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For the theater the Internet is virgin territory; therefore the whole production will be characterized by experiment. The process, in which the project is constantly developing towards a presentation on stage, is an essential part of the whole performance, should be made transparent for the audience long before the actual staging of the play.

The greater part of the work for the production of the presentation itself will have to be invested in experiments and rehearsals, as there is little experience in working with virtual spaces interconnected with each other in a network and because the use of the Net for theater purposes is unprecedented. Therefore, it seemed logical to continuously document thie evolution from the first tests to the first night on stage and to make the process itself visible as an integral part of the project from the very beginning of testing and rehearsing.

The visualization of this work in progress as part of the performance saves the work invested even in case of unpredictable breakdowns, thus making the whole process a piece of art in its own right regardless of the success or failure in other parts of the project. Above all, this approach makes it possible to demonstrate the flexibility and the newness of the media and the technologies involved.

Already three weeks before the actual performance we would like to show our audience some ,results" of the work in progress - as to say: open rehearsals!

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