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-- Nov 4, 1997

The.Great.Patootie teleports in

The.Great.Patootie pours emself a glass of Lotus. . .

The.Great.Patootie takes a sip of its Lotus. . .

The.Great.Patootie takes another sip of wine. . .

The.Great.Patootie bends over and looks into 'unrelenting presence'

The.Great.Patootie sticks his tongue out at 'unrelenting presence'

The.Great.Patootie waves

The.Great.Patootie takes another sip of wine. . .

The.Great.Patootie has disconnected.

The.Great.Patootie seems a bit misty eyed as if remembering a sad event from long ago...

The usher arrives to escort The.Great.Patootie out of ATHEMOO.

Jim teleports in

Jim has disconnected.

The usher arrives to escort Jim out of ATHEMOO.

Jim teleports in

Jim has disconnected.

The usher arrives to escort Jim out of ATHEMOO.

Jim teleports in

Jim has disconnected.

The usher arrives to escort Jim out of ATHEMOO.

MonikaW has arrived.

MonikaW glances at the clock...

MonikaW goes west.

Jim teleports in

Jim says, ""

Jim drops theater recorder.

Jim dropped Help for Oudeis Projector.

Jim glances at the clock...

Jim waves to unrelenting presence. "Howdy, Unre!"

Jim says, "Nice dawn."

Jim drops Oudeis Acknowledgements.

Jim has disconnected.

The usher arrives to escort Jim out of ATHEMOO.

KarinM teleports in

MonikaW has arrived.

MonikaW says, "hi karin"

MonikaW asks, "wie gehts?"

KarinM says, "hi, mon""

Jim teleports in

Jim looks around

Juli arrives looking preoccupied but happy to see you

MonikaW has disconnected.

Juli waves good morning! /afternoon/evening as is appropriate :-)

MonikaW has connected.

Juli glances at the clock...

Jim sees Karin, Monika, Juli, whoops there goes Monika

Jim smiles, waves

MonikaW says, "sorry I was disconnected (SURf and turf doesnt allow you to work in the netscape window where you started it from)"

Jim glances at the clock...

MonikaW exclaims, "hi all!"

MonikaW says, "glad to see you here"

Jim [to MonikaW]: Does it shut you all the way down?

MonikaW nods at jim

Jim says, "That happens t me too"

MonikaW [to KarinM]: who else is coming from vienna's side?

Jim says, "If I shut the window, I lose netscape"

MonikaW hugs Karin, is glad to have her here :)

Jim is glad to see Karin, too. I still haven't had a chance to see the video, but the shirt is great!

MonikaW asks, "video?"

KarinM says, "Georg and me are at kiski because in the IGW is a seminar till 19.00, we should do our next moo not on a tuesday or wensday, because Gernot is working at school. Greetings from him and Ulli. She is buzy with 2 productions and is sorry that she has no time to come. Georg try to install Moo on our second PC and will come soon..."

Juli wants a shirt!!!!!!

Juli smiles at all of karin's good news, and suggests we set next meeting for a thurs or fri so Gernot can come

MonikaW . o O ( nobody told her that gernot is working on tuesday as well ... )

Jim [to MonikaW]: Karin sent me Georg's video

Jim [to KarinM]: Is that right, Georg's video?

MonikaW asks, "georgs video??????"

Jim thinks maybe he is wrong.

KarinM says, "to Jim, I'am glade that you got the video and the t-shirt that quick :)) without connections to the postoffice:) thank you for the new surf and turf"

KarinM [to Jim,]: its the video from MmK, its made from a friend of Mon

MonikaW says, "so let's get started"

MonikaW [to Jim]: would you do a 15 minutes tour for us?

Juli claps, loves tours

MonikaW says, "people who come later will be invited"

KarinM says, "oh, yes, like in holidays.."

Juli nods at Jim, you go to first location, then we'll @join you

Jim [to MonikaW]: Sorry. Just got back. Sure will do tour. Video is MMK.

MonikaW writes "Our mission and the role of the MOO" on oudeis board.

MonikaW says, "so lets go"

KarinM says, "to juli, I will send you a shirt soon."

Juli thanks Karin, will send you $ in support of ze effort :-)

MonikaW [to Jim]: go and we will @join you

Jim smiles at Karin and Juli

Jim [to MonikaW]: Consider me gone.

Jim teleports out

Juli leaves in a flash!

KarinM teleports out

Monika forgets about her coffee and hurries out.

You suddenly smell something that reminds you of a fresh brewed coffee. Monika is coming in slowly, trying not to spill her coffee.

