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Behind the stage some screens will be posed that visualise several parts of the performance:

  1. Map
    A map of the journey of our Odysseus: On a (historical?) map you will see Odysseus making his way. From stage to stage, using the lines of the net, building our own net between the venues (maybe this will be parted in two or three screens / map) - the famous map of the world where Odysseus´ voyage from point a to point b is displayed.
  2. Music
    A screen that shows the drawing of the choros and during the stasimas the "picture" of the music heard. - either some visualization of sound (peak level meter, ....) or the choros "score".
  3. Text
    A screen that shows the text of the Episodions - in English and in the mother tongue of the venue.
  4. Net Data
    A bar graph or some kind of chart that shows the data transmission, the "traffic on the information highway" (traceroute, ping, throughput, ....).

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