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-- Start: Tuesday, March 11, 1997 7:29:31 am ATHEMOO time (HST)

MonikaW dropped Oudeis Recorder.

GeorgL bows and hits his head on the ground.

GeorgL says, "Ouch."

MonikaW smiles

MonikaW says, "so how is everybody"

LeeG says, "Gravity is taking over"

TwylaM-S [to GeorgL]: You arrived perfectly timed with the cannon shots.

RainerF teleports in

LeeG says, "Everything seems to be hitting the ground"

TwylaM-S rubs Georg's head.

GeorgL grins.

MonikaW waves at Rainer

LeeG says, "Hi Rain"

LeeG says, "er"

GeorgL waves at Rainer, not in Rl this time.

TwylaM-S elbows Lee.

RainerF exclaims, "Hi to all !"

LeeG says, "Ouch"

GeorgL sings "Purple Rain"

RainerF is glad that he can't hear it

LeeG says, "Is this the person formally known as Georg"

TwylaM-S looks at Georg and for just a second sees the Artist.

GeorgL grins at Lee and imagnies his symbol.

TwylaM-S says, "Oops, hi Rainer."

MonikaW . o O ( this is our EDITOR (position which is higher as emperor) )

LeeG says, "Georg, Mon has made you a god"

GeorgL says, "I command who exists."

LeeG asks, "YOur last name isn't Orwell is it?"

GeorgL says, "Mon is godlike herself.""

TwylaM-S says, "Just ask her."

LeeG asks, "Mon?"

TwylaM-S blows kisses to Mon.

DanZ teleports in

DanZ waves

LeeG says, "Hi DAn"

DanZ says, "Hi Lee"

GeorgL says, "Hi Dan."

RainerF exclaims, "Hi !"

DanZ says, "Hi there"

TwylaM-S exclaims, "Dan!"

TwylaM-S . o O ( Like Norm! )

MonikaW waves sorry was not "there for one second

LeeG says, "Gee, Mon, you missed a whole discussion of your godlike qualities"

DanZ says, "unfortunately my stay today will be brief. Have to make programs for my show tonight""

MonikaW says, "uups, sorry I was guiding Gernot again"

MonikaW grins

TwylaM-S raises her eyebrows at Mon.

MonikaW knows Dan is busy

MonikaW [to DanZ]: "cool you could drop in

DanZ knows Monika is busy too!

TwylaM-S says, "Gee, I wonder if Satiago will be here."

MonikaW says, "to bad that santiago seems not to be here today"

LeeG says, "BRB"

MonikaW grins at twyla syn

TwylaM-S says, "I think the baby's keeping him busy."

MonikaW [to DanZ]: "so your autumn shedule ...

DanZ shudders with terror

DanZ says, "Autumn will be a busy season"

BorisK has arrived.

MonikaW waves at boris

BorisK waves to all

TwylaM-S waves to Boris.

MonikaW says, "sorry dan had no time to go through your second email"

GeorgL says, "Hi Boris.""

RainerF exclaims, "Hi boris !"

BorisK waves to Twyla, thankful for the script she send him (which he was not able to read in deatil up to now, but he promises he will tomorrow ...

DanZ [to MonikaW]: no problem it's more or less what I mentioned to you earlier with a few other thoughts regarding production

TwylaM-S grins at Boris -- no problem!

BorisK says, "Hello monika, hello Georg ..."

LeeG [to DanZ]: is this a private letter?

LeeG says, "Or oudeis idea"

MonikaW says, "ok, the question is : what to stage in autumn"

BorisK says, "Hello Reiner"

LeeG says, "Hi Boris"

DanZ [to LeeG]: No I just threw it on Oudeis production probably should have posted it on all the mail groups.

BorisK exclaims, "Hi Lee!"

DanZ [to LeeG]: maybe I'll do it that later today. It's all the fun stuff regarding production ;-)

MonikaW says, "brb"

Monika forgets about her coffee and hurries out.

LeeG nods

MonikaW has arrived.

GeorgL says, "Big boss Gernot struggles with the Moo, but he will be here in a moment.""

MonikaW says, "ok I am back"

Felippe teleports in

Gernot teleports in

MonikaW waves at the incoming

LeeG says, "Hi Gernot"

Felippe says, "and me? say Felippe is here also..."

Felippe asks, "such a funny situation, do u recognize me?"

TwylaM-S exclaims, "Hi Felippe! Hi Gernot!"

LeeG says, "Hi Felippe"

Felippe exclaims, "Yeah!"

RainerF says, "Hi to both of you ..."

GeorgL says, "Houston, we have got confirmation on that""

GeorgL exclaims, "Hi Felippe!"