Juli arrives looking preoccupied but happy to see you

Jim teleports in

Slowly fading in, you hear the prelude to Wagners Parsifal. The notes build to the first crescendo right when GeorgL arrives. He has a very calming effect on you which you like a lot.

LeeG teleports in

MonikaW hugs lee

LeeG hugs mon back warmly

LeeG says, "hi all"

Juli hugs LeeG.

KarinM teleports in

Jim nods

KarinM [to Jim,]: it's faboulus!!

LeeG says, "Sorry I missed the is picking up a broken printer of min"

MonikaW asks, "would you pls "look board" and suggest what we should add?"

Juli asks, "we are starting with #10? or moving on?"

Juli has some suggestions, may I?

MonikaW says, "I would like to start with 10) on the board"

GeorgL exclaims, "Hi Lee!"

MonikaW [to Juli]: yes!

Juli . o O ( actually my ideas precede #10 )

LeeG says, "I have one point about item 6"

KarinM [to Lee,]: welcome on board!

LeeG exclaims, "Hi Georg, Karin!!"

Juli apologizes for not getting these on the list, it's been a crazy time here

Jim exclaims, "Hi, Lee!"

Juli says, "I think we have come to an important juncture in the process, and that we have much more agreement than might seem from the list discussion"

LeeG says, "This point was not unanimous...ask Georg...and others in Vienna...I also talked to people who participated in the MOO here"

Juli says, "Aaron's call for more organization is something just about everyone in this room has expressed to me at one time or another in the last several weeks"

LeeG says, "hi jim"

Jim nods, Lee

MonikaW asks, "are we speaking about point 6) now?"

Juli says, "secondly, Lee's point about getting concrete with regards to the cones touches on something I have been meaning to post"

Juli is just generally introducing an idea

MonikaW [to Juli]: or are you adding another point

Juli says, "and it includes #6"

GeorgL [to Everybody]: Once again, I cannot communicate instantly and react because I just sit by and watch Karins weindow

Jim nods, Juli

LeeG says, "But I do think that Item 6 is a minor point if you want to discuss something else"

MonikaW nods "go on

LeeG says, "ok"

GeorgL exclaims, "so if you adress me directly you might have to wait for me to respond!"

LeeG asks, "WHy is that, Georg?"

Juli says, "I suggest that the Freiburg preparation can be a great addition to the goal of having a performance with the cones in full action"

MonikaW nods

GeorgL [to LeeG]: IGW is close, we are at Kispro - opne computer ionly er only!

Juli says, "what I have been thinking is this: we need to make sure we can connect two locations using the biosensors, cones, and having moo make more sense"

LeeG says, "Did you want to say something about item 6, Gerog?...oh ok"

LeeG asks, "May I say something about the cones that I just find out?"

Juli says, "so perhaps we want to do just what Lee suggested, work on having a performance that will include more than one performer....sure, Lee, go ahead"

LeeG says, "I received a mail from Cat Hebert..."

Juli . o O ( type mismatch )

LeeG says, "3 days ago"

Juli winks at Lee, sorry to interrupt, you were saying

MonikaW grins at our helpful lurker

LeeG says, "He said that he extensively tested light cones in all their permutations in the early 80's..."

MonikaW has disconnected.

Juli [to LeeG]: go on

LeeG [to Juli]: ok, hope mon comes back

Juli [to LeeG]: she will, connections are squirrely today

MonikaW has connected.

LeeG says, "Weclome back, mon"

LeeG [to MonikaW]: did Cat send you a mail?

MonikaW says, "no cat didnt mail me - go on I just read the logfile"

LeeG says, "Anyway I asked Cat to write to the list to detail his finding and I also asked if I could forward his mail to the list...haven't had a response yet"

MonikaW says, "ok may I suggest ..."

Juli notes that Cat's testing predates much technological development

MonikaW says, "that before we go into deatils ..."

LeeG says, "For what it's worth, he said the lights were a complete failure, a laughing stock"

LeeG [to Juli]: A light cone is a light cone, regardless of technology...I think we should hear more from him

MonikaW hms "So he means they are not theatralic?

Juli [to LeeG]: but what was the failure? i agree that we need to have more detail, but dramatic use of a cone differs from production to production i would think

MonikaW writes "Lightcones as virtual actors" on oudeis board.

Jim [to LeeG]: How did he have them cast, as what kind of characters?

