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-- October 28, 1997

MonikaW has arrived.

Jim teleports in

Jim smiles and waves Hello!

MonikaW hugs jim

MonikaW says, "hi"

Jim hugs MonikaW.

Jim asks, "So where are you? Are you in a lab?"

MonikaW says, "did you do the porgramming here? screnn .... yes I am in the lab"

MonikaW is impressed

Jim asks, "The programming?"

MonikaW says, "the screen"

Jim asks, "Not sure what you mean. Credits, etc? like that?"

MonikaW asks, "did you see the screen standing in the corner? never mind .. how are you?"

Jim says, "Oh I see what you mean"

Jim says, "Kristian has been porting stuff over from DaMoo"

Jim says, "Let's see if it works"

Jim says, "Kristian owns it, and it won't let me turn it on"

MonikaW says, "well ..."

Jim says, "Let me see if I can find something"

Jim will be right back.

Jim teleports out

Jim teleports in

Jim says, "There are supposed to be 'films' of the Linz performance, but all I have been able to find are the ones of the rehearsal"

MonikaW asks, "di d you ever use them?"

Jim says, "Yes"

MonikaW asks, "tell me about it?"

Jim says, "Things got more complex right away coz ..."

Jim says, "at first we didn't have all the equipment we needed"

Jim says, "There was a projector in the control room, but no films and nothing to make films with"

Jim says, "So I asked Ken Schweller abt it and it turned out that the port had been incomplete"

Jim says, "The one in the cr requires a control unit (like a mixer/editor), a camera, a projector, a screen, and some objects to show"

Jim asks, "So I asked Juli and she talked to Kristian. Do you know him?"

Jim says, "The screen is on... hmm"

MonikaW nods met kristian but never talked to him

Jim says, "He is a programmer at DaMOO. Works at that university in California. I forget which one it is exactly. The one at Fullerton, I think"

Jim says, "He helped with the MOOCROO during Linz perf"

Jim asks, "How are *you*?"

MonikaW says, "busy"

MonikaW looks stressed.

Jim says, "I bet."

Jim asks, "Are you enjoying your classes?"

MonikaW says, "i have to get used to this system here"

MonikaW says, "yep classes are great"

Jim asks, "Which system? the US? the computers? the school?"

MonikaW [to Jim]: did you think about writing an article fro status?

MonikaW laugs "the shool

Jim says, "I see"

MonikaW says, "and US of course"

MonikaW grins

Jim smiles

Jim says, "Yes I have thot abt writing an article for Status Quo"

Jim says, "I feel honored that you ask me"

Jim asks, "Who should I think is the audience?"

MonikaW asks, "the audience who wil read it?"

Jim nods

MonikaW [to Jim]: I very much apresciate your idea/ your mails... I try to get hold of them!~ and status quo is a documentation medium mainly

MonikaW doesnt know if "get hold of them" was the right expression

Jim asks, "What meaning?"

MonikaW says, "i think your ideas are sometimes not noticed enough"

Jim laughs

MonikaW says, "oin oudeis team i mean"

Jim says, "Certainly it helps to have you call attention to them"

Jim says, "It is easier for me to make a point with people involved in the online part, like the MOO people"

MonikaW nods

Jim says, "The folks in Vienna get obsessed with the live performance and forget that anything else is happening"

MonikaW says, "you dont want to speak about the event in canada additional"

MonikaW nods about forgetting

Jim says, "BTW you were great for us in Linz"

Jim asks, "What makes you think I don't want to speak about the event in canada?"

Jim asks, "Sure, I'll do that... you want to talk abt it now or are you talking about article?"

MonikaW [to Jim]: I am sorry actually I do not have much time right now

MonikaW wonders when she sill ever have

Jim asks, "That's ok. When are you coming to BC?"

MonikaW smiles

MonikaW says, "maybe in the summer - if i do not have to work :("

Jim says, "Can you briefly describe for me the equipment you have access to ... maybe you can get a travel grant"

MonikaW says, "right now I have PC's and macs in a computer lab"

Jim asks, "Any client software for MOO?"

MonikaW says, "i always try to get the win 95 (or nt) machines mbut there are some old ones too"

Jim asks, "So Win 3.11?"

MonikaW says, "i installed one on 2 computers - but you know I work on som any different computers - ad I am not allowed to install it"

Jim asks, "Have you talked to the system people?"

MonikaW says, "whgy"

Jim says, "Two reasons. First, they are the ones who do the installation"

Jim says, "second, the more you ask around the more you (covertly) promote oudeis"

MonikaW says, "they asked me if MOO is something European - because they are sure they have ALL you need for internet"

MonikaW grins at promoting oudeis

Jim smiles and meditates on the word 'hubris'

Jim asks, "Is there someone on the faculty you like?"

MonikaW grins , doesnt know yet

MonikaW [to Jim]: its too early - I might get cool internships

MonikaW says, "but not before edecember"

Jim says, "Well, a faculty person might be able to influence them."

Jim says, "Internship would be great"

Jim asks, "Doing what?"

Jim asks, "Theater?"

Jim asks, "or computers?"

Jim asks, "or both?"

MonikaW says, "theaters + computers"

Jim applauds

Jim says, "So you are still using telnet..."

MonikaW nods

Jim says, "You could do something really useful with that if you have time"

MonikaW asks, "wiht what?"

