glad to see you"

MonikaW exclaims, "i am in new york city. juhu!"

Jim smiles

Jim asks, "Are you 'settled'?"

MonikaW says, "yep"

Jim asks, "Do you have a new email address?"

Juli arrives looking preoccupied but happy to see you

MonikaW exclaims, "hi juli!"

Juli ggrins, good morning

MonikaW says, "glad to see you at this time of the day"

Jim [to Juli]: Hi Juli!

MonikaW says, "know what happened to me - I choose the wrong time zone for me :)"

Juli oh nos

MonikaW says, "well time and space is confusing"

MonikaW smiles

Jim laughs

Juli [to MonikaW]: where are you? ny right

Juli . o O ( rl time and space that is )

MonikaW says, "dances around in ny city"

Juli asks, "who else are we expecting?"

Juli brbs

MonikaW says, "you know what - i a mm beginning to feel less virtual in this great city"

MonikaW grins

DanZ teleports in

Jim asks, "Where are you living?"

MonikaW says, "so I think oudeis team vienna should come (this includes lee at the moment)"

Juli hugs MOn, hold on tight

MonikaW hugs dan

DanZ says, "Hello!""

Juli places a fragrant plumeria lei around DanZ's neck.

Juli places a fragrant plumeria lei around MonikaW's neck.

DanZ says, "Hi Juli""

Juli places a fragrant plumeria lei around Jim's neck.

Jim places a fragrant plumeria lei around Juli's neck.

MonikaW says, "i have a SMALL room in an apartment near columbia (uper west side)"

Juli grins broadly......oh here we are at the same old place again

Juli [to MonikaW]: i'll bet small is an understatement

DanZ says, "She's talking New York small so that's scary"

MonikaW [to Juli]: well space enough for a futon :)

Juli exclaims, "let's play "The-smallest-place-I-ever-lived" !!!!!!"

MonikaW laughs

Juli says, "while we wait for the others that is ;-)"

Jim says, "Depends whether it's summer or winter"

DanZ [to Juli]: you first

Juli says, "well, when I lived in Paris"

Juli says, "I had a chambre de bonne near Opera"

Juli says, "it was so small......"

DanZ asks, "how small was it?"

MonikaW asks, "taht ..?"

MonikaW waits eagerly

Jim leans forward

DanZ leans forward

Juli says, "that it had a twin mattress on the floor and two feet on one side and 3 ft on the short side and two sides against the wall"

DanZ says, "that's small""

Juli says, "and the ceiling was slanted so you couldn't stand up straight"

RainerF teleports in

MonikaW says, "thats a reason to get rid o fthe twin matress"

MonikaW hugs rainer

Juli says, "i did have a sink, but i often bonked into it"

RainerF exclaims, "Hi there !"

Jim [to MonikaW]: Spoken like Diogenes

Juli waves to Rainer

Jim smiles at Ranier

MonikaW [to Juli]: guess you dint pend much time in there

Juli now knows why the French spend so much time in cafes

MonikaW [to riner]: how is everything in austria?

MonikaW puts Lotus in a long wooden desk.

DanZ teleports out

DanZ teleports in

MonikaW asks, "?"

Juli says, "shall we start"

MonikaW exclaims, "yep!"

Jim says, "Let's go"

RainerF says, "[to monikaw] weather is hot, sweating a lot; I'm quite busy, gotta lots of work to do ..."

MonikaW says, "i wrote something on the board but I didnt et it in order"

MonikaW [to RainerF]: but I am glad to see that you are still in oudeis!!!

MonikaW writes "Communication continues " on oudeis board.

RainerF says, "yep :) personally, I'm glad that today aaron joined our team and will take a big part of the load from me."

Juli claps

MonikaW asks, "oh great, will aaron come today?"

Jim writes "Station Manor Cafe" on oudeis board.

MonikaW smiles at jim

MonikaW [to Jim]: maybe we should start talking about the moo and your considerings towards oudeis ship?

Jim says, "I invited Greg, too, but am not sure he got the msg yet"

MonikaW asks, "greg?"

Jim says, "Ok."

Jim says, "Greg is a new character on the ATHEMOO and is working with me on the Station Manor dimension of this event"

MonikaW says, "so we have tow major MOO events coming up"

Juli claps for Greg

MonikaW claps as well

Jim says, "He's a programmer, composer, musician, pretty good writer too"

Jim says, "Two events, you could say, but same day. Time is a prob for us as it is for Juli"

MonikaW writes "Rehearsal of AI on sun 7th 3pm EST(!)" on oudeis board.

RainerF says, "to monika: aaron said that he will try to come; maybe he joins lee at the institute."

Juli says, "the Sun 7th 3pm is the Oudeis Seminar here"

Juli wonders if she is lost already...

Jim says, "The 7th is the day of the First First Sunday which is a presentation at ATHEMOO about oudeis"

Jim asks, "3 p.m. what time?"

MonikaW nods at juli - yep sminar and rehearsal (

Juli says, "ET"

MonikaW asks, "what means seinar?"

Juli says, "seminar means a talk"

MonikaW [to Jim]: did you talk with susan baout this already?

Jim [to MonikaW]: You and Lee and me

Jim [to MonikaW]: Yes.

MonikaW asks, "aha?"

Juli asks, "can part of the rehearsal be included in the seminar?"

Jim says, "That should go on the board too, but maybe for after Lee gets here"

MonikaW says, "thats what I was talking with suan about"

Jim writes "Sept 7th First Sunday at athemoo" on oudeis board.

MonikaW says, "about including the rehearsal in the sminar"

MonikaW [to Jim]: did i write something else?

Jim asks, "In it or after it?"

Juli grins at her cybersis, syncing again

Jim says, "look board"

MonikaW says, "as ars electronica and this session are so close together i do not think that we can set up 2 different events"

Jim says, "You said rehearsal. The First Sun thing is three of us presenting oudeis to an audience of ATHE members. Maybe some of them would be inspired and like to stay for the rehearsal..."

MonikaW says, "thats whay i try to combine them - or to make them equal"

MonikaW says, "but I am open for suggestions :)"

MonikaW erases some stuff from oudeis board.

Juli says, "I think it will work to combine"

Jim says, "This is just a promotional event, a conversation with some people"

Juli says, "you do need to make a prolly 10-15 min presentation to introduce and then we could all go to the rehearsal....."

MonikaW asks, "rainer bin gerade im hypermailarchive, aber der browser gibt mir nur daten bis zum8. juni - was kann ich tun?"

Juli says, "depending on how long the rehearsal is, we can have questions after"

Jim says, "But if they want to talk about the presentation... Susan said she figured the seminar would take not longer than an hour"

Juli says, "or if there can be a break, or the rehearsal scheduled insuch a way so that"

Juli says, "some could be available for questions after"

Juli says, "an hour total is fine"

MonikaW asks, "so 3 pm et will be ... what time in austria/?"