MonikaW waves at Filippe great you could make it

Felippe says, "Hi"

Gernot says, "Hi all, spec. Felipppe"

MonikaW says, "I am afraid we have to hurry up, because dan has to leave"

MonikaW asks, "question agian: what does everybody think about the experiments in autumn?"

Felippe asks, "so, it seems to me after last letter that Dan is really that right?"

LeeG says, "I think we could put on an impressive show in Linz"

MonikaW asks, "should we have 2 experiments following up?"

LeeG says, "Scaled down, probably"

RainerF says, "personally, I agree to the schedule monika posted recently."

GeorgL asks, "To what degree, Lee?"

MonikaW [to Filipe]: What do you mean?

LeeG nods and agree

LeeG says, "Like Mon's schedule..."

MonikaW asks, "should we include a remote location in the project shown at ars?"

DanZ says, "I think it would probably be best to keep it very simple. In my post to Oudeis Mgmt I just explained that it would make things easier on everyone"

Felippe says, "say I don't understand the meaning of an experiment when everybody is working on a n international event. Specially funny is the idea to repeat the experiment in baires..."

DanZ says, ""there are so many technical and artistic issues to work out that I believe one scene from the show would be more than enough work""

MonikaW says, "problem is that we should really be "impressive" as lee said"

LeeG says, "I think at a minimum we could do a prologue and at least one scene...would prefer three though"

DanZ says, ""if the scene works I'm sure it will be impressive enough. My God very few have come close to what you are proposing to do.""

MonikaW says, "tnx dan, that sounds encouraging"

MonikaW smiles

GeorgL [to LeeG]: Wouldnt three be to close to the actual perfofmance?

LeeG exclaims, "The prologue and first scene are very impressive!"

DanZ says, ""it's true. This is a very ambitious project""

GeorgL puts his teeth bak into place.

LeeG says, "But the first three scenes which are almost completed..."

MonikaW asks, "and should we only stage it on a local stage?"

TwylaM-S covers her teeth.

DanZ says, "it depends on whether you can find a remote collaborator""

DanZ says, ""who's ready to go technically""

LeeG says, "But the first three scens would show an extraordinary range...if it is possible to do"

MonikaW [to DanZ]: "you said studioz could do it next september or this september?

MonikaW looks at Filipe and wonders about Rios plans for this fall

LeeG says, "Think we could probably do it with stages all in Linz"

DanZ [to MonikaW]: next September would be the soonest possible date because we need to approach Northwestern with an exact budget and technical requirements etc. It ain't gonna be easy"

LeeG says, "For the experiment\"

DanZ [to MonikaW]: September 1998

MonikaW asks, "but if we stage all in Linz who would watch it being worldwide?"

DanZ says, "the only reason why I think it would be easier to keep it simple now is because you will have not much time to get support for the demo. Keeping it to one scene and one collaborator will make your life easier""

GeorgL asks, "So its one stage in Linz and one world wide collaborator?"

DanZ says, "That's cool or even if it's two locals it's OK because you will let your audience and potential sponsors know that this is just the beginning of a great journey""

LeeG [to MonikaW]: is the purpose of the Linz experiment to impress the sponsors there or the show it worldwide?

Felippe says, "say I'm relizing only up to this point that the whole event, technically is not possible to be performed this year..."

DanZ says, "In conventional theatre we have readings of plays without sets and costumes so this is the same thing"

Felippe asks, "is that truth, Rainer?"

LeeG says, "Disagrree about the reading..."

RainerF says, "from my point of view, technically it would be possible, but only if we put an extreme effort on it. (at least for austria)"

LeeG says, "Think we can stage...even if its just the prologue and Ist scene a great complete demonstration"

Felippe asks, "what does it mean, Rainer?"

MonikaW [to LeeG]: Linz is also to get more sponsors but also to show it to a huge (local) audience ... and we have to get sponsors until than because of mentioning ars electronica in our requests

LeeG [to MonikaW]: right...

LeeG says, "Which is why I think we can do a very impressive partial performance not a reading"

Gernot says, "say"

LeeG [to Gernot]: say what?

RainerF says, "well, if we would get money & hardware pretty soon, we could be ready in time."

LeeG says, "The prologue and first scene would be enough to wow the audience..."

DanZ says, "Just an analogy to a reading that's all...what I mean by that is do what is technically and artistically the easiest so that you can have an impressive demo that works. Also this needs to be done because as of now funding is limited.""

Felippe asks, "gernot what do u have to about Rainer's statement?"

Gernot says, "in september 1997 2-3 stages in Linz by the ars and one in Rio"

The usher arrives to remove Gernot.