Jim says, "Your telnet constraint--and expertise. There is an object called Telnetters guide to MOOing"

Jim says, "It's not here. I forget where it is right now"

Jim says, "But it has no information in it"

Jim says, "The guy created the obj and then got tired and quit"

MonikaW grins

Jim says, "I think we need a good, brief intro to telnet, maybe a better Win95 client than the Microsoft one"

Jim says, "And some info about how to make it work for you, plus other clients like Pueblo and Surf n Turf"

MonikaW says, "ok I will write one - in year 2000"

MonikaW smiles

MonikaW says, "what OI like about the win95 client is , that it IS on every machine"

Jim says, "I hate to say this, but I think that will be just about in time for the oudeis real thing"

MonikaW exclaims, "people do not have to install something!"

Jim says, "yes"

Jim asks, "But apart from that, it sucks, right?"

MonikaW nods

Jim says, "And you have used it for a long time."

Jim says, "So you can help people know what to expect and how to work around it"

MonikaW says, "yes I can deal ith it"

MonikaW nods

Jim says, "You are quite good at it"

Jim says, "I use it sometimes when I am testing out a link on my home page or something. It's awful. Your English is a thousand times better than mine on telnet."

MonikaW says, "tnx for the flowers"

Jim asks, "Did you get the raspberries?"

MonikaW says, "you mean in the mail? yep"

MonikaW grins

Jim smiles

Jim says, "Good"

MonikaW asks, "ok so if you find the document, and I find time I will fill it ok?"

Jim says, "I think the thing is to go ahead and write the filling. We may have to create another obj. Don't know where the guy is."

Jim asks, "If you had a client that you could put on a disk, would you use it?"

MonikaW says, "no"

Jim nods ok

MonikaW says, "if I had a computer of my one I would"

Jim says, "Then you could use a bigger one"

MonikaW says, "i think it sa good idea to concnetrate on a small one - you dcan hand it to people"

Jim says, "Yep"

Jim says, "Turf n Surf actually installs on the MOO"

MonikaW says, "jim, I am sorry to say this - but I really have to get something written until 2..."

MonikaW asks, "thats a new clienet?"

Jim says, "No need to apologize"

Jim nods

Jim says, "Ken Schweller's students won 30.000 dollars from Sun Microsystems (or SGI) for it"

MonikaW says, "i am curious about the web thing juli has in mind"

MonikaW says, "then we might not need clients any more"

Jim says, "Me too."

MonikaW says, "wow"

Jim says, "I don't think so (about web and clients)"

Jim says, "I think the oudeis team overestimates the power of the web"

Jim says, "or maybe I underestimate it"

Jim says, "Turf n Surf allows clicking out to urls, same as pueblo"

Jim says, "but also allows travel between moos"

MonikaW asks, "is it big?"

Jim says, "Prob is that Mac support for java in Netscape is not finished. It requires Netscape and the server has to support it"

Jim says, "Juli is really interested in it"

Jim says, "We are working on some java stuff"

Jim says, "and this is a java app"

Jim says, "I think we should see if we can get sponsorship from Sun"

MonikaW says, "suounds great - they actually gave us one server on sep 12"

Jim says, "Real quick. Have you had a chance to check out the moocroo headset? (yes that is what makes me think we should explore sponsorhip"

Jim asks, "Do we still have it?"

MonikaW says, "no and I dont know anything about it - karin did it"

Jim says, "I will have to drop her a line about t-shirts too. I am trying to organize something for oudeis at the college where i work"

MonikaW exclaims, "remind karin that they send you one !!"

Jim says, "You gotta go write. I will email you about other stuff. So I should see the audience for Status Quo as oudeis team members"

Jim asks, "Do you have Netscape on lab machines? Communicator?"

MonikaW says, "oudeis team members"

MonikaW says, "uups"

MonikaW says, "and people who will read about oudeis in the future"

MonikaW says, "netscape"

Jim nods

Jim asks, "Not communicator?"

MonikaW says, "soem have communicator"

Jim asks, "microphones?"

MonikaW says, "no micro no speakers no soundcart"

Jim says, "Too bad. Still Communicator supports scheduling for workgroups. We might be able to use it. How is Nov 27 (American Thanksgiving weekend) for you for a performance. That"

Jim says, "AI on MOO at Selkirk College in BC..."

MonikaW says, "i planned to go to california this weekend - but money and time wont allow it so ... its ok"

MonikaW asks, "you want to perform AI???"

Jim asks, "So you will be in NYC?"

Jim says, "I want to focus on the MOODimension of it... get that more together..."

Jim asks, "You think something else would be better?"

MonikaW exclaims, "we dont have an AI version that fits into MOO, you know that. but it would be terrific if we could have one!"

MonikaW asks, "who would do it?"

Jim laughs

Jim says, "We would have to adapt what we have to a MOO audience"

Jim says, "If we can do that, it will improve the live version"

Jim says, "Everyone would do it. The whole team."

Jim says, "The school has a new computer facility for teachers only"

Jim says, "Pentium 200s, mics, speakers, 14 stations"

Jim says, "The issue right now is whether or not they would allow someone in from the press, so it's not a major thing"

Jim says, "I told them we could do it for $500 Cdn"

Jim says, "Show the teachers what a MOO will do"

MonikaW says, "gresat"

MonikaW is so sorry.. but

Jim says, "Show them some behind the scenes, some socializing, 20-30 min of perf with translation"

Jim says, "yes..."

