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-- Start: Tuesday, February 25, 1997 7:25:22 am ATHEMOO time (HST)

MonikaW drops Oudeis Recorder (recording).

MonikaW asks, "where could you raise this money from?"

MonikaW asks, "from the performance itself?"

LeeG says, "Maybe my idea is naive but there are virtually no expenses to staging BLISS and I figure each performance could easily clear 1000 dollars"

LeeG says, "Yes, from the performance itself"

LeeG asks, "So, how much money does oudeis have and how much does it need?"

LeeG asks, "Or is this top secret?"

GeorgL teleports in

KarinM teleports in

GeorgL exclaims, "Hi everybody!"

MonikaW waves at Karin

LeeG says, "Hi Georg, Hi Karin"

MonikaW [to LeeG]: "so here is the person to ask these questions

MonikaW looks releived from the heavy question of money

KarinM says, "Hi, everybody, a day with many news!""

LeeG [to KarinM]: Please go on

LeeG [to KarinM]: I was wondering how much money oudeis has and needs?

LeeG says, "Money, what a dreary topic"

KarinM says, "we had a date today with the say"

LeeG [to KarinM]: are you there?

MonikaW says, "one moment"

RainerF teleports in

KarinM says, "today we had a meeiting with Mr Stocker ( the director of the ars electronica ce"

GeorgL says, "Hi Rainer"

RainerF says Hi to all

MonikaW sees Karin 's struggeling with moo communication

LeeG waves to Rainer

LeeG [to KarinM]: take your time

GeorgL asks, "to RainerF Finally got some personality, hah?"

RainerF says, "[to GeorgL] yes, now I start feeling like a human ..."

MonikaW thinks people are coming late tonight :(

GeorgL [to RainerF]: ...Emperor

LeeG [to RainerF]: Is that a virtual human or a real human?

RainerF exclaims, "[to Lee] both !"

MonikaW [to LeeG]: "so what did you want to know from karin?

LeeG [to RainerF]: So you are literally virtual and virtually literal

MonikaW says, "seh will speak about ars later when the others are here"

MonikaW [to KarinM]: "lee wanted to know how much money we have / need for oudeis

LeeG [to KarinM]: I was wondering how much money oudeis had and needs?

MonikaW grins at lee - "great minds think alike"

LeeG [to mo]: Synched

You hear the distant sound of trumpets blaring. As the fanfare grows louder, you feel the air around you begin to grow warmer. Finally, in grand style TwylaM-S appears beside you.

TwylaM-S waves.

MonikaW exclaims, "twyla!"

LeeG smiles at Monika

MonikaW hugs Twyla

GeorgL waves and grins at Twykla oops Wyla oops Twyla...

TwylaM-S says, "Hi, sorry I'm late ... working on my oral presentation for tomorrow."

TwylaM-S laughs.

LeeG hugs Twyla

GeorgL is embarrased.

LeeG thinks Twyla is still thinking about netsed

TwylaM-S waves and hugs and smiles at everyone (including Georg).

TwylaM-S grins at Lee -- he may be more right than he knows.

LeeG blushes for twyla

MonikaW says, "hi Twyla - there is the money question raised at the moment"

TwylaM-S says, "Oh. I don't have any."

GeorgL grins.

MonikaW says, "well, so we both should try to get out of here :-)"

TwylaM-S laughs.

GeorgL exclaims, "Stay!"

TwylaM-S says, "mmmm ... for you ... okay."

TwylaM-S has disconnected.

GeorgL says, "Big boss is missing...."

GeorgL says, "And Twyla..."

KarinM says, "gernot and I are working on anew budget, because we have to wait till next week."

KarinM [to decide]: what kind of light, how many etc, so we will do LeeG thinks Twyla is

LeeG [to KarinM]: How much money did the old budget call for?

TwylaM-S has connected.

GeorgL exclaims, "hi again!"

KarinM says, "gernot and I are working on anew budget, because we have to wait till next week."

LeeG asks, "Just an approximation?"

TwylaM-S says, "sorry new client and I bumped myself off (I'm having a dork phase)."

KarinM [to decide]: what kind of light, how many etc, so we will do LeeG thinks Twyla is

TwylaM-S [to LeeG]: Is what?!?!?!?

LeeG says, "I think we are in a time warp..."

KarinM says, "gernot and I are working on anew budget, because we have to wait till next week."

KarinM says, "We have a meeting by the governement and then we will know how much money we wi"

GeorgL grins at LeeG.

LeeG says, "Sorry, Twyla, I'll try to keep it to two sylables"

KarinM says, "to decide what kind of light, how many etc, so we will do LeeG thinks Twyla is"

KarinM says, ".... know how much money we wi"

KarinM says, "sorry, I try again this whole ......"

TwylaM-S is tapping her foot.

KarinM says, "gernot and I are working on"

KarinM says, "anew budget, because we have"

KarinM says, "to wait till next week."

KarinM says, "We have a meeting by the"

LeeG says, "Start the netlag storm..."

KarinM says, "governement and then we will"

KarinM says, "know how much money we wi"

KarinM says, "ll have, and we have this week"

KarinM says, "a date with the lighting firm"

KarinM says, "and than Gernot has"

KarinM says, "to decide what kind of light,"

KarinM says, "how many etc, so we will do"

KarinM says, "then a maximum and a"

KarinM says, "minimum budget,"

LeeG [to KarinM]: OK, so for now there is no budget, correct?

KarinM says, "yes"

MonikaW wipes the sweat of "uff"!

LeeG says, "Whew. all right."

GeorgL wonders where everybody is.

MonikaW thinks Gernot tried to relax from the travel to linz TOOOOOO long!

SantiagoP teleports in

SantiagoP exclaims, "hi!"

LeeG waves to Santiago

MonikaW waves at Santiago

SantiagoP waves to everybody.

GeorgL waves at Santiago and wipes his forehead...

MonikaW [to LeeG]: "so is this question now clearer for you?

MonikaW hears gernot coming in the back!

SantiagoP exclaims, "sorry i'm late!"

KarinM exclaims, "Hi, Santiago!"

SantiagoP [to KarinM]: hi!

LeeG [to mo]: Well, at least I knw there is presently no budget

KarinM says, "Where is Dan?""

TwylaM-S belatedly says, "hi!

MonikaW says, "ok, Gernot will be here in a second, thatn we could tell some news :)"

SantiagoP [to RainerF]: so you finally got a name... is it rAiner or rEiner?

MonikaW thanks all for the patience

RainerF says, "[to Santiago] it is rAiner, with an A ..."

