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Weiter... Fig.: Real and Virtual Actors on Stage
Weiter... Virtual Actors

real actors

Real actors control the virtual actors on the other stages by means of sensors, computers and the Internet.

The real actor moves and acts on the stage like on a chessboard. His position on the stage is transmitted immediately to all other locations (and of course other stages) by the "operator" that is located at one corner of the stage. This kind of "prompter" tells his computer where the actor on the stage is standing or moving. Not only the position of the artist is transmitted, but also some physiological and psychological data is recorded. Sensors that measure pulse-frequency and skin-conductivity enable the computer (together with the operator) to "calculate" the actor´s mood. To help the computer to guess the artist‘s mood the operator enters his personal opinion about it (e.g. the operator enters: very excited, angry). Additionally speech and sound are digitized and transmitted to the other locations where loudspeakers reproduce the received sound.

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