Jim asks, "See you later. What are you writing?"

MonikaW [to Jim]: I am very open to participate and help you as far as I can , but my main concentration, is on my studie s:((

MonikaW says, "a case study about three (!) theater. a 50 pages case (info material)"

Jim says, "That's right. That's why I am looking at Thanksgiving. When can you rehearse (50 pp!!! whew!)"

Jim says, "Sorry. Just one more thing. Did santiago's meeting ever happened? If so I missed it"

MonikaW says, "school is off at nov 26th"

MonikaW asks, "meeting???"

Jim says, "He announced a meeting for I think it was Tuesday after the 12th"

Jim says, "sounds like it didn't happen"

MonikaW asks, "uups did i miss it ?"

Jim says, "That's what I am thinking too :-)"

Jim says, "I think maybe he recognized that it was necessary but just didn't have the energy to follow through"

Jim says, "Ok so it's time to go..."

MonikaW nods

Jim says, "See you in the mails"

Jim hugs MonikaW.

MonikaW says, "yep a meeting would be cool ! but maybe it is also a bit too early"

MonikaW hugs you

Jim says, "No not too early. Relly crucial to get back to work"

Jim says, "Even a short one. Call a short one--one hour. Or wait till I get something on the Selkirk idea"

Jim says, "that could clear up soon"

MonikaW exclaims, "yep that sounds cool!!"

MonikaW says, "and that would bring energy again into the team"

Jim says, "Yes. Really needs it right now. A rehearsal would be a good focus. Maybe after a little more email re Jonny"

Jim says, "Good 2 see you."

MonikaW gins I hope he wil mail again

MonikaW exclaims, "cu!!"

MonikaW waves

MonikaW goes west.

Jim says, "Me too. I am going to write him back"

Jim teleports out

Jim teleports in

Jim has disconnected.

The usher arrives to escort Jim out of ATHEMOO.

You suddenly smell something that reminds you of a fresh brewed coffee. Monika is coming in slowly, trying not to spill her coffee.

MonikaW removes Lotus from a long wooden desk.

Monika forgets about her coffee and hurries out.

Jim teleports in

Jim drops Lotus.

Jim waves to Monika

Jim says, "I am just bringing back the Lotus wine. I left it when I had to go..."

Jim leaves briefly for the Mail Room to send moomail and will not hear what you say unless you page.

Jim returns from the Mail Room.

Jim teleports out

MonikaW has arrived.

MonikaW glances at the clock...

MonikaW goes west.

Jim teleports in

Jim picks up a cigarette butt.

Jim drops a cigarette butt.

Jim turns to the unrelenting presence and looks it in the eye

Jim says, "guess we need an ash tray..."

Jim has disconnected.

The usher arrives to escort Jim out of ATHEMOO.

You catch a slight whiff of vanilla as SusanK quietly materializes.

SusanK glances at the clock...

SusanK goes west.

SusanK has arrived.

SusanK's smile to all is the last you see of her as she disappears.

MonikaW has arrived.

Jim teleports in

Juli arrives looking preoccupied but happy to see you

MonikaW hugs juli

Jim looks around

KarinM teleports in

MonikaW exclaims, "hi him!!!"

Juli hugs MonikaW.

MonikaW says, "hi Karin"

Juli places a fragrant plumeria lei around KarinM's neck.

MonikaW hugs Karin

Juli places a fragrant plumeria lei around MonikaW's neck.

Jim says, "Hi Monika"

Juli places a fragrant plumeria lei around Jim's neck.

Jim [to KarinM]: Hi, Karin

Jim smiles

You hear the distant sound of trumpets blaring. As the fanfare grows louder, you feel the air around you begin to grow warmer. Finally, in grand style Twyla appears beside you.

Juli places a fragrant plumeria lei around Twyla's neck.

Twyla hugs MonikaW.

Twyla hugs Juli.

Twyla hugs Jim.

Juli hugs Twyla.

KarinM says, "Hi to Jom anssay smile to everybody"

MonikaW hugs Twyla

Jim [to Twyla]: "I'd know that distant sound of trumpets anywhere

Twyla grins at jim -- that's the point!!!

MonikaW [to KarinM]: great that you are here!

Jim is laughing out loud!

Twyla has her own theme song

KarinM [to MonikaW]: How are yoe?

MonikaW [to KarinM]: are you in IGW?

Jim [to Twyla]: Hum a few bars

KarinM says, "to Mon I'am alone tonight, maybe Geror is there from his place"

MonikaW [to KarinM]: where is gernot?

MonikaW erases some stuff from oudeis board.

MonikaW erases some stuff from oudeis board.

Twyla hums a somg that sounds like the Emporer's March from the Star Wars trilogy

MonikaW erases some stuff from oudeis board.

KarinM [to Mon,]: I'am in the IGW. Gernot is at school

MonikaW erases some stuff from oudeis board.

MonikaW [to KarinM]: I thought he is teaching on wednesday???

KarinM says, "it's apitty because the mails from the last week, we have to speak about. It#S a little bit, I dont know.."

Juli nods at Karin

MonikaW writes "AI 2.0 and its effects" on oudeis board.

Twyla says, "brb"

KarinM exclaims, "special aloha to Juli. Than you for your letter to freiburg!!!"