LeeG says, "He said he tested them with actors...with each other...with projected images and that they didn't work...this is not to say we shouldn't do our own test but we should consider what he found"

MonikaW says, "hate to interrupt this - but would like to go step by step"

Juli nods at Lee, absolutely

Jim agrees with Lee

MonikaW clears her throat

Jim nods, Monika

Juli looks obediently at Monika

MonikaW says, "Last week we started of with a very general discussion"

MonikaW says, "I think (pls correct me) at the moment we are on a very important point"

Jim agrees

MonikaW says, "what I got out from the recent mails on idea"

MonikaW says, "is that ther are VERY different perspectives existent"

MonikaW says, "jim for example concentrates on MOO"

MonikaW [to Jim]: and I think your goals are other than for example lee or I might see in oudeis

MonikaW wonders if her interpretation is right

LeeG nods

Juli thinks its hard to have goals for MOO until we decide on script/performance irl details

MonikaW says, "For a long time we collected all those different ideas and perceptions"

Jim says, "Not sure how you read my mind, but that is why you are asking. No I think I accept oudeis' goals"

MonikaW says, "But now we have to find out if we can connect them - or not"

MonikaW nods at juli's comment

Jim says, "Or play them simultaneously"

MonikaW says, "That is exactly why AI was so "mixed" and I definetly understand why lee adressed point 6) on agenda:"

Jim agrees w Juli

Jim agrees w MonikaW

Jim and her agreement w Lee

MonikaW says, "AI showed that we had 2 totally different things going on - that was Jim's idea in the MOO combined with Lee's script"

Jim says, "about pint 6"

Juli says, "we can't address #6 really, until we have a script....that way, MOO performance can link into irl performance plus offer something specific to online audience"

Juli begs to disagree with Monika here

Jim says, "We have a script"

MonikaW says, "So point 6) is a minor issue - especially now that we all know that AI is NOT the text or script oudeis will use"

Jim sits down and listens

MonikaW [to Jim]: No we don't have a script - we have a draft, that doesn't work out yet.

Juli says, "since we have spent so little time on part moo could/should play, Jim and I were doing the best with what we had, trying to make performance as rich as possible"

MonikaW [to Juli]: do you still disagree with me?

Jim [to MonikaW]: We have AI. That is the script we assumed in the Freiburg proposal

MonikaW [to Juli]: defintelty!

Juli says, "we have three hurdles as i see it at this point"

MonikaW exclaims, "you two did so great!"

MonikaW says, "I only wanted to point out, that"

Juli asks, "number one - what will be the script for oudeis performance, even one part of it?"

MonikaW says, "this is exactly what AI was for: it showed us what has to be cleared up / worked out"

Juli says, "number two - how/will the hardware and software issues work in irl performances in two locations"

Juli says, "number three - and only in the third place, how can MOO aspect best serve the whole while also providing a performance with integrity of its own for online audience"

Jim nodsnods

MonikaW has to write this on the board

Jim [to MonikaW]: Maybe this is a framework for the other items...

MonikaW writes "#1 what will be the script for oudeis performance (or even one part of it)" on oudeis board.

MonikaW writes "#2 - how/will the hardware and software issues work in IRL performances in 2 locations" on oudeis board.

Juli notes that once we have figured it out for two places, then others can be added

MonikaW writes "#3 - how can MOO aspect best serve the whole while also providing a performance w/ integrity of its own for online audience" on oudeis board.

Juli adds that the script is what links numbers 2 and 3

MonikaW writes "#4 - how does the MOO window work together w/ the virtual stage interface" on oudeis board.

MonikaW tnx juli

MonikaW says, "I would love to start with #1"

MonikaW says, "as the one and only agenda for today"

MonikaW says, "And I am glad to have Lee here"

MonikaW asks, "May I tell you a little story?"

Juli nods

Jim has disconnected.

MonikaW looks at lee

LeeG smiles at mon

GeorgL nods at storyrelling.

GeorgL says, "storyyelling 8-)"

MonikaW is sorry for monologing

GeorgL [to MonikaW]: You must monolougue, Mon!

GeorgL says, "MONolouge heheh"

MonikaW says, "Gernot and me started of "collecting" dialoges out of Cooks translation of homer"

MonikaW will keep this short

MonikaW says, "Lee noticed, that what I put on the web as a "first draft of the play""

MonikaW says, "was not really dramatic"

Jim has connected.

MonikaW says, "he offered writing a new version - and sent us (after days + nights of work) a draft for a prologue and the first 3 scenes"

MonikaW invites jim to read noudeis

Jim [to MonikaW]: Thanks...

MonikaW says, "What Lee did was using the story, told by homer - but giving it his own words"

Jim [to MonikaW]: it says "I dnn't understand that

MonikaW says, "Gernot, Ulli and me agreed - after long discussions - that we had in mind to use "homers words" to show the contrast between new technology and tradition even mroe"

MonikaW exclaims, "However, we decided not to use Lee's script, but his idea of having a prologue!"