BorisK has disconnected.

Felippe has disconnected.

DanZ has disconnected.

RainerF has disconnected.

GeorgL has disconnected.

MonikaW has disconnected.

LeeG has disconnected.

TwylaM-S has disconnected.

The MOO threw us all out... hectic mails and phonecalls flew across the Seven seas... after a short visit to a very colourful other MOO the companions finally returned... Noone was lost, though some a bit disturbed...

MonikaW has connected.

GeorgL has connected.

LeeG has connected.

MonikaW waves

GeorgL says, "Hi all..."

TwylaM-S has connected.

LeeG says, "Hi..."

TwylaM-S says, "Here I be."

LeeG says, "What an out of body experience"

TwylaM-S says, "Not nearly so colorful, but a lot easier to identify."

MonikaW says, "hi all"

TwylaM-S says, "hi Mon."

MonikaW asks, "are all lost companions back?"

LeeG [to TwylaM-S]: I alway saw you as fuschia

Felippe teleports in

TwylaM-S blushes delicately.

LeeG waves to MOn

RainerF has connected.

Felippe says, "hi Im back again"

TwylaM-S says, "I'll keep the other connection open, I think, in case we split again."

RainerF says, "Hi there ..."

Monika forgets about her coffee and hurries out.

The usher arrives to escort BorisK out of ATHEMOO.

The usher arrives to escort DanZ out of ATHEMOO.

MonikaW has arrived.

TwylaM-S asks, "Where'd she go, I wonder?"

MonikaW says, "filipe will we here soon"

TwylaM-S says, "I sense that."

GeorgL asks, "Lets gop back to oudeis ship?"

GeorgL says, "hop, go..""

Monika forgets about her coffee and hurries out.

GeorgL says, "Oh we are... Sorry about that. GForget it...""

GeorgL blushes.

TwylaM-S hugs Georg.

Felippe says, "why you forget so many times your coffee"

LeeG says, "Georg is magentsa"

TwylaM-S says, "And it suits him."

GeorgL feels better if a little confused by our recent travel through time and space...

TwylaM-S [to Felippe]: Monika's just forgetful that way.

RainerF says, "time and space ? didn't move a millimeter :)"

LeeG says, "Remember Georg, distance and time are relative"

You suddenly smell something that reminds you of a fresh brewed coffee. Monika is coming in slowly, trying not to spill her coffee.

LeeG says, "Light is constant"

GeorgL says, "And if you love in the last floor, you age slower..."

TwylaM-S says, "Is it? I thought light traveled also and could therefore be argued as also relative."

GeorgL says, "OOOOPs love=live""

GeorgL blushes wildly!

TwylaM-S giggles.

GeorgL giggles too.

TwylaM-S wonders what's on Georg's mind...

LeeG [to TwylaM-S]: Everybody thought the same thing before Einstein

TwylaM-S actually doesn't need to wonder anymore.

GeorgL says, "brb""

GeorgL teleports out

MonikaW says, "so we will wait with the big question till filipe comes"

LeeG says, "We have a bunch of transients here"

TwylaM-S [to LeeG]: You're right -- I just was only partially thinking of the Theory ...

MonikaW asks, "in between, twyla can you tell be how BBS works here??"

LeeG asks, "What is the big question?"

MonikaW [to LeeG]: "what to stage in fall 1997

LeeG nods

MonikaW would like to create signs

GeorgL teleports in

TwylaM-S says, "Usually it's similar to a newsgroup, except that you have to dial a number that connects you directly."

TwylaM-S asks, "I think... Does that sound right to you, Lee?"

RainerF says, "I'm the sysop of a fidonet BBS here in austria."

LeeG says, "Think that if we stage the prologue and 1st episodion we can knock people on their backs with an impressive display...if we can do more that would be even better"

TwylaM-S [to RainerF]: Cool!!!

TwylaM-S says, "Does fidonet do BBS in the US -- I know they do IRC ..."

GeorgL [to LeeG]: And what should it look like?

LeeG [to GeorgL]: Well, when you read will be able to see it clearly in your mind...I hope

RainerF says, "it would take to much time to explain everything about fidonet and related BBSes, but you might take a look at"

TwylaM-S [to RainerF]: Thanks!

GeorgL asks, "I am looking forward to reading the text! is it available?"

LeeG says, "It is actually more than the text. It is an entire playscript that creates the entire performance"

LeeG says, "I have pretty much completed the prologue and first two episodions...I am now working on the third"

LeeG says, "Most of the major artistic and technical difficulties I think have been resolved"

MonikaW clears her throath

LeeG says, "That is technical as it relates to artistic"

TwylaM-S sits up with her hands folded...

