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The May 1997 First Edition

Among Immortals No Epiphany Required
May 1997

May saw us busy meeting and expanded the team...
Collaboration and agreement and collaboration and disagreement...
Reap some of what you have sawn in the first oudeis related performance...
What is happening and what is not - that is the calendar.
Truth or not the truth - that is the epiphany...
1150 Vienna, Austria, EUROPE
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A theaterproject that shows
Odysseus´ journey all around
the world on RL stages and
one Cyberstage - at the same
time, connected via the
A work in progress.
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On June 26th 1997, The Sala Terrena of Palais Liechtenstein, Vienna, Austria, will become the hall of Olympian Zeus, a place of joyous festivity surrounded by the oceanic waves of the Internet. On this occasion, the world-wide oudeis team will gather together in virtual space for the creation of a global theatrical production of Homer´s Odyssey / by Monika Wunderer

Using the medium of the Internet, translations of Homer´s words in German will be sent into virtual space and come back as a multilingual translation framed by original musical compositions as the story of Odysseus, his wanderings, his companions and his opponents are created and presented. During the course of the evening, the audience will be invited to participate and influence this act of collaborative creation that will also serve to introduce Argentinean composer Santiago Pereson, Austrian costume designer Ulli Noe, American playwright L.H. Grant, and other members of the world-wide team in a performance conceived by L.H. Grant and Monika Wunderer.

Status Quo
The oudeis News

A monthly Internet publication providing background information, news and links concerning the progress of oudeis - a world wide odyssey and developments and projects in the world of Internet theatre and culture.
Responsible for the contents: Monika Wunderer and Georg Leyrer
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Computer Culture Calendar

  • Among Immortals, the very first oudeis related performance and in that a pre - premiere will be broadcast via the net on June 26th 1997. Times are: 9:00 PM Vienna - 12:00 PM Los Angeles - 2:00 PM Chicago - 4:00 PM Buenos Aires & Rio de Janeiro - 9:00 AM Honolulu - 5:00 AM June 27 Melbourne (sorry). Please go to the Among Immortals Page for further detail.
  • Please watch out for a special edition of our very own Status Quo - The oudeis News to be released on June 23rd. It will be an attempt at defining the purpose and the aims and goals of our newspaper, making it a platform for artists and writers from all over the world to publish essays and articles about theatre and culture in the internet.
I t seems that as the course of an artistic project moves forward there is always a moment when the focus moves back to the fundamental questions and issues. The result of this journey, if successful, is the discovery of an old truth, or a new truth, or perhaps a new perspective of a truth / by Dan Zellner

This new discovery then drives the project to its end. So it is with oudeis. When I joined the dialogue of the oudeis project the discussion ranged from technical considerations to language concerns but always the dialogue would return to the fundamental questions: What is the nature of theatre? What is the nature of the Internet? And how can theatre and the Internet work together? Together, the work continues. It has become very apparent that the machines we use for communication are mere extensions of the humans that work them. Fundamental truths of theatre collaboration hold true. Production considerations, concerns regarding the audience, and all the typical elements of theatre projects are present. These new ventures remain works of theatre. The performances are many times just as ephemeral. Computers continually develop and the tools are always being upgraded and changed. The Greek civilization left behind marble buildings and scrolls. The digital civilization will leave behind computer towers and discs with 1's and 0's on them. My attraction to the oudeis project stems from its combination of a classic tale with new technology. The old and the new move side by side to find a truth for us today. With hard work and a commitment to addressing the fundamental issues no epiphany is is inevitable.

Sublime Endeavor

In the theater the playwright is god, in films the director. In oudeis the only gods you will find are those from Greek mythology. For this is a collaboration in its purest and most sublime form, a gathering of people from around the world all contributing their talents to an ambitious project that is at times frustrating but more often rewarding / by L. H. Grant

Of course, collaboration does not always mean agreement. There have been heated exchanges, misunderstandings, and hurt feelings. Probably an unavoidable consequence of assembling so many gifted people with strong opinions and the ability to articulate them. Still, the overwhelming feeling generated from this enterprise has not been one of conflict but one of warmth and honesty. This is due in large measure to our team members in Vienna who have done their best to keep the lines of communication open, even in times of worker strikes, hardware problems and MOO crashes. Now, as a playwright, my first love is the theater, where the world is one of my own making, where the artistic vision springs from a single source and where there are no creative compromises. Having said that, I must also state that working on oudeis has and will continue to be a richly rewarding experience. I have come to realize that this project is more than just a group of talented people joining together to stage a series of performances. It is about communicating with others from around the globe, learning about different ideas, and working together for a common goal. However, when all is said and done, what I will value most from this experience is the friends I have come to know and respect.

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