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-- Start: Friday, June 27, 1997 2:46:05 am ATHEMOO time (HST)

MonikaW turns unrelenting presence on.

MonikaW goes west.

MonikaW has arrived.

MonikaW glances at the clock...

MonikaW goes west.

Jim teleports in

Jim says, "Hi, Mon. I'm looking for theaterscript."

Jim says, "Or maybe it would be noudeis. I would like to read the

transcript of the after-the-show discussion in here."

Jim says, "Seeya ;-)"

Jim teleports out

Jim teleports in

Jim picks up umlaut.

Jim teleports out

Jim teleports in

Jim drops umlaut.

Jim teleports out

a puff of smoke, an unraveling of cape, RickS appears.

RickS reads the umlaut

RickS says, "RickS reads the umlaut"

RickS says, "Ah Goddess, you're so difficult to know on sight, the shapes

you take are endless."

RickS has disconnected.

The usher arrives to escort RickS out of ATHEMOO.

MonikaW has arrived.

Monika forgets about her coffee and hurries out.

You suddenly smell something that reminds you of a fresh brewed coffee.

Monika is coming in slowly, trying not to spill her coffee.

MonikaW picks up umlaut.

MonikaW drops umlaut.

MonikaW drops Noudeis.

MonikaW picks up Noudeis.

Monika forgets about her coffee and hurries out.

Jim teleports in

Jim teleports out

Jim teleports in

Jim has disconnected.

Jim has connected.

Jim has disconnected.

The usher arrives to escort Jim out of ATHEMOO.

MonikaW has arrived.

LeeG teleports in

LeeG exclaims, "Mon, great to see you!"

LeeG [to MonikaW]: how are things?

MonikaW says, "busy"

MonikaW sighs

MonikaW asks, "how are things in cal?"

MonikaW grins

LeeG nods and give you a hug

Jim teleports in

MonikaW waves

Jim says, "hi"

LeeG says, "hi jim"

LeeG [to MonikaW]: going pretty good

Jim [to LeeG]: Hi, lee

MonikaW [to LeeG]: tnx for your yesterdays letter - i printed it out but

havnt read it yet :(

MonikaW [to LeeG]: would you mind send it to idea list?

LeeG [to MonikaW]: too bad, I thought it would be helpful for today's meeting

LeeG [to MonikaW]: ok, I will send it asap

Jim says, "brb"

MonikaW nods

LeeG says, "brb"

MonikaW [to LeeG]: well you know I am doing a (paid) job now and this is

more work than I ever expected

Jim teleports out

MonikaW smiles

MonikaW asks, "so what do we want to start with today?"

MonikaW says, "i will write agenda on board"

Jim teleports in

MonikaW erases some stuff from oudeis board.

MonikaW erases some stuff from oudeis board.

MonikaW says, "ok we still have point one on our agenda"

Jim says, "Right"

MonikaW asks, "what should i put as second?"

MonikaW says, "I mean how should i call it - the success and ... of AI ----"

MonikaW grins

MonikaW says, "oh i know"

Jim says, "Yes..."

MonikaW writes "MOO Report of AI performance" on oudeis board.

Jim laughs

Jim asks, "Can we talk some about Linz?"

MonikaW says, "shhhhh ... I dont know why this only works once"

LeeG [to MonikaW]: ok I just copied the letter I sent you to the

list...everyone should be getting it soon

MonikaW says, "i wanted to write "MMK Report of AI performance on board

.,,, but it doesnt accetp"

MonikaW nods at talking about linz

Jim says, "Try again"

MonikaW [to Jim]: could you write it on board?

Jim says, "Ok"

LeeG says, "good, I would like to talk about Linz as well"

MonikaW writes "MMK Report of AI perf" on oudeis board.

MonikaW grins

Jim [to MonikaW]: It's there. You did it

Jim writes "Details about Linz" on oudeis board.

MonikaW says, "perfect"

MonikaW asks, "should we start with the ship?"

Jim says, "I have something else--documentation"

MonikaW nods heavily

Jim asks, "Can I just say it and then maybe we won't have to make a big

item out of it?"

LeeG nods

MonikaW nods

LeeG says, "and then the shape of the ship"

Jim says, "Ok"

Jim says, "I want to do an invitation http so we can include it with email

etc and I think it should include links to MMK like the music, sets,

costumes, script"

Jim says, "drawings of MMK tshirt table"

Jim says, "Documentation of the event"

MonikaW does not understand

Jim says, "Is that really too many different things maybe"

MonikaW asks, "isnt that what is found on oudeis sites?"

LeeG is thinking

Jim says, "condensed."

MonikaW asks, "what should the invitation be for?"

Jim says, "to invite people to come online to the event"

Jim says, "brief"

MonikaW asks, "now?"

Jim says, "but linked to the rest"

LeeG [to Jim]: you mean for ars

Jim [to LeeG]: Yes

Jim says, "Not many want to read everything, just the hooks"

MonikaW says, "yep, that is what you find when you click on the first page

on the blinking among immortals text"

MonikaW [to Jim]: have yu seen that?

MonikaW says, "this is how georg structured it"

Jim asks, "Yes. I just want to know if that is going to stay?"

MonikaW nods

Jim says, "as is"

MonikaW says, "i think what should happen now is kind of "explanation" what

succeded, what failed -> how the concept had worked"

Jim asks, "You mean now in the meeting ?"