MonikaW says, "ok, seems there are a lot of misunderstandings, with filippe"

TwylaM-S says, "brb"

MonikaW asks, "so how should we continue discussion?"

MonikaW says, "I will try to look after him once more"

LeeG asks, "What are his misunderstandings?"

Monika forgets about her coffee and hurries out.

You suddenly smell something that reminds you of a fresh brewed coffee. Monika is coming in slowly, trying not to spill her coffee.

GeorgL says, "I think there are three major points: text, ars/schedule and the technics."

MonikaW says, "ok he has gone"

MonikaW nods at Georg "tnx for your great help today

MonikaW says, "not only today of course"

MonikaW asks, "lee could you publish some first drafts of you eipisodia?"

GeorgL says, "Ironic?"

GeorgL nudges Monika a little.

GeorgL says, "Yes, Lee I could put them into the pages ASAP."

LeeG says, "I should complete the third episodion shortly and then I well send the prologue and first three episodions to you...soon"

LeeG says, "And you too Georg"

LeeG says, "I would like to get everybodys comments.."

GeorgL says, "Okay, looking forward to that."

MonikaW exclaims, "cool!"

LeeG says, "So I could incorporate them into another draft...think it is in very good shape though"

GeorgL asks, "Can you give a short account of what you are including? Or is that top complex?"

MonikaW says, "yes with the text in our hand we can continue discussion about staging and dramaturic questions"

MonikaW says, "I know that some people are not that happy about not staging homers word"

MonikaW looks around

LeeG nods

GeorgL looks into the sky...

LeeG asks, "Is she talking about you Georg?"

Gernot says, "its not my day"

MonikaW says, "ok so that will be .."

Gernot says, "i called felippe in Rio now"

LeeG says, "Don't worry, Georg and anyone else who is concerned along those lines...I am being faithful to a creative sense, of course"

GeorgL says, "She might... she might...""

Gernot says, "he will come back in the moo"

MonikaW says, "so that is one thing we should discuss when parts of the new text are published, and santiago (who has to see how his stasima fit into) joins us"

GeorgL says, "We had a discussion about that recently, but I have a feeling she won.""

LeeG smiles

MonikaW [to GeorgL]: I am not so sure yet, I think we shold discuss this in public again

GeorgL says, "Yes, I agree. Lets discuss that on the text."

MonikaW says, "but I would like to see lee s text before"

LeeG says, "Well, I've been working hard at it...very if there are any doubt I am happy to know about them"

MonikaW grins at georg "sync"

GeorgL says, "Great minds - to kill an old joke."

MonikaW nods at Lee

MonikaW says, "yes, I woud like to have opinios at this as well"

MonikaW says, "becuase for me it seems different from the concep we had in the begining (staging homers words)"

GeorgL says, "There are of course no doubts on my part on the ability of Lee writing a very good play."

TwylaM-S exclaims, "Me either!"

MonikaW nods at Georg "exactly"

GeorgL [to LeeG]: You remember the thing with artistic and personal differnces?

LeeG says, "YOu have to realize that a translation is not really Homer's words...YOu could say that what I am doing is also in a sense a translation"

LeeG Nods at Georg

GeorgL says, "Yes, we ended up discussin gtranslations as well. Thats a good point."

LeeG says, "Besides, what we had simply didn't work...and it did not address any of the artistic aspects or difficulties in staging"

GeorgL asks, "Yes, probably so. Could you explain in a few words what we are doing now? Like staging a play based on Homer?"

LeeG says, "There are so many aspects to this production..."

LeeG says, "that needn't to be weaved together..."

RainerF says, "sorry, got kicked out and missed the last part of the discussion. our tech"

GeorgL says, "brb. Sorry, have to get Felippe from the lobby""

GeorgL teleports out

LeeG says, "Sorry, needed to be weaved together"

LeeG says, "So many elements that had to be incorporated into the story..."

MonikaW says, "well I like the idea that you might include our process as well ..."

LeeG says, "In a way that is true to Homer and yet very entertaining and impressive to the audience"

RainerF says, "folx are upgrading to a 2MB line which causes some interruptions, but I (virtua"

Felippe teleports in

GeorgL teleports in

RainerF says, "merde .."

MonikaW hugs Felippe

Felippe exclaims, "Endlich!"

MonikaW looks relieved.

GeorgL whipes his foreghead...

LeeG says, "I think I have incorporated into the playscript the concepts that we wish to show...and used the way I did it to further the story"

TwylaM-S congratulates Georg on a job well-done.

LeeG says, "BUt I guess that's for everyone to see when they read it"

Felippe says, "Hi everybody I'm Felippe the poverino ..."

