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the Play

The form of the play is influenced by the form of ancient Greek tragedies. Seven Epeisodions, the scenes, are framed by Stasimas, the songs of the choros. Each Epeisondion stages one of the stories Odysseus has to go through on the different stations of his journey, taken out of Homer´s Epos "The Odyssey".

Odysseus travels from the island of Cyclops, where he meets the cruel Polyphem, to the Island of Aeolus , lord of the winds, the Island of Aeaea, home of beautiful Circe, he even arrives in Hades. Then he rests for some years on Ogyia, the Island of Calypso, before his return to Ithaka.

Each actor will speak in his mother tongue. The interaction between stages in different parts of the world will produce multilingual dialogs. The Stasimas are sung in Greek.

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