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The January 1997 First Edition

The Logfile Of The First MOOudeis

MonikaW clears her throat
TwylaM-S says, "What have i missed in teh discussion."
MonikaW [to TwylaM-S]: "the "introduction" jokes
MonikaW grins
BorisK is all ears
MonikaW says, "ok ..."
GeorgL waits in anticipation.
TwylaM-S laughs at the jokes anyway.
LeeG [to TwylaM-S]: The set has been designed, the text has been finished...
BorisK shuffles his feet
MonikaW says, "I would suggest as the first point today"
MonikaW laughs at lee
TwylaM-S sticks her tongue out at Lee (because she believed him ... it's early yet).
Centilivre's_Guest says, "[to Santiago] still trying to listen to your tunes, but cant set up this nextstep machine ..."
GeorgL holds his breath...
MonikaW says, "ok, what I would like to discuss today is our next meeting date"
BorisK relaxes
GeorgL gets all blue in the face...
MonikaW says, "I would like to fix a date which is possible for everybody every second week"
SantiagoP says, "i'd say every 15 days, and every week when the date gets closer."
TwylaM-S turns a fan on Georg:
MonikaW nods at Santiago
Bibiena's_Guest says, "he santiago, its my faute, but I think that Felippe has not a telnet-progrwamm on his apple"
TwylaM-S checks her calendar...
GeorgL smiels oops smiles and finally releases his breath.
SantiagoP says, "maybe we can find a day in the week that suits us all."
MonikaW says, "first question: weekend or during the week (prefer th latter)"
MonikaW says, "same time as it is now??"
MonikaW nods at Santiago again
LeeG says, "okay with me."
BorisK thinks that bioth possibilities ar , er, OK with him
SantiagoP says, "same time. 'till we get somebody from asia :)"
GeorgL says, "Yes, every day buzt wednesday.."
DanZ ok with me but as usual you'll only have me a precious hour ... maybe that 's enough
SantiagoP says, "i'd prefer weekend (saturday)"
MonikaW says, "santiago! asia would be cool"
MonikaW says, "what about australia??"
SantiagoP says, "yup, but i think in japan it's 3AM!"
SantiagoP says, "same for australia."
LeeG noticed that Monika placed Hades in Asia
Centilivre's_Guest says, "everytime after 15:30 local time is ok for me (need so me sleep, too ...)"
SantiagoP smiles a lee's comment
MonikaW [to DanZ]: "well in the beginning I think this will be ok - if you could make it in your short sparetime!?
TwylaM-S says, "I can do motrnings local time, but afternoons are pretty much out. Evenings are okay sometimes."
Bibiena's_Guest says, "excuse me santiago what is time for you, I remember me at your nightlife"
SantiagoP [to TwylaM-S]: it will have to be morning (your time), otherwise it gets too late in europe.
GeorgL muses about Gernots question... what is time...
SantiagoP [to Bibiena's_Guest]: it's 15:09
TwylaM-S thinks
SantiagoP [to Bibiena's_Guest]: and in viena?
MonikaW says, "so the time is ok for everybody as long as we have no people from australia or asia?"
MonikaW looks at twyla - morning enough?
Bibiena's_Guest says, "now is 7pm"
GeorgL says, "Yes."
LeeG nods
BorisK thinks that there are personal limits to globalization ...
GeorgL smiles at Boris.
SantiagoP thinks: 'personal?'
TwylaM-S nods belatedly.
SantiagoP thinks: 'temporal...?'
SantiagoP thinks: 'lyrical...?'
SantiagoP thinks: 'musical...?'
MonikaW says, "so weekend or not weekend?"
Bibiena's_Guest says, "no it depends on love"
Shakespeare's_Guest says, "o.k.say no weekend"
SantiagoP nods at gernot.
MonikaW says, "and hate"
You say, "weekend . . @abort"
SantiagoP nods at mon.
BorisK blushes
GeorgL is amused.
LeeG thinks Monika is trying to set a schedule while everyone waxes poetic...likes what he hears
MonikaW says, "hands up for weekend now! I will count it"
MonikaW looks thankfully at lle
SantiagoP says, "ok. i agree, then."
BorisK raises both his hands
Centilivre's_Guest says, "I dont care ..."
GeorgL raises his hand.
Bibiena's_Guest says, "we have everytime t i m e for us"
SantiagoP raises a finger.
DanZ raises hand for Sunday
SantiagoP [to DanZ]: that's cheating!
TwylaM-S raises her hand, but will also raise her hand for weekdays.
GeorgL gets under group pressure and drops his hand again.
MonikaW says, "four and a finger?"
LeeG prefers weekday but weekend okay
MonikaW [to TwylaM-S]: what would you prefer?
DanZ [to SantiagoP]: What does the finger mean?
SantiagoP raises the rest of his body.
MonikaW laughs
GeorgL wonders which finger...
DanZ [to SantiagoP]: forget I asked
MonikaW [to SantiagoP]: you prefer weekend?
