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The Organigram shows the distribution of the tasks which will have to be performed by our world wide crew. They are divided into three main categories (arts, technics and organisation), mirroring the respective lists (oudeis idea, tech and managment).
Those categories are again divided into three subcategories which represent the possible allocations of responsibility. An entry in the central category means that one person / place decides or produces something for the whole project, so that all the others just work with the result. Tasks in the local category are performed by each venue for itself, so that each venue is reponsible only to itself and can arrange manners in its own way. The global category, finally, is filled with the tasks for which a global collaboration is essential or wished for.

- Arts Technics Organising

Man in Charge: Gernot Lechner (Vienna)

  • Directing: Gernot Lechner (Vienna)
  • Communication: Monika Wunderer
  • Composing: Santiago Pereson (Buenos Ayres)
  • Design
  • Documentation: Monika Wunderer & Georg Leyrer (Vienna)

Man in Charge: Leon Aaron Kaplan

  • Technical Conception: Leon Aaron Kaplan, Christian Schallhart (Vienna)

(Wo)Man in Charge: Karin Mayer (Vienna)

  • Sponsoring: Karin Mayer (Vienna) & N.N.
  • Contracts (with partners): Karin Mayer, Gernot Lechner & consultants (Vienna)
  • Coordination and Project Leadership
  • Communications: Karin Mayer (Vienna)
  • Budget: Karin Mayer (Vienna)
  • Text
  • Actors
  • Stage Managment (Assistant Director)
  • Technical Executives (Light, Sound, Stage, Screens, Video, Chat)
  • Coordination
  • Advertising
  • Sponsoring
  • Contracts (with crew)
  • Budget
  • Concept: oudeis idea
  • Dramaturgy: oudeis idea
  • Software Development
  • Design Implementation (WWW, Screens)

copyright © 1997 by oudeis
1150 Vienna, Austria, EUROPE
Holochergasse 34-34a