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Weiter... Fig.: Inside a Bubble
Weiter... Fig.: Person Carrying Data Packet
Weiter... Fig.: Environment
Weiter... Technical Realization


The space in which the visitors, equipped with their individual data packages, move around, is a Hall, in the center of which is a black box. Data tubes through which the visitors enter and proceed towards the center are wound around the box. At the intersections of the different tubes there are bubbles, where the information contained in the data packages may be retrieved.

The interior of the Hall symbolizes a virtual space, i.e. the innermost part of the Net. It is here that the obscure processes behind the screen are to be made visible. The visitors (representing the media itself) will be equipped with a "data package" and travel through the Net.

Nodes (Bubbles)

Interaction takes place at the intersections between the different tubes. These intersections constitute a market place for the exchange of information. Data packages and any form of information can be swapped at these places.

In the bubbles the visitors

  • will have the opportunity to "unveil the secret of their data packages", and have a look at the information contained therein
  • will find a place where they can exchange data packages
  • will have the opportunity to have a rest and get refreshments at the Cyberbar

Data Lines

The giant tubes in which the visitors move about are to symbolize the data lines of the Net. Within the individual data lines different processes will take place.

  • Light gates : The visitors and their data packages may be hindered on their way through the Net on account of technical problems.
  • Lavatory Guiding System: Blinking lights will show the way to the closest lavatory.

"Black Box"

The Stage rises in the form of a black cube ("Black Box") in the center of the Hall. It represents the mysterious core of the space, where the performances take place, and marks the center of the Network, of course. The visitors enter the stage through the data lines. Slots in the walls of the interior room open the view to the outside world, i.e. to the Net with its data lines and bubbles. Here, the performance of the play itself will take place.

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