MonikaW says, "instead of invitation page but with all the links that are

on t (text, cones, animations)"

MonikaW [to Jim]: I ment on the website

MonikaW says, "i intended to do this - but days have been so busy, so I am

really late"

MonikaW sighs

LeeG [to Jim]: did you get my mail yet from the list?

Jim says, "But as a separate item. Documentation is especially important

for events. Normally it is photos, tickets, a poster, etc. It proves that

it happened. You have a video and some photos for instance."

Jim [to LeeG]: Not yet

LeeG [to Jim]: it goes over some of the things we need to concentrate on.

I thought it would be helpful for today's meeting. You should be getting

it any second

LeeG says, "brb"

Jim [to MonikaW]: You are thinking what *we* need. I am thinking what a new

audience (maybe reporters) would want to know about. It's a different

sequencing of information.

MonikaW [to Jim]: no that was exactly what i ment!

Jim [to MonikaW]: I am goin to go see if I hav got Lee's msg yet.

MonikaW grins at jim

MonikaW says, "it arrived here"

Jim [to MonikaW]: I see. brb

MonikaW asks, "ok, so do we think of writing this text today?"

MonikaW smiles, needs a coffee - maybe she should get it right now?

LeeG says, "ok, back"

MonikaW [to Jim]: what I did not find in any logfiles is - how many and who

attended to moo AI ... maybe you could tellme

LeeG [to MonikaW]: I know there were a lot of people there but not exactly who

MonikaW says, "btw, you can find the logs on"

Jim [to MonikaW]: I don't think writing this txt today wd be appropriate. I

think we need to debrief first. I checked at one point and there were

between 20 and 30 which included us. Most were registered characters,

wizards, producers, etc. Only a couple of Guests

MonikaW says, "ok we are still talking about documentation - that seems to

include 2) and 3) of agenda"

LeeG [to MonikaW]: what happened to the special edition of Status Quo, cant

find it

Jim says, "I am finished with documentation. We can talk about it by email

if you like."

LeeG agrees with jim about the text

MonikaW [to Jim]: I would LOVE to see who was there - I looked once and

there where so many people i dont know .)

LeeG [to Jim]: would you also copy me with that email, thanks

Jim [to LeeG]: Sure.

MonikaW [to LeeG]: every body is on holidays here - so it is on the

iguwnext server not on the oudeis org - as are my logs--- because during

moving the pages everybody got so exhausted that they didnt finish

MonikaW says, "try"

Jim [to MonikaW]: what log are you talking about ? a recorder? or a sys log?

LeeG [to MonikaW]: thanks

MonikaW brb

LeeG [to Jim]: so you are writing a report on what happened in the MOO?

Jim [to LeeG]: No. I have notes and impressions written out

LeeG [to Jim]: Excellent!

Jim [to LeeG]: I was waiting till after the meeting to see what we would

cover here

LeeG [to Jim]: at ars we will have the scene changes and everything!

Everyone will be able to see just how impressive your work was and is

MonikaW sorry phone call

LeeG says, "Yes, that why I sent that message to the list. I thought it

covered the areas we needed to discuss"

Jim [to LeeG]: I think we should be working on the larger script

LeeG [to Jim]: you mean the global performance?

MonikaW says, "ok so lets get htis in a line"

Jim nods

LeeG [to Jim]: on seven stages

Jim [to LeeG]: The Odyssey

MonikaW says, "first lets say what happened and than what we will chage for


LeeG [to Jim]: I think we better concentrate on ARS first!!

MonikaW says, "well let me say why"

Jim [to MonikaW]: Lets follow the agenda

MonikaW nods

LeeG nods

Jim says, "So where are we"

MonikaW says, "we move point 1) to the end and start with 3) if you wante"

MonikaW says, "I could shortly say what I have in mind"

Jim says, "ok"

LeeG says, "no, let'....ok"

MonikaW asks, "ok?"

MonikaW nods

LeeG says, "ok"

Jim says, "ok"

MonikaW says, "So after MMK I did not talk to many people, but"

MonikaW says, "what came out was that they where thinking we are already

doing oudeis here"

MonikaW says, "that IS a problem"

MonikaW says, "that ment on the first hand"

MonikaW says, "they suspected to see light cones moving - and saw ullis


MonikaW says, "they thougth they would hear the WHOLE text of the

performance - and they did hear a text"

MonikaW says, "and on the screen they thougth they see the socalled

webstage - and they saw (in the beginning ) santiagos animations"

MonikaW says, "ok that where partly my impressions on mmk"

LeeG says, "Well..."

MonikaW says, "but that is also because the audience will be very different

at ars - so there is more time to concentrate on us there"

MonikaW says, "so ..."

LeeG says, "We could only do what we could with the resources available

otherwise we would not have had any performance and the light cones were

far from even being considered"

LeeG exclaims, "Plus I think every performance we do is in a way

oudeis....remember a work in progress!"

MonikaW nods at lee

Jim says, "I was worried that people would think they were seeing oudeis. I

worry that *we* will think it. I think we need to be clear in our PR that

this is a *preview* and to treat the content in that way too."

LeeG says, "As long as we empathize that it is a work in progress we should

be cool"

LeeG says, "we have to remember that we can only accomplish certain things

with the resources at our disposal at any given time..."