MonikaW writes "Jim created new places in ATHEMOO" on oudeis board.

Juli grins at Karin, thanks YOU!

MonikaW writes "The development of the storyboard" on oudeis board.

Twyla applauds Jim

Jim bows

KarinM [to Jim,]: your sense of humor, I like him very much, I laughed a lot, when I read your mails from the weekend

MonikaW asks, "ok can we start?"

MonikaW invites everybody to "look board

Juli nods, is the recorder on?

Jim [to KarinM]: I am so glad. Sometimes I worry that I may offend people.

MonikaW nods - recorder is on

KarinM [to Jim,]: not at all:))

Jim has read it; is ready

MonikaW [to KarinM]: so what about aaron- is he coming?

MonikaW says, "has somebody heard back from santiago? (I have heard from lee)"

Juli says, "Lee told me he planned to come today"

Jim [to MonikaW]: And Johnny. I think we owe Jonny some thanks at least for waking the list up

MonikaW sighs I guess santiago is off at the moment?

Juli exclaims, "here is aaron!"

AaronK teleports in

AaronK exclaims, "hi!"

Twyla has disconnected.

Juli places a fragrant plumeria lei around AaronK's neck.

MonikaW [to Jim]: I do not really want to speak about recent developments first hand

MonikaW hugs Aaron

Jim wonders if he is afraid of being devoured by a one-eyed giant

AaronK says, "hi"

MonikaW [to AaronK]: glad you could make it!!!

AaronK says, "thx"

Jim [to AaronK]: Hi, Aaron. How are you doin?

Juli [to MonikaW]: let's get going....

KarinM [to AaronK]: Hi, nice to meet you!

Juli hopes we can do what we need to in 90 mins

Twyla has connected.

MonikaW says, "ok what I wanted to start wit is ..."

Twyla says, "Sorry, blipped."

MonikaW says, "we never talked about the AI performance"

MonikaW says, "hi twyla, glad you are back again"

MonikaW says, "I know that some people think - that other people think it was a failure"

Juli [to all]: could i suggest, with gentle warmth, that any conversation not directly related to the topic at hand be done thru paging? just so we can be really efficient today?

MonikaW says, "So hands up for those who think it was a total failure"

Jim does not put up his hand for total failure

MonikaW says, "ok - no hands? good"

Juli shakes her head a vehenment NO

MonikaW exclaims, "however, recent discussions left this impression!"

AaronK asks, "how do you do that in moo land?"

Jim [to AaronK]: What?

AaronK says, "gotta read the man pages some day :)"

AaronK puts his hand up a little bit

MonikaW says, "So if we all agree that it was worth doing it, in general, pls could we go into detail now"

MonikaW exclaims, "yes, aaron - I want to talk about the things that did not work the way out they should have to!"

AaronK says, "oje"

Juli suggest we visit the things that workd first, then go into what didn't and finish with how we can correct that which didn't

MonikaW nods at juli - great

MonikaW says, "ok - tell me what you thinked worked and I will put in on the board"

LeeG teleports in

Jim has a list. will brb

LeeG says, "hi all"

LeeG hugs to all

MonikaW hugs lee

LeeG hugs mon

AaronK says, "ok, I think ..."

KarinM says, "to LEE, hello, fine that you are here"

AaronK says, "hi lee"

AaronK says, "let me think a moment"

MonikaW asks, "karin - any suggestions?"

LeeG says, "hi Aaron...long time no see...great to see you again"

AaronK says, "I think the only thing that didn't work technically speaking, was the monitors (3+8 I believe) ."

AaronK says, "the letters werent readable"

Jim is really pleased to see Lee

MonikaW is writing this down for later

AaronK says, "but: I think it didnt fulfill what it promised to be - a world wide oudysee"

MonikaW says, "sorry to interrupt - but to keep our discussion efficient pls use the page command for private talk"

MonikaW nods at aaron - we will talk about this

AaronK says, "also there is a lot which _could_ have gone wrong (and I am not a pessimist, although some might think so)"

MonikaW says, "i had breakfast with Leonides today - he was audience member in sky loft"

KarinM [to MonikaW]: do we have also a comment from Gerfried?

MonikaW says, "from talks to him (and from his article that you soon can read in status quo) I know the folllowing"

AaronK says, "like I didnt tell most peolple, there was a wackelkontakt (dont know the word"

Jim [to MonikaW]: and is now in NYC?

AaronK says, "for it in english ) all the time. Georgs computer could have been down any time . And I dont like that"

MonikaW grins at aaron

AaronK says, "lots of stuff like that"

MonikaW [to AaronK]: lets keep this up - I really liked your mail about listing your problems

Jim asks, "Wackelkontakt does what?"

MonikaW says, "what we are adressing right now (and I am also watigin for jims list) is the things that WORKED OUT"

KarinM [to MonikaW]: I met yesterday Gerfried at a presentation in the CA togehter with the ars, Virtuelle Welten. Der cave is dort. Aber es gab nur Zeit for a hello

Juli says, "the moo part went smoothly"

Jim laughs. Ok. I didn't realize you were waiting...

MonikaW exclaims, "let me just finish my statement: leonides told me that our message "this is what we approaech: combining theater + internet" came through!"

Jim nods

AaronK says, "Jim: like I wrote in the mail to you the cable could have lost the connection any time in case someone only touched it"

MonikaW writes "A message reached the audience" on oudeis board.

