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Find here four sketches of the cones, which will be seen in Museum of Modern Art in Vienna. Those are "symplified" costume designs by Ulli Nö and will be about 3 meters high.

In the hall of Palais Liechtenstein the cones will come out of the edges of the four pillars in the middle of Sala Terrana. The will be lit from the inside

To signify the cones as a part of our presentation the name and URL are written on the bottom of the cone (as high as the pedestal of the pillar). It will be hand printed material, the colors might be a little different to what you see here.

Click on the cones to get a picture in high resolution.

Cone of Odysseus

Cone of Polyphem

Cone of Kalypso

Cone of Penelope

copyright © 1997 by oudeis
1150 Vienna, Austria, EUROPE
Holochergasse 34-34a