MonikaW nods at the PR not being good

LeeG says, "We can't be to rigid in what we can do at any given time

because we will end up doing nothing"

Jim says, "but the audience still gets confused. Part of the problem is

that there is *too much* information. People get invited to come to my

house or to ATHEMOO or to MMK or ars by a few lines of text and those few

words set up their expectations."

LeeG thinks the PR was ok but could have been better

Jim says, "I'm not talking about the specialized PR. The whole

is PR."

Jim says, "Juli's invitation to the ATHEMOO members is PR"

MonikaW says, "maybe the whole oudeis has no pr yet"

LeeG [to Jim]: so, you think that it should be clear that every performance

we give is a preview leading to our final global seven stage perf, right?

MonikaW says, "yes internet pr was and is beter"

Jim [to LeeG]: something like that. I feel a little uncomfortable with the

'every performance we give' part of that. I think people would have been

less confused at MMK if we had said preview. I think we are in the process

of conceptualizing that for ars now.

LeeG [to Jim]: that way we have creative freedom to best use our resources

and still let the audience know that it is leading to something in the end

LeeG [to Jim]: The problem with calling it a preview is this...

LeeG [to Jim]: then people will expect something like the final

performance, light cones and all the rest...maybe we can call it something


Jim says, "foreshadowing, prefiguring..."

LeeG says, "anyway this is a matter of semantics that I think can be easily

worked out :-)"

Jim says, "Preview"

MonikaW says, "well actualy people should know - becaus it has a different

title than the final performance"

MonikaW says, "and on ars it will be included into the workshop"

LeeG says, "I think it had to be a different title"

MonikaW says, "so we will inform people beofer what the status quo of

oudeis is"

Jim asks, "Workshop?"

MonikaW looks at jim

LeeG says, "Because although it contained all the concepts of oudeis it was

a separate and distinct performance..."

LeeG nods at mon

Jim says, "I think people should know because we tell them clearly, not

because we drop hints and expect them to figure it out"

LeeG says, "Right, it's just a matter of better informing the audience"

MonikaW [to LeeG]: yes, but you now how silly people can be

MonikaW says, "i talked to a woman I had talked before 2 or 3 long times"

Jim [to MonikaW]: Exactly!

Jim says, "Then can't read our minds. We have to do it for them."

MonikaW says, "(one from the comittee in gov) and she still asked me: "so

all you will see in teh final performance is in the computer""

MonikaW [to Jim]: do yo ustill think we are unclear?

LeeG asks, "Ok, at the beginning in Linz, we will have the MC give a

concise description of what we are doing. Ok, do you think this would work?"

MonikaW says, "well i plan to start with the workshop"

MonikaW says, "talks from everybody who is there and a trying out session

for attending people in the MOO"

LeeG [to MonikaW]: great, that could be accomplished beford AI even starts

MonikaW says, "after 2 hours i would start with ai"

MonikaW nods

MonikaW [to Jim]: are you not informed for us having a workshop in september

Jim [to MonikaW]: That is why I want detailed information about Linz. I am

not on your other mailing lists. It is just too much for me to keep track

of what I am already doing.

Jim says, "I understand that we have 4 hours and that you want the perf in

hour 2"

Jim asks, "What does this place look like?"

Jim [to MonikaW]: Do you think we have solved the problem that people at

MMK thought they were looking at oudeis?

LeeG asks, "mon?"

MonikaW says, "sorry"

LeeG [to Jim]: I think if we explain it in the two hours before AI at ars

we should be cool

MonikaW asks, "ok so the room in ars electronica center?"

LeeG [to Jim]: besides they were seeing oudeis, a work in progress :-)

LeeG [to Jim]: we just have to further inform them and let them know that

much more is coming

MonikaW [to Jim]: so the main information goes on idea list - but I know

that there are many mails from time to time so...

MonikaW says, "so we will have a 4 hours workshop in linz"

Jim [to LeeG]: Not here it won't. I would like to invite reporters and that

will take some advanced prep. They willhave to know what they are looking

at well in advance.

LeeG [to Jim]: Yes, I see what you are saying. I guess we will have to

prepare some written PR for the press and online audience to make sure they

are aware of what we are doing

MonikaW [to Jim]: it would be cool if you could come as well :) but on the

other hand I think we need oudeis members in the net as well!

MonikaW nods on PR

Jim [to LeeG]: I think we can have a good time with this, and so will they.

MonikaW says, "so I hope we will get the seminar room with bunch of

computers (staying in a circle)"

MonikaW says, "i only do not know how to do AI performance"

Jim [to MonikaW]: What seminar room? at ars?

LeeG [to Jim]: I agree. We will have a good time

MonikaW nods at ars

Jim [to MonikaW]: how many machines?

MonikaW says, "so i thought that I might ask rio if they want to do the MC

there - but it seems felippe wil come as wall"

MonikaW [to Jim]: approx 10

Jim [to MonikaW]: a screen?

MonikaW says, "yep I think there are two"

MonikaW says, "but no stage"

LeeG [to MonikaW]: we will figure out how to do AI at ars and show it in

the best way

Jim asks, "No stage anywhere? or just in the seminar room?"

MonikaW says, "in the seminar room - stages are everywhere during ars

electronica festival :)"

Jim sighs

MonikaW pats on jims should

MonikaW says, "whats up my friend"

Jim ls out loud

MonikaW says, "sorry about my way of communication %-) I am more than tired"

MonikaW smiles happy to be here with you

Jim says, "We are talking about putting on something here at one of the

internet cafes"

LeeG [to MonikaW]: we could keep this meeting short and continue, you, jim

and me through the email if you like

MonikaW says, "well lets say I am sure that it will be mUCH better on ars

than it already was"

Jim [to MonikaW]: Are you tired. Do you want to cut this short?