Jim says, "I suspect that the question and answer thing is what will engage people and make them think maybe they would like to participate"

Juli nods

Juli says, "what is the plan for the rehearsal? are there many parts to accomplish, could a couple folks spend some time away from rehearsal to lead discussion"

Jim [to Juli]: So the seminar is presentation, then q&a, then we segue to rehearsal after an hour

Juli says, "say 15 mins presentation, 15 mins at rehearsal, then 30 for q&a would that work"

Juli grins, is making this up as she goes along, as usual

Jim says, "but AI is 30 min"

Juli says, "this is the first First Sunday seminar"

Juli says, "if it's really 30, then let's do a trial show"

Juli says, "use sem audience as a rehearsal audience, that's perfect actually"

Jim says, "I think where rehearsal is concerned that we really need to be able to start and stop and restart like a rehearsal."

Juli says, "is this a start-to-finish rehearsal"

MonikaW . o O ( is ai really only 30 minutes? )

Jim [to MonikaW]: You know better than I do

Juli says, "see,t hat's my question....if it's going to be a start and stop rehearsal, then perhaps we should only visit rehearsal for 15 mins"

Juli says, "if it's going to be a run-thru, and that is 30 mins, then we should go to whole thingie"

MonikaW says, "well I thought t as a dress rehearsal"

DanZ asks, "thingie? is that a technical term?"

MonikaW says, "yep a run-thru"

Jim [to Juli]: Thats why I think we should do presentation (10-15), q&a (15-30) and then let them come to as much of rehearsal as they like

Juli winks at Dan

Juli [to Jim]: that might work, rehearsal won't start on time anyway

Jim [to DanZ]: I saw it used on a technical web site a couple of days ago. I was startled. Thot maybe juli had been there. But was spelled with a 'y'

MonikaW [to Juli]: that is actually a good idea - the problem might be the time .. but I think we can figure somthing out

LeeG teleports in

LeeG says, "hi all"

Jim winks @ juli

MonikaW asks, "i mean austria - that is where the actor will be - will than ahe to play ast.. 10pm maybe?"

MonikaW . o O ( well thats not that late )

Juli grins, is lost now

LeeG is helping Karin...brb

MonikaW hugs lee

Jim Jim is also lost wondering as usual what the antecedent of a pronoun is--what does Mon mean when she says 'that's a good idea?'

Juli places a fragrant plumeria lei around LeeG's neck.

MonikaW gris at juli - i am lost too

Juli lol

LeeG hugs mon

MonikaW exclaims, "steves hi steve!!!!"

Jim waves at Lee and laughs at just about everything...

LeeG says, "greetings from Wien"

MonikaW smiles

MonikaW grins at juli

LeeG waves at jim, juli, dan...did I miss anyone

Jim [to LeeG]: Mon thinks that Steve is here

Juli hugs MonikaW.

MonikaW grins

Jim [to MonikaW]: Steve? Where is Steve?

DanZ asks, "Steve is in the building???"

Juli nods

Jim exclaims, "He's right here!"

MonikaW exclaims, "ok,ok, i tried to page ......!"

MonikaW says, "sooo, back to oudeis :)"

Jim laughs mercilessly at MonikaW

Jim pulls himself together

MonikaW says, "lee took over my job in vienna ! I like that"

Juli says, "ok ok, back on track, just which track is what i want to know"

MonikaW says, "i just agreed to your poroposed sunday session shedule"

Jim says, "Monika was organizing some sequence of events that hit CET around 10 pm."

Jim [to MonikaW]: What was the schedule you agreed to, pleez?

MonikaW says, "so the course of the sunday seminar would be ..."

Juli says, "the schedule for sunday is what again....sorry"

Jim leans forward

MonikaW asks, "presentation, qu&a, rehearsal - right?"

Jim says, "Ok..."

MonikaW says, "adn I was trying to figure out what time this would be in the different countries"

MonikaW says, "i have a matu=major time problem now :)"

Jim says, "For those who only want to attend the rehearsal, when should we give as the official oudeis team start time for rehearsal"

Jim says, "Give NY time and we will work from there..."

MonikaW . o O ( who does NOT wnat to attend the sminr? )

Juli says, "ok, seminar starts 3pm New york time"

MonikaW grins thats easy

MonikaW says, "this means it will be 9pm in vienna"

Jim asks, "So that's noon PDT. Whatsit CET?"

Juli says, "then start presentation at athemoo at 3:10"

MonikaW asks, "presentation means jim , lee and me talking?"

Juli nods

Jim says, "Yes"

Jim asks, "Maybe we can do something in unison. Will moo do choral work?"

Juli says, "and then 3:25 Q&A"

Juli shoots Jim a threatening look

Juli giggles

Jim says, "Sorry"

MonikaW says, "rehearsal at 4"

LeeG says, "we are having some problems getting karin and gernot on the moo...."

Juli says, "3:45 New York time, AI rehearsal starts"

LeeG says, "ok...were getting there"

MonikaW [to LeeG]: passwords ? :)

Juli [to LeeG]: what kind of problem

MonikaWknows how it feels like in IGW now

LeeG says, "internet connections and screen size...karin is gernot"

Juli sighs

MonikaW smilwes

Jim [to Juli]: I dont see them with @who

LeeG [to MonikaW]: we#re almost there

Juli grins

MonikaW says, "so these people will tel us than how the rehearsal will work (who mch equipment they will ave in vienna)"

Jim [to LeeG]: PCs or Macs?

GernotL teleports in

MonikaW hugs gernot

LeeG [to Jim]: all macs :-)

Jim [to MonikaW]: Are they in Vienna or Linz?

Jim [to LeeG]: Are they using client software?

LeeG [to Jim]: Vienna

MonikaW [to Jim]: still in viena - till sep 11th

Jim [to MonikaW]: Who is doing the vienna mirror?

MonikaW [to Jim]: nopw - just telnet

MonikaW [to Jim]: somebody karin is stil looking for

LeeG [to Jim]: macs today...PCs for performance...sorry may have misunderstood you

Jim [to LeeG]: Got it

LeeG grins

Jim [to MonikaW]: I think we were about to set the rehearsal time at either 3:45 or 4

LeeG says, "it's been a long day already"

Jim [to MonikaW]: that EDT

LeeG says, "a lot accomplished"

Jim [to LeeG]: We're learning!

LeeG nods at jim

Juli says, "we do our best"

GernotL hi mon

GernotL Hia Juli, HI Jim

Jim [to LeeG]: You and Monika and I have to talk later about the first part of the Sep 7 seminar on athemoo

LeeG says, "we hav...have a great technician, Aaron who is joining our other great technician Rainer"

Jim [to GernotL]: Hi Gernot How are you doing?

Juli claps for technicians

LeeG [to Jim]: ok, sounds good

LeeG says, "brb"

Juli places a fragrant plumeria lei around GernotL's neck.

GernotL [to Jim]: thanks, better than 3 weeks ago

Jim [to GernotL]: What was happening 3 wks ago?

MonikaW says, "thats perfect"

MonikaW asks, "will aaron join us today?"

KarinM teleports in

Jim cheers for Aaron

LeeG [to MonikaW]: yes, Aaron should be here anytime

Juli places a fragrant plumeria lei around KarinM's neck.

