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Director Gernot Lechner (
Assistant Director Monika Wunderer (
Composer / Choros Leader Santiago Pereson (
Worldwide Dramaturgy oudeis-idea, participants from all around the world
Adaption L. H. Grant, California / Gernot Lechner and Monika Wunderer, Vienna / Santiago Pereson, Buenos Ayres
Technical Project Managment Leon Aaron Kaplan
Light Design Lukas Kaltenbäck
Webstage Design t.b.a.
Stage Design t.b.a.
Webstage Design t.b.a.
Costumes Ulli Nö (
Network t.b.a.
Net Application t.b.a.
Logistics Karin Mayer, Vienna / Felippe Rosenburg, Rio / Santiago Pereson and Guillermo Vega, Buenos Ayres / Dan Zellner, Chicago
Technical Support Peter Fleissner, Department for Design and Assessment of Technology / Social Cybernetics Subdivision (IGW), Vienna University of Technology,
Status Quo (Documentation) Georg Leyrer (
Mail Communications Monika Wunderer (
Webmaster Georg Leyrer (
Producer (
Co-Producer Vienna University of Technology