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The First Draft Of The Text

View the first drafts of the text for the performance of oudeis - a world wide odyssey. There are two alternative methods used to generate our text, between which is yet to be chosen.

  • The Written Text This is an original text written by L.H. Grant based on Homer´s Epos. Three episodia and a prologue are available in first draft.

    Reading this script:

    All text in italics is spoken by an unseen voice.
    (All items in parenthesis are stage directions).
    All bold text is unspoken and shown in bold print on an elevated monitor in the center of the stage.

  • The Assembled Text It consists of six episodes assembled from the original text (following a translation by Albert Cook). There are two alternative versions available.

    "Stage" directions, dialougue and source information are included, as indicated by the use of different fonts.

    Direct speech is indicated by the use of citations (fonts used vary depending on the browser you use).

    Stage directions are in bold print.

    Zeus´ comments "from above" are represented as truetype fonts.

    If this looks all the same to you, you are probably using an old browser version. Nonetheless, the text structure ought to be comprehensible. If you have problems, contact us.