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The Light Concept:

  • Theatrical light design of each scene
  • Representation of the virtual actors by light cones
    • Position of the virtual actors represented by the position of the light cone
    • Emotional state of the actors represented by the color of the light cone
  • Odysseus leads the light cues on each venue
  • The Realisation:

    • Definition of the light cues during rehearsals in Vienna (with all the actors on one stage)
    • Usage of local light systems for theatrical light design
    • Adaption of the light cues to local stages
    • Addition of six headmoving lights to the local light systems
    • Position of the real actor is sent to all the other venues
    • Emotional state of the real actor is sent to all the other venues

    The Technics:

    • DMX 512-Protocol for usage of the headmoving lights
    • RS 232-Protocol for the representation of the emotional state, using medical sensor technique
    • Ethernet-Protocol for linking to the ISDN-lines
    • 1 light desk Ethernet protocol per venue


    The Net

    • ETC: ETCNet and ETCLink - a complete system for exchanging data bewteen light control and dimmer
    • STRAND: ETHERLINK Used by the Vienna State Opera as network between light desks and dimmers
      Light desks STRAND Series 530 and 430 send Ethernet protocols
      Adaption STRAND SN100 Ethernet protocols -> 6xDMX512 protocols (max. 3000 circuits)

copyright 1997 by oudeis
1150 Vienna, Austria, EUROPE
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