GeorgL would like to bow again but minds his head.

TwylaM-S exclaims, "Hi Felippe, again!"

MonikaW asks, "well in that way we will stage not more odyseus journey but our own??"

LeeG [to MonikaW]: correct

LeeG says, "No"

Gernot says, "so Felippe we wood kie to do the first performance by the ars in september 1997 spec. in connection with RIO"

LeeG says, "Now, Im"

MonikaW looks at lee

GeorgL asks, "But what about the initial concept? Homer?"

GeorgL says, "We might lose the tension between ancient literature and the modern tech stuff."

GeorgL says, "is what I fear."

Felippe says, "Sorry 'bout the whole thing. Fact is that as I realized the intern. event called Oudeis is changed to the Ars Electronica's rehearsal, am I right? Chicago is out for the 1997 concept."

LeeG [to MonikaW]: It is ...confused by something else...could you repeat what you said please

Gernot says, "the second step in october in Vienna spec. connect with B.Ayres"

MonikaW [to ]: Felippe

LeeG says, "The initial concept is loud and clear in the playscript I am writing"

GeorgL covers his ears.

Gernot says, "that means you can do your work in september or in october"

LeeG says, "It includes virtually everything that Vienna and everyone wanted...I believe"

LeeG [to ]: geo

MonikaW says, "chicago (dan ) said he could not do it before next year, he always urged for postponing, - and btw we still have no australien partner fixed"

Gernot says, "for us is >Linz a big chance for the first event"

LeeG says, "Sorry, Georg, I'll speak more softly"

GeorgL says, "No, it was just the initial concept...8-)"

MonikaW says, "what i said before was well in that way we will stage not more odyseus journey but our"

Gernot says, "in the year 1998 we can do the whole performance around the world"

Felippe says, "As far as it concerns to an inter. event with a minimal dramatic concept of a theater piece (not rehearsal) I'm working on October the 16th..."

MonikaW says, "own journey"

LeeG asks, "In what way are you talking about?"

Gernot says, "ok. you can work on your event, maybe we can do the environment in Rio on the 16.Okt."

Felippe says, "Ido not be insistent but I do believe that for 1998 it would be only an Austrian solution for the whole problem. I'm not in the condition to commit myself again to to the next year, and I think I was going not that bad here..."

LeeG [to MonikaW]: if you read everything that was written about oudeis in the beginning...all the stuff on the will see that my playscript honors those words...does that answer your concerns?

MonikaW [to Felipe]: well, I am not sure that I understand you, but ..

Felippe asks, "but what?"

MonikaW asks, "how could we show a world wide journey in this fall without worldwide partners?"

MonikaW says, "I am glad to hear that you might be able to get a venue till then"

MonikaW says, "so maybe we could link austria and rio together ..."

Felippe asks, "what about Rom?"

MonikaW says, "but the yquestion is with what intention behind this experiment (which I think IS a possibility)"

MonikaW says, "havnt heard anything back from Rome recently, so I am not sure about them"

GeorgL asks, "So a world wide performance on Oct 16 is out of the question by now?"

Felippe exclaims, "good question!"

GeorgL [to LeeG]: Lets discuss the text after reading it, okay?

Felippe asks, "Rainer, are u there?"

MonikaW [to GeorgL]: "why? what about a world wide perf in sep

RainerF says, "Yep."

RainerF says, "well."

Gernot says, "we do a meeting in september in Linz with the whole team"

RainerF says, "from my point of view, it's a difficult situation now. The best possible solution: everybody is ready in Sep for the ars event."

MonikaW nods at Rainer that (or october) was actually intended

RainerF says, "everything else: the more time we have for the technical side of the project, the better."

Gernot says, "we show in october the performance, but only our possibilities, so Rio, B. Ayres, maybe Rom"

Felippe asks, "I'm goin' to meet the people Computer center of reference tomorrow and they r going to ask me about techstuff. I'm going to send u the questions from there and they r studying the possibility to join us (TUbrasilin), ok?"

RainerF says, "to ernest: yes, that's Ok, I'm sorry that the technical documentation in the web isn't finished yet, I'm still working on it."

Felippe asks, "to Rainer which address should I send them?"

RainerF says, "either or (they both end up in the same account), but PLEASE DO NOT USE the address."

LeeG says, "Maybe we should agree on what we can do for ars at a minimum"

MonikaW says, "in any way we should show most of what is possible in september without leaving us nothing for the final performance"

LeeG says, "And then build on it later if we can"

MonikaW nods at Lee "good idea

GeorgL [to MonikaW]: That mihght be a thin line in bewteen.

