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Weiter... Real Actors
Weiter... Virtual Actors

Because of the experimental touch of the performance new and specialized software has to be developed. It will read the sensors and transmit their data together with the sound over the Internet to the other stages.

New software will have to be developed, because common Internet-software provides only primitive (in comparison to the complexity of our task) communication-facilities. Our new software has to be able to do the following:

  • Speech has to be digitized and transmitted (like teleconferencing-software does) via the Internet to all other stages.
  • Our software must "evaluate" the "mood" of the actors. Therefore the program requests data from the sensors and records the volume of the actor´s speech. Additionally the operator enters a numerical value as an assessment of the actor´s mood.
  • The received mood-data has to be displayed (light-effects) at the position of the virtual actor.
  • The operator has to enter the position of the real actor into the computer.

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