SantiagoP [to RainerF]: tnx.

LeeG [to RainerF]: since you are the emperor wouldn't it be reigner?

RainerF says, "[to santiago] youre welcome"

GernotL teleports in

RainerF says, "to [LeeG] good idea, but it wouldnt work out in german ... ;-)"

GeorgL cheers for Gernot.

SantiagoP exclaims, "hi, gernot! finally got a name!"

GernotL says, "HI all its agood day for the project"

MonikaW says, "ok, so we have had a chat with Gerfried Stocker today"

MonikaW says, "he leads the AEC center in Linz Austria"

SantiagoP . o O ( AEC? )

MonikaW says, "this is kind of "new museum" for art with communication media - art and technology"

SantiagoP nods.

MonikaW says, """

MonikaW says, ""

MonikaW blushes

MonikaW says, "ok, and he seems to be interested in our project"

MonikaW says, "in fact he is very interested :)"

MonikaW says, "said we should try to perform it DURING the Ars Electronica ..."

MonikaW says, "this is a festival (sep 8th - sep 13th 1997)"

MonikaW says, "a very BIG one"

MonikaW looks proud

SantiagoP exclaims, "but that's a month before our date!"

MonikaW nods

MonikaW says, "that's the "bad " side"

MonikaW says, "he also said, there is the possibility ..."

MonikaW says, "to make a "try " of the whole project"

MonikaW says, "to show the work in progress"

MonikaW says, "and perfrom on a later date"

SantiagoP nods

MonikaW says, "maybe the 1998 conference (in autumn as well)"

MonikaW says, "so thats the current status , we dont know yet what to think of it for ourselves"

MonikaW says, "its like a "dream" for us"

MonikaW asks, "do you know ars electronica?"

SantiagoP says, "and that's almost a year after..."

MonikaW says, "what do you think="

SantiagoP says, "i guess it would be very good to be in the festival."

MonikaW waits for the but

SantiagoP says, "but would prefer to fo it the 'work in progress' way."

BorisK teleports in

SantiagoP laughsssssss.

MonikaW waves at Boris

SantiagoP . o O ( fo=do )

BorisK bows to all, aplogizes for coming late ...

GeorgL greets Boris.

SantiagoP waves o boris.

KarinM says, "greets to boris"

LeeG waves to boris

BorisK exclaims, "Hello all!"

GernotL says, "hello to all"

MonikaW [to Broris]: "just spoke about that ARs electronica is interested in our project - do you know ars?

BorisK says, "[to Monika] Oh yes - sounds fine ... no, I havne't heardf of ars before (only read about it in your postinhgs)"

MonikaW says, "the festival would be perfect because of the audience that we will get and ..."

MonikaW asks, "and because they could probably help us with stuff, development and money!?"

GernotL asks, "this is like a dream for us but we dnt know how we handle this situation in the moment, and what it means working progress?"


MonikaW asks, "what do you think about the possibility of stagin it in September 1997??"

BorisK [to Monika"Do]: they impose any demands on you, I mean in terms of schedule or contwent?

KarinM asks, "what will it mean for the whole project if we have the real performance next year?"

SantiagoP says, "about that: Joyce's last work (Finnegan's Wake) was called 'Work in Progress' while he was working on it. he published excerpts on newspapers and magazines, and when he finished it, he changed the name."

SantiagoP [to KarinM]: peace of mind?

MonikaW [to BorisK]: content - no I think, shedule yes because the festival is only once a year - so the question is this autumn or next autumn

BorisK nods

MonikaW [to SantiagoP]: ? what do you mean?

SantiagoP says, "couldn't we perform oudeis after this festival, and then again on the next year's one? (maybe a 'version 2')"

MonikaW nods at Santiago

BorisK exclaims, "an update!"

MonikaW says, "a possibility"

SantiagoP [to MonikaW]: just some info on the phrase. i find it interesting 'cos he also worked on the odyssey ('Ulysses')

MonikaW asks, "I did understand Gerfried Stockers words like this - what do you think gernot?"

MonikaW asks, "you mean joice?"

RainerF says, "wouldnt consider this a good idea. the overall interest for the 2nd performance would be low, I guess (because it is nothing new, then)"

MonikaW hms at rainer

SantiagoP [to MonikaW]: James Joyce, Dubliner.

BorisK agrees with Raibner

SantiagoP grins.

MonikaW says, "depends on the development"

MonikaW blushes for the typo

BorisK asks, "So you are all seriously considering a change of date?"

GernotL says, "i understand that Gerfried wood like to do a first version specaly for this september also with the ideae "cave" and than he will develope the hole project for the next year"

KarinM asks, "to Santiago would it be possible for you to to make the performance this september?"

MonikaW [to BorisK]: "one month earlier!

SantiagoP says, "when i say 'version 2' i mean a big change... maybe a totally different project, woth some other story, with some concepts shared with oudeis (multiple stages around the world, audience remote interaction, etc)."

SantiagoP [to KarinM]: er... don't know. in fact i'm having some problems with the management part here.

MonikaW says, "so stocker made a suggestion to use another technology colled CAVE for the first version (I am not a fan of this idea) CAVE is a VRML environment"

KarinM asks, "some problems that you can handle or bigger ones?"

SantiagoP [to KarinM]: another thing is that there will be a huge international theatre festival here in October, and it would be good for us to get into it here.

MonikaW says, "so the lightthing would be totally different"

LeeG asks, "What did Gerfried Stocker actual committ to?"

LeeG asks, "actually commit to?"

MonikaW says, "well, ..."

SantiagoP [to KarinM]: as i told Gernot i'm no producer, and the managing part is quite messy here. i hope i'll find a real producer soon.

MonikaW says, "he said that there are the possibilities of .."

MonikaW says, "and showin g"

MonikaW says, "sorry, again"

SantiagoP [to Karon]: next thursday i have a meeting with an actress here who has lots of contacts and is very interested in being part of the project. Gernot knows her. i guess she and Guillermo (a very good friend of mine) will be in the production team.

MonikaW says, "we could show smaller" performance this year - would mean only a performance in Linz"

MonikaW says, "showing the worldwide version next year"

MonikaW asks, "???"

SantiagoP [to KarinM]: the problem is that Guillermo (who i trust a lot) is on vacation 'till mid-march!

MonikaW says, "I think the main point lies in the technical equipment (crossed with the conceptual idea)"

SantiagoP asks, "but wouldn't we have to change the techniques used to other ones?"

LeeG asks, "So, they would supply the equipment for a small show in Linz?"

