Episodeion 1

(Sound of choros continues)

(On screen 1, visualization of the choros)

(On screen 2, the ocean remains)

(On screen 3, the words "the journey of Odysseus"
appear and then a series of maps showing the locations
before the Land of Cyclops)

(On screen 4, the words "internet data" appear and
then the data itself)

Land of Cyclopes

(On screen 2, an island)

(On screen 3, a cave from a distance)

(On screen 4, entrance to the cave)

(On screen 1, interior of the cave)

Odysseus enters the cave of Polyphemus

(Odysseus ‘RA’ enters. Light cones ‘VAs’ appear on
all other stages)

(Sound of the choros fades out)

(On screen 2, vital signs of Odysseus appear)

Several of his men join him

(several light cones appear. They are grouped
together and distant from Odysseus. Also, they are
not illuminated as brightly as the light cone
representing Odysseus because they do not have his


This cave reeks of sheep. What manner of man would bring foul smelling animals into his sleeping chambers in place of a woman? No man of good humor, that is certain. Wait! I hear the cyclops approaching.

(Odysseus and his men hide in the corners of the cave)

(Polyphemus ‘RA’ enters. Light cones ‘VAs’ appear on
all other stages)

(Images of a pair of large legs with leather straps
move from screen to screen as if walking. The sound
of Polyphemus’ feet hitting the ground can be heard)

Polyphemus seals the entrance of his cave with a boulder


Come here, my fine young pets, so I may take your milk and make some whey for my meal.

(Images of sheep move from screen to screen
accompanied by loud bleating)


(His voice booming)

What? What is that I hear? Are there strangers in my cave?

(Odysseus steps forward. His men follow but stay
behind him)

(On screen 2, Odysseus’ vital signs reappear)

(Sound of Odysseus’ heart beating)


So, I was right. Look at the rabble the wind has blown into my domain. Who are you and what do you want?


My men and I are Achaians thrown off course by a wicked storm. We seek your hospitality.





Yes, as visitors and supplicants protected by Zeus.



Zeus! You think I, Polyphemus, king of the Cyclopes, son of Poseidon is frightened by Zeus?


We need food and shelter. That is all.


Foreigners! Immigrants! Refugees! You’re all alike. You come here and you expect hospitality. You expect food and shelter like it is your god given right. Why you even expect us to take care of you while you sit around with your lazy foreign ways. And how do you repay us? You spend your days lying, cheating and stealing. We have no need for your kind here. This is the land of the Cyclopes and that is how it shall remain unfettered by your alien pollution.


We don’t ask for much, just a simple meal. Won’t you feed us?


Feed you!


I would rather eat you than feed you.

(Polyphemus reaches out)

(A giant hand moves from screen to screen)

(Two of the light cones representing Odysseus’
companions jerk wildly to the sound of loud screams.
Then, they turn deep red and disappear though the
screaming continues. The other companions move
further away in fear, as does Odysseus)

(A giant fist drenched in blood moves back across the

(The wide open mouth of Polyphemus fills the elevated
screen as his bloOdy hand appears to place the bodies
of Odysseus’ companions into his gaping jaws. The
screams stop as he chews for a moment and then

(On screen 2, Odysseus’ vital signs)

(The beating of Odysseus’ heart)

(On screen 4, internet data)

(On screens 1 and 3, the interior of the cave)


You Achaians may be a wretched race but you taste chicken. Now, I shall have some fresh milk before I make another meal of your men.

(Odysseus steps closer to Polyphemus)


Wait! You don’t want milk. What you want is some of this fine wine given to me by Maron in return for sparing his life and that of his wife and child. This is what you need to quench your thirst after the taste of human flesh.

(Odysseus reaches out with a wooden bowl filled with wine)

(On screens 1 and 3, Odysseus’ hand reaching out with
the bowl of wine)


I brought it as an offering so that my generosity could be returned in kind. Instead, you treat me and my men with profound rudeness and disrespect. Here! Take it! Take it in the spirit it is given.

(Polyphemus takes the wooden bowl)

(On screens 1 and 3, the wine is taken from the hands
of Odysseus)

(On the elevated screen, the giant mouth of Polyphemus
drinking from the bowl)

(Odysseus moves to his companions and they huddle
around him)

(Polyphemus empties the bowl and drops it on the


More! I want more! It is as sweet as nectar and as intoxicating as ambrosia.


Faithful companions, we must make this cruel beast pay for what he has done. While I keep him occupied I want you to take that staff of olive wood and carve at it with your knives until it is as pointed as a dagger.


More! Give me more and I shall bestow upon you a gift of my gratitude.

(Odysseus turns and moves toward Polyphemus. His
companions gather around the staff of olive wood)

(Odysseus picks up the bowl and fills it with wine.
He lifts it up for Polyphemus to take)


Here, Polyphemus, king of the Cyclopes, son of Poseidon. Drink! Drink until you have had your fill, and then give me the gift you have promised.

