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The October 1996 Revised Edition

Wanted: Organisation Partners and Stages Current Ideas of the Scenes Fund Raising
October 96

Organisational requirements in the rest of the world (are we eurocentristic? No way...) are to be dealt with. Those can be found at the righthand side of the page.
Current ideas of the scenes (yes, there are some!) - with some possible realisation ideas - right in the middle. (See the November edition for an update.)
Technical points will always be part of it... oudeis Vienna expressed their intentions concerning organisation partners and stages.
Fund raising proves to be as tricky as the Odysey itself... Read about it at the far right.
1150 Vienna, Austria, EUROPE
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tel. (++43) 1/982 95 25
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A theaterproject that shows Odysseus journey all around the world on RL stages and one Cyberstage - at the same time, connected via the Internet. A work in progress. Scheduled for Oct. 16, 1997.
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Copyright 1996 Georg Leyrer
To establish the stations of Odysseus´ journey all around the world we are still looking for 5 or 6 partners - all around the world.

So if you read this and you know of stages that might be interested in oudeis or if you yourself are interested in assuming one of the parts, then please contact us. Until now we didn't fix any stages or organisation partners in other continents, and considering our scheduled performance dates in October 1997 we're already very late. For the moment being there are contacts to Buenos Aires, Chicago, Rio de Janeiro and Australia, but none of them are anywhere near to certain cooperation.


The translation we intend to use and some of the additional material is to be found in: Homer, The Odyssey, A verse Translation - Backgrounds - Criticism, transl. and ed. by Albert Cook, 2nd ed (A Norton critical edition)


Persons with a technical background in the field of computer science, especially in telecommunications, computer networks, sound processing and sensor technology or experience with the combination of computers and on-stage performances are welcome to join the oudeis-tech list.
Also requested are proposals for the code of the software we could use.

We are on our way assembling the first scene by putting together favorite sentences of Homer and trying to find out which characters are needed for each scene and a way for the characters to interact.

The whole idea behind the story (with a little directing part in it) would be that the actor of Odysseus stays always behind the scene: That means that the first scene would take place between Calypso and Hermes - the real actors - on one stage somewhere and Odysseus - the real actor - would interact with them from another stage.
In the next scene, the ,real" Odysseus would be on the stage where Calypso and Hermes as real actors had been before and he would interact with the Hades which is performed by actors on another stage on the world. That would guarantee a play between real and virtual actors during the scenes.
This is what we have come up with so far:
  • Kalypso = Book V
  • Hades = Book XI
  • Circe = Book X
  • Cyclop = Book IX
  • "Home sweet home" = Book XXII-end or XIII-end
Here, in Vienna, we got a basic small budget from the city council to cover part of the preparation costs.

Additionally we'll apply for grants at the Federal Ministry for Science and Culture and also for the European Cultural Programme Kaleidoskop - for the latter we're still looking for two cooperation partners to apply for the grant, for two european ones. The date of the presentation of the project will be at the end of December.
For the technical equipment which is needed for the performances we're looking for sponsors. If anybody has got good contacts to hardware companies and is willing to help us, please let us know. (the ideal situation would be finding one sponsor who provides all the different stages with the same hardware.)

Organisational Requirements in the Rest of the World

A short list of services and people we could use dearly:
  • promotion work for oudeis
  • technical staff
  • light equipment (see oudeis-tech)
  • stage (8 per 8 meters)
  • 1 or two actors
  • fund raising in your own country to cover the abovementioned costs

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