MonikaW looks questioningly

RainerF says, "I think that with a delay/break/pause of almost a year, somebody might pick up our idea and make a performance that draws all attention."

MonikaW [to LeeG]: "suppose so

GernotL says, "maybe we could show the the first step in september in Linz the second part in Vienna in october and next year the hole thing, that means we have also this theaterfestival in october in the programm"

SantiagoP says, "agree with Rainer."

MonikaW [to RainerF]: "thats one reason why we SHOULD show something this year!

SantiagoP [to GernotL]: tnx!

KarinM says, "to Santiago: Good luck!:agree"

MonikaW asks, "maybe we do not need the 1998 performance???"

SantiagoP asks, "so what if we perform a 'sketch' of oudeis on ARS and then our full project on october?"

MonikaW asks, "have a "try " in september - and another performance in octobre?"

SantiagoP asks, "another thing: i think a very important part of oudeis is the interaction between actors... how would we show this on only one stage?"

BorisK wondres, er, wqon, er, wonders if the october performance could benefit from the setptember performance - or if it would just be double work?

LeeG asks, "Is this a firm committment from Stocker or just a strong interest?"

MonikaW says, "strong interest"

MonikaW [to SantiagoP]: "exactly, I do not know how to do a "reduced" version

GernotL says, "sorry santiago, the public relationsby the ars is to big, that we can say first step Linz and the performance in october, the second point is that we have in Linz other technical possibilities"

LeeG says, "Making plans on the basis of one discussion can be risky"

SantiagoP [to BorisK]: i think thw full performance would benefit from the ARS one. it would be something like an open final rehearsal.

MonikaW exclaims, "work in progress! exactely!"

SantiagoP says, "one idea i can think of is to set up two or three different stages in the same city."

BorisK [to SantiagoP]: UNder normal circumstances yes, but to my impression, the time schedule is quite ... narrow?

MonikaW says, "well, Gernot thinks we here could make it till september - but we can think that this is hard work for you"

SantiagoP [to BorisK]: but september would be 15 days before we begin with our open rehearsals!

MonikaW [to BorisK]: "what is the difference? 3 stages in one city is not esier than worldwide?

SantiagoP [to MonikaW]: you?

GernotL says, "im agree Santigo"

LeeG asks, "Is there a rehearsal schedule in existence?"

RainerF says, "to santiago: setting up 2/3 stages in ONE city is, uhm, to plain. we have the whole world accessable via the internet, and we should use it this way."

SantiagoP says, "yup. i don't like it too much either, but is the only way i can think of putting the play toether in one city."

MonikaW says, "yes, thats what I think too, So this would not really be a reduced version, so why doing it :)"

GernotL says, "hey friends, no stress by the hole discussion, we need all of us a little bit more time to think about the news, we know the news only few hours, so again no stress"

MonikaW grins at Gernot trying to calm us down

SantiagoP says, "i agree with Lee that maybe we should wait 'till things get clear."

SantiagoP says, "clearer."

SantiagoP says, "more clear."

SantiagoP asks, "???"

MonikaW says, "we have the next meeting at march 18th"

LeeG asks, "Why don't you ask Stocker exactly what he's prepared to do?"

SantiagoP asks, "not March 11?"

MonikaW says, "but what we should discuss here is what we CAN imagine to do till autumn in any way"

MonikaW exclaims, "18th is the meeting with stocker!"

SantiagoP exclaims, "one thing we should do is finish the text!!!"

MonikaW nods at Santiago

MonikaW says, "exactly"

MonikaW says, "so what stocker wants to provide ..."

MonikaW looks at gernot who feels like nobody notices him today

SantiagoP says, "i found there's a problem with the last (7th) episode: it spans over around six 'books' on homer's text, and is quite difficult to shorten."

MonikaW [to SantiagoP]: "this is the return episode?

GernotL says, "i think Gerfried Stocker like this project but he didnt think clearly what he will do with the projekt, he will have the project in the performance, in the festival"

MonikaW feels ashamed had so less time to look into the text recently

SantiagoP says, "yup. return and killing of the suitors."

MonikaW [to GernotL]: "and he asked about our budget!!

MonikaW says, "which we couldnt answer :)"

MonikaW says, "so I think he would provide us with money as well"

LeeG nods in understanding

MonikaW asks, "as a coproducer you said!?"

MonikaW asks, "so what would you like to do now? discuss the text? or what we should do with our sheduled date??"

MonikaW [to SantiagoP]: "are you ok?

LeeG asks, "What's with the copyright?"

MonikaW looks at Gernot

SantiagoP [to MonikaW]: yup! why?

KarinM we are working on that.

MonikaW [to SantiagoP]: "because you are so silent.

SantiagoP says, "i think the date thing should be settled down before we move on."

LeeG thinks it's strange to even be working on editing Cook's translations let alone talk about finishing it before copyright approval

SantiagoP [to MonikaW]: was eating...

MonikaW says, "ok ,lets get this straight - we concentrated on to many organistional things recently here ..."

MonikaW says, "but missed the copyright organisation"

MonikaW says, "thats what we will do ASAP"

MonikaW says, "same thing with the text"

LeeG asks, "Do what with text?"

MonikaW [to santaigo]: "yes, date before text?

MonikaW is confused

SantiagoP says, "and the copyright should be checked for all languajes... spanish is no problem, i guess, since we're using an out of copyright translation."

SantiagoP says, "Date before text."

MonikaW nods

LeeG has problems with text but will wait for discussion on date

GeorgL grins and nods.

TwylaM-S laughs,

GernotL says, "i think that the copxyright is only a question of money"

SantiagoP [to GeorgL]: you too quiet today... feeling sleepy?

GeorgL [to SantiagoP]: Tooth hurts (nudge, bnudge)...

GeorgL grins.

TwylaM-S exclaims, "Poor Georg!"

TwylaM-S sympathetically fusses over Georg and his tooth.


| |

SantiagoP holds up a BIG sign: | |



| |

SantiagoP holds up a BIG sign: | "congrats for the new site! |


LeeG says, "Have some red wine Gernot"

SantiagoP says, "BRB."

LeeG smiles

SantiagoP teleports out

MonikaW asks, "ok , question is CAN we do it till septmeber - together???"

KarinM asks, "to Santiago: Why is there no problem with the spanist copyright?"

SantiagoP teleports in

MonikaW says, "oh no san is gone"

GernotL says, "sorry Lee, but feel me the first time in the evening that somebody understand me"

SantiagoP drops Champagne Cart.

GeorgL blushes.:grins.

MonikaW asks, "question again: CAN we do it together till september????"