MonikaW says, "well i gave myself one more hour, i am ok, tnx"

LeeG [to MonikaW]: It will for obvious reasons

MonikaW smiles

MonikaW says, "well I think what we have is GOOOOOOODDDD"

Jim [to MonikaW]: I agree

LeeG exclaims, "I know it is so GOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!"

MonikaW says, "and when we do it again, of course we will slightly change


LeeG says, "Can"

MonikaW hugs lee and jim

Jim says, "I want to improve what we do with the MOO"

Jim hugs Lee and Monika

LeeG hug mon and jim

MonikaW [to Jim]: yep, this idea came up that late and you made such a

great perf out of it (everybody was great - i read the log file) so with

more rehearsals it will get even better

LeeG exclaims, "Can't wait to see AI performned in all its magnificence!"

MonikaW says, "so we stil l have to think of where we will have the MC and

the lightcones (maybe the lightcones we should show on ars)"

MonikaW says, "if we do it in linz - gernot has to lead this"

MonikaW says, "as you know I wont be there before sep 12th"

LeeG [to MonikaW]: My concern and worry at this point with the light cones...

MonikaW says, "and I am still not sure if i should come back to austria"

MonikaW [to lle]: yes

LeeG says, "Is that trying to add to many new elements at this late date

will through things off..."

LeeG says, "Let's perfect what we have and then maybe discuss if we can do

the light cones"

Jim [to MonikaW]: What kind of setup will you have in NYC

MonikaW [to Jim]: well i dont know yet

Jim asks, "Do you have an email address?"

Jim says, "There I mean"

LeeG [to MonikaW]: hope you can make it to austria but I know how crazy

starting a new university can be...especially in another country :-)

LeeG says, "brb"

MonikaW nods at email - but I will use anyway

MonikaW nods at starting

MonikaW smiles

MonikaW says, "but that is another theme"

Jim says, "You could have pointers to wherever you are"

MonikaW asks, "pointers are what?"

Jim says, "addresses in the computer. I have email at the college but when anyone sends to there it is forwarded to me

at Pointers in the software setup do that."

MonikaW says, "oh forwards! yes of course"

MonikaW says, "no doubt I will be online (think I cant live with out :) )"

MonikaW says, "an I already know a cool internet cafe in ny"

LeeG exclaims, "Mon said she was born to computer so I'm sure we we'll all

stay in touch!"

MonikaW grins

LeeG smiles

MonikaW asks, "ok so what are the points what you where not contend with in

MOO perf?"

Jim says, "I have found MOOs in several languages--spanish, portuguese,

french, swedish. I wonder if we could use them somehow, if they would be

interested, if we would be interested. The thing that bothers me about

doing the same thing in september that we did last week is that our

understanding will change and the world will change in the meantime."

LeeG [to Jim]: september is not that far away...

LeeG [to Jim]: all of us are busy...

Jim [to LeeG]: What about creative freedom :-)

LeeG [to Jim]: we have a performance all set that really hasn't been done


MonikaW says, "yep , of course, oudeis will change, but that is what I ment

above: if doing a theatrical piece again it WILL change for certain - and

remember we have another director this time"

LeeG [to Jim]: we should perform it so it can be seen at its best..

MonikaW nods at lee - AI is not finished yet

Jim says, "But last week is over, and MMK is over"

LeeG [to Jim]: And so we fix what didn't work, improve AI and go on

Jim [to LeeG]: fix what didn't work, improve oudeis and go on

LeeG [to Jim]: reality check!

Jim [to LeeG]: go

LeeG [to Jim]: Mon is moving in 4 weeks

MonikaW says, "we rock :)"

LeeG says, "Sn..santiago has completed his music and the screens.."

LeeG says, "which include the text and etc..."

Jim [to LeeG]: we have a core of material that could be put on by one person

MonikaW says, "well I think an important work has to be made withte MC

asLee pointed it out in his mail"

Jim [to LeeG]: pushing a button

LeeG [to Jim]: I strongly disagree with that

Jim [to LeeG]: The timing question is a button pushing issue. All the

actors have the macros or should have the macros for what they have to say.

LeeG says, "AI was a tremendous effort by many of us..."

Jim says, "And the more we rehearse, the less effort it will be. If we can

focus on the real issues and let the others go, that will reduce the strain


LeeG says, "it shows the major concepts of oudeis and is very powerful if

done properly..."

LeeG says, "At this late date, with everyone in transition, it would be

crazy to try and do anything else"

Jim says, "The first thing that happened when Monika and Mischa started

rehearsing is that Monika came back and said, 'We cant do it this way.' The

reasons for that are still there and haven't been dealt with."

Jim says, "Everyone will always be in transition."

LeeG says, "No, that is what we were discussing and I think we made

progress on that...It is after all, an issue of semantics and not substance"

Jim says, "Not at all. It's a question of whether we continue to develop

and grow the material or whether we do what we have already done"

LeeG says, "Mon and I started working on AI two months ago..."

Jim says, "and..."

LeeG says, "And we barely were able to have everything ready..."

LeeG says, "It is ready now...."

