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Living Lights

Life is blown into the lightcones by an idea revolutionary to theater. It will be the first time in theater history that what an actor really feels while playing will be shown.

Acting never shows the real emotions of an actor but the emotions of the character he or she is playing. Do the actors of Odysseus and his companions really fear for their lives while being together with cruel Polyphem on stage? No, certainly not. Maybe Odysseus would be concentrating on his text or on doing the right movements, or he would think of his stomach if he had eaten a bad fish before. An audience member would never see this. The use of a special sensor technique will show the emotions of an actor that are normally hidden via certain colors of the light. For sure the performance will look different on every evening, because the virtual actors, as a visualisation of the real actors, are really living and feeling human beings and not preprogrammed light variations. On every stage the interaction between virtual and real actors will be seen. The dialogs are heard via speakers. Furthermore the visualization and the sound of all actors will be available via World Wide Web synchronously.

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