GernotL [to Jim]: I was in the hospital

MonikaW hugs karin

Jim [to GernotL]: That sounds serious.

KarinM says, "hello to everybody, sorry for beiing to late, but ita alot to do"

Jim waves to Karin

MonikaW says, "ok, for all newcomers type look board"

Jim says, "Read board is also good"

GernotL [to MonikaW]: i miss you in Vienna

LeeG says, "Rainer will handle all the technical stuff in Vienna at the Cafe Stein and Aaron will do the same in Linz"

MonikaW [to GernotL]: tnx - i miss you guys

GernotL [to Jim]: it was horible

MonikaW says, "great! so we will have 2 main parts: the workshop and the aI performance"

MonikaW asks, "i guess you guys in vienna already started to wrehears?"

Jim [to MonikaW]: I'd like to suggest, seriously, that the part after is an important third part :-)

LeeG [to MonikaW]: Yes, and things are starting to take shape...

MonikaW [to Jim]: after what?

GernotL [to MonikaW]: yes, I spoke with Michaela, we will start

Jim says, "uh, thats the PARTY after..."

Jim [to MonikaW]: after AI perf

MonikaW asks, "maybe we will spend some minutes for a repaort frm vienna?"

LeeG says, "WE havent started the rehearsal yet but soon"

MonikaW asks, "lee? karin? gernot?"

MonikaW says, "as far as I know there have been major impovements"

LeeG says, "ok"

LeeG says, "a quick report"

MonikaW nods

LeeG says, "Aaron just arrived"

Juli claps

Jim cheers

Juli does aaron need an athemoo char? Juli can do that now

MonikaW says, "hm, I know there is nobody to claim - but once we shedule meetings I would love to have everybody bie therein time"

MonikaW says, "worry"

LeeG [to Juli]: can can Aaron have a password...his email is

MonikaW says, "sorry - was that"

LeeG says, "small k in the email juli, sorry"

MonikaW is in time pressure :)

Jim [to MonikaW]: do you have to be somewhere after this?

LeeG says, "sorry, doing 4 things at once"

MonikaW nods at jim smiling

MonikaW claps on lees houlder

Jim [to MonikaW]: How much time do you have?

Juli hugs everyone in this room, what is happening here is absolutey monmentous

Juli hugs MonikaW.

MonikaW has to leave in 1 1/2 hours

GernotL [to MonikaW]: I love you, allways in timestress

Jim asks, "Oh, then we have plenty of time, really. No?"

LeeG smiles at mon

MonikaW grins at gerno "but somethimes reasons change

DanZ looks at his watch

DanZ says, "Gotta go and get something to eat - lunchtime you know...please keep me posted"

LeeG [to MonikaW]: sounds interesting :-)

MonikaW hugs dan

MonikaW [to DanZ]: tnx for coming!!

Jim [to DanZ]: Good to see you again, Dan. See you again soon.

MonikaW [to DanZ]: we will CU - you should be a main part of the seminer as well

GernotL [to monto]: Dan Hi Dan

DanZ says, "See y'all"

DanZ has disconnected.

MonikaW says, "ok, as far as i can see .."

GernotL [to MonikaW]: Ich habe brigens alles verbockt

LeeG says, "we are one computer short so I am giving Aaron this computer for a few moments"

MonikaW says, "things in vienna are very successfull in getting staff and equipment for sep together"

GernotL [to MonikaW]: mit der lieben frau Ruiss

RainerF says, "I've got to do serveral things beside MOO, too, unfortunately; I'll try to keep an eye on the screen. should have more time soon ..."

GernotL [to MonikaW]: Ich war am Festival der Regionen

MonikaW [to LeeG]: let aeeron join by lurking - it is more important that you join and we start talking

Jim says, "brb"

GernotL [to MonikaW]: Sie war mit den Afrikanern

GernotL eine Woche in den Bergen

GernotL Dann gab es ein Abschglufest

GernotL Ich hab sie mitten in einer Diskussion nicht erkannt

MonikaW grins at gernot

GernotL Ich war per "DU" mit Ihr

MonikaW asks, "lee?"

GernotL und sie war sehr zynisch

MonikaW sighs

Juli pats Monika onna back

The usher arrives to escort DanZ out of ATHEMOO.

GernotL Ich habe ihr gesagt Sie soll nicht so zynisch lachen

GernotL ets.

Shakespeare's_Guest teleports in

Jim [to Juli]: I'm back

GernotL zum Schlu des Diskussionschaos

Shakespeare's_Guest says, "hi this is aaronk who apparently cant connect yet :-)"

GernotL habe ich sie dann erkannt

Juli places a fragrant plumeria lei around Shakespeare's_Guest's neck.

GernotL [to MonikaW]: peinlich

MonikaW exclaims, "hi aaron gerat to see you!!"

MonikaW [to ]: aaeron

MonikaW [to aaeron]: welcom!

Jim places a fragrant plumeria lei around Juli's neck.

Juli smiles, inhales gratefully

GernotL [to MonikaW]: Sorry for your work

Jim [to Juli]: Did Storm Crow get in touch with you?

GernotL [to MonikaW]: but your freind

Juli [to Jim]: hm, not by that name anyway

Juli [to Jim]: but is she the one from DU

Shakespeare's_Guest asks, "what was the discussion up until now all about?"

Juli [to Jim]: i made a character for someone who said they knew you recetnly

Jim [to Juli]: No, from BayMOO

Juli [to Jim]: no, then i haven't heard from them yet

GernotL [to MonikaW]: yes, das wird helfen, sie war sehr hbsch

MonikaW says, "i was trying to get one of the oudeis team vienna to gie a short reprot about the improvemtns in vienna (swhich you are part of :)"

Jim [to Juli]: Yes. Someone other than Greg?

Juli [to Jim]: yup, a woman...Tashery here

Shakespeare's_Guest says, "brb... going to a different comp."

MonikaW says, "karin, lee? pls lets start"

Jim [to Juli]: O Beth! Good. She said she would try to be here for the 7th

Juli nods

The usher arrives to remove Shakespeare's_Guest.

GernotL [to MonikaW]: Some minute for the report

Jim settles down

GernotL we have have only 3 macs

Juli sits down next to Jim with some fresh cofee

LeeG says, "ok, back"

MonikaW sighs

MonikaW exclaims, "ok as far as i can see it everything is going to be nice in sep!"

LeeG says, "ok, we have two great locations"

MonikaW says, "you are doing great work in vienna"

MonikaW exclaims, "but we should start worrieng about the contents as well!"

MonikaW sits down to listen to the report

LeeG says, ":nods...and we are"

LeeG says, "In linz at the Sky Cafe we will have Ullis cones with two improvements"

RainerF says, "brb .."

GernotL [to ]: rainer

GernotL [to RainerF]: bist du on line

LeeG says, "There will be a monitor in each cone showing the MOO dialogue as the cone speaks..."

MonikaW exclaims, "uff!!"

MonikaW smiles

LeeG says, "when one cone is speaking, the monitor in the other cones will be black"

Juli wows

Jim smiles

MonikaW now realy have to sit down

Jim [to LeeG]: Point of information?