TwylaM-S cheers mightily -- even if it's stil am here!

SantiagoP exclaims, "er... anybody want some champagne? i owe this to the vienna staff here present!"

MonikaW says, "before trinking foolisly"

MonikaW grins at santiago

RainerF says, "regarding the domain thing: several minutes ago, I succeeded in setting up the nameserver software. This means that I will register the domain soon, but I am looking for someone who is willing to provide the secondary name server."

GeorgL cheers for the emperor.

MonikaW removes Magic Moon Potion from Champagne Cart.

SantiagoP [to RainerF]: secondary?

MonikaW sips eir Magic Moon Potion and spills the whole glass down eir shirtfront.

GeorgL cheers for the emperor.

LeeG [to ge]: Even though it's morning here, I'll join you and the others in a glass of wine

TwylaM-S raises an eyebrow at Mon.

MonikaW [to RainerF]: "I think this is a "samall" problem - thgouth I should check this

MonikaW says, "sorry needed a drink"

KarinM says, "a glass of champagner would be very fine after this day.."

SantiagoP removes Mumm from Champagne Cart.

SantiagoP sips eir Mumm and finishes the glass in one swallow.

SantiagoP exclaims, "cheers!"

MonikaW exclaims, "cheers!"

MonikaW exclaims, "soo!!!"

RainerF says, "to santiago: yes, some kind of backup name server. this is a must."

GeorgL is a teetotal.

TwylaM-S says, "Okay you twisted my arm, and besides Lee, I'd hate for you to drink in the morning alone."

RainerF says, "sorry, I dont drink alcohol. not even virtual one."

SantiagoP [to ranier]: maybe i can get something here, but would it work?

LeeG appreciates Twyla's company

SantiagoP sips eir Mumm and realizes that someone has secretly exchanged eir drink for Diet 7-Up.

BorisK has disconnected.

KarinM removes Veuve Cliquot from Champagne Cart.

MonikaW doesnt like this to move to a driniking meeting

GernotL removes Pellegrino from Champagne Cart.

KarinM sips eir Veuve Cliquot and enjoys the delicate tingling feeling.

TwylaM-S removes Korbel from Champagne Cart.

LeeG says, "Regarding the September date..."

MonikaW says, "cheers on ARs electronica"

TwylaM-S exclaims, "Rainer, there's an NA root beer float!"

MonikaW sighs

TwylaM-S sips eir Korbel and downs the bubbly and gives three cheers for Dan Zellner of StudioZ.

GernotL sips eir Pellegrino and realizes that someone has secretly exchanged eir drink for Diet 7-Up.

RainerF exclaims, "to twyla ?!"

LeeG asks, "We should see what equippment and resources they can offer and then we would know what is possible, correct?"

GeorgL raises a imagined virtual drink to everybody.

TwylaM-S [to RainerF]: Non-alcoholic.

RainerF says, "I see ..."

TwylaM-S exclaims, "To the fine people here!"

GernotL says, "to lee yes"

TwylaM-S sips eir Korbel and toasts Mark Heckler, ATHE President.

SantiagoP [to RainerF]: would it help you if i got that here?

RainerF says, "just finished my real "latella", a soft drink containing maracujas from brasil :)"

SantiagoP [to RainerF]: i mean... the secondary being so far from the primary.

MonikaW [to LeeG]: "thank you for getting things straight - so santiago?

TwylaM-S [to RainerF]: Sounds tasty.

TwylaM-S sips eir Korbel and wants more..more..more.

SantiagoP puts Mumm in Champagne Cart.

LeeG [to GernotL]: It may be that all they are interested in is a technical demonstration which probable could be done somewhat easy

LeeG says, "At least at this stage"

RainerF says, "to santiago: tecically, it would be possible. tnx for the offer, we should consider this in the case we cant find another one."

MonikaW puts Magic Moon Potion in Champagne Cart.

SantiagoP [to GernotL]: do you have any idea which are the tech equipments they can provide?

SantiagoP says, "brb"

MonikaW [to LeeG]: "do you think we will have problems to get the concpetual idea straight? so that we could only show somethink technically?

The usher arrives to escort BorisK out of ATHEMOO.

MonikaW [to LeeG]: "or at least get the text till than?

GernotL says, "sorry santiago I dont know in the moment, for me today is a big surprise"

RainerF [to LeeG:]: hm, well. It depends on how "demonstrative" the whole thing should be. to move some light cones across the stage is easy, but if all the software and hardware is required to be finished, we could as well do the final performance

SantiagoP is back.

LeeG [to mo]: I think a major part of this project is the idea the much of the concept is the technology

SantiagoP [to GernotL]: OK.

MonikaW [to SantiagoP]: "he (gerfried) said that he could support us for sure with 5 or 6 computers and Internet lines during the performacne

MonikaW asks, "well generally said I am for the whole or for nothing - because I can not say which part we could LEAVE away!?"

SantiagoP [to MonikaW]: ok. i guess they will need the line for other projects during the festival too.

GernotL says, "I think, we have to do a difference between our situation in Austria and the situation for the hole project"

MonikaW says, "well the AEC is a "house" (real one) which has lines constantly - he was also speaking of ATM (?) connections"

SantiagoP [to RainerF]: where you at the meeting today?

RainerF says, "to santiago: No, I wasnt."

SantiagoP [to RainerF]: ATM... that was FAST, wasn't it?

MonikaW says, "unfortunately"

MonikaW grins at Rainer - meaning this honestly

RainerF says, "to Santiago: yes, ATM is supposed to be fast; but if it is fast only inhouse ...+"

GernotL says, "first of all for the your part the changement could be the date, and the develeopment for us is a big decison, Vienna or Linz and also the development 19997 - 1998"

And elegantly attired usher arrives to take the empty glass of Veuve Cliquot from KarinM back to the champagne cart in the Dancer's Barre and Grille.

MonikaW says, "any how if we perform on AEC in the austrian case - we will have less problems to stage the thing - so it will be easier for us to do it in september - but the situation for you is more difficult I think"

And elegantly attired usher arrives to take the empty glass of Pellegrino from GernotL back to the champagne cart in the Dancer's Barre and Grille.

And elegantly attired usher arrives to take the empty glass of Korbel from TwylaM-S back to the champagne cart in the Dancer's Barre and Grille.

MonikaW asks, "gernot?"

SantiagoP [to RainerF]: one thing we should think of is the RA servers... a 128Kbps connection can only hold around 20 streams at once... that's not at all enough! (even if we have a server on each venue it's only 300 connections!