MonikaW writes "the moo part went smoothly" on oudeis board.

Juli says, "another thing, we had an audience, so our publicity is working"

MonikaW says, "lees takes was quite clear and impressive"

Jim nods

Jim asks, "Can you explain 'takes' a little more detail?"

Jim [to LeeG]: Or maybe Lee

MonikaW says, "uups :) I meant "text""

Jim gets it

MonikaW grins and blushes

Jim hugs MonikaW.

MonikaW asks, "do you all agree in that this staging caused changes in the team?"

Juli suggests that naming ths speakers in the moo worked, and the move to change *says* to *addresses her people* for example, was good

MonikaW says, "i mean it brought us closer"

Jim nods about addresses her people. Averts the risk of farce I have referred to ...

Jim says, "Also suggests importance of translators"

AaronK says, "As far as I am concerned this was a minor topic for me compared to what I believe the oudeis is about"

Twyla [to AaronK]: Why do you think it minor?

AaronK says, "I mean the goal of the project, not the text by homer now"

MonikaW writes "MOO: names of the speakers, addresses her people was a good change" on oudeis board.

Jim [to AaronK]: what we all do is attend to details...

AaronK says, "because it is just a renaming of moo scripts/text/macros/objects compared to doing a world"

AaronK says, "wide installation/performance/project whatever you can call it"

MonikaW writes "Translator - and the multilangual nature of oudeis" on oudeis board.

Jim [to AaronK]: Failure to attend to minor details can sink the whole project

AaronK says, "I guess if you like to change the text that way, its fine with me, but I think we should concentrate on how to organize the _big_ event"

Twyla says, "But details count. They're important too -- the difference between throwing color on a canvas and putting it there deliberately."

Juli nods, wonders if we are done with the listing of successes portion?

Jim [to MonikaW]: Can I suggest we can discuss this in the list...

MonikaW asks, "jim, karin? lee?"

AaronK says, "Jim: right. I agree, but failure to have a big plan in your head at the same time wont get you anywhere either"

Jim [to AaronK]: That's true...

Juli asks, "I think we all have A big plan in our heads, maybe we need to make sure it is the SAME big project?"

MonikaW says, "i would suggest, in order to get the big picture of oudeis again, that everybody now should state his or her frustrations AND positive thoughts about AI its preceedings and its results"

AaronK says, "juli: uhum, yes"

MonikaW grins to juli - synched, thats what I meant

Jim agrees. I am sure I have some suggestions I would like to try on the group but maybe not at a meeting like this. I like the list format pretty well for really thinking about things

MonikaW says, "so if we find the SAME thing attract us and the SAME things distract us thats fine"

Juli asks, "can we go one by one, and say what we see as the common goal?"

MonikaW says, "if not we have to work out compromises"

MonikaW assumes that the second one is true

Jim says, "I would suggest that peopls's picture of what we are doing has to include a lot of autonomy for local producers"

MonikaW writes "General: autonomy for local producers" on oudeis board.

Juli asks, "Do we all agree that what we ar workign towards is an event that links 7 physical stages, each stage featuring one physical actor and six virtual actors represented by cones of light, behind which is a screen projecting moo and web?"

Juli asks, "and that, central to it all is homer's text?"

AaronK says, "frustration: not enough time, money, need a better organizational structure to deal with problems and how to solve them. Fun: yes it was fun all the same :))). The goal: to get this worldwide aspect up and running and to establish _a_ structure to solve problems (and here - that is my opinion, I don't quite agree with Jonny, I believe a structure can be established witxxx without hierachies, but it is a bit more difficult)"

MonikaW says, "ok lets shift to the next part of assembling: what are your approaches / things that attracts you in oudies"

AaronK asks, "monika: are you all logging this text for later analysis?"

Juli nods, she is, and you can read it from web or by emailing note obj to yourself

Twyla agrees with what Juli said

MonikaW nods aaron "sure - and I am also filtering out your expressions of frustration!!

MonikaW . o O ( nothing gets lost here )

KarinM says, "brb"

MonikaW does not quite agree with julis general statement

MonikaW says, "something prevents me to write it down like this"

Juli says, "ok, good, then this will help....which part doesn't follow for you"

MonikaW asks, "ok one thing I should maybe note down right away - if we all agree - "central is homers text" right?"

Juli thinks that is what links the performance

AaronK says, "sorry, guy, I am maybe a bit too open now:"

AaronK does not mind if it is homer or cicero all the same ;-)))

Juli nods at Aaron, but i nthis case, it is homer

AaronK didnt have ancient greek at school anyway :)

MonikaW writes "General: homer's text links the performance/development" on oudeis board.

AaronK says, "ok"

MonikaW [to AaronK]: I understand - but this is what actually brought us all here together initially

AaronK agrees, thats fine with me. No problem about that

Jim just got back

Jim has disconnected.

Juli says, "and I think that the concept has to derive from a performance of that text"

The.Great.Patootie teleports in

MonikaW hope everybody agrees - that if we are doing democratic decisions, some points are more important and some are less for each of us . ??

The.Great.Patootie smiles, pulls himself up straight.

AaronK asks, "monika: could you explain again?"

The.Great.Patootie [to MonikaW]: Yes please, I missed it...