MonikaW grins

MonikaW says, "Well and we are glad and thankful that Lee stayed with us - even if this way of "writing" or assembling a text is not usually his way of work"

LeeG says, "I would have liked to have written the scenes the same way I wrote the prologue but it was my understanding that we were not going to be telling the story of the Odyssey metaphorically which I would have preferred"

MonikaW says, "tnx to lee we finally put a version for AI together"

MonikaW says, "And that is what we have as a "material" now"

MonikaW nods at Lee

Jim applauds Lee

MonikaW applauds too

MonikaW [to Juli]: I try

MonikaW says, "to keep this short - I know you have to leave"

MonikaW says, "Let us figure out..."

MonikaW asks, "We all agree to work on oudeis for having a performance/text in spring (autum in BA), right?"

MonikaW asks, "What can we do about the lack of the script?"

Jim [to MonikaW]: Lets use MOO to develop script ideas

Juli wonders if we might benefit from a look at the whole of lee's AI, which I have never seen

Jim says, "Including AI--yes, yes, good idea"

Jim [to MonikaW]: Yes, I think I am following...

Juli says, "it might not be a bad idea to stay on that track, except that I think Iunderstand that it is meant for one voice, and the challenge that Lee identifies as being so important is the comingling of two voices in disparate physical locations"

MonikaW [to Juli]: AI is not similar to what Lee brought up as a fist draft - those are 2 different things!

Juli ah hahs

Jim thinks light cones are like ghosts and gods, not people

LeeG says, "brb"

Juli says, "it is good we had this talk, some of this is news to me..."

Juli asks, "perhaps we should look at Lee's first draft?"

Jim [to Juli]: Lot's of news to me too

MonikaW says, "what kind of connects them is that we used a translation of homers words + "modern" language (=lees words)"

Juli says, "if we don't have a script, there is no center to the project I'm sorry to say"

MonikaW agrees w/ juli

Juli says, "so far the center has been a wonderful idea, but we are at an historical moment that demands a script for further progress"

Jim [to MonikaW]: We can probably go a lot farther with that too, but there are also other ways

MonikaW not totally though

Jim says, "I hav some stuff for a narrator"

MonikaW asks, "Did any of you ever look at the text on oudies side?"

Jim says, "and a character named Bavool"

Juli says, "if we can find/agree on a script, then we can begin to coordinate efforts between irl performance and moo, not before"

MonikaW [to Jim]: I have to admit that it is sometimes hard to follow you

Jim [to MonikaW]: what do you mean...

MonikaW says, "The idea of staging the odyssey .."

MonikaW says, "is not of having a narrator .."

Jim nods

Juli [to MonikaW]: the odyssey is a looooooong story :-)

MonikaW says, "but of having dialogues = theater"

Jim says, "storytelling is a kind of theater"

Juli says, "we have to select what we want to do to make it theatrical, a performance between many characters"

MonikaW says, "the odyssey is full of dialogues. yes its long, that's why we have chosen particular scenes"

Jim says, "real storytelling"

MonikaW [to Juli]: I am sorry to say but part of this work is already done

Juli [to MonikaW]: that is wonderful!

MonikaW says, "we selected scenes, tried to find appropriate dialoges"

MonikaW says, "I published them in the net"

MonikaW says, "and I don't know if they are able to be staged or not"

MonikaW says, "lee told me that they are not (and I trust him)"

MonikaW asks, "So why can't we just work on them until they are?"

Juli [to MonikaW]: i am sorry to say this, but i have difficulty finding my way around the oudeis pages.... and would like to have a look at these dialogues that you have selected

MonikaW grins

Juli agrees totally with Monika, thinks that should be the next step

LeeG says, "It is a most excellent selection of scenes and help to show the Odyssey well but how we can do it theatrically is another question"

GeorgL [to Juli]: Arts of oudeis / text

MonikaW nudges georg + karin - pages need work

Juli says, "that is a perfect challenge"

Juli will gothere this aft and see/print them!


LeeG exclaims, "I want to say that the scenes and dialogue Mon picked is great and should make the work much easier!"

Jim has to go. My regards to Gernot! I know what it is like to be busy at school. Good meeting Monika. See y'all later.

Jim has disconnected.

MonikaW wonders if we said soemthing wrong

Juli has to go too, thinks/votes that we work more on the selected dialogue

MonikaW [to LeeG]: tnx for saying that

Juli says, "no,he has a meeting, we talked aobut it earlier"

MonikaW says, "Because I really think we can include his MOO work"

Juli nods, does too or wouldn't be here

MonikaW says, "If he only would try to understand us - his ideas seems to flow away"

MonikaW grins at juli

Juli says, "sadly, tho, now I have to go fight an adminstrative snake who is doing her best to deny services to victims of sexual harassment"

Juli exclaims, "at a structural level no less!"

