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The Among Immortals Special Edition

Among Immortals Three Ways Of Attending
Among Immortals

The first oudeis related performance brings the world wide team together...

L. H. Grant is author of numerous plays and books (Bliss, Misfits And Madmen). In oudeis, he is responsible for Text Realisation and Design.

Santiago Pereson has studied piano, composition and arrangement in Buenos Aires. He now focusses on the relation of literature and music.

Monika Wunderer works in oudeis as dramaturge. Her master thesis dealt with "Theatre and the Internet".

Ulli is an Austria based costume designer and stylist and designs the looks of oudeis.

Jim Terral teaches writing, creative writing and composition at a BC college.
1150 Vienna, Austria, EUROPE
Holochergasse 34-34a
tel. (++43) 1/982 95 25
fax. (++43) 1/983 49 35


Oudeis - a world wide odyssey
through space and time that explores the frontiers of new technologies
by the use of the Internet as both a tool for
collaborative development and as a performance space.
Work in progress.
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On June 26th 1997, the Sala Terrena of Palais Liechtenstein, Vienna, Austria, will become the hall of Olympian Zeus, a place of joyous festivity surrounded by the oceanic waves of the Internet. On this occasion, the world-wide oudeis team will gather together in virtual space for the creation of a global theatrical production of part of Homer's Odyssey.
Using the medium of the Internet, translations of Homer´s words in German will be sent into virtual space and come back as a multilingual translation framed by original musical compositions as the story of Odysseus, his wanderings, his companions and his opponents are created and presented. Also, the audience will be invited to participate and influence this act of collaborative creation.
During the course of the evening, works of Argentinean composer Santiago Pereson, Austrian costume designer Ulli Noe and American playwright L.H. Grant are presented in a performance conceived by L.H. Grant and Monika Wunderer.
Members of the world - wide oudeis team (including Jim Terral from B.C., Dan Zellner from Chicago, Georg Leyrer from Vienna and Andrew Garton from Melbourne) will participate in the performance via the Internet and in the mirror event in ATHEMOO.

Status Quo
The oudeis News

A monthly Internet publication providing background information, news and links concerning the progress of oudeis - a world wide odyssey and developments and projects in the world of Internet theatre and culture.

Responsible for the contents: Monika Wunderer and Georg Leyrer
Send any comments or articles to your editor.

For Austria: The printing of this edition is sponsored by Melzer
Attending physically: We warmly welcome you to the summer party of the Museum of Modern Art in the Palais Liechtenstein, 9, Fürsteng. 1, in Vienna, Austria.
Attending audiovisually: With shockwave and real audio plug ins, point your webbrowser to, and youíll be able to listen to the original musical compositions by the Argentinean composer Santiago Pereson and watch the story of Odysseus confronted with Polyphem, making love to the nymph Calypso and coming home to his faithful wife Penelope.
Attending communicatively: The world-wide oudeis team gathers together in virtual space for the creation of a global theatrical production of Homer's Odyssey. For the introduction of the creative members of the team, come and be with us in ATHEMOO. Once you are connected, type @go oudeis and you will enter the Hall of Zeus in a textbased space.

Existing Oudeis

In October 1995 the idea of oudeis was conceived in an open air restaurant in Austria. Since summer 1996, a creative team comes together on a mailinglist and in regular online meetings / by Monika Wunderer
The aim of the team is to have a theater performance in 1998. In the development and in the work on realization, oudeis started to exist long before the actual performance. In the communication environment of the Internet, problems can be discussed and solved easily, and strategies for bringing an experimental theater performance like oudeis to life can be raised.
"Among Immortals" will not only retell the story of Odysseus as told by Homer, it will also tell the story of a collective creation of a theatrical work disregarding geographical and cultural borders.

Among Immortals Credits

A performance conceived by L. H. Grant, California, and Monika Wunderer, Austria
Music Santiago Pereson, Argentina
Screen Design exm & Santiago Pereson, Argentina
Costumes Ulli Nö, Austria
Offsite / Online Producer
Jim Terral, Canada

Master of Ceremony

Michaela Stankovsky, Austria
MOOMaster of Ceremony
Georg Leyrer, Austria

Participants from all around the world, connected via ATHEMOO, a virtual space existing on-line for real time discussion and interaction

Jeff Croff, Michigan / Andrew Garton, Melbourne / Cat Hebert / Boris Karnikowski, Germany / Matthew W. Mitchell-Shiner, Twyla Mitchell-Shiner, California / Nina LeNoir, Texas / Felippe Rosenburg, Brasilia / Dan Zellner, Illinois

Network and computers

Rainer Fügenstein, Austria
Light and sound equipment Hans Holler, Austria
Public relations Karin Mayer & MMKSLW, Vienna

Connected from Croatia by an Ericsson cellular phone

Gernot Lechner, Austria


designed by Dr. Juli Burk, Hawaii; supported by the University of Hawaii at Manoa and the Association of Theatre in Higher Education
Webspace powered by Vianet
Real space Palais Liechtenstein, Vienna Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig

Ars Electronica


copyright © 1997 by oudeis
1150 Vienna, Austria, EUROPE
Holochergasse 34-34a