LeeG smiles at Mon..think we synched

MonikaW asks, "I mean the case that we could stage everything? will not be realistic, righ?"

Felippe asks, "to Mon, can u tell me now what's really possible to be done? The whole piece?"

MonikaW says, "I think the directing of the piece is not the problem"

MonikaW says, "problem I see is in connecting worldwide stages"

Gernot says, "we can do the big meeting in september 97 and we can do another meeting in spring 1998"

Felippe asks, "to Mon:what is the problem?"

MonikaW says, "first problem: connection, second problem: partners, that have money for staging"

Felippe asks, "so, gerni what's all 'bout?"

RainerF says, "I got kicked out when I tried to formulate my point on this: technically speaking, the more time we have, the better. I doubt that all stages around the world are ready for the whole thing in sept for the ARS event."

Felippe says, "I believe we can perform it in Rio..."

MonikaW says, "I can now think of that we here will get money for having our venue, but not enough money to pay what our partners need (and this was also not intended)"

Gernot says, "the way are 3 or 4 steps"

Felippe asks, "what to pay? The rehearsals?"

MonikaW [to RainerF]: What do you mean with not ready?

MonikaW [to Filipe]: "the rent for the houses, the staff ,...

MonikaW says, "the technique"

Felippe asks, "u mean the schedule u send to me, Gernot (3/4 steps)?"

RainerF says, "not able to perform the performance as it was originally planned."

Gernot says, "maybe wecan do the environment in Rio with a stage connect with chicago and Linz"

Felippe says, "This is a solution, but Chicago said NO..."

Felippe exclaims, "I could try to help Buenos, if the deal is ok case we need it!"

GeorgL has disconnected.

MonikaW says, "maybe we should define what "not ready" means for us and by that find out in what way we could include the progress the venues made into the whole progress"

MonikaW thinks this was not very clear

Felippe asks, "r u still there, Gernot?"

GeorgL has connected.

Gernot says, "maybe the museum is interessted by the hole performance in sept.98, I mean only the stage without environment"

TwylaM-S exclaims, "Welcome back, Georg!"

Felippe exclaims, "to Mon: good idea!"

Felippe exclaims, "to Gernot here they are interested in the whole shit (sorry...)!"

MonikaW says, "so rio will have a venue in septemer already? means stage, staff, computers, internetconnectivty and maybe budget to come to rehearsals (if this is not paid by vienniese team)"

MonikaW says, "the idea of october performance was because there is a festival in BA which would result in having a bigger audience there"

Gernot says, "yes I know,"

MonikaW says, "thats why we thought of the 2 experijments that close together"

Felippe says, "the rehearsals for 1 actor would be not the problem, but would make things institutionally harder for me, 'cause the whole idea includes some investment from Wien..."

Gernot says, "but now 1997 the exipition, the stage with the connection to Linz"

MonikaW says, "and I remember santiago saing that september is too early for him"

Gernot says, "1998 only the performance again so you can show the way"

Felippe says, "I lost the last statements 'bout what I asked"

MonikaW [to Felipe]: the rehearsals? needs investment you mean ? but it was planned to rehears on a real place together

MonikaW says, "think gernot wants to split your active part up, felipe"

MonikaW says, "into environment and staging of the play"

Felippe says, "I meant that to get there (Austria) the actor should be payed by u..."

MonikaW nods a Felipe

MonikaW asks, "Ok, lets get this straight: what should we show in september and where?"

Felippe exclaims, "Noway!"

MonikaW says, "Linz: staging of at least one scen ...."

MonikaW asks, "pardon? nowa?"

LeeG agrees with Mon

MonikaW asks, "what else (in linz and the rest of the world)?"

Felippe exclaims, "it cannot be splitted in 2 parts!"

LeeG says, "and prologue...very necessary"

MonikaW says, "I see, felipe"

MonikaW says, "that was an idea to show work in progress somehow i expect"

Gernot says, "ok., Felippe we do the performance in rio in september or in october, how ever you want, and we will see whats happen in1998"

MonikaW does not know if this makes sense now

Felippe asks, "and the rest?"

MonikaW asks, "so we will have two performances this fall that will look the sam?"

MonikaW says, "same"

Gernot says, "Linz, B.A.,"

MonikaW [to gernot]: "that is the rest for fall or what?

Gernot says, "maybe the new partners in a form of experiment"

Felippe asks, "who are the new partners?"

Gernot says, "we will cath new partners with the ars"

Gernot asks, "what is better for you sept, or oct.?"

Felippe asks, "this is finally a good idea, but u confirm that Chicago is out?"

Felippe says, "I"

MonikaW says, "chicago is not out I think, but preferrs 1998"

MonikaW says, ".. to be included as a stage"

MonikaW asks, "but I do not understand what we will show / tell in fall?"