LeeG says, "If we refine it and correct the mistakes...we will be cool..."


LeeG says, "Otherwise, we will have a similar occurrence to what happened

at MMK which we should be able to avoid"

LeeG asks, "Mon?"

MonikaW says, "sorry"

Jim says, "I think it's too much work to stand still"

MonikaW says, "a word to the sheduling"

LeeG [to Jim]: we would not be standing still!! We would be refining and

improving AI

MonikaW says, "it IS right that lee and me began long before"

LeeG [to MonikaW]: you have a new job, are starting school shortly and are

preparing to move. How much time can you afford to spare?

Jim says, "There is just a little less than 20 lines of Odyssey material."

MonikaW says, "well I think the question is not how much time i have -

question is what the project needs"

LeeG [to Jim]: mon has pointed out in the past that having too many lines

in performances on the net has proven to be disastrous

LeeG [to MonikaW]: I agree but it is a question of both

MonikaW says, "so as lee and me began - we did mch work quite early -but

than somhow I failed in going on with organisation here i think"

MonikaW says, "that was why rehearsals began so late - san got his material

late- and we had long time no computers"

LeeG [to MonikaW]: Don't blame yourself. All we needed was a little more

time for rehearsal

MonikaW says, "ok what I would sugest"

Jim says, "I think a lot of the basic decisions about plugins to use,

software formats, venues have been made. Things will move more quickly now"

MonikaW says, "is to mainly go on with oudeis - and think of AI as a

"finished" concept/play"

LeeG agrees with mon

LeeG [to MonikaW]: so we will fix what needs to be fixed on AI, refine it

and then show it at ars?

MonikaW [to Jim]: that does not mean that we wont work on ai as well -in

the end when we di the directing - so it would fit than to the status quo


Jim asks, "That sounds sort of like a preview to me or a pr snip of some

kind. Is that wrong?"

MonikaW says, "so one important thing is"

MonikaW [to Jim]: what do you mean?

MonikaW says, "what i wanted to say is that we should really try to go on

with the odyssey, as jim suggested, with storyboard of oudeis, as long

intended by lee and me"

Jim [to MonikaW]: I mean it is a distinct unit, a complete entity to be

used for something, eh? What? It runs advanced notice for a larger project.

oudeis is the work-in-progress. AI is or is becoming a unit which we can

put out to people, something that one person can go to, let's say BC Tel

(the phone company here) and say this is what we put on in Vienna and Linz.

Give us money and we can do more.

MonikaW says, "yep AI is a status quo of oudeis (love this word) you are

right that it is the june status quo - but somehow it is still actual in sep"

MonikaW [to Jim]: and with the sponsoring wsite you are right of course

MonikaW . o O ( )

MonikaW says, "well I think we are on a good way frmualating what AI was/is"

Jim says, "I think if AI is still the status quo of oudeis in sept, it will

be the status quo when you graduate. The time to start moving again is

now--both on finishing AI and putting it in the can and on moving on with

the Odyssey. Moving on will make work on AI easier too."

LeeG [to MonikaW]: How are you holding up. We could continue this another

time? I agree we are on a good way

MonikaW says, "i think I have still half an hour - yes we are on a good way"

MonikaW [to Jim]: I love your energy!!!!

Jim smiles

MonikaW says, "ok so one big step oudeis is making (and made with AI) is"

MonikaW says, "that it moves away from vienna"

LeeG nods

MonikaW says, "people here are EXHAUSTED - i dont find another word"

MonikaW says, "so the energy for pushing project forward"

LeeG agrees with mon and thinks santiago and everyone but jim is also


MonikaW says, "can not come from me at this tme"

MonikaW says, "maybe can come from gernot when he comes back from holiday"

MonikaW nods "santiago lost some energy for sure, how are you lee?

Jim says, "I want to do some work on ATHEMOO"

Jim says, "Can I talk about that a bit"

MonikaW smiles at jim

MonikaW [to Jim]: your main interest lies in a MOO performance, right?

MonikaW says, "lets talk about point one on agenda"

LeeG says, "I think the best course of action is definitely to go on with a

refined and improved AI"

Jim [to MonikaW]: My main interest is in what people in my community can see

MonikaW hugs jim

MonikaW [to Jim]: do you want to do a "real " mc?

Jim keeps smiling

MonikaW points on 1) on board

Jim says, "I think I am developing a VR emporium where people can come, sit

down at a computer in a room with others and a large projection on the wall

and expereience oudeis"

Jim says, "Ok . (1)"

Jim says, "I've looked at some of the details in this room and it could be

a great ship. I would like to play with the idea of the Great Hall of Zeus

as a *set* rather than as a meeting place."

MonikaW says, "actually I HAVE to admit that I like how much we included

MOO into oudeis - which is a high tech concept! because we have seen that

hight tech is NOT easy made with out enougth money"

LeeG agrees wholeheartedly with mon

MonikaW nods at the set idea "could you explain?

Jim [to MonikaW]: yes and people on text-only machines can *participate* in


MonikaW nodsnodsnods

MonikaW smiles

Jim says, "I have the Hall of Olympian Zeus installed as a set in the

schweller theatre. We could go there now if you like."

MonikaW says, "well but the ship is no theater"

MonikaW says, "yep i would like to see it later"

Jim says, "And the theater may not be where we do AI next. May I explain."

MonikaW asks, "or maybe jump into theater for a second - lee?"

