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technical realization

The information contained in the data packages is retrieved by means of the bar code and a decoder. The data will be projected on the walls of the bubbles.

Data Packet

Each data packet has a bar code. We all know this kind of encoded information from the supermarket. The scanner reads the code by means of a light beam. Since it is widely used nowadays, the technology is priceworthy and easy to handle.

Video Projection

The information accessible to the visitors depending on their individual bar codes is gathered from WWW pages referring to the subject in question. Since the theater line will be quite busy during the experiment, the data will be information from a pre-downloaded page in the bubble. (These pages can be quickly retrieved from a clip board to avoid excessive time spans for downloading.) The data will then be projected on the interior walls of the bubbles. This is accomplished either by special overhead displays, which are connected to the computer, or by so-called video beams (devices, which project a computer image on a screen).

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