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Weiter... Fig.: Real and Virtual Actors on Stage
Weiter... Fig.: Matrix of Pixels (Ptage)
Weiter... Fig.: Matrix of Pixels (Computer Display)
Weiter... Real Actors

virtual actors

Virtual actors appear as spotlights, their appearance and color is controled via sensors attached to the real actor.

At the position of the virtual actors (the actors at the remote location) lights mark the squares they would stand on if they were real and not absent. Above each square three lights are placed colored red, green and blue (additive coloring) to be able to display any color (like a cathode-ray-tube).

At the stage there are now for example four spots of light (that flicker and move and use other visual effects to symbolize the virtual actor´s mood) and one real actor that interact with each other. The computer-displayed and computer-transmitted virtual actors move and speak (through loudspeakers) at the same time the real actors do. The only real person at a single stage is the one real actor but he "controls" four virtual copies at the other remote locations. In our example only five real persons move and act spread all over the world but twenty copies (for each real actor four copies) follow their movements.

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