LeeG says, "also, there is a row of monitors neat the entrance to the Sky cafe as you enter...we are going to use this for two purposes..."

MonikaW asks, "so instead of the lighting the cones will be "speaking" with their monitors?"

LeeG [to Jim]: yes

Juli cools

MonikaW . o O ( maybe we should let jim finish )

MonikaW says, "i meant lee - sorry"

LeeG [to MonikaW]: no, the lighting will be the same as mmk...this is in addition to further the way of dialogue between the cones

Jim [to LeeG]: I am not sure I understand the Sky Cafe. Is this where we will be for AE or is it in addition to the AE workshop space or what?

MonikaW nods yep report should start at the basic!

KarinM [to Monika,]: we have to make a timetable for the mOO for the rehearsalto Monika, we will have a rehearsal one day to Monika, we make a rehearsal one day befto Jim we have a separat room for the workshop

LeeG [to MonikaW]: I will have to explain it in more detail so you can get the full impact...

MonikaW says, "thats part of what i have written on the pboard - sky cafe for Ai , seminar room for workshop"

LeeG says, "becasue it also ties in to other things at the cafe"

Jim [to LeeG]: Is the cafe heavily booked?

MonikaW [to KarinM]: yep timetable and basic information rfor the web seems necessary

LeeG [to Jim]: the workshop will be in a conference room for the first 3 hours....

Jim [to LeeG]: Right

LeeG says, "then we go to the Sky Cafe for the performance"

Jim [to LeeG]: Let me explain the reason for my questions

LeeG says, "the conference room will have 10 laptops for MOO communication"

MonikaW claps

LeeG says, "Ulli just arrived"

Juli claps

MonikaW looks at her watch

Jim [to LeeG]: Here in BC we are going to have a 'live mirror' at the Station Manor internet cafe in Nelson BC.

Jim hoorays for Ulli

LeeG [to MonikaW]: there are so many interconnecting details that it will be hard to explain it all in this MOO meeting...I will do my best and then mail to the list in greater detail...ok?

Juli nods at Lee

Jim [to LeeG]: Yes of course, just let me finish this point

LeeG [to Jim]: so sounds good...please finish

GernotL says, "hi mon, its Ulli talking from Gernots place"

Jim [to LeeG]: Ok. Time is a big problem for BC and for Hawaii. The 4 hour period of AE gets here between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m. In Hawaii it's three hours later.

MonikaW [to LeeG]: thatnk you so much

LeeG smiles

Jim says, "We will do what needs doing to help make the AE AI perf work, but we would like to have somehting that people can come to later in the day, i.e., early a.m. the NEXt day in Austria"

LeeG says, "I would have written sooner but things have been very busy...was in linz and salzburg"

Jim [to LeeG]: You've been having a good time?

Juli thinks he's been working

Jim [to Juli]: In salzburg?

KarinM [to Jim,]: I will write you tommorrow more details

LeeG [to Jim]: yes, this is a problem with time...the first time I've had for a break was one and a half days in Salzburg but yes I am having a good but very busy time

Juli giggles

MonikaW exclaims, "guys I think you are all doing a GREAT job!"

MonikaW [to Jim]: the probelm with setting up a second event one day later

MonikaW asks, "would mean we have to do a second performance?"

Jim [to KarinM]: Good. Can you and I deal with this in the email?

LeeG asks, "ok jim, what can we do about this problem with time?"

Jim [to MonikaW]: I think we have to get AI to where we can do it in our sleep. It is our basic promotional event.

Juli agrees

LeeG laughs at jim

MonikaW agrees

LeeG agrees

MonikaW exclaims, "soem thing that came into my mind: as santago is not here, but there is this one thing still missing: the website that is acccessable for the webaudience!"

Jim says, "Ok then. So twice. What we will be having in Nelson will be like a combination party and variety show--all day long"

Juli hopes a video of the perf will be made

Jim [to MonikaW]: Yes. Where is santiago. He said he would be here.

KarinM [to Jim,]: as Lee wrote, we will send a very long explain to the list and then we can speak more definitlyto Monika, Santiago is in Vienna on Friday afternoon

LeeG says, "I thought of having a drink for all locations virtual and real...oudeis ambrosia"

MonikaW [to Jim]: cool! there shoudl be a possibility to join from the ars electronica - which is a al week aparty as well :)

LeeG exclaims, "something unique and powerful!"

Jim [to MonikaW]: fabulous!

Juli . o O ( we digress )

MonikaW [to KarinM]: but i dont think he will program that site. aaeorn can you do that>?

Jim [to Juli]: Umm, we party!

Juli grins

MonikaW . o O ( sorry aaeron, i am always styping wrong )

Shakespeare's_Guest teleports in

Juli says, "we have two weeks and lots of details"

LeeG says, "I think Aaron hands are going to be very full for the next few weeks"

Shakespeare's_Guest says, "aaron is back"

Shakespeare's_Guest says, "LeeG: indeed"

LeeG says, "Rainer and Aaron have a GREAT deal to do..."

MonikaW nods

Shakespeare's_Guest says, "i know..."

GernotL Icheckt 2 macs more

MonikaW [to ]: ge

Jim [to LeeG]: Aaron should be in touch with our tech people here, too. They might be able to help and should certainly be included.

MonikaW [to KarinM]: maybe this wuold be a short job for netlab?

Shakespeare's_Guest asks, "is rainer here at the moment or working?"

LeeG [to Jim]: yes, and rainer also

MonikaW [to KarinM]: shouldnt be that much work

Jim [to LeeG]: Right!

GernotL so now we are all in the moo

MonikaW says, "what OI wanted to say that this would than be a vailable all the tme"

MonikaW says, "that would bmean that linz would not have to set up a second event"

MonikaW says, "in the cyber cafe - but only a event in MOO"

LeeG [to Jim]: I will fill Aaron and Rainer in on what you are doing and give them your mail address so they can get in touch with your end of things

Shakespeare's_Guest says, "ok, here is my email address for everybody again: Aaron:"

MonikaW says, "so that on saturday the emphasis can lie on jims event"

Jim [to MonikaW]: I think the key thing is for people elsewhere--Vienna, Hawaii, Nelson--to have some live interaction with one another.