Felippe asks, "I'm working on the whole idea, with nothing less than Vienna, Rio, BA, Chicago for October. What do u really think about that.? Is this possible still?"

MonikaW asks, "so that we would have only 4 stages?"

Gernot says, "ok. Im shure that chicago can do a stage experiment in october"

Felippe asks, "so Gerni,pls, do u have any strategy to that?"

Gernot says, "for us is easy we do it in Linz and than in Vienna"

MonikaW [to Gernot]: "I am not sure to what extend they can be included (chicago) thats what I wanted to discuss today !

MonikaW asks, "I mean do they have to have a "whole" stage?"

Felippe asks, "I mean to put together Ars, chicago the rest and to perform something that could be named the Oyssey of Homer?"

MonikaW think what we are doing now has no concept only collecting stones that have been falling down - randomly

Gernot says, "sorry ars and the whole performances over the world is only possible in1998"

Felippe says, "ars is in sept., is to early"

Felippe asks, "probably I'm misunderstanding the whole discussion, 'cause in my point of view Chicago is not willing and also not believing that technically and artistically it would be possible. Does he know something I do not?"

Felippe asks, "what do u think 'bout the falling stones Gernot?"

MonikaW grins at Felipe

MonikaW says, "think Dan is fond of our concept, but struggeling with his StudioZ at the moment"

MonikaW says, "and I think he (still) trusts us that we can bring it up"

Felippe exclaims, "so let's work, for God's sake!"

MonikaW exclaims, "well some of these point are easier discussed by email I admit!"

MonikaW says, "could anybody post his/her schedule of venue to oudeis-mgmt"

MonikaW asks, "so that the others know how far every stage is?"

Felippe exclaims, "OK!"

MonikaW [to Felipe]: "have you ever spoken with dan?

Felippe says, "No..."

MonikaW asks, "well he posted a "where studioZ stands" mail recently, maybe you could do this as well?"

MonikaW says, "I found it very helpful and it showd me that he is still interested"

Felippe says, "Imean...I'm working with priority on the project, I've took commitments with important institutions and a whole team here, and I still had no time to discuss these points with u. I thought u could have it for this year."

MonikaW says, "I will mail santiago to do the same"

MonikaW [to Felipe]: " I "only" hear from Gernot and Karin what improvement you do in organizing the venue and exebition, but I had no chance to get the information from you

MonikaW says, "tha was intended when we decided to have 3 discussionlists"

MonikaW says, "an "open" mail discussion in some points"

MonikaW says, "I know that this is hard to do (karin is still struggeling with activating mgmt list) but it was very fruitful on oudeis-idea"

Felippe says, "But the point is: are u working in the text and direction only after knowing where to produce the event or are u risking your time as well? Sorry, but I could not have the time to do all together. That's why I've called so often the kispro..."

Gernot asks, "what do you mean?"

MonikaW says, "well we are working parallel on all the parts, if I got your question right"

MonikaW says, "we are for example also thinking about WHERE we could have stages,@abort"

MonikaW says, "sorry"

GeorgL laughs,

GeorgL and uses the wrong interpunctation.

MonikaW says, "I mean developing a dramaturgical concept paralel to a more real organisational concept"

MonikaW says, "where Rio IS a part in both :-)"

TwylaM-S says, "I have to run ... Duty calls ..."

TwylaM-S sighs heavily at the thought of facing work again.

LeeG hugs Twyla warmly

RainerF waves to twyla

TwylaM-S hugs Lee!

GeorgL waves goodbye to Twyla but will see her soon.

TwylaM-S waves to everyone!

MonikaW says, "sorry I lost the thread"

MonikaW asks, "whhat did we decide?"

TwylaM-S says, "Bye."

Gernot waves

GeorgL says, "Bye..."

TwylaM-S goes home.

Felippe says, "I meant that I accepted to produce the event here. Therefore I defined a place - Gernot was personally introduced to it; a team to produce a stage and enviroment and asked many institutions to invest on it. After that I started to develop a marketing concept to sell it to privat sponsors the whole promotion, and I'm in the middle of it"

MonikaW exclaims, "cool!"

MonikaW sighs

MonikaW says, "we would need you here as well"

MonikaW grins

Gernot says, "we go for a beer"

Gernot says, "to felippe gemma auf a bier"

MonikaW looks tired.

RainerF works on the technical WWW concept in the background (instead of working on his employer's database :) )

MonikaW grins at rainer "cool

Felippe says, "The fact is that I decided not to participate from the begining on the artistical discussion, hoping that u would be able to develop it in time. But if u need a strict contact with the person which is helping me on that here, we could arrange it she is in Paris till the end of the month..."

