Sixth Episode - Phaecians
(as told by Homer in Book XI)

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Odysseus (alone after the loss of all his companions)
Alcinoos (King of the Phaecians)

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(330) "[...] Now it is time
(331) For me to sleep, whether I go to my companions on the swift ship
(332) Or stay here. The convoy shall be your concern, and the gods".
(333) So he said. And they all became silent in stillness.
(334) They were held in rapture through the shadowy halls.

(348) So shall this word come about, if I be indeed
(349) Alive and rule the Phaecians, who are fond of rowing
(350) Let the stranger, though greatly desiring a return,
(351) Still endure to wait till tomorrow until I complete
(352) The entire gift. The convoy will concern all the men,
(353) And me especially, as I have power in the land.

(355) Lordly Alcinoos, exalted among all your people,
(356) Even if you should bid me to stay here for a year
(357) And urged on an convoy and gave glorious gifts,
(358) I would want to do it, since it would be better by far
(359) To reach one’s dear fatherland with a fuller hand;

(363) Odysseus, as we look on you we would not think you
(364) To be a deceiver and cheat the way many men are
(365) Whom the black earth nourishes, and are widely dispersed,
(373) This night is prodigiously long. It is not yet time
(374) To sleep in the hall. Do tell me your wondrous deeds.
(375) I would hold out until the godly dawn, so long
(376) As you could endure to recount your cares in the hall.

(379) There is a time for many tales and also a time for sleep.
(380) But if you are still longing to listen, I would not myself.
(381) Refuse you in this, to tell other more piteous things,
(382) The cares of my companions who perished afterward,
(383) Who escaped from the grievous war cry of the Trojans
(384) But died on returning at the will of an evil woman. ???


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