SantiagoP asks, "i think time is a problem only with regards to production. the creative and technical aspects can be hurried. agree?"

MonikaW exclaims, "agree!!!!!!!!!"

SantiagoP asks, "Rainer?"

LeeG does not agree

SantiagoP looks at lee.

GernotL says, "to santiago bravo santi, thank you, i believed"

RainerF says, "to Santiago: sure. the idea of the tech concept was to locate the web server in the providers rooms (server housing) to take full advantage of the providers lines (hopefully more than 128k). the 128k line to the stage was only intended to carry one live stream and the streams from the other stages together with sensor/lighting/text data; but not the cyberaudiences sound streams"

MonikaW asks, "lee?"

LeeG thinks the creative aspects have already been way overlooked

MonikaW nods at lee

MonikaW says, "right one more reason to drive it forward"

LeeG thinks it may be possible to do a scaled down version at Linz

RainerF says, "yes, technically speaking, we could hurry up (as long as there is cash and hardware available)"

MonikaW [to LeeG]: "wha? dont you think we could get it till then?

LeeG Thinks that maybe we should look at Linz as more of a demonstration than a production

MonikaW says, "i mean we do have to know what we want before we can drive the technic forward"

MonikaW says, "so we have to know ..."

MonikaW says, "what we want to stage (text)"

MonikaW says, "whom (how many actors)"

MonikaW says, "and how (the lightcones)"

MonikaW asks, "right?"

LeeG says, "I think the technical aspects of this production have always been driving the creative side"

MonikaW says, "I mean the "general" concept should be clear in some way"

MonikaW [to LeeG]: "yes - that is right!

RainerF says, "to leeg: I consider it the other way round :)"

MonikaW says, "we realized this today - while speaking of the lightcones"

SantiagoP thinks we can hurry it. just work more on it and finish it. kill it. etc.

SantiagoP says, "and i think it's interesting to have three visible steps to the final performance: a scaled down '`pre-view', then the open rehearsal/setting up of the stage, and then the performance itself."

MonikaW says, "because we are thinking of a technical possiblity at the moment that would probably be easier (technically) but not more "living""

LeeG [to mo]: Yes , I think the general concept should be known

SantiagoP likes number three.

RainerF says, "sorry, I was a bit wrong when I summarized the light-meeting. we discussed two"

KarinM says, "to Santiago, its a good proposal."

LeeG [to SantiagoP]: I think the way we are going will kill it

SantiagoP says, "and it also may be analogy to the three parts of the stage (stage, tech-gods, screens)"

GernotL says, "iIm agree with Santiago, 3 steps but we have to know more about the conditions in Linz, maybe the have money for two years, or the can pay all the artists"

LeeG says, "Yes, let"

MonikaW asks, "santiago - in which time span do you think of the 3 steps?"

MonikaW asks, "during one year??"

LeeG says, "Why not take it one step at a time..."

MonikaW [to LeeG]: "why are you so pessimistic?

SantiagoP says, "nope... all betwee september and october '97"

MonikaW [to santaigo]: "I agree definitly!!

LeeG says, "Maybe see aboout a demonstratin in Linz"

GernotL exclaims, "to santiago aha!!"

MonikaW says, "this is like it would be one step :)"

MonikaW thinks this means gernot likes it as well

SantiagoP says, "possible dates would be between 8-13/9 for the preview (within ARS), 25/9-15/10 for the open stage and 16,18,20/10 for the performances."

MonikaW grins at the tired gernot

MonikaW tries to write this down

SantiagoP is looking at his multi-purpose calendar... :)

LeeG asks, "So, what would the preview be, a demonstration?"

SantiagoP asks, "what about just one episode?"

MonikaW asks, "so everybody aggrees to santiogos propsion?"

MonikaW asks, "no, not only one! or is this bette?"

MonikaW cant type any more

SantiagoP says, "to make it simpler..."

MonikaW says, "well , take the worst case - maybe we could leave this possibility open"

LeeG says, "I vote that we wait for more information from Stocker and then see what our options are."

MonikaW asks, "lee?"

MonikaW says, "Rainer"

MonikaW nods at lee

GernotL exclaims, "to Lee year!!!!!!"

SantiagoP says, "agree with lee. was just an idea that can be done if all this gets to good ends."

MonikaW think this shedule can drive the hole production forward

MonikaW hopes it at least

RainerF says, "well. I ask myself if the "few" days between the scheduled date in Oct and the Ars date in Sep make such a big difference."

SantiagoP agrees

SantiagoP [to RainerF]: it's a month!

MonikaW [to RainerF]: "dont you know what one month means in rehearsal time ;)

RainerF says, "yes, we definitely need more infos from stocker."

GernotL says, "to rainer for us not but one month in the theater can be very long"

MonikaW says, "ok , so lets leave this discussion now and switch to the next point"

MonikaW says, "whi"

MonikaW asks, "which is?"

SantiagoP asks, " would be?"

RainerF says, "yup, I know, its even a big time in computer science (speaking as student of computer science) ;-)"

SantiagoP asks, "text?"

GernotL says, "for vienna , we have to sleep one night about the possibilities and we have to discuss our possibilities immedetley"

MonikaW asks, "text?"

MonikaW says, "we are not quite prepared"

MonikaW blushes

MonikaW asks, "first scene?"

LeeG says, "Whoa..."

SantiagoP says, "nope... last episode. that's our first problem, i think."

LeeG asks, "How about text in general?"

MonikaW says, "so we decided to skip the "Zeus""

MonikaW says, "ok - last"

SantiagoP exclaims, "i mean: someone should write down a first draft, so we can move on with the whole story!"

SantiagoP . o O ( irst draft of the last episode. )

MonikaW asks, "how should we reduce odysseus return?"

SantiagoP . o O ( first draft of the last episode. )

MonikaW says, "I would leave the story with the suitors out of it"

LeeG says, "I think there are several major problems with the entire text"

MonikaW says, "maybe only have a scene between odysseus and penelope"

SantiagoP lloks at lee.

MonikaW asks, "Lee?"

SantiagoP [to MonikaW]: gut!

LeeG says, "First of all, I would like to say that artistic differences do not mean personal differences"

SantiagoP nods.

MonikaW asks, "lee?"

LeeG exclaims, "I think that it is ironic the for the core (text) of a project that calls itself revolutionary the most conservative, least inspired approach possible has been taken!"

MonikaW [to SantiagoP]: "well long time not seen the text:) can not think what we could leave out of the rest

MonikaW [to LeeG]: "which is?

MonikaW asks, "using prewritten words?"

SantiagoP softly says "ouch."