(On screens 1 and 3, a giant hand takes the bowl)


You are wise, little one, to give me that which I could take for myself.

(On the elevated screen, the giant mouth of Polyphemus
drinking from the bowl)

(Odysseus motions to his companions and suddenly there
is a great deal of activity where they are gathered)

(The olive wood staff is on all four screens. The end
of the staff is on screen 4. It is being carved on by
a number of knives)

(Polyphemus drains the bowl and drops it to the


More! I need more!

(Odysseus pick up the bowl and fills it with wine.
Again, he offers it to Polyphemus)


Then more you shall have, until your arms and legs grow heavy and your senses have been satiated.

(Polyphemus takes the bowl)

(All four screens continue to show the olive staff)


Tell me your name stranger. Tell me your name and when I have finished this bowl of wine I will give you your gift.

(On the elevated screen, the giant mouth of Polyphemus
drinking from the bowl)


My name is noman. From the day I was born to this very moment my friends and family have called me noman.

(Polyphemus drains the bowl and drops it to the
ground. He staggers about drunkenly making a lot of
noise and scaring the sheep)

(On all four screens, sheep running and bleating)


Then, Noman, I shall eat all of your companions first and save you for last. That is your gift.

(Polyphemus laughs as he staggers around the cave)

(On screens 1 and 3, the giant feet of Polyphemus
stomping on the ground with great noise)

(On screen 2, Odysseus’ vital signs)

(Odysseus’ heartbeat)

(On screen 4, Net data)

(Odysseus moves closer to his companions)


Prepare yourselves, men, for the time is near.

(Polyphemus stops moving, sways from side to side for
a moment and then falls to the ground with a
tremendous crash)

(On screen 1, the one giant eye of Polyphemus)

(On screens 2, 3, and 4, the interior of the cave)

(We can still hear the pounding of Odysseus’ heart
which remains in synch with the sensor readings)

(Odysseus and his men are on one side of the stage,
Polyphemus on the other)


Help me lift the wooden stake. The time for vengeance has arrived.

(With Odysseus holding the pointed end, he and his men
lift the stake)


Polyphemus, king of the Cyclopes, son of Poseidon, this is for our fallen companions, for our honor.

(Odysseus and his men move quickly toward Polyphemus)

(On the elevated screen, an extreme closeup of
Polyphemus’ eye)

(On all four screens, the point of the stake moves
from screen 4 to 3 to 2 to 1)

(Polyphemus emits a horrifying scream)

(On the elevated screen, Polyphemus covers his eye
with his hand and blood pours forth through his

(Polyphemus continues to scream as he thrashes around
the cave)

(Odysseus and his companions scatter about the cave
trying to avoid Polyphemus)

(On all four screens, quick moving images of the giant
legs of Polyphemus, the much smaller legs of Odysseus
and his companions, and sheep scurrying about)

(The pounding of Odysseus’ heart)

(The deafening noise men and sheep in motion)

Drawn by the screams other Cyclopes gather outside of the cave

They call out

What is wrong, Polyphemus, that you scream so horribly and wake us from our sleep?


I am being murdered by cunning and guile.

Who does this to you?


Noman, Noman does this to me.

No man! You must be suffering from drunken delusions. We will be on our way

(A moment passes and then Odysseus carefully
approaches Polyphemus)


Your sheep are frightened. Remove the boulder and let them out to graze.

(Polyphemus swings his arms in the direction of
Odysseus trying to strike him)

(Odysseus steps back to avoid the blows of Polyphemus)


You! You did this to me. If I remove the boulder, you and your companions will escape and I will be denied the satisfaction of killing you.


And if you deny your sheep the tender grass of the hillside, they will starve and so shall you.


Most detestable Achaian, as much as I despise you, you speak the truth.

(Polyphemus stumbles to the entrance of the cave)


But I warn you and your companions, if any man tries to escape I will catch them and they will suffer the most terrifying of deaths.

Polyphemus removes the boulder


Quick men! Hide amongst the sheep and make your way out before the beast can catch us.

(On all four screens, sheep intermixed with the legs
of men moving swiftly)

(Polyphemus swings wildly at the men as they make
their escape from the cave)

(Odysseus’ companions disappear from the stage leaving
Odysseus standing at the exit a short distance from


If any man should ask you how you came to your misfortune, tell them it was not Noman but Odysseus, son of Laertes and slayer of thousands who did this to you.

(Polyphemus lurches at Odysseus who barely escapes out
of the cave)


(Shouting to the sky)

Great father, Poseidon, avenge this harm that has been done to your son. Rain death and destruction on Odysseus and prevent his return to his beloved homeland.

(Polyphemus disappears as his light fades out)

(On all four screens, images of storm laded seas)

(On the elevated screen, huge thunderbolts and dark
storm clouds)

(Sound of the choros)

(Visualization of the choros appears on the elevated
screen. It is occasionally disrupted by the


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