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watch oudeis

Approximately 300 to 500 people on every stage will have the possibility to watch the performance at the same time. They will see real actors interact with virtual ones, hearing the words of Homer.

Interactive Audience
Besides participating in one of the theaters there will be the possibility to access the performance via the Internet. This gives the opportunity to not only see the ongoings on the stages but also take an active part in the performance. Each Epeisondion is framed by a Stasima, a part sung by the choros. The choros in the tragedy represented the people. In Oudeis the choros will represent the audience who follow the play on the computer screens. There is a special opportunity for this audience that is connected via World Wide Web to interact and comment on the play. Sounds of voices singing 'a capella' in greek, composed by an international group round Santiago Pereson, will be produced by instructions sent by the virtual audience during the play. Two loudspeakers will reproduce this sound on the stage. This sum of voices will sound like a chorus, each voice being 'triggered' by someone over the net. Most of these voices will be processed to have a 'realAudio' sound, the sound format most used in the net.

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