LeeG says, "Bye to see you"

MonikaW [to LeeG]: I really have to say that I lie a lot in your hands.

GeorgL laughs.

Juli says, "let's meet again, when gernot can be here and when we have all read and studied the scenes/dialogues already selected"

LeeG says, "Eat = great...sorry"

Juli smiles

MonikaW [to Juli]: tnx for beeing here - keep updated on the list

LeeG says, "thanks mon"

MonikaW [to LeeG]: because of all that we experienced in AI, I know that you will say when the text/playscript makes sense.

Juli says, "and then we can take the next step! the step that lee suggested, scheduling a trial for a scene with two participants in different locations....aroudn which we can finally start to talk about how moo should fit in"

Juli hugs all and dashes out on her white horse

MonikaW says, "let me ask the last question"

MonikaW asks, "who and when and how are we working this out?"

MonikaW asks, "on the list?"

Juli thinks we need a small group, volunteers....

MonikaW grins "a subcomittee

Juli really leaves this time :-) hugs all around...check out #464, type l #464, we've put vienna on the clock

MonikaW hgus juli tnx!!

GeorgL exclaims, "Bye!"

LeeG says, "sorry, confusing things are happening here...let me take a moment to read and catch up"

MonikaW asks, "ok, I guess I will start with posting the first scene to the list?"

MonikaW smiles at lee

LeeG grins at mon

The usher arrives to escort Jim out of ATHEMOO.

GeorgL says, ".ghrins at both"

GeorgL er grins at you both.

LeeG says, "Ah, all caught up :-)"

LeeG says, "Guess it's just the three of us"

LeeG says, "And I have to go soon too"

MonikaW nods has to leave as well

LeeG says, "Some big questions remain"

MonikaW [to LeeG]: how do you feel? do you think we have reached a satisfying point?

LeeG says, "Maybe we should handle them on the list"

MonikaW [to LeeG]: which questions?

MonikaW knows that we didnt really "clear" everything ....

LeeG [to MonikaW]: I really don't know what point we are at... I have a vague idea

MonikaW nods ... wants to hear it

LeeG [to MonikaW]: questions of direction, text, purpose...those sort of things

LeeG says, "I think you missions statement was very good..."

MonikaW asks, "maybe it gets clearer when we work on something - and dont have a general discussion?"

MonikaW smiles

LeeG says, "Yes, I agree but to have a real script we must have an outline or strong knowledge of where we want to go. I'm not sure we have that yet"

MonikaW says, "I think we should set up a meeting in a week and a half (thursday nov 13th) and have a frequent discussion on the list"

MonikaW says, "what is missing now is:"

LeeG says, "the text in a project like this is just one of the pieces, granted it is a major and binding piece but it is a piece. We ust know how it fits intio the whole"

MonikaW says, "santiago has vanished again"

MonikaW says, "and kispro is invisble on the mailing list"

MonikaW is sorry to say that but needs commitmends now not only agreements

LeeG nods to mon's oints

LeeG says, "points"

MonikaW nods on lee's points as well

LeeG says, "Yes, let's continue on the list and have another meeting"

MonikaW says, "And I have the problem that I dont have the time anymore to run after people."

LeeG nods very are you doing in NY?

MonikaW smiles

LeeG says, "I want to answer the questions you asked me concerning my goal for oudeis..."

MonikaW is eager to hear - can you post it as well

LeeG says, "and will do so when I can find some time...there is a lot I have to say about this"

LeeG nods

MonikaW [to LeeG]: I think that is very important

LeeG says, "what you said about virtual audience and actors, etc., got me thinking some more about things\"

LeeG asks, "Georg, are you still with us?"

GeorgL [to LeeG]: Yes.

MonikaW [to LeeG]: and tnx for keeping contact with cat!

MonikaW would love to send a quick message to the list and has to leave soon

MonikaW says, "time is very rare here :("

MonikaW asks, "is karin still there?"

GeorgL says, "New York New YOoohoork"

LeeG [to MonikaW]: Actually, it's the first I heard from Cat

GeorgL says, "Karin is taking a phone call right now"

LeeG exclaims, "Have to go too...see you both soon!"

MonikaW says, "well, maybe she understands the importance of kispro to be present"

MonikaW says, "does gernot understandt it - thats the crucial point"

MonikaW hugs lee

-- End: Tuesday, November 4, 1997 8:38:09 am ATHEMOO time (HST)