LeeG says, "Yes, taking sections from an epic poem and rearranging them."

MonikaW [to LeeG]: "what would you suggest to do?

LeeG says, "Furthermore, as it is written I do not think it works dramatically"

SantiagoP says, "i think the 'revolutionary' part of oudeis is not in the text. i'm sure f it, in fact."

SantiagoP thinkd Lee may be right with that.

MonikaW thinks that too (right)

LeeG [to SantiagoP]: And that's part of my point. The technology is driving the creative aspect into a very narrow range

GernotL says, "the text could help us to show our wishes"

LeeG [to GernotL]: and what are our wishes?

SantiagoP [to LeeG]: just in the text... in the music the concept has evolved free, and is IMHO very interesting.

MonikaW [to SantiagoP]: are there examples to listen to yet?

SantiagoP [to MonikaW]: nope... next week i hope.

SantiagoP smiles for the rhymes.

LeeG [to SantiagoP]: Yes, the music concept is interesting but at the heart of this project wrapped in all of the technology is the dialogue

GernotL says, "to show the odysse in one hour all over the world in completly new theatralic version"

SantiagoP nods at lee.

MonikaW nods at lee too - dialogue has to be straightened

LeeG says, "And as it now stands the dialogue is simply an abridged version of Cook's translation...hardly inspirational for such a major project"

SantiagoP asks, "has any of you seen the new movie on 'Romeo & Juliet'?"

GernotL says, "and in a new colaboration working process, also created by a world wide team of artist and backstagepeople"

MonikaW shakes her head on santiagos question

MonikaW [to LeeG]: "anything you can offer for help?

LeeG [to GernotL]: A project is only as good as its weakest leak!

LeeG says, "link"

GernotL says, "to lee: maybe your a riht, bur do you think, that wecanwright our one odyssee"

LeeG [to GernotL]: Yes, I think so

LeeG says, "look, as things now stand all we have is a poetry reading not a play"

SantiagoP [to MonikaW]: they work with the original Shakespears's text, but put in a modern Firenze, with guns, and very music-clip-like direction.

LeeG says, "Granted, an avante garde poetry reading with lots of technology"

MonikaW [to SantiagoP]: "but they used a play script as base!

LeeG [to SantiagoP]: Shakespeare wrote plays and his work is slightly out of copyright

GernotL [to lee:]: so you can to a first draft, that means 2 or 3 scenes

LeeG [to MonikaW]: We synched again

MonikaW grins at lee - great minds ....

LeeG [to GernotL]: I think something original would be preferable

LeeG says, "Let's not forget about the copyright problem\"

LeeG says, "I hope I'm not getting anyone too angry (a little angry is ok)"

SantiagoP laughsssssss.

LeeG says, "I know a lot of effort has been put into the text already"

GernotL [to all]: the interesting thing is that the music come from argentina, the idea from austria, maybe the stage from brasilia so maybe the text from you Lee, lets take our one possibilities the network!

LeeG [to GernotL]: Excellent point..

SantiagoP says, "i agree with the idea of writing a new text... if i don't have to work on it! :)"

MonikaW [to LeeG]: we all know that YOU are the person who can critizes it! and you are rig

LeeG says, "I think a revolutionary project calls for something extra"

MonikaW claps on lees shoulder

GernotL laughsssssss to santiago

LeeG smiles and realizes no one has thrown anything at him

MonikaW [to SantiagoP]: but you already did (wroking on it)

MonikaW [to LeeG]: "so what are you suggesting?

SantiagoP [to GernotL]: oudeis + work + child being born in 15 days = possible stress...

MonikaW asks, "could you do some scene?"

MonikaW exclaims, "15 days!!!"

SantiagoP [to MonikaW]: yup!

GernotL [to Lee:]: but the base is the odyssee, naturly in our century

LeeG says, "In 15 days I will show you something that will help you and Gernot decide"

MonikaW says, "may be iat this moment we should also gratulate Karin for her birthday (march 3rd)"

SantiagoP says, "ok, so in 15 days i'll scan a photo of my just-born child and put it on my site for yu to decide... ;)"

LeeG says, "Happy birthday, Karin...a fellow pieces"

MonikaW exclaims, "a toast for the children in march!"

TwylaM-S [to SantiagoP]: CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Kids are just amazing.

SantiagoP [to KarinM]: and it's my first one!

GeorgL smiles astonishedly.

TwylaM-S [to KarinM]: CONGRATUALTIONS!!!!!!! Birthdays are pretty amazing too.

TwylaM-S hugs Santiago and Karin.

SantiagoP [to KarinM]: happy happy birthday birthday!

MonikaW begins to think "in 15 days in 15 days

LeeG [to SantiagoP]: Hey congratulations!

TwylaM-S [to SantiagoP]: If you need any advice, I am for you!

GernotL [to Santiago:]: maybe in 15 days I scan you a foto of my new love

SantiagoP [to LeeG]: tnx!

LeeG says, "Misunderstood the 15 days...great news"

GeorgL exclaims, "Hey, I will move to a new flat about that time too.!"

SantiagoP laughssssss at gernot

SantiagoP exclaims, "so, the world changes in 15 days... around the date of our next meeting!"

MonikaW grins at Lee

MonikaW asks, "how much time do you think for "this baby"?"

LeeG blushes

GernotL says, "laughss"

SantiagoP asks, "lee?"

LeeG [to SantiagoP]: thought you were talking about the gestation of oudeis

TwylaM-S laughs -- miracles can happen!

LeeG exclaims, "Happy to hear it's a literally gestation and not a virtual one!"

KarinM says, "than you! I would like to celebtrate my birthday with all of our project."

SantiagoP [to LeeG]: ah... nope. RL kid. name will be 'Azul', if she's (as we think) a she.

KarinM [to Santiago,]: good luck for your wife

GeorgL [to SantiagoP]: "Azul is a cool name. Does it mean anything?

MonikaW asks, "btw Mark Kittlaus from Wahingtons ancient mask repertory theater sent me the "Odyssey" a play from derek salcott, do you know?"

SantiagoP [to GeorgL]: yup. 'blue' (the color). comes from arabic, originally meaning 'of the color of the sky'

TwylaM-S thinks Azul is a beautiful name.

RainerF says, "not to mistake for Nazgul :)"

MonikaW says, "derek walcott"

LeeG [to MonikaW]: Just found out about the Walcott play two days ago....think it's set in the caribean

SantiagoP [to RainerF]: no!!!!!!! dirty dark naughty spirits...

