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Among Immortals

On Sep 12, 1997, the Media Loft of the Ars Electronica Center became the hall of Olympian Zeus, a place of joyous festivity surrounded by the oceanic waves of the Internet.
As in the first performance of Among Immortals at the MMK June 26, 1997, the oudeis team staged a presentation of the ideas of oudeis - a world wide odyssey. Using the medium of the Internet, translations of Homer's words in German were sent into virtual space and came back as a multilingual translation framed by original musical compositions as the story of Odysseus, his wanderings, his companions and his opponents were created and presented.

During the course of the evening, works of Argentinean composer Santiago Pereson, Austrian costume designer Ulli Nö and American playwright L.H. Grant were presented in a performance conceived by L.H. Grant and Monika Wunderer, directed by Gernot Lechner.

Go and see what happened in the mirror event of Among Immortals I in ATHEMOO. You will find the logfiles of the performance and more than a glimpse behind the scenes, what happened before and after the performance and much more. Enjoy it!

Please go to the special edition of Status Quo - The oudeis News for further information and the performance credits.

Attending physically:

The performance took place in the course of the Ars Electronica Festival in Linz, Austria. There were simultaneous mirror events in Cafe Stein, Vienna, Austria (6pm) and Station Manor, Nelson, BC (9am - 11 pm).

Attending audiovisually:

With a webbrowser, shockwave and real audio plug ins, the web audience was supposed to be able to listen to to listen to the original musical compositions by the Argentinean composer Santiago Pereson and watch Odysseus being confronted with Polyphem, making love to the nymph Calypso and coming home to his faithful wife Penelope. However, due to technichal problems, this did not happen. Still, you can see some of the artwork at

Attending communicatively:

The world-wide oudeis team gathered in virtual space for the creation of a global theatrical production of Homer´s Odyssey. They were joined by a MOO audience from all over the world in ATHEMOO. You can still go there and meet us. Once you are connected, type @go oudeis and you will enter the Hall of Zeus in a textbased space.

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