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The ATHE Conference Special Edition

Oudeis - An Odyssey Made World Wide On The Internet The Oudeis Schedule
ATHE Conference

On the ATHE Conference 1997, oudeis is presented...

Here we are, all participating in the gestation of this giant beast known as The Oudeis Project.
L. H. Grant

Music is dressed silence.
Santiago Pereson

Big tnx for these amazing thoughts. From the technical point of view: Everything is possible, it´s just a question of money, time and bandwidth.
Rainer Fügenstein

The effective combination of live theatre and the Internet is very tricky.
Dan Zellner

What is time?
Georg Leyrer
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Oudeis - a world wide odyssey
through space and time that explores the frontiers of new technologies
by the use of the Internet as both a tool for
collaborative development and as a performance space.
Work in progress.
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On this year´s conference of the Association of Theater in Higher Education, "Dramatic Interactions", Monika Wunderer will hold a presentation in the panel "Weaving Circe´s Web: Collaboration via the Internet". She will speak about her experiences in the development of oudeis which brings together an international group.
Oudeis - a world wide odyssey through space and time that explores the frontiers of new technologies by the use of the Internet as both a tool for collaborative development and as a performance space. Using real actors in simultaneous interaction with virtual actors, this global theater production will follow the journey of Odysseus across seven international stages and will utilize the Web as the eighth stage to link actors and audiences alike in this work-in-progress. The play is structured in Epeisodia, scenes of Homer´s Odyssey, which are framed by Stasima, the songs of the choros. People participating in the performance via the World Wide Web will not only see the ongoing on the stages but also take an active part in the performance. The Stasima produced by this virtual audience will be seen and heard on every stage between the Epeisodia. The actors are represented on the other stages by moving lights. Their movements and data gathered by bio-sensors are transmitted over the net. For the web audience a special interface is being designed. As a work in progress, this project already exists in its ongoing discussion, in the work on its development and its reflection of the artistic and theatrical scene.
June 26, 1997 Among Immortals, the first oudeis related performance and in that its day of birth
August 8, 1997 A presentation of oudeis at the yearly Association of Theatre and Education conference in Chicago
September 7, 1997 Sunday Session in ATHEMOO
September 12, 1997 Presentation and workshop at the Ars Electronica Festival in Linz, Austria
1998 ...
Autumn 1998 Worldwide performances

Status Quo
The oudeis News

A monthly Internet publication providing background information, news and links concerning the progress of oudeis - a world wide odyssey and developments and projects in the world of Internet theatre and culture.

Responsible for the contents: Monika Wunderer and Georg Leyrer
Send any comments or articles to your editor.

Gathering Companions

The theatrical scene in the Internet evolved from meeting places built by theater theoreticians and artists for exchanging information and experiences and for the development of new projects. These places are centered around several discussion lists and the online communication environment of ATHEMOO. Members of the oudeis team who joined the group because of virtual contacts were mainly found on the list COLLAB-L which is led by Dr. Steve Schrum and is "dedicated to bringing artists together to create collaborative works" (Mission Statement). Also, private mails sent to people known either for their active participation on COLLAB-L or for their projects showed results. The oudeis team meets regularly in ATHEMOO, an on-line meeting place designed by Dr. Juli Burk. People coming there are disposed to be interested in this project. So, the team was enlarged by members important for the further development of oudeis.

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