MonikaW [to Jim]: yep sorry

Jim says, "It will take a while to run--5 min"

MonikaW says, "ok go on with explanation"

MonikaW grins at her unpatience

LeeG smiles at mon

Jim says, "Ok. One of the most distracting aspects of AI was that no one

was 'in character.' Very confusing especially with this script which has

MC, narrator, Odysseus, Calypso, Polyphemus, and Penelope..."

Jim says, "I am speaking about MOO"

Jim exclaims, "Every time MOOMC spoke a line, we saw [GeorgL says] on the

screen whether he was MOOMC or Penelope or what!"

MonikaW says, "we had no lightcones"

Jim says, "We had no costumes"

Jim says, "We can have costumes."

LeeG says, "costumes and character names in the MOO would be great for AI"

MonikaW says, "and Mischa changed her voice when she spoke for the lightcones"

Jim says, "I think with a little work we can have--get this--multi-lingual


MonikaW smiles - sounds good

LeeG tried to emote with the characters he sent to santiago

Jim says, "Yes and then Lee and santiago came on and they were penelope in

spanish and polyphemus in english [astonishing, confusing]"

LeeG [to Jim]: can you explain a little bit more about the multi-lingual


Jim says, "The Kafka Project in athemoo has costumes"

LeeG [to Jim]: I think this is a VERY good point...

Jim says, "It's a very interesting project. Really you have to go there

with about half a dozen people I think"

Jim says, "You go into the house and you cannot SAY to anyone"

LeeG [to Jim]: mon and I participated in the Kafka project

MonikaW says, "lee and me have been there :)"

LeeG [to Jim]: as actors

MonikaW syched

LeeG grins

Jim says, "Ah. good. Well, I have talked to Rick and he is willing to help


MonikaW says, "yeah that sounds cool"

LeeG nods

MonikaW asks, "so where do you plan to have the next per?"

Jim asks, "of?"

MonikaW says, "of AI"

Jim asks, "Kafka? are you talking about Kafka?"

MonikaW asks, "because yo u said you do not plan to have ai in the theater


MonikaW is eagerly waiting - multilingual concept sounds cool

LeeG says, "brb"

Jim says, "OK. I think the main function of MOO in relation to AI is

technical, i.e., it times and puts on the screen in MMK and Linz lines that

are being spoken live, right. That is what Lee says in his email. I agree

with this."

Jim says, "So I think the audience in the Schweller is actually sitting

back stage in a control booth"

MonikaW says, "oh"

Jim says, "All the people are professional theater people, too"

Jim says, "The people I invited to my house are potential production team


Jim [to MonikaW]: You disagree?

MonikaW says, "aha"

MonikaW says, "disagree ? NO"

Jim says, "Ok. I'll continue"

MonikaW says, "it might be a better idea than having a mirror"

MonikaW nods

Jim says, "So we take the Samsa house and replace the stage with it. The

actors are in costume in the Samsa house facing Linz"

MonikaW asks, "hm, you want to use kafka??????"

LeeG [to Jim]: but instead of the Samsa house it would be the Hall of Zeus

LeeG [to MonikaW]: synched again

Jim says, "I want to use the generic, not the house with all the same names"

Jim [to LeeG]: Right

MonikaW smiles "sorry

Jim [to MonikaW]: ok

Jim [to MonikaW]: smiles

MonikaW says, "and what costume would the audience get?? well maybe this is

not what I was thinking of"

MonikaW says, "i thoght with ai we want to show what we did all this time


Jim asks, "I think the script would need to be, uh, refined (smiles at Lee)

into its different voices so that when Odysseus is speaking, the audience

sees [Odysseus says] not [GeorgeL says], ok?"

MonikaW says, "and if we give them the poss to improvise"

MonikaW asks, "bt than only oudeis members would get costume, righ?"

Jim [to MonikaW]: right

MonikaW asks, "well and that is also not how AI is made for, right lee?"

MonikaW says, "because it is such an abbriged version of odysseyy ..."

LeeG [to Jim]: I see no problem with having character names, Penelope,

Odysseus, etc...but improvising is a problem

Jim says, "Don't have to improvise for the perf."

Jim says, "I have another idea about that"

LeeG [to Jim]: so, basically what you are saying is...

LeeG asks, "Instead of Georg says, it would be Odysseus says or whoever the

character is, right?"

Jim [to LeeG]: That is the basic idea. But the Kafka house will give us a

device we can improvise with on our own time to develop script...

LeeG exclaims, "Oh, this I strongly disagree with!!"

Jim says, "Why"

LeeG says, "I know Ricks idea of using the room to develope a script..."

LeeG says, "And I think practically and creatively it is absolutely


MonikaW nods "this would be more like using ricks idea for oudeis

LeeG says, "Especially giving the time constraints we are under"

Jim says, "Yes for oudeis and not called Samsa house or Gregor"

LeeG says, "Rick's idea, to be generous, is not a good one"

Jim [to LeeG]: then don't use it

MonikaW says, "well i agree with: that we have to find equivalences for the

light cones (which are lit when mc is talking about them / in their voice)

in the mOO"

LeeG says, "I could list the problems with it and why it won't work it you

like at another time"

MonikaW says, "but maybe those whould be robots? i think the idea of

letting lee and santiago go on stage every time they had to say this

sentence was cool"

Jim [to LeeG]: not much interested in the theory

LeeG [to Jim]: I am well aware of his theory! It simple doesn't work

creatively or practically

Jim [to MonikaW]: we have robots we could use and a projector

Jim [to LeeG]: for you

LeeG [to Jim]: we can discuss another time if you like. I have many

reasons and examples I can give you

Jim [to LeeG]: we are discussing it now

Jim [to LeeG]: you don't have to use it for script development if you don't

want ; its there for others if they do

MonikaW asks, "computer crashed - what did i miss?"

