Episodeion 3

(On all four screens, images of calm seas continue
over from the last scene as does the sound of the choros)

(Images of the ocean are replaced by images of a map
tracing the journey of Odysseus)

Island of Aiaia

Home of the enchantress Circe

(On screen 1, an island)

(On screen 2, a protected harbor)

(On screen 3, a beach on the shore of the sea)

(On screen 4, a roaring fire)

(Sound of the choros fades out)


Weary in spirit and weak with exhaustion, they brought their ship into the protected harbor as though it were guided by the hand of some benevolent god.

(On screen 1, closeup of fire)

(Odysseus ‘RA’ appears on the stage as he is
illuminated. On all other stages light cones ‘VA’ appear)

(On screen 2, Odysseus’ vital signs)

(The beating of Odysseus’ heart)

(On screen 3, burning embers flying from the fire)

(On screen 4, net data)


To cheer his men and bring them some comfort, Odysseus slew a giant stag so they could feast on abundant meat and sweet wine to drown their sorrow.

(Several light cones representing Odysseus’ companions
appear on the other side of the stage from Odysseus)


And when the sullen rose colored dawn broke the horizon, Odysseus stood and addressed his assembled companions.


Faithful friends, we have journeyed far and wide, and we have fought long and hard. At our hands countless numbers have met their end and before our very eyes we have seen our companions suffer the most hideous of deaths. Through it all, you have stood beside me, through the great victories, through the harshest cruelties.

Odysseus breaks down and openly weeps


And now we no longer know east from west, the dawn from the dusk. We are without rudder, without direction. If there is a plan, it is not mine to fathom.

(Eurylochos steps forward)


Do not fail us, Odysseus. We have followed you from the very beginning and we will follow you as long as blood courses through our veins and the gods will it.


Yes, Eurylochos, you are right. We must go on. We shall explore the island and see what fates the gods have chosen to bestow upon us.

(All lights and light cones fade out leaving the stage dark)

(The sound of the choros)

(On screen 1, visualization of the stasimas)

(On screen 2, a glen nestled within the mountains)

(On screen 3, a magnificent hall in the distance)

(On screen 4, net data)

(On screen 2, the entrance of the hall)

(On screen 3, interior of the hall)

Hall of Circe

(Sound of choros fades out)

(On screen 1, another interior view of the hall)

(Circe is standing in the room. She is singing seductively)

Eurylochos and four companions approach the Hall

(Eurylochos and four companions enter. They are
standing at the entrance and at a distance from Circe)


Come brave, handsome, strong men. Enter my hall and share some wine with me.

Suspecting a trap, Eurylochos stays behind while his companions enter the lair of Circe

(The four companions move closer to Circe while
Eurylochos disappears from the stage)

(On screens 1, 2 and 3, various views of the interior
of the hall)

(On screen 4, net data)


You have the look of men who have traveled far and suffered mightily. You must be thirsty and tired. Here drink this fine Pramnian wine and rest a while.

(On all four screens, closeups of men drinking wine.
A different man in each screen)


Drink! Drink! We are all friends here.

(Circe takes a wand and walks over to the men
´light cones´)

(Circe touches the first light cone with her wand and
it immediately disappears)

(Instantly on screen 1 the man turns into a swine)

(Circe touches the second light cone with her wand and
it immediately disappears)

(Instantly on screen 2 the man turns into a swine)

(Circe touches the third light cone with her wand and
it immediately disappears)

(Instantly on screen 3 the man turns into a swine)

(Circe touches the first fourth cone with her wand and
it immediately disappears)

(Instantly on screen 4 the man turns into a swine)

(The light cones are now all gone and on all four
screens there are squealing pigs)


Men are such stupid creatures. All it takes is a smile from a beautiful woman, a glass of wine, and the possibility of further delight and you can make them do anything you want.

(Circe looks at the pigs on the screens and laughs)

(The screens go black and the stage turns dark)

(Sound of choros)

(On screen 1, visualization of stasima)

(On screen 4, net data)

Eurylochos hurries back to tell Odysseus what has happened

Odysseus sets out for the Hall of Circe but first crosses paths with Hermes

(On screen 3, a grove)

(Hermes is standing in the grove)

(Odysseus enters)

(On screen 2, Odysseus’ vital signs)

(Choros fades out)

(On screen 1, another view of the grove)


Most rueful stranger, why do you go so quickly to the house where your friends have met their sad fate. Are you unaware of what has been done to your companions?


I know too well what has befallen my comrades and now I must come to their aid and punish the one who is responsible for this foul deed.


You are a man of courage, if not sense. Here, take these herbs. It will protect you from Circe’s spells. And remember this, make her fear you but do not refuse her bed.

(The light on Hermes ´RA´ fades out causing him to
disappear. On all other stages his light cone ´VA´

(On screen 1, entrance to the hall of Circe)

(On screen 3, interior of the hall of Circe)

Odysseus reaches the hall of Circe


My companions. Where are my companions?

(Circe enters the room)


Your companions.

(Circe gestures to the four screens)


Why they are over there.

(All four screens are filled with the images of pigs)

(The sound of pigs squealing)


(In pain over seeing his men like this)

Oh, most evil of women. You shall pay for this despicable deed.


Come now, don’t be angry with me. Here, have some wine and leave your troubles behind as if they are dreams from which you have recently awakened.

Odysseus drinks the wine and remains unchanged when touched by Circe’s wand


My potion has no effect on you.

(Odysseus raises his sword above the head of Circe)


No, nor will it render my sword useless when it strikes your tender flesh.


Don’t kill me. Come to my bed instead and I will show you pleasures such as you have never imagined.


Change my men back to their former selves and I will spare your life and lie down with you. But you must also make an oath that you will never betray or harm me.


Yes, I so pledge, Odysseus.

(Circe walks over to the screens which are filled with
images of pigs and as she touches each one a light
cone appears and the screen changes from a pig to an
image of the interior of the hall. When she is
finished there are four light cones and each screen
shows an image of the interior hall)

(Circe walks back to Odysseus)


And now for the rest of our agreement.

(On screen 2, Odysseus’ vital signs)

(The sound of Odysseus’ heart beating)


Faithful companions, wait for me outside. As a man of my word, I must honor my pledge.

(All four light cones move offstage)

(Odysseus takes hold of Circe and they embrace)

(Odysseus ‘RA’ merges with the light cone of Circe)

(Circe ‘RA’ merges with the light cone of Odysseus)

(On all other stages, the light cone of Odysseus
merges with the light cone of Circe)

(On all four screens, images of two lovers switch from
screen to screen. This continues for some time)

(The pounding of Odysseus heart continues)

For many days he stayed with Circe. Until finally she realized that the suffering in his heart was too great and she allowed him to set sail for Ithaca and Penelope (Sound of the choros)

(On the elevated screen, visualization of the stasimas)

(All four screens switch from images of the lovers to
images of a calm sea)

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