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The global Theater

Real (human beings) and virtual (light cones) actors perform on stages on all continents - interconnected with each other via the Internet. The stages are structured like chess boards. By their movements the real actors control their virtual counterparts on the other stages. The virtual actors are represented by colored light cones.

Contrary to a conventional theater where real persons perform a play together with other real persons, in our case a real actor (a human being) performs with several virtual actors and interacts with them. This means that a real person performs a play at a certain venue together with intangible copies of real persons.

In order to get a more concrete impression of this experiment one could imagine a chess computer game where only one side - our side - uses real chess pieces, whereas the pieces of the computer are represented by tiny lights that show the positions of the different chess pieces. If one of the wooden chess pieces is moved, the computer enters the data of this move and reacts by moving , say, the light on square A2 to B3. Thus, with only one set of real chess pieces one can play a game against the computer. For our stage this would mean that a real actor speaks and acts in a play together with several light cones by reacting to their movements, their colors, and shapes.

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