MonikaW says, "ok juli, to come back to your "general" statement"

MonikaW says, "juli said "Do we all agree that what we ar workign towards is an event that"

MonikaW says, "links 7 physical stages, each stage featuring one physical actor and six"

MonikaW says, "virtual actors represented by cones of light, behind which is a screen"

MonikaW says, "projecting moo and web?""

MonikaW says, "projecting moo and web?""

MonikaW asks, "does everybody in this room believe that we will have in the nearer future 7 stages linked together?"

The.Great.Patootie says, "Hello, all, it's Jim. I'm having trouble with my connection"

MonikaW [to KarinM]: how many stages / contracts do we have so far?

AaronK says, "yes, you have my support for that. As I tried to explain in the mails its simply the way in which this goal is to be achieved that I had a problem with. Also: This is a very"

The.Great.Patootie says, "Patoots helps me out when the north winds howl"

MonikaW [to Jim]: I also point out to your mail, stating how much more trouble each additional stage will make

The usher arrives to escort Jim out of ATHEMOO.

AaronK says, "unprecise definition so far, as I probably wont have to say."

Juli [to AaronK]: can you talk a little more about what in imprecise?

The.Great.Patootie says, "I can see it happening, but over a much larger time frame"

MonikaW nods at jim

The.Great.Patootie says, "It is a really grandiose vision"

The.Great.Patootie says, "Maybe more than epic"

KarinM [to Mon,]: Iam working on the contracts, its a part for our Vienna meeting in a week.

AaronK says, "juli: yes, where is the written concept - the plan for realization? We will have to do that now, as Georg pointed out in his mail."

Juli [to AaronK]: do you mean the written plan for how the seven stages thing will work?

Juli thinks Aaron is on an important track right now....let's pursue this

MonikaW asks, "I hate to use this word - but what is the organisational structure of oudeis? Jim was speaking about autonomy for each of the involved venues (? venues or participants). But who is the *overall leading* organisation?"

The.Great.Patootie agrees with Aaron about what Georg says. "I think we need someone to edit all that email down into an introductory thing new participants can read

The.Great.Patootie says, "and a statement we can use with sponsors as well."

AaronK asks, "there is one problem I thought about the larger time frame, Jim, but I didnt write it to the list yet: technology evoles to fast, will that still be interesting in 10 years? Will not another group appear and do the same thing in the meantime?"

MonikaW grins at aaron "that's our big fear :) but oudeis develops as technology evolves

Juli says, "please o h please can we go back to aaron's comment about things being written down...i think it is really important"

The.Great.Patootie [to AaronK]: Good question. Aristotle says the fable, the characters, ...

MonikaW agrees with juli

AaronK says, "brb..."

AaronK has disconnected.

KarinM [to Mon,]: in fact we have till know only francescoto aaron, the same question like months before, when we planned to do it one year later. We have to try it, but its possible that another one has an similare idea.

MonikaW says, "I remember the way lee and I worked while creating AI"

Juli says, "hope aaron can come back"

MonikaW exclaims, "what lee sent me was a storyboard, so full of details!"

KarinM asks, "and the technic is very fast.. may be we wil do something "old fashioned"?"

MonikaW says, "that everybody reading this could get a clear idea of what was intended to do"

The.Great.Patootie [to MonikaW]: would like to see the storyboard but this is not the place

MonikaW asks, "does oudeis has a storyboard ?"

MonikaW says, "no and I guess that is the "missing concept" so many people claim"

AaronK has connected.

The.Great.Patootie [to KarinM]: I think the most important thing that happens from oudeis is the human contact

AaronK teleports out

AaronK teleports in

Juli hangs onto aaron and his connection

MonikaW says, "and this is maybe also the mix of opinions/ ideas we now have - we have no common document about it"

AaronK says, "sorry,"

KarinM asks, "who is the Patootie?"

Juli [to AaronK]: could you go back to your concern about not having the plan written down....

The.Great.Patootie [to MonikaW]: That is very positive, also confusing temporarily

AaronK says, "yes, what"

AaronK asks, "did I miss?"

The.Great.Patootie [to MonikaW]: We can live with a little confusion. It's exciting

The.Great.Patootie [to AaronK]: Everything. It's all been decided.

AaronK says, "Jim: oh, well... ok :))))"


Juli bonks the patootie, it is not!

The.Great.Patootie Laughs out loud

AaronK says, "Jim: yes and no, we can .. but it is a problem when we come to installing technical stuff"

MonikaW [to Juli]: what is it you wanted aaron to continue??

Juli [to AaronK]: a little bit ago, you wrote that we needed something i nwriting, a plan for the way it will all get realied i think,

AaronK says, "ok (written plan):"

Juli [to AaronK]: and i think you are absolutely right...we know we are producing homer, but what we maybe haven't written down is the way we are going to get detail that can be followed

The.Great.Patootie says, "I think it is an Agenda for Implementation"

AaronK says, "I am used to working with plans and drawings"

AaronK says, "ans stuff like that, written specifications"

Juli [to AaronK]: and we need to worl that way, too

The.Great.Patootie [to AaronK]: We are still in a sketching phase

AaronK says, "It seems to be terrible beurocratic stuff, but it keeps people working on _one_ goal and not on many different ones"

AaronK says, "i know, no one to blame for that"

Juli says, "I think we need to verbalize/write/whatever the plan, tho, as a means to thinkt hru it"

AaronK nods

AaronK nods

The.Great.Patootie [to Juli]: I agree heartily

MonikaW [to jim]: I disagree! we all know where we want to go - we just have to find a common formulation, so that the implementation (which is done by people that didnt share all year communication) understand

The.Great.Patootie thinks MOO is a good place to verbalize

The.Great.Patootie looks around for Lee

The.Great.Patootie says, "to generate text"

MonikaW disagreed on jim saying we are in the sketching phase

LeeG is listening to everyone...don't worry Jim

AaronK says, "I suggest that, in order to keep the (positive effects) o of the democtratic - lets call it networking structure - everyone should review it in a moment of peace and quit and say ok or not ok and what she/he wants to see changed. And that works great on the internet with mails and documents"

MonikaW [to Juli]: do you think aaron and me mean the same thing? the story board for oudeis?