MonikaW says, "well, this was a hard discussion today, with all the net lags (which should inspire us for the staging)"

RainerF says, "tomorrow, I'll take a day off and use it to make all the phone calls I should have made already (the medical sensor stuff, philips etc. )"

Gernot says, "felippe you one your way, in oct. is the best date for you and we will find a solution for your troubles. we have to do someting in Vienna in october also."

MonikaW [to Felipe]: well that is of course ok , but ther should be an organisational discussion /collaboration as well

MonikaW says, "do you know how we can contact pia (good point nearly forgot about that)"

Felippe asks, "sorry the sekretarin of the major sponsor called me in the other line...what do u mean, Mon?"

Felippe asks, "It's very import. to me that a 4th country (chicago) keeps on it. Do u think we could make it with Dan?"

Felippe exclaims, "Ich trinke kein Beer jetzt! pls, answer me!!!!!!!!!!"

Gernot says, "mon is offline"

Felippe says, "Gerni, pls, send me a mail with your new schedule proposal."

Gernot says, "we find a solution"

Felippe exclaims, "Iluv u!"

Felippe asks, "So, which one?"

Gernot says, "im sure you will find your 4 cou ntries"

Felippe says, "I still believe on u, so pls, kein Wiz.."

Gernot says, "we have the next meeting with the ars next week"

GeorgL says, "Monika is off at the moment ...""

Felippe asks, "Do they pay it enough?"

GeorgL says, "Off line, that is...""

Gernot says, "felippe you work on it"

Gernot says, "september or october"

MonikaW says, "sorry was kicked off"

Felippe asks, "ok, but keep me informed till the end of the month, gel?"

MonikaW says, "we have our meeting with ars next tuesday, thats when we will know more"

MonikaW says, "maybe I will try to contact him before (stocker) per email"

MonikaW says, "next MOO meeting tuesday 25th (march)"

Gernot says, "hi friends, I go for a BIER, the next MOOmeeting is 25.3."

MonikaW says, "we syched"

Gernot says, "nice day ciao Gernot"

RainerF say Bye !

MonikaW evnys gernot for getting a beer now

Felippe exclaims, "ciao, liber Lwe!"

MonikaW says, "cioa, hope to read from you soon"

LeeG wave to Rainer

LeeG waves to Gernot

MonikaW waves

Felippe asks, "to Mon, btw does the Ars pay enough to perform the whole project from your point of view?"

RainerF asks, "Who's leaving now ? Everybody ?"

GeorgL waves.

The usher arrives to remove Gernot.

MonikaW [to Filipe]: thats what is still to discss

Felippe says, "I'm still here and would like to talk with u Rainer..."

RainerF says, "Good ! I don't intend to leave now, so this is a good opportunity to talk ..."

Felippe says, "because, if not, better to make a strategy to have their money but not to destroy the others..."

MonikaW says, "brb"

GeorgL says, "brb""

RainerF asks, "stupid question, what does this brb mean ?"

LeeG says, "beer real beer"

LeeG [to RainerF]: be right back

RainerF says, "I see, thanx."

GeorgL says, "I am back.""

GeorgL says, "Felippe, I am asked to ask you how and where we can readh Pia?""

Felippe says, "Up to now, I'm telling the techpeople from here that we would only need a technical support on it: someone that could be able to understand your Software and develop the solutions to adapt it to our system. I mean, the computers, the ISP and"

LeeG asks, "WHo is Pia and what does she do?"

MonikaW says, "back for a second (have to run soon)"

MonikaW [to felipe]: "could you mail kispro the telephone number of pia (doing stage design)

RainerF says, "[to felipe] the only thin"

Felippe says, "sorry...operators here. But they are asking me a lot of questions that I could never answer them. Would u mind to send me a small description to me in order to clear them up concerning: sensors, audiotransmition on stage, and the needs we would have here. The descriptions I have are not enough."

RainerF says, "[sorry, my workstation is crashing]"

Felippe says, "I'm telling the techpeople from here that we would only need a technical support on it: someone that could be able to understand your Software and develop the solutions to adapt it to our system. I mean, the computers, the ISP and operators here. But they are asking me a lot of questions that I could never answer them. Would u mind to send me a small description to me in order to clear them up concerning: sensors, audiotransmition on stage, and the needs we would have here. The descriptions I have are not enough."

Felippe asks, "really crashing?"

The usher arrives to remove Felippe.

MonikaW asks, "sorry was distracted, everybody gone?"

-- End: Tuesday, March 11, 1997 10:18:48 am ATHEMOO time (HST)

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