LeeG [to MonikaW]: jim and me discussing theory

Jim [to MonikaW]: ongoing discussion

LeeG [to Jim]: a friendly discussion, right :-)

Jim [to LeeG]: :-)

LeeG says, "brb"

MonikaW asks, "ok so did you do a stage setting in the theater as well?"

MonikaW says, "because you where talking about hall of zeus"

Jim says, "Let me add one more item to the discussion--won't go too many

lines till Lee comes back. Thre are MOOs in spanish, portuguese, swedish,


Jim [to MonikaW]: a Hall of Zeus is installed in the theater

Jim [to MonikaW]: do you want to see it?

LeeG says, "back"

MonikaW nods "lets have a look on it!

MonikaW drops unrelenting presence (recording).

LeeG teleports in

LeeG quietly opens the big brass doors and heads for the main

MonikaW drops unrelenting presence (recording).

Jim scurries in, changes the set to 'The Hall of Zeus', and scurries out...

[on stage] the fish-cold sea

Jim enters from the wings...

[on stage] Telemachus dreams his father will come and drive the suitors out

like dead leaves before a wind

[on stage] Poseidon, raging cold and rough

Jim says, "You will recognize the basic scene as a slightly revised version

of the oudeis ship description"

[on stage] Helios (father of Circe), his cattle

Jim says, "We are on agenda item (1), right?"

[on stage] Lords of the open sky

MonikaW smiles

[on stage] rosy-fingered dawn

MonikaW exits the stage...

MonikaW enters from the wings...

MonikaW drops unrelenting presence (recording).

MonikaW says, "i am confuesd - can you hear me jim?"

[on stage] Odysseus says, "Rag of a man that I am, is this the end of me?"

MonikaW walks out on stage...

[on stage] LeeG says, "mon, you're making me dizzy"

[on stage] MonikaW says, "i am confused"

[on stage] Zeus meditates on the death of Aigisthos at Orestes' hand

[on stage] LeeG says, "I'm a little confused myself"

[on stage] Jim says, "Of course these can be changed. But the Hall of Zeus

is background to most of what happens to Odysseus.""

[on stage] MonikaW [to Jim]: well we are not on agenda 1)! because oudeis

ship is OUR MEETINGPLACE not a theatrical object

[on stage] Poseidon, raging cold and rough

[on stage] MonikaW [to Jim]: this comes agian and agian?

[on stage] MonikaW says, "it IS cool!"

[on stage] Lords of the open sky

[on stage] Jim [to MonikaW]: Right. And Zeus' hall is not a ship

[on stage] smoke of thighbones burning

[on stage] Jim [to MonikaW]: But the stage of Odysseus life is the purview

of Olympus

[on stage] Of these adventures, Muse, daughter of Zeus, tell us in our

time, lift the great song again.

[on stage] MonikaW says, "ok I am really confusednow!"

[on stage] MonikaW says, "we have 3 things!"

[on stage] Jim says, "One irritating feature of the sets is that these

lines are done at random"

[on stage] Of these adventures, Muse, daughter of Zeus, tell us in our

time, lift the great song again.

[on stage] MonikaW says, "the RL performance of AI - the MOO performance of

AI - the shape of our meetingplace"

[on stage] the wine-dark sea

[on stage] MonikaW says, "oh and a 4th the ongoing of oudeis in general"

[on stage] Helios (father of Circe), his cattle

[on stage] MonikaW [to Jim]: and thats the irritating thing in samsas house

as well :)

[on stage] LeeG nods

[on stage] MonikaW says, "how can one do a dramaturgy with that?"

[on stage] LeeG nods again

[on stage] Jim [to MonikaW]: It's like theater sports that way

[on stage] Athena bends to tie her golden sandals on and takes the great

haft of her spear in hand

[on stage] Jim says, "but that can be changed"

[on stage] MonikaW [to Jim]: if you dont mind I would love to go back to

the ship and find a conclusion of todays meeting

[on stage] Athena bends to tie her golden sandals on and takes the great

haft of her spear in hand

[on stage] Jim says, "Ok"

MonikaW enters from the stage...

Jim enters from the stage...

MonikaW drops unrelenting presence (recording).

LeeG glances at the clock...

MonikaW smiles at lee

LeeG grins

Jim teleports in

MonikaW says, "jim? oh ,ok"

Jim says, "Hi"

LeeG says, "hi"

MonikaW [to Jim]: well you did a great job in the theater!

MonikaW says, "but you are also opening more than a basic discussion now"

LeeG [to Jim]: you did do a great job

Jim says, "Well, maybe, but my question is about the description of oudeis


MonikaW says, "I dont mind o f how you intend the ai performance to be - I

mean it should fit to the RL performance, but I agree that it could be made

more creative , more fitting into MOO in the remaining time"

MonikaW says, "but I would strongly recomend not to copy things"

Jim [to MonikaW]: to copy things?