Juli says, "a second moo-only event sounds like ti's possible at this, romotional, not impossible or too expensive equipment wise"

LeeG [to Jim]: yes and with 10 laptops in linz and six moo computers in Vienna we have a good start for this

Juli says, "when we get to the other perfs, the time thing will be a real challenge with so many stages in so many diff time zones"

Jim [to Juli]: Absolutely

Betterton's_Guest teleports in

MonikaW [to LeeG]: but we could do a promotion for this second event in linz as well! because computers with internetconnetions are EVERYwhere during the festival

Juli says, "and we should do lots of online promotion, too"

Betterton's_Guest says, "hi it is Ulli"

Juli [to MonikaW]: great idea

LeeG nods at mon and agrees

Shakespeare's_Guest says, "hi ulli :-)))"

Jim says, "Also we can try to get other media into the MOO or website, newspaper reporters, radio"

GernotL hi Ulli

LeeG also agree with juli

Betterton's_Guest says, "hi everyone"

LeeG says, "and jim"

Jim says, "Hi"

GernotL [to Jim]: sorry ididnt understand

LeeG says, "right now, here in Vienna and Linz we have our hands full"

MonikaW hugs ulli

Betterton's_Guest says, "the twins are talking"

LeeG says, "just taking care of the immediate needs"

GernotL [to Jim]: newspaper in the Moo

Jim [to GernotL]: Not sure what you didn't understand, Gernot

Betterton's_Guest says, "hugs mon"

LeeG says, "there are new elements that are still being worked on and everything is consuming a lot of time but we will do what we can to help on this second MOO event"

Jim [to GernotL]: Yes. If we can get a reporter to a computer--and they all have computers here--then we can get them onto the MOO and have a press conference or even just get them to the Stein or the Station Manor to view the event

RainerF says, "was a bit off, I'm back now ..."

Betterton's_Guest says, "to juli would be great, lost my password before I used it"

Jim [to LeeG]: That's very reassuring

KarinM [to Monika,]: I can ask them, Jim great idea

Betterton's_Guest says, "hi Rainer, its Ulli"

MonikaW exclaims, "conferring to the publication - I only meant that if we now agree in having a second event - thsi should be published as well , in the same breathe as we are speaking from the event that is major for austria!"

LeeG [to Jim]: You were't being sarcastic, were you? :-)

MonikaW says, "i know that three is no space for extra work at this moment"

Jim [to KarinM]: Here in Canada CBC Radio has most of its programming in Real Audio. I am hoping we can get some of us on some of their programming

Juli says, "i think we should commit to the second event and publish it"

Juli says, "we might be able to divide up the work somehow"

Betterton's_Guest says, "sorry about what second event are you talking"

Juli claps for jim

RainerF asks, "you really want me to talk to reporters !?"

Jim [to LeeG]: Not at all.

Juli [to Betterton's_Guest]: we are talking about a second moo-only event cuz the time diff makes it awful for those in us and canada

KarinM says, "to Jim but here in Vienna not very many journalists are common with the MOOto Jim we have here an online radio, Kunstradio"

LeeG grins at jim

KarinM [to Jim]: we know some people there, lets try. But they are doing something on the ars

Juli suggests that we invite journalists and then MOO with/for their moo hands so they can see it

Shakespeare's_Guest asks, "KarinM: what about other people in the media business?"

MonikaW [to KarinM]: bravo for the announcement in profil btw

MonikaW nods at juli - exactly

Jim [to Juli]: Good way to see it

KarinM [to Monika,]: why you know it?

MonikaW grins

MonikaW [to KarinM]: rainer told me

Juli says, "because most won't be moo literate, this is a way to include them in the moo experience"

MonikaW asks, "so ok, we will have an AI per at sep 12th at 6pm or 7pm austrian time right?"

Jim [to Juli]: Not MOO literate, but literate. They will love it.

LeeG says, "this is something new about MOO literacy that we are planning for the Sky Cafe"

Juli giggles

MonikaW [to Jim]: tel us the tiem for the sturday performance?

Juli [to Jim]: yes, you set it

Jim [to MonikaW]: That hasn't been absolutely fixed yet. 7 p.m. is the earliest for theater events for people to seriously think about going to

Jim says, "I am thinking PDT, but we should adjust time so that it works for Hawaii too"

MonikaW says, "press relearse austria wil do is : publish this date on folders and announcements - but people who are not familiar with moo are invited for fridays performance"

Juli says, "well, let's focus on Canada for now, we can do Hawaii next time, any time is fine by me"

LeeG [to Jim]: can you work out some sort of schedule with all of these times and email the list so we get a better idea

Juli says, "and wait, let me check if there are moo tutorials during that week, folks could find a computer and come to moo tutorial from linz, right"

Juli brbs

Jim [to LeeG]: good idea. What do people in Austria feel? It will be early in the day like around 6 a.m.

MonikaW [to KarinM]: that means you can leave folders in cafe stein - for people are interesded on saturday - nothing much more, and at ars electronica we will try to bpublish it as well

LeeG says, "We are going to do something before the performance in the Sky Cafe to educate people aobut oudeis and give them info about the MOO"

KarinM [to Monika,]: that must be possible

MonikaW [to LeeG]: what time is the friday performance sheduled for

GernotL [to MonikaW]: at 6p.m.

Jim says, "In Canada it will be like an all day event that wraps up around 11 p.m."

MonikaW [to Jim]: so we can not excpet a broad austrian audience anyway

LeeG [to Jim]: I think we will wiped out or not having gone to bed at 6 am

LeeG [to MonikaW]: the performance starts at 6 pm Vienna time

MonikaW [to GernotL]: means that we will keep the workshop short - guess we have the cafe til 7pm right?

MonikaW [to Jim]: what time is it now in canada?

GernotL [to MonikaW]: the time is 5 hours

Betterton's_Guest [to MonikaW]: say dont we have other problems, than....

Jim [to LeeG]: Exactly. But if we can have someone available for conversation early on and have a second AI perf say at 11 p.m. here, what time is that there?

LeeG [to MonikaW]: 3 hour workshop, then the Sky Cafe...just as yxou planned

GernotL [to MonikaW]: we start

MonikaW [to GernotL]: so we have the sky cafe till 8?

GernotL at 3p.m.

Jim [to MonikaW]: 11:10 PDT

GernotL the workshop

KarinM [to MonikaW]: we have the sky longer, because after the performance is the ericsson party

LeeG says, "Vienna is 9 hours later than California and BC"

GernotL [to MonikaW]: I

LeeG [to Jim]: so that would would be 8 am

GernotL [to MonikaW]: when we say 6p.m. it will be 7p.m.

MonikaW exclaims, "i was only thinking if we .. never mind so we have the perfomance at 6 pm in austra!"

Jim [to LeeG]: That would work.

KarinM [to GernotL]: it has to be at!!!

MonikaW [to GernotL]: that is what i want to avoid!!!!!!!!

Betterton's_Guest says, "aaaaaaa"

Juli says, "wait, what's happening"

MonikaW exclaims, "we have to fix thet dates!"

GernotL [to KarinM]: your hope in Gods

LeeG is suddenly confused by strange MOO turns

Juli is too

Jim [to Juli]: I think in Austria they have what here we call 'valley time'

MonikaW smiles

MonikaW asks, "another date discussion?"

LeeG [to Jim]: like right, dude

KarinM [to GernotL]: mto Gernot my hope in odysseus hands

Juli handsout chocolate macadamia nuts to all, and small glasses of fresh, chilled guava juice

Juli [to Jim]: and what we here call Hawaiian time ;-)

LeeG asks, "ok, we have to have a firn time for the is 6 pm...ok?"

GernotL [to LeeG]: you understand now, why we spoke on a certain point , we go for a beer

Betterton's_Guest [to Jli]: thanks, mhhhhm

MonikaW [to KarinM]: when does the ericsson party strt?