Juli says, "ok, so can we go back to the part i said about common goal? it's from there we will find implemenataion plan"

Juli [to MonikaW]: no, i don't

Juli [to MonikaW]: i think storyboard is part of the goal, not the plan of how to accomplish the goal

AaronK nods towards juli

The.Great.Patootie [to MonikaW]: When do we get to the interesting part?

Juli [to MonikaW]: i think storyboard is central, but not enough to go on if you are aaron, or even me and jim in moo part

MonikaW ohs

MonikaW asks, "so what is your suggestion to reach the goal?"

AaronK asks, "me?"

Juli says, "in fact, i think we need to post storyboard on list and then all study and have another meeting to do detail for realization"

LeeG says, "brb"

The.Great.Patootie [to MonikaW]: Sorry, but we need to be clear about this. This is what we are working for.

MonikaW [to Juli]: what do you mean when you say "the goal"? the final performance?

Juli says, "I also think Jim is right, we need an introduction to oudeis that is short and to the point, that can be included on web pages which i adore but which confuse me, that we can send to folks who are just joining, who haven't been in on all this discussion"

Juli [to MonikaW]: i thinkt he goal is the performance, that is the tangible goal, the untangible goal is the working on it, the process which we accomplish with eery single email

MonikaW asks, "and here we are back to your statement,juli. you basically cited our webpages - but is this still true that we believe in a 7 stage performance??? if not what is it we are doing here????"

The.Great.Patootie [to Juli]: I think the aftermath is also important

Juli asks, "right, are we still shooting for seven stages?"

MonikaW says, "so let's define the goal = the performance"

Juli claps for mon

The.Great.Patootie [to Juli]: so lots of people will be strewn around the floor from one of these

The.Great.Patootie says, "lying around in sleeping bags with laptops beeping"

The.Great.Patootie asks, "We need a party or what, really, is the point?"

Juli says, "one thing we want to think about is this...Lee told me that what he's got so far is an overview and three scenes, each with a different character solo and a stasima inbetween"

Juli says, "now, with that as the base, what we don't have is interaction between characters, the soul of theatre as i know it"

The.Great.Patootie can't wait to see it.

The.Great.Patootie [to LeeG]: Can you summarize the three scenes for us?

LeeG says, "Juli is talking about AI 2"

Juli says, "as i can see it, the interaction is between the technologies, which the audience doesn't see..."

Shakespeare's_Guest teleports in

MonikaW says, "i dont want to interrupt ... but"

Juli says, "I think we should start with what lee has got going"

LeeG says, "and the storyboard for AI 2 not oudies"

AaronK says, "hi mr. prime number :)"

The.Great.Patootie asks, "Ah, and who is this?"

MonikaW says, "we should maybe clear up that"

The.Great.Patootie says, "Mr. Prime Number"

Shakespeare's_Guest says, "hi there :))"

MonikaW says, "what we have now relating to what you would call the "text" for our play"

Juli greets Shakespeare's_Guest, asking for the guest's real name.

MonikaW says, "are 2 things:"

Juli says, "yes, and text is equally important to technology"

MonikaW greets shakespears guest

LeeG says, "The text for AI h ...was only for AI and not the larger project"

Juli ahhhs

Juli says, "ok, that's great information, something i didn't know before"

MonikaW says, "we have 1) an assembling of homers words"

MonikaW says, "we have 2) a suggestion done by lee for the first scenes"

MonikaW nods at juli "this is judgement day"

The.Great.Patootie [to MonikaW]: You have a brief description of three alternate endings by me. I would like to see them considered.

LeeG [to MonikaW]: Juli was referring to the scenes from AI not oudeis

Juli says, "and i was confusing the it's good to have clarification"

The.Great.Patootie agrees. That clarification is very important.

MonikaW says, "oudeis started with the idea to combine "ancient" text + contents with modern staging"

The.Great.Patootie says, "Old wind in new bags"

The.Great.Patootie says, "As the technology ages, the contents can be brought up to date"

Twyla must go -- can someone please email me with summary of what happens?

MonikaW says, "if you scan the webpages you find a (rather undramatic) assembling of dialogs out of an english translation of the odyssey"

Juli [to MonikaW]: so what we need to decide is precisely what the text is and how the staging will be accomplished, to return to aaron's wise concern about a written plan

LeeG hugs Twyla warmly

The.Great.Patootie [to Twyla]: Will do. Great to have you hear. Hope all is well

Twyla hugs LeeG.

Juli hugs Twyla.

AaronK asks, "sorry, may I interrupt?"

Juli nods at aaron, please do :-)

Twyla hugs Juli.

