Second Episode - Aeolos and the Winds
(as told by Odysseus in Book X)

Aeolos (Lord of the winds)

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is typing on the computerscreen
(1) Then we came to the island of Aeolia, where dwelt
(2) Aeolos. [...]
(3) On a floating island. [...]
(5) And there are twelve children of his living in his halls;
(6)[...] Numberless dishes lie ready for them;
(13) A whole month he befriended me and asked in detail
(17) But when I inquired about the way and asked him
(18) to send us, [...]
(19) He gave me the skin of a nine-year-old ox he had flayed,
(20) And in it he had bound the courses of the blustering winds.
(25) Then he set a breeze of the West Wind blowing for me
(26) That would carry the ship and the men onward. He was not
(27) Destined to complete it. We were lost by our own foolishness.

(29) On the tenth [day] the soil of our fatherland already appeared
(30) And we were close enough to see men tending the fire.
(31) Then sweet sleep came upon me in my weariness

(43) Now Aeolos has given him theses things as a favor
(44) In friendship. Come, let us see quickly what they are,
(45) How much there is of gold and silver in the skin.
(46) So they said, and evil advice won my companions over.
(47) They undid the skin, and the winds all rushed out.

(64) How have you come, Odysseus?

(68) My evil companions ruined me; and besides them, a wretched
(69) Sleep. But give relief, friends. You have the power.

(73) It is not lawful for me to help or to send on his course
(74) Any man who is despised by the blessed gods.
(75) Go, since you came to this place despised by the gods.

On the screen appears
(77) Then we sailed further on, grieving in our hearts.
(80) Six days did we sail alike by night and by day.
(81) And on the seventh we came to Lamos’ sheer citadel
(100) [...] I sent my companions to go and find out
(101) Who these were of the men who eat bread on the earth
(105) And they happened on a girl getting water before the city.
(106) The goodly daughter of Lestrygonian Antiphates.
(112) When they entered the glorious hall, they found his wife
(115) Her husband, who planned a woeful destruction for the men
(116) Snatching one companion at once, he made a meal of him.
(133) From there we sailed further on, grieving in our hearts,
(134) Glad to escape death, having lost our dear companions.
(135) We came to the island of Aiaia. There did dwell
(136) Fair-braided Circe

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