MonikaW says, "ok friday 6pm"

MonikaW asks, "that is 10 in canada?"

Juli says, "going once going twice, 6pm is it"

Jim [to MonikaW]: I think that's right

MonikaW asks, "or 9?"

Jim [to MonikaW]: 9

KarinM [to Monika,]: it should be after the AI, around 8pm, we have 2 hours time, may be, we have to check it with the ars and also if they are willing to do it longer, the costs, etc.

MonikaW says, "its 9 am - ok so thats early fo r a performance"

Betterton's_Guest [to Juli]: exactly

LeeG is thinking Trumer Pils...trumer pils

MonikaW asks, "and its 6am in hawaii?"

Jim [to MonikaW]: Not for the people we are inviting

Betterton's_Guest [to LeeG]: lee!!!!

GernotL [to all]: you have to know we woud like to do rehearsals at 7p.m. the day before in the sky cafe

Juli nods, don't worry about that

Juli claps for rehearsals

Juli winks at Lee

MonikaW says, "wow - rehearsal god"

Jim [to GernotL]: That is good to know

MonikaW [to KarinM]: can you send out a shedlu per email tomorrow!?

LeeG exclaims, "finally, I get to go for beers after a moo meeting!!"

MonikaW siles at lee

Jim laughs at Lee

LeeG grins

MonikaW [to Jim]: and your performance will we be in te evening , ok

MonikaW says, "lets say we will fix those exact datees tomorrow latest - they have to be published"

MonikaW says, "combind with that is the suday seminar at 3pm et = 9pm austria"

Jim [to MonikaW]: Yes, and the AI evening part will be the last event of our day. Will come in around 11 p.m. PDT

Juli wants to go for beers!!!!!!

Juli says, "hey, we should all go to Freiburg next summer with this"

MonikaW [to Juli]: you missed one beer driniking evening with dan matthew, twyla and me :)

Jim [to Juli]: What's in Frieburg?

LeeG [to Juli]: I will drink a beer on your behalf :-)

MonikaW [to Juli]: in chicago

Juli [to MonikaW]: if autriais -12 from

GernotL [to Juli]: year i come with you

Juli [to Jim]: a duel conf....will post their thingie on oudeis.idea

MonikaW [to GernotL]: what about the play itself, i can hear that you did a lot of rethinking

MonikaW [to ulli]: how do you feel about it?

Jim [to Juli]: ok

LeeG says, "btw, bettertons guest knows a great restaurant and also bar ...near linz"

GernotL [to MonikaW]: yes

GernotL [to MonikaW]: we will start the rehearsals on monday

MonikaW [to GernotL]: next week??

GernotL [to MonikaW]: we start in the foyer in the skycafe

MonikaW exclaims, "wow!"

Betterton's_Guest [to MonikaW]: something got cld ...we will see in the rehearsas

GernotL than we will use the whole space

GernotL first the real view at Linz

Jim asks, "Are there photos of these places up somewhere?"

GernotL than than we give little shadows

GernotL so on at on

MonikaW needs a describtion of these thoughts

Jim Jim tto

GernotL [to MonikaW]: we woud like to work on the realationship between real actor and VA:

Betterton's_Guest [to MonikaW]: ....try again good ideas for theevents, details have to be cleared i n the rehearsals

MonikaW says, ""

Juli hopes someone will video the perf so those of use who otherwise only see know

KarinM [to Monika,]: I wiilll do it, i have a big list to write, but Monika you are meyers lexikon..:))

MonikaW [to ]:

MonikaW [to GernotL]: great!

GernotL [to MonikaW]: we work in the rehaersals witrh pc. and rainer, lee, aron

Jim [to MonikaW]: Oooh. This is very nice

Jim [to Juli]: You have said that twice

MonikaW [to KarinM]: thank you fro your last mail!! tnx for keeping me updated - I am tryin g to help you from here

MonikaW [to KarinM]: did you write julis remarks down? dont forget the videacamera! :)

Juli hates to add to your list, but.....

Betterton's_Guest [to MonikaW]: did you ever get my email?

Juli giggles wildly

Shakespeare's_Guest says, "brb"

Jim [to Juli]: No. I am just letting you know that the other person who can't video it is hearing you. We have a videographer for Nelson

Juli hugs Jim.

Jim [to MonikaW]: Thanks

Jim [to Juli]: I think Monika got it

MonikaW hugs everybody!!

Betterton's_Guest [to MonikaW]: what should I say...... hoffe es wird ein besserer Herbst

MonikaW exclaims, "it feels so different sitting here, typing, and without being able to do anytihng!"

MonikaW asks, "do you know what I mean ?"

Juli [to MonikaW]: now you know how i feel

Betterton's_Guest [to MonikaW]: i do

Jim [to MonikaW]: Yes, now you know

Juli lol

MonikaW hugs Ulli "we need you

MonikaW grins!!

Betterton's_Guest [to MonikaW]: sto mon we need you too

LeeG [to Juli]: you will have plenty to do :-)

Juli nods, knows

MonikaW [to LeeG]: but you did already great!

Jim [to Juli]: Yes lets get together. MOO time is ok. Maybe phone later.

MonikaW claps for vienna

GernotL [to LeeG]: great

MonikaW says, "so the next pint on oudeis board - with which I would like to end is ..."

MonikaW says, "the further way of communication"

LeeG says, "to quote Gernot "this is crazy and it is great to work with crazy people"

MonikaW grins

GernotL [to LeeG]: tnx!!

Juli claps for crazy people

Jim [to LeeG]: Let me just add that in line with that you can now get to the oudeis ship by typing @go fools

MonikaW asks, "when should we have the next MOO meeting?"

Juli lol

LeeG [to Jim]: great!

Jim [to MonikaW]: fairly soon

Juli goes home.

Betterton's_Guest says, "gieligi"

MonikaW [to vienna]: you wil not start rehearsals before sep 1st?

Juli arrives looking preoccupied but happy to see you

Juli [to Jim]: You can NOT get here by typing @go fools, I shall fix that now

GernotL [to KarinM]: we need a ericcson conferening on the phone

Jim [to Juli]: maybe it @go fool

MonikaW [to Jim]: do we really need that ????

Jim [to MonikaW]: do you *know* what oudeis means?

Juli goes home.

Juli arrives looking preoccupied but happy to see you

MonikaW says, "nobody or no one"

KarinM [to GernotL]: and many golden watches..?

Juli laughs wildly, you can now REALLY @go fools and get here

MonikaW asks, "so how will the group stay in contact and divide work>?"

Jim [to MonikaW]: I think we really needed it...

Jim grins

GernotL [to Jim]: whats going on??

Jim [to GernotL]: Just some foolishness

LeeG [to MonikaW]: we are doing prerehearsal work to get ready for the rehearsals...

Shakespeare's_Guest says, "back"

GernotL [to Jim]: o.k. a reason for a beer with Lee

LeeG says, "we need certain things in place but there are things we can do before the rehearsals"

Shakespeare's_Guest says, "i love talk, much faster than page"

Shakespeare's_Guest says, ":)"

RainerF says, "Brb ..."