Twyla waves to all

Twyla goes home.

MonikaW nods at aaron

The.Great.Patootie nods

AaronK says, "I mean not only the text by written plan but, and I think that is more important (to me at least), a written plan must include a description of who does what when and who supplies the money and the knowledge and the equipment, etc."

The.Great.Patootie says, "Right."

AaronK says, "I had the feeling I was misunderstood, so I wanted to state that again. Donno if it came thru"

Juli nods

AaronK oks

MonikaW says, "yep I think there are (at least) 2 major points that are connected to each other: artistic plan, organisational overhead"

Juli [to AaronK]: and i thought you also meant that we needed a plan for how the technology was to be included, organized, executed

MonikaW [to AaronK]: no! I think you guys skratched exactly on the weak point of oudeis

AaronK says, "yes juli, thanks"

MonikaW says, "an I really appreciate that"

Shakespeare's_Guest says, "there are *3* parts: artistic, technical and management.."

AaronK says, "monika: should i have said nothing? ;)"

MonikaW nods at chrisitan

The.Great.Patootie agrees about the weak point

MonikaW hugs aaron

Juli asks, "wait, is shakes guest christian?"

Juli [to AaronK]: no, you did exactly right...

AaronK says, "ok, the cat is out of the bag"

LeeG says, "Hi Christian...good to see you again"

Shakespeare's_Guest exclaims, "these parts aren't at different levels!"

MonikaW says, "if it is said in "the right" way, we deserve it"

MonikaW winks

Juli [to Shakespeare's_Guest]: they are at similar lveles, yes, and must be sorted out to assure success

AaronK exclaims, "monika: why? no!"

MonikaW exclaims, "may I remind you that we have 3 (!) lists of one only one is used!"

MonikaW says, "that means oudeis exists of ideas but not of technique and organisation"

MonikaW appologizes in Karin's direction

KarinM says, "I have to go, they are closing the IGW, sorry, bye thank you for coming bye:))"

Juli hugs KarinM.

The.Great.Patootie [to MonikaW]: the hypernews is a real accomplishment.

Juli sends best wishes for Karin's son

The.Great.Patootie waves Karin

LeeG says, "bye Karin"

MonikaW looks at jim does not understand

KarinM has disconnected.

MonikaW says, "hms"

LeeG says, "brb"

MonikaW says, "I guess this has to tell us somehting"

The.Great.Patootie [to MonikaW]: abt the lists?

Shakespeare's_Guest says, "oudeis exists without tech, but won't be realized in any form"

MonikaW agrees with christian

Shakespeare's_Guest says, "so it is important to accept the importance of tech and management too"

The.Great.Patootie agrees with Christian

AaronK has to go soon

MonikaW says, "I assume (and I may be wrong) that the tech does not exist yet because of the lack of a clearly written concept AND of the lack of the overhead organisation"

Shakespeare's_Guest says, "comming back soon"

MonikaW sighs

The usher arrives to remove Shakespeare's_Guest.

AaronK nods, thats the feeling i have

The.Great.Patootie [to MonikaW]: This can continue on the list

Juli nods, me too

ChristianS teleports in

MonikaW exclaims, "and I know that we had this problem not only once in this project yet. which means we already tried to solve it!"

ChristianS says, "back.."

MonikaW says, "ok this issue is to big to discussed now"

AaronK says, "oops"

Juli places a fragrant plumeria lei around ChristianS's neck.

MonikaW says, "let's move to point 2 on agend"

MonikaW says, "jim wanted to make a little tour with us:"

MonikaW says, "before he starts"

The.Great.Patootie [to MonikaW]: I think the vision is too ambitious for the lack of willingness to look at things like budget, cash flow, franchises, etc

MonikaW asks, "let me just make sure that what we said to day , will continue and be solved on the list?"

MonikaW asks, "can we all tuck up together?"

MonikaW asks, "do we want our baby to walk?"

Juli would like to point out that we must continue to try and meet here, tho, because list tends to get fuzzy....

AaronK says, "jim: may I just sax something: I think during the Linz /Vienna thing Karin did great great work. So I think the will is there"

The.Great.Patootie thinks we are about to take off...

MonikaW agrees with juli

Juli has disconnected.

The.Great.Patootie [to Juli]: More frequent, maybe shorter

The.Great.Patootie exclaims, "Whoops!"

MonikaW says, "next week, same time, same place"

AaronK says, "oops, sorry"

ChristianS says, "ok"

The.Great.Patootie thinks next week same time same place sounds good

Juli has connected.

MonikaW asks, "ok, jim do you want to show us around??"

Juli sorries, lost connection

The usher arrives to escort KarinM out of ATHEMOO.

The.Great.Patootie says, "I can do that for those who are left, sure."

AaronK says, "Monika: the will to get some sponsors I meant"

MonikaW [to jim]: I am sorry that this took so long

The.Great.Patootie says, "Let's to to Troy first shall we. Let's look around and see what we can do to make it more appropriate..."

MonikaW giggles with excitement

AaronK ???s

The.Great.Patootie says, "You can type @join jim and meet met there"

The.Great.Patootie teleports out

Juli reminds all that this work has been done with best of intentions, can be redone to match developing plan

ChristianS teleports out

Juli leaves in a flash!

Monika forgets about her coffee and hurries out.

AaronK teleports out

LeeG teleports out