Jim [to MonikaW]: are you talking about the descrition of the ship?

MonikaW says, "well as I would say, ship should be convenient and fitting

for our meetings, I agree with the discrepansies you mentioned, and thats

why I suggested to share the ship with you. But I love how it is currently

growing (your tips, julis board ....) and I think it is ok for our

purposes. I cant work with random lines going into discussion"

MonikaW [to Jim]: no I was talking about using ricks concept for oudeis

MonikaW says, "i think we HAVE to find our own concept. if not , perf was

ok as it was in some way (as far as I read from the log)"

Jim [to MonikaW]: Well I am going to use Rick's idea for something else.

but I think oudeis needs costumes

MonikaW says, "i would love to read you rnotes jim"

MonikaW [to Jim]: I think among immortals needs an equivalent for the

lightcones in RL perf

MonikaW . o O ( is equivalent a right word? )

Jim [to MonikaW]: not sure what you mean

LeeG says, "Yes, we have to find a way to do the light cones...equivalent

is right"

MonikaW says, "if we have too much costumes, it would too much become a

"play" - i think (that is why we called him / her MC - it is NOT YET a

play, it is NOT YET oudeis"

Jim asks, "Equivalent where?"

Jim says, "Ah"

LeeG [to MonikaW]: the room will be too small in Linz for Ulli's cones, right

MonikaW says, "in RL we have objects (lightcones) that are in the center of

concentration while the tranlsations are spoken (beside the screen) - in

MOO we have nothing - that could be the "costumes" bots/ whatever"

MonikaW [to LeeG]: well maybe we have to find an extra room for perf

Jim says, "I would certainly agree. In MOO we are not really capitalizing

on the potential for theater"

LeeG [to MonikaW]: ok, we can think and work ont he possibilities for the


MonikaW says, "sorry guys, I am really getting tired, lets think of how we

can go on with our concepts"

MonikaW nods at jim "in moo there are specaial rules

MonikaW [to Jim]: rules that YOU know quite good :)

Jim [to MonikaW]: Just special emphasis -- on language, character, story

LeeG says, "Yes, let's carry this discussion on through email"

MonikaW [to Jim]: i mean that you can deal with

Jim asks, "So what next?"

MonikaW says, "i think everybody should find the time to write some lines"

Jim asks, "oudeis lines? what kind of lines?"

MonikaW says, "i have to outline what I think that happened with AI -

that would be for us and for the press"

MonikaW says, "than I have to write about what the workshop will look like"

LeeG [to MonikaW]: and at some point get some sleep :-)

MonikaW says, "well and main thing is to get a storyboard for oudeis

somehow before i leave"

Jim says, "You should think about who you mean by the press, too."

MonikaW [to Jim]: I would love to read about what your ideas of MOO

performance are - the impressions of AI and what you have in mind for sep

Jim [to MonikaW]: are you talking about the Austrian press

MonikaW [to Jim]: first I mean local press, than I mean the comitee

MonikaW nods at austrian press

Jim [to MonikaW]: local to whom?

Jim austrian

MonikaW [to Jim]: that is what I HAVE to do before leaving - becasue oudei

vienna exists after i am away

LeeG exclaims, "that is why it is important that we do AI in Linz. To Show

how good it really is!!!"

MonikaW [to LeeG]: yes to a more interested audience as well

LeeG nods heavily

MonikaW [to Jim]: can you go with this? us bringing so much critic to all

your work and wonderful ideas?

Jim says, "and a more appropriate technical setting it seems"

MonikaW nods at jim smilieng

MonikaW [to Jim]: with more than a half technician

Jim [to MonikaW]: I am still unclear about what I will be doing in

September, but the discussion is under way.

MonikaW exclaims, "speaking for me i will try to do some writing on the


MonikaW asks, "under way?"

Jim [to MonikaW]: lines?

MonikaW says, "texts i meant"

Jim laughs out loud

MonikaW looks at jim

Jim [to MonikaW]: do you have media people there who would interview

someone in moospace?

MonikaW says, "i really have to go now"

LeeG hugs mon

MonikaW [to Jim]: cool idea!!!

Jim hugs Mon

MonikaW [to Jim]: maybe you should surf the web a little and get some

information about ars electronica?

LeeG waves good-bye to mon

MonikaW says, "we are in the progaram already"

MonikaW hugs lee

Jim [to MonikaW]: I'll do that

MonikaW says, "i am so sorry! I know that oudeis would need more strength

now that i have"

MonikaW hugs jim "tnx for understanding

MonikaW says, "i will schedule next MOO meeting for tuesday 15th"

Jim [to MonikaW]: that's collaboration. It gets bigger than one person can


MonikaW says, "maybe we will have to meet before"

MonikaW says, "i LOVE collaboration"

MonikaW says, "and I also like how AI grew"

MonikaW says, "it is only sometimes hard to understand each other (as if

you didnt know)"

LeeG [to MonikaW]: get some rest. We'll talk soon

MonikaW smiles

MonikaW nods

MonikaW waves

LeeG waves

Jim waves

MonikaW goes west.

Jim says, "Bye"

Jim has disconnected.

LeeG has disconnected.

The usher arrives to escort Jim out of ATHEMOO.

The usher arrives to escort LeeG out of ATHEMOO.

MonikaW has arrived.

-- End: Friday, July 4, 1997 1:23:45 am ATHEMOO time (HST)