MonikaW asks, "who will set up the sunday seminar, jim?"

LeeG says, "You know, one great thing about Vienna (among many) you dont need a reason to get a beer"

Jim [to Juli]: 6pm wed PDT is cool

MonikaW says, "i know but because I can not join you :( I want to know what my part can be during the next 2 weeks"

MonikaW asks, "jim will you take care about the sep 7th?"

GernotL [to MonikaW]: are you jobless

Jim [to MonikaW]: can we agree on a time to meet ?

MonikaW [to GernotL]: is there a way that we can have an online rehearsal on sep 7th at 10pm vienna time?

Betterton's_Guest [to MonikaW]: you have got nothing to do so come over

GernotL [to MonikaW]: you could send a mail Dr. ruiss

MonikaW [to GernotL]: I am not online every day any more :)

LeeG [to MonikaW]: when I mail the list with all the details that en...everyone is working will see that there is are definitely needed

Jim [to GernotL]: Good reason for beer

MonikaW [to ulli]: well thats the problem I HAVE more to do :)

GernotL [to MonikaW]: I miss you so

Juli wants to caution everyone to be very careful with times, since different times cause so many errors

GernotL [to MonikaW]: how was the conference????

MonikaW [to GernotL]: great look at

Jim says, "I agree with Juli. I think we should review these times after we logoff and double check by email if necessary"

MonikaW nods at lee!

Jim [to MonikaW]: I get "error no such file from that http

Juli says, "there is a mistake, let me get right url for you, steve just emailed it to me"

MonikaW says, "so I need vienna and jim to send out 1) detailed informations about their needs 2) a shedule"

GernotL [to MonikaW]: do you have a shorter address

The usher arrives to remove Shakespeare's_Guest.

Jim [to MonikaW]: sorry I just get the part that is on the first line. YOu probly have it ok

GernotL [to MonikaW]: some words??

Juli says, ""

Jim [to Juli]: Works. Where is Twyla? Is she back from Chi

MonikaW [to GernotL]: words?

MonikaW smiles

MonikaW says, "well I did my first paper presentation and my first poster presentation, and I felt ok doing it"

GernotL [to MonikaW]: Ich dachte du erzhlst etwas??

LeeG is thinking about a MOO for mimes

Juli [to Jim]: twyla is on child care duty or another week or so....she's applied to our phd program, i'm so excited

Jim [to LeeG]: I've got a bit for that

GernotL [to LeeG]: it sounds good

Juli thinks Mon did great at conf

Betterton's_Guest [to MonikaW]: looking forward ,you seeng real

Juli winks at lee

Jim [to LeeG]: MOO for mimes is MOOme

GernotL [to Juli]: tnx, thats what i want to hear

Jim [to LeeG]: MOOme, mommy, eight beats to the bar!

Juli grins

MonikaW says, "well the conference gave me reason to think a lot about the team of oudeis"

LeeG [to Jim]: its got a backbeat and you can dance to it

MonikaW says, "and it was a great time meeting dan and juli and twyla and ,,,"

GernotL [to MonikaW]: and????

Juli says, "and the poster thing was great, it was fun to see all your faces"

MonikaW says, "sometimes it is so much easier to "talk" to people"

Juli smiles at Mon

Jim [to LeeG]: You *gotta* dance to it

Shakespeare's_Guest teleports in

GernotL [to MonikaW]: we know

Shakespeare's_Guest says, "aaron is back"

Juli smiles at aaron, still having trouble connecting

MonikaW [to Juli]: that reminds me foff:

Juli nods at Mon, yes

LeeG says, "welcome back Aaron"

MonikaW [to Juli]: could you pls send copies fo the papers you had in chicaog to kis production ?

Shakespeare's_Guest says, "juli: no, the problem was that i started microsoft inter net explorer on a mac :-)"

Shakespeare's_Guest says, "so the machine went dwon"

Juli grins at aaron

Juli lol

MonikaW [to Juli]: perhaps more if you ahve (its so hard ot copy the american format)

MonikaW [to Juli]: and maybe you could send me one copy to my NY adress as well?

Jim [to MonikaW]: and Juli Are these papers at the site you just gave us?

Juli [to MonikaW]: hm, well, only paper i really gave was abot a new play i directed in april 96...sure you want that?

Shakespeare's_Guest says, "juli: the password for aaronk is not valid"

Juli [to Jim]: nope, no papers there that i know of, i just knew pix

Jim [to Juli]: I want the paper you and Beth Kolko did

MonikaW [to Juli]: I thought you had those papers where you explained how to get into moo

KarinM [to Monika,]: I would also have papers, to show it to the sponsors!!!:)))

Juli [to Jim]: oh, that one, sure, remind me wed

Jim [to Juli]: OK

Juli [to MonikaW]: those handout, sure, can email that easyily....what's kis addr

MonikaW [to KarinM]: yep and dan promised me he will send you some studio z material - mazybe you remind heim of that

GernotL [to MonikaW]: so what comes in your mind about oudeis team?

MonikaW [to Juli]:

MonikaW [to GernotL]: I think you are doing great in vienna!

MonikaW [to GernotL]: I thought a lot about how team got together

KarinM [to everybody]: next MOO on next tuesday!?

MonikaW [to GernotL]: but now I am thinking about how time can exist further

Juli says, "at same time......"

The usher arrives to remove Shakespeare's_Guest.

KarinM says, "yes as usual"

MonikaW says, "well may problem is, that shool starts on next tuesday"

GernotL [to MonikaW]: tnx, i feel we do big steps

MonikaW hugs gernot

Juli thinks a weekly meetng is smart at this point

MonikaW asks, "whataoubt monday or sunday???"

Jim [to MonikaW]: My school starts then too

Juli thinks in fact it should be weekly until 98 perf

AaronK teleports in

KarinM [to MonikaW]: are in Love? you are alittle bit verwirrt?

Juli places a fragrant plumeria lei around AaronK's neck.

AaronK says, "ok thx juli"

Juli grins

Jim [to MonikaW]: I like Sunday

GernotL [to MonikaW]: the best way same time same station

Juli [to MonikaW]: it would be easier for me if it were sunday cuz otherwise 6.30am is during my morning commute

Jim agrees w Juli that weekly meeting till 98 perf is good idea

Betterton's_Guest [to MonikaW]: I am not fast enouhg

MonikaW says, "yep monday seems to be closed here! sunday would be ok then"

AaronK [to ulli]: ich auch nicht

KarinM [to Jim]: its o.k. one hour later?

MonikaW asks, "ok wekly meeting is good, I agree, bu I CANT make int on tuesday,ok?"

Jim [to KarinM]: Ok with me

MonikaW asks, "wo what about sunday than?"

Jim [to MonikaW]: an hour later?

Juli says, "sunday one hour later than we started today, that would be good"

MonikaW asks, "gernot?"

KarinM [to everxybody,pleas]: not always the same stuff,

KarinM exclaims, "next tuesday, 7.30?!!"