MonikaW says, "well I think his poem Omeros is set there (havnt read the play yet)"

MonikaW still have to read soooo many things *blushes*

LeeG says, "I read a review off the web but that"

SantiagoP [to LeeG]: so will you write something?

MonikaW [to LeeG]: where?

GernotL [to SantiagoP]: bad thougts in the empoers hat

LeeG says, "Wel, if it sounds like a good idea to Gernot, Monika, and et al"

LeeG says, "I'll give it a go...already have some ideas to expand on"

SantiagoP says, "i agree. Lee's the one."

GernotL [to LeeG]: yes, i like the idedea

MonikaW hugs lee

MonikaW says, "uups sorry, couldnt stand"

KarinM says, "good by"

SantiagoP [to KarinM]: bye!

MonikaW waves at karin

LeeG [to MonikaW]: the review was in time magaine...searched on alta vista

SantiagoP [to MonikaW]: couldn't stand?

TwylaM-S waves.

LeeG waves to karin

KarinM waves to everybody

LeeG hugs Mon

SantiagoP [to TwylaM-S]: bye! nx for the baby-help-offer!

MonikaW says, "couldnt prevent myself from hugging (bad english this time of the day)"

GeorgL waves to Karin in real life.

GeorgL asks, "Oops soprry Why is everybody leaving now?"

SantiagoP asks, "er... everybody leaving?"

TwylaM-S [to SantiagoP]: No problem! And I do mean it -- I remember what new-babyness was like.

GernotL waves karin

MonikaW [to LeeG]: what should i put into the search engine?

MonikaW is doing multitasking

KarinM has disconnected.

MonikaW exclaims, "so!!"

LeeG [to MonikaW]: The Odyssey: A Stage Play

MonikaW asks, "we will have a baby and a text till our next meeting?"

RainerF has disconnected.

MonikaW . o O ( March 15th next meeting )

RainerF has connected.

TwylaM-S says, "Oh, I thought it was the 11th..."

LeeG says, "Need to know2 a few things"

TwylaM-S asks, "Why did I think that?"

GeorgL has disconnected.

RainerF teleports out

RainerF teleports in

MonikaW . o O ( march 11th )

LeeG asks, "there will be seven many actors envisioned in each stage?"

MonikaW exclaims, "sorry!"

TwylaM-S is relieved she confuses so easily.

RainerF says, "sorry, got kicked out; I am back again ..."

MonikaW says, "think maximum 2 on every stage"

LeeG [to MonikaW]: OK, that's what I thought

MonikaW says, "which means up to 7 could play in every scene (look at our tables in the concept)"


LeeG says, "Saw the tables, just wanted to be sure"

MonikaW says, "but 7 i s MUCH for one scene - two would be easier"

MonikaW nudges georg

MonikaW [to LeeG]: the tables are rough draft!

LeeG nods

GernotL [to LeeG]: but not 2 in the same time

MonikaW asks, "maybe we could think fof where to stage what?"

LeeG nods again

SantiagoP says, "!&%&"@# ISP crashed... hi again."

MonikaW says, "gernot means not 2 actors onstage on one rl stage"

MonikaW hugs santiago

LeeG [to GernotL]: You mean same location

GernotL [to LeeG]: yes

GeorgL writes down Santiagos swear words.

The usher arrives to escort KarinM out of ATHEMOO.

LeeG ears are ringing from santiago's words

GernotL [to LeeG]: I think its very interesting to have more actors, also 5 or 6 in the same time time but on each local stage only one, so we have to think about the changements for the actors on each stage

SantiagoP is well again... soft, quiet, tranquil, soft...

GeorgL hums a little tune to calm Santiago down...

SantiagoP laughsssssss.

LeeG [to GernotL]: Yes, I think it is also important to somehow weave the concept of what we are doing into the text in a way that enhances it

TwylaM-S says, "I must run -- gotta get ready for work."

TwylaM-S waves to everyone.

LeeG waves to Twyla

GeorgL says, "Bye, Twyla""

GernotL [to LeeG]: yes we have to do

GernotL waves to twyla

SantiagoP waves to Twyla

MonikaW waves to twlya blows a kiss

LeeG [to GernotL]: to encompass the mythology and the technology

TwylaM-S hugs Monika, et al.

GeorgL says, "Bye, again..."

TwylaM-S goes home.

GernotL [to LeeG]: i agree

GeorgL says, "Brb"

LeeG says, "Well, it looks like we all have a lot of work to do"

MonikaW nods at lee

LeeG exclaims, "Congratulations to the Vienna crew for what they accomplished in Linz!"

GernotL [to all,]: specely to lee: that we can say!!

MonikaW grins

GeorgL says, "ab"

LeeG smiles and nods

SantiagoP exclaims, "i have to say something... i don't know if i'll be here on the MOO next meeting. baby just born = busy father, i guess!"

GeorgL understands that...

MonikaW laughs

MonikaW have to think about that

MonikaW asks, "what should we do?"

MonikaW says, "mail before"

MonikaW asks, "or meet without you?"

LeeG thinks Santiago better do a lot of sleeping while he can

MonikaW . o O ( if you have time after???? )

GernotL [to SantiagoP]: felice patre

MonikaW grins at lee - right

MonikaW says, "lets keep the date anyhow"

MonikaW says, "and we will mail as well all the newest developments (text and ars)"

MonikaW asks, "ok?"

GernotL says, "lets keep the date"

MonikaW says, "beside that - reminder : the lightcones emotions discussion is still there"

GeorgL has nothing to add to that.

MonikaW looks at Georg "great help"

MonikaW says, "now what we only need is somebody to help us with the sponsoring concept"

MonikaW sighs

GeorgL hits Monika (softly) with his fist...

GeorgL hits Monika (not so softly) with his fist)...

MonikaW says, "karin (who is on her way home - to her little son) and I a maybe will work on that tomorrow"

GeorgL says, "No, just lying...""

GernotL [to GeorgL]: we are al in the same boart

GeorgL grins

LeeG says, "Well, maybe the electronica thing will bring some more appeal to potential sponsors"

MonikaW asks, "oh, btw - what do you think of creating a ship for our next meeting in ATHEMOO?"

MonikaW asks, "with abundant flesh and wine on it?"

GeorgL laughs at the MOO abbreviating potenitial at _pot_...

GernotL [to LeeG]: can be, its a chance

MonikaW nods at lee

LeeG nods heavily with

LeeG says, "Mon, like the ship idea.."

GeorgL starts to headbnagng oops headbang

SantiagoP says, "for the record: $&$%@#."