SantiagoP then gets down again and leaves a hand up.
BorisKs armsa get tired ...
SantiagoP laughs at georg's comment
TwylaM-S [to MonikaW]: As long as it's morning ... Actually I *prefer* weekdays, but I can do either.
MonikaW says, "tnx boris"
MonikaW says, "ok so 5 prefer weekend (excluding you twyla"
TwylaM-S thinks Georg is \a very funny man.
BorisK lowers his arms, thankfully
Centilivre's_Guest says, "NO !! maybe your morning, not ours ..."
MonikaW says, "how many are left? santiago you the mathematic genie?"
GeorgL makes up his mind and cares not at all: weekday or weekends- everyday but Wednesday.
SantiagoP says, "er... lemme see"
TwylaM-S [to Centilivre's_Guest]: Yes, my morning is what I menat.
Bibiena's_Guest says, "no santiago is a musicgenie"
SantiagoP says, "we're nine."
LeeG says, "Let do an algorhythm and let the computer decide"
BorisK pull s out his calculator ...
SantiagoP laughs a lot.
Centilivre's_Guest says, "[to twylam-s] pfew ..."
MonikaW [to LeeG]: "I see, so you cant make that date?
TwylaM-S says, "12:30 EST on Tuesdays, and Feb 11 are all delicious with me."
MonikaW says, "what about wednesday?"
GeorgL [to MonikaW]: I can make a date with you!
LeeG [to MonikaW]: Tuesday the 11 is fine. I can make it.
TwylaM-S wonsders if Gerorg and Monika should be alone...
Centilivre's_Guest is jealous
MonikaW [to TwylaM-S]: "men!!! what do you think?
GeorgL says, "Men dont think!":-)
MonikaW grinsat Rainer
BorisK thinks this kind of joke is rather outdated:-)
SantiagoP laughs
TwylaM-S [to MonikaW]: I think your paowers are as strong as ever!
MonikaW clears her throath
SantiagoP says, "shhhhhh..."
MonikaW says, "so february 12th at 12.30 EST?"
LeeG computer is starting to throb
GeorgL shouts "Yes!"
SantiagoP says, "yup."
BorisK nods
SantiagoP says, "er... nope... wasn't it feb 11?"
LeeG says, "The 12th is wedneday""
Centilivre's_Guest says, "12.30 EST = ??? local time ?"
SantiagoP says, "ok for me then."
TwylaM-S [to Centilivre's_Guest]: an hour ago
Bibiena's_Guest says, "no sorry Icannot"
GeorgL says, "Hang on a second .. now its Wednesday?"
SantiagoP says, "same time as today, then."
MonikaW [to Rainer]: "18:30
SantiagoP laughs at georg, again.
LeeG says, "I agree with Georg, what is time?"
Centilivre's_Guest says, "good, I should be up then ..."
MonikaW says, "ok what about thursday????"
MonikaW nods at the time statement of santiago
LeeG says, "What was wrong with Tuesday?"
GeorgL says, "Or Friday? Weekends, anyone?"
SantiagoP says, "wait! we had agreed on wednesday..."
:raisdes both his hands
Bibiena's_Guest says, "no that was my phrases What is time?"
BorisK raisdes both his hands
GeorgL says, "I didnt"!"
LeeG says, "OK wedneday is fine"
Bibiena's_Guest [to ]: lee
MonikaW says, "wednesday is not ok for georg and gernot, and it is a problem for me"
SantiagoP says, "there should be some voting method here... i'll think of an algorythm ASAP."
GeorgL says, "Tuesday? Pleeease?"
TwylaM-S is laughing too hard to type (well almopst)
MonikaW says, "tuesday is not good for lee"
MonikaW says, "so what?"
TwylaM-S says, "Mondays?"
LeeG says, "Tuesday is definitely cool!
MonikaW . o O ( santiagos idea would be helpful)
SantiagoP says, "it was OK with lee! let's go tuesday."
You say, "so maybe we should sacrifice the wekend (partly, at least)"
MonikaW looks at lee
MonikaW says, "Tuesday!!!!!!!!!"
GeorgL repeats permanently: Every day but wednesday, every day but wednesday...
SantiagoP begins to hum 'tuesday! tuesday! tuesday! tuesday! tuesday!
LeeG thinks Monika may be getting nervous about making a date with so many people.
                             |                      |
MonikaW holds up a BIG sign: | Tuesday, Feb 11 1997 |
BorisK breathes out in relief
GeorgL laughs at everybody!
SantiagoP says, "hey! how did you do that..."
GeorgL says, "Okay, tuesday. So, what are we gonna do then? make our next date?"

                             |                                         |
                             | 11:30 Chicago 18.30 Vienna 14.30 Buenos |
MonikaW holds up a BIG sign: |               Ayres ......              |
Bibiena's_Guest says, "great at with time"
MonikaW laughs at Georg
MonikaW [to GeorgL]: "hopefully not
GeorgL says, "So, no further dates?"
                              |                 |
TwylaM-S holds up a BIG sign: | California 9:30 |
MonikaW [to SantiagoP]: "a feature I learned in my last meeitng
LeeG says, "Monika please don't try and make another date after Feb 11 now"

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