GernotL [to MonikaW]: no chance on sunday, i work

Jim says, "She's going crazy"

RainerF says, "I would prefer sunday, since all other days steal time from the other projects I'm working on (although on sunday I'll have to use dial up frm home)."

Betterton's_Guest [to MonikaW]: say sunday is not so easy for me

MonikaW says, "i can NOT be here on next tudsday bevore evening NY time, I am sory"

KarinM [to Jim]: who??

Jim [to GernotL]: how about saturday

Jim [to KarinM]: You :-)

GernotL [to MonikaW]: i work with theaterpeople

KarinM [to Jim]: :((?

Juli is a theaterpeople

Jim [to KarinM]: Sorry. I thought you had just agreed to Sunday an hour later than today...???

MonikaW asks, "so what about saturday than?"

LeeG thinks juli is a very good theaterpeople

RainerF says, "saturday would be OK, too, (except next saturday), one hour later would be fine."

Juli giggles, does her best

Jim [to MonikaW]: Maybe we should meet in smaller working groups at times convenient to each

LeeG has disconnected.

Juli seconds Jim's idea

GernotL [to Juli]: i do a workshop

GernotL [to Juli]: I direct a workshop

Jim [to GernotL]: When

KarinM exclaims, ""childrens listen, Uli and I have childrens and we are working very much, but its not possible on sunday without childrens arround=no work!"

LeeG has connected.

Juli recognized another theaterpeople in Gernot imediately ;-)

Juli has children too

MonikaW has disconnected.

Juli = a theaterpeople with children

GernotL [to Jim]: next weekend

Jim [to GernotL]: One time/

LeeG thinks juli is a good theaterpeople

Juli [to KarinM]: when is the best for you and Uli

Juli hugs LeeG.

RainerF says, "RainerF = no theater person but quite out of time"

Juli is a confused theaterpeople with children.......needs to go to work so she can be a theaterpeople with children who teaches at a university ;-)

Juli places a fragrant theaterpeople lei around RainerF's neck.

LeeG [to RainerF]: you are a theaterpeople now!

GernotL [to MonikaW]: on the 4. sept. is my birhday

Jim laughs

AaronK says, "rainerf and aaronk are square glasses wearing comp wizzos, so we both have a rule: no time :-)))"

RainerF says, "ouch, that hurts !! :)"

Juli asks, "Mon is gone?"

GernotL [to Jim]: only this weekend

GernotL [to MonikaW]: mon???

Jim [to Juli]: Yes. She didn't say good by. probley got bounced

Juli nods

Juli says, "it seems to me that perhaps we should find out when her classes end on Tues and try for that day"

Jim says, "Maybe it's too much to agree to a time that will work from now till the 98 perf. Let's do it one step at a time."

Juli says, "anyone who can make it, come, and then we'll do weekend next time....we can alternate tues and sundays"

Betterton's_Guest [to Juli]: good idea

Juli winks at Jim

MonikaW has connected.

Juli hugs MonikaW.

Juli [to MonikaW]: here's a proposal

Juli [to MonikaW]: when are your classes over next tues?

LeeG [to MonikaW]: do you have classes everyday

MonikaW exclaims, "i was kicked out - but I have to leave anyway!!"

Betterton's_Guest [to MonikaW]: hi again

GernotL [to MonikaW]: when do you have time???

Juli [to MonikaW]: just stay long enough to make new meeting time

MonikaW [to Juli]: I htink whole day - I dont know yet

MonikaW nods

Juli [to MonikaW]: will you be doe by 7.30pm

MonikaW asks, "my time?"

Juli nods

MonikaW exclaims, "i know for sure that I have st in the afternoon but I hope Iwill be finished than!!"

MonikaW asks, "why?"

Betterton's_Guest says, "this is 1.30 a.m. for us"

Juli suggests we meet 8.30pm ET (new york time) on tuesday next

Juli [to Betterton's_Guest]: sorry, forgot you weren't in austria

MonikaW looks at vienna

Juli can do this

GernotL [to MonikaW]: tnx

Jim says, "Is that 2:30 a.m. in Austria"

GernotL [to Jim]: yes

Juli says, "now wait one minute"

KarinM says, "lets sleep over thand then we check it out"

Juli says, "oh, i know what i did wrong, let's try again, i was calculating based on hawaii time, not new york time"

Jim says, "I think it would be a good idea for people starting school to mail their schedules in to the ideas list as soon as they know what they are"

Juli blushes, sorries

MonikaW nods I will mail you the next days, when I have found out what the earlierst time can be, ok?

KarinM [to MonikaW]: o.k. thats fine see you

Juli thinks we want the time to be as late as possible in the day, right Uli and Karin?

Betterton's_Guest says, "say ok ,then. by to everybody"

MonikaW [to vienna]: what will be the latest possible time for you? 10pm?

Juli thinks that the later in the day NYC time, the better it is for Austria and Australia

GernotL [to MonikaW]: 9p.m,

Juli says, "let's use NYC time so we can all calculate from there"

KarinM [to Juli,]: thanks to everybody good by

Juli asks, "if we met at 10pm NYC time, could others do that?"

MonikaW exclaims, "ok so lets say tuesday 9pm austria, p=9am hawaii = 3pm new york!"

Juli says, "oh rat finks, this is too hard"

Juli says, "ok let's say that for now"

Juli says, "and we can alter later if need be"

KarinM has disconnected.

MonikaW says, "this is the next offical meting"

MonikaW exclaims, "and can be altered right!"

Juli hugs MonikaW.

Juli claps, we did it

MonikaW [to Juli]: thank you so much!

Betterton's_Guest [to Jli]: whats the time for you then?

MonikaW waves to all

MonikaW exclaims, "love you!"

Jim says, "By MOnika"

Monika forgets about her coffee and hurries out.

GernotL [to to]: mon 9p.m.

RainerF says, "Bye to all ..."

GernotL in austzria

GernotL [to ]: all

Betterton's_Guest says, "bye to all at least"

Juli waves, has to go to work now!

GernotL great 3work tnx a lot

Juli has disconnected.

The usher arrives to remove Betterton's_Guest.

RainerF says, "Ok folx, I'm leaving ..."

LeeG waves good bye

AaronK says, "sdame here ... cu"

GernotL [to mon]: we have have lot to speak

RainerF has disconnected.

AaronK says, "same here ..."

AaronK has disconnected.

GernotL in the next days

LeeG has disconnected.

Jim says, "See you all"

Jim has disconnected.

GernotL has disconnected.

The usher arrives to escort KarinM out of ATHEMOO.

The usher arrives to escort Juli out of ATHEMOO.

The usher arrives to escort RainerF out of ATHEMOO.

The usher arrives to escort AaronK out of ATHEMOO.

The usher arrives to escort LeeG out of ATHEMOO.

The usher arrives to escort Jim out of ATHEMOO.

The usher arrives to escort GernotL out of ATHEMOO.

AaronK has arrived.

AaronK goes west.

MonikaW has arrived.

-- End: Thursday, August 28, 1997 8:00:27 am ATHEMOO time (HST)