LeeG says, "especially abundant flesh and wine"

MonikaW says, "just do not know how to start - MOO programming :)"

GernotL [to all]: i called today felippe, he wandet to fixe the date for the performance today in Rio in the museum m of modern art

MonikaW asks, "great! so Rio will join for sure ?"

GeorgL exclaims, "They mzust! They are in the animations!"

SantiagoP laughsssssss.

MonikaW grins at Georg

GeorgL says, "As is t.b.a., Australisa..."

MonikaW asks, "so should we continue discussion in two weeks - and on the list?"

MonikaW is tired

SantiagoP says, "yup."

LeeG agrees

MonikaW does not feel very creative for creating a ship

SantiagoP has to work.

MonikaW asks, "does any body want to creat right now?"

SantiagoP . o O ( creating = crafting. )

LeeG thinks the Vienna crew has already had a long day

GeorgL llopk

MonikaW nods at lee

GeorgL blushes.

MonikaW asks, "lee?"

MonikaW asks, "bliss?"

GernotL to lee so, we are very stonest about the first draft

GeorgL asks, "Stoned?"

LeeG [to GernotL]: Me too!

SantiagoP [to MonikaW]: i don't know if i'll be able to help with the programming... for sure i can't stay now.

MonikaW exclaims, "gernot meant astonished!"

GeorgL shakes Santiagos hand.

GeorgL says, "Bye!."

MonikaW [to SantiagoP]: "dont work too much! I will do it no problem , it s fun

SantiagoP exclaims, "bye, everybody!"

LeeG waves to Santiago

GernotL [to all]: so im realy tired, from our trip today i will go hopme: im to tired today, so have fun I think the project growin up everyday a little bit more

MonikaW hugs san

SantiagoP waves to everybody.

SantiagoP kisses Mon

SantiagoP goes home.

MonikaW kisses Santiago

MonikaW exclaims, "uups!"

RainerF breaks in to leave.

MonikaW says, "gone when I want to kiss him"

GeorgL raises an eybrow...

GernotL goodby to everybody#

GeorgL [to MonikaW]: "Men!

LeeG waves goodbye to the emperor

MonikaW exclaims, "men!!!"

GeorgL exclaims, "Men!!!"

RainerF has disconnected.

LeeG waves goodbye to Gernot

MonikaW says, "rainer - are you ok with technical .......oh fuck"

GeorgL says, "Bye, everybody! See you next time."

GeorgL laughs...

GernotL has disconnected.

MonikaW blushes

GeorgL says, "Gone when you want to...""

MonikaW exclaims, "georg!!"

LeeG says, "Mon is picking up Snatiago's language"

GeorgL thinks this was a good ending andf leaves...

MonikaW says, "i am sorry - has been a long day definitely"

GeorgL has disconnected.

LeeG nods

MonikaW waves to georg

MonikaW exclaims, "hm!"

LeeG waves to Georg

MonikaW asks, "so?"

LeeG says, "Well, Mon, it's just us..."

MonikaW asks, "later in detail?"

LeeG says, "No, we can talk about it now"

LeeG says, "Do you have a theatre that you can use"

MonikaW asks, "ok, so what do you want us to do ? organize a staging of bliss?"

MonikaW exclaims, "no!"

MonikaW says, "no stage, no actors at the moments"

LeeG says, "Well, that does complicate things"

MonikaW says, "so staging would mean money and energy here"

LeeG says, "OK, I though you had a resident theatre or one that was available"

MonikaW says, "even though I am sure (what I have seen of it) it is "easy" to stage - speaking of actors and props"

MonikaW says, "no kiskillila is a "free" group without a house and actors"

The usher arrives to escort RainerF out of ATHEMOO.

LeeG asks, "Is there any way to get a theatre or auditorium for little or no money?"

MonikaW says, "so how did you think we could raise money by staging it in vienna"

The usher arrives to escort GernotL out of ATHEMOO.

MonikaW shakes head

MonikaW says, "production i made in December was LITTLE"

MonikaW says, "and kosted 150 000 aTS"

MonikaW says, "with all things getting from everywhere (my own matresses made the bed for the lovers :)"

The usher arrives to escort GeorgL out of ATHEMOO.

MonikaW says, "and the actors got nearly nothing - and I and the director got nothing"

MonikaW asks, "so#?"

MonikaW says, "sorry to disappoint you"

LeeG says, "I guess maybe I was a little naive but if the theatre could hold even as few as 100 people at a charge of 10 dollars each...each performance could clear six or seven hundred dollars"

MonikaW waves at Gernot RL

MonikaW says, "uups georg is waiting for me"

MonikaW says, "i have never seen that"

LeeG says, "YOu seem a little upset..."

MonikaW asks, "do you have experiences with plays that brought money?"

MonikaW asks, "upset?"

MonikaW says, "no! of course not, just astonished"

LeeG says, "Yes, I have seen plays make money"

LeeG says, "OK, it looks as though this idea would not work in Vienna..."

LeeG says, "Still, when you get a chance read it and tell me what you think"

MonikaW says, "cool thing - one reason I want to learn somthing from you americans :)"

MonikaW exclaims, "money business is SO different - think of the sponsor story as well!"

MonikaW asks, "hey what 's about the line?"

MonikaW asks, "is there a lag here?"

MonikaW says, "lee, of course I read it"

LeeG says, "I still like the idea"

MonikaW says, "tell you than"

MonikaW grins at lee

MonikaW says, "perhaps at leas t we WILL stage a play of you"

LeeG says, "I still like the idea of premiering it in Vienna"

MonikaW says, "gotta go now"

LeeG says, "Is what I meant to say"

MonikaW says, "will think of another poss. of staging it"

LeeG Hugs Mon

LeeG kisses Mon

MonikaW exclaims, "have to look if it fits better than desperate deed into vienna!"

MonikaW says, "althouhg i like this play very much"

LeeG says, "I think it would"

MonikaW kisses lee

LeeG says, "I also think the siege would as well"

MonikaW says, "bye for now"

MonikaW says, "talk to you later"

MonikaW says, "have to go throuhg it"

MonikaW blushes

LeeG says, "Mon, hope you arent angry about my comments on the text"

MonikaW waves

MonikaW nods

LeeG kiss Mon again

MonikaW exclaims, "of course NOT!!"

LeeG says, "I know you put a lot of work into it"

MonikaW says, "thats what I said before - you have reason to critizes it and I am glad about it"

MonikaW says, "well not enough :)"

LeeG says, "OK"

LeeG says, "I better let you go"

LeeG hugs Mon one more time

-- End: Tuesday, February 25, 1997 10